God Eater 2’s Latest Trailer Shows Off Aragami Battles

By Ishaan . September 20, 2012 . 10:50am

Following the previous “introduction” video, Namco Bandai have released a proper trailer for God Eater 2. This one shows off combat and characters in greater detail, and you can watch it below:



Aragami are still around in God Eater 2, which takes place three years after the original game. You play as a member of the Fenrir Far East Branch’s “Blood” unit, out to investigate a mysterious red rain that’s causing sickness among people.


God Eater 2 will be released for the PSP and PlayStation Vita in 2013.

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  • Kevin Picalausa

    Until recently, I was perfectly happy knowing this game would just be released on the PSP, especially because I only have a handful of PSP games (most of them are hunting games). This would allow me to further fill out my collection and I wouldn’t have to buy a Vita to play a game I really want to play, but now that I’ve seen this…everything just looks so lively on the PSV and I can’t help but want it. 

    Damn you, God Eater 2. Damn you for making me want a new handheld. xD

  • ZEROthefirst

    It’s official, I must import GE2 on the Vita and hopefully it’ll be released in English later so I can get that too :D

  • badmoogle

    The day this game,Soul Sacrifice and Ys are all released in Europe is the day i’ll finaly get a Vita.

  • Z3

    This looks really gorgeous and faster, I love it. The battlefield also seems bigger. I hope there’s more than two new aragami’s aside from the crocodile and the wolf aragami. The blood arts also a welcome addition to the game

  • Rudy Soto

    I want to see the Hannibal revamped in all this gorgeousness.

    And I’m still waiting for confirmation that the GE1 Protagonist will make an appearance.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething


  • MCoelho

    It looks amazing on the Vita! I hope it gets localized!
    I’m playing through Burst right now, i really hope if this one had online, not just Adhoc.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Man, 2013 is looking godly delicious (pun intended) for Vita. Keep the good news coming, game developers!!

  • Domii

    Wow never played God Eater before so as a soon to be Vita owner, I’ll definitely keep an eye on this.

    • I’ve never played the series before either, but the first one can be purchased of the PS Store for the Vita.

  • Palmer Nyako

    Interesting. you couldn’t play as sub characters in god eater.

  • Demeanor

    I’m a sucker for Hissatsuwaza, Hi Ougi etc XD  very nice!

  • Ohhh it is Eric’s sister O_o She’s all grown up and become cuter. Btw… I hope we can transfer our old character… since he’s already got the captain rank, but from the trailer it seems that we are gonna start as a new recruit >_<
    Or at least I hope they will mention a little bit about Him/her…

    • natchu96

      Well, the new recruit part seems somewhat true, but the Blood Unit are the best of the best. To the point that they apparently don’t normally work here at Fenrir Far East Branch. They got relocated. Which goes to show how bad the situation is . . .

  • OH MY GOD EATER! This needs a localization and to be in my hands as soon as possible! >_<

  • Reiko_Chan

    If this isn’t localized, I’ll cry.

  • If this gets localized, its going to be such a day 1 purchase

  • DiosFancifulRomp

    Woah, wait, does this mean no nondescript, voiceless protagonist? I might take back a little bit of what I said back. I’m SLIGHTLY interested, as long as they improve the kind of bleh gameplay and maps.

  • Ryan Chiu

    This… I must have this! I played the original God Eater Burst, and this version makes combat seem much more epic. I’d do anything to have this localized. Preferably with DLC. Because this game is better with DLC.

  • AzuNo17

    Hold it right there you Blood! You stole my woman’s face!

  • Import! Definitely importing this! OMG. Awesome!

  • sherimae1324

    finally the VITA is getting MOOORRRREEEE LOVE

    • God Eater 2, Soul Sacrifice, and Killzone Mercenaries, who needs Monster Hunter Vita? haha 

      • sherimae1324

        yeah ur right onii-chan ^_^ i dont give a damn about that monster hunter 4 on the you-know-who handheld tee-hee

  • goosebumps

  • Syn

    The music, God Eater always has such epic scores, its beatifull really, and I think I saw a backflip from the girl with the spear at 1:21, very interesting, So, we have bigger stages, better animation, AMAZING Vita graphics, Blood arts, Voiced protagonist ^_^, and who knows what else……… I think am in love, time to start saving for that Vita.

    •  I don’t think there will be “amazing Vita graphics” if there are releasing it for the PSP and the Vita. Other than that I’m sure it will be an excellent game. I still think Sony should have made it a PS Vita exclussive and have it fight head to head with the 3DS’s Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

      •  Are you serious, it was originally announced for psp and now you say Vita Exclusive! Are you serious?

        •  Please read my post again. I clearly wrote “I still think Sony should have made it a PS Vita exclussive”.

          It is obviously not a Vita exclusive.

  • Wagnaria

    I was (D8) for 5minutes. This GE2 Trailer is so Awesome.

  • Cool trailer!! I hope GEB sells well enough to get GE2 in english…

    And srsly, some1 translate GE-the 2nd break- manga ady… I think the manga require reading be4 playing GE2…

    For the curious, its set between Burst and 2. It revolve around the Alisa and Soma.

  • If after making GE2 and they make GE2 BURST then I would LOL so hard XD


  • People speak so well of the first game – add to list- and the second seems to improve on the prequel in visuals alone, from what I’ve read here, this will also be added to my list.

  • Will there be more of a variety of monsters? I’m honestly sick with all the ogretails and vajras

    • Ryan Chiu

      If I remember correctly, they only announced two new Aragami. Some crocodile-like Aragami and the wolf-version of the Vajra. What I’m hoping for is that they make the red bird Aragami (I forget the name of it) easier. 

  • XiaomuArisu

    Welcome GE2!
    Welcome in my “Buy it when I have a vita”list!

  • Orville Pagaduan

    I dont get it, They postponed the release for psp in 2012 so they can have the vita version at the same time.

  • Demeanor

    Bought the first game yesterday to psyche myself up for this! Feels awesome on the Vita with the huge screen, filtering and the dual analog.
    I’ve also tried MH but I prefer this approach by leagues and bounds: anime style, rpg-like story and characters, tech/alien look and badassery everywhere! I don’t deny MH is a – well – monster of a game with its huge amount of content and depth, but the occasional goofiness, survival look, slow pace and lack of story really didn’t cut it for me.

  • I missed the PS2 era…sadly…caught up in the MMO web but after I’ve been to detox I bought a PS3 a few years ago bearing in mind that I will play some awesome Japanese RPG’s but I ended up with multi-platform games that where more like interactive movies and shooters. I strongly consider into trading my PS3 to sweeten the price on a Vita because of this kind of games…i mean Ragnarok Odyssey, God Eater 2, Soul Sacrifice, PSO2 and many more to come…this is just the beginning!

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