Persona 4: Golden Will Travel To Europe In Spring 2013

By Ishaan . September 20, 2012 . 9:01pm

North America gets Persona 4: Golden in November, but Europe will need to wait until 2013.

NIS America are going to be publishing the game in Europe, in collaboration with Index. Europeans can expect to see it in Spring 2013.


Meanwhile, North America will see Persona 4: Golden on November 20th.



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  • Lightthrower

    Spring 2013? Far. However, I encourage the europeans to import it since the Vita is not region locked. 

    • Dede Ogbe

      Are there any dlc for this game?

      • veruses


        • Dede Ogbe

          Imported then. Done. No Way am i waiting till 2013

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Why import? By importing this, isn’t this indirectly cause many gamer in Europre not to buy the game when they arrive on Europe and causing the game future on that region bleaker?

      Unless the game is 100% not coming, i would always suggest you guys to wait there.

      • *shrugs* I’m importing it anyway.

      • Go2hell66

        importing it anyway, sorry dude no one can wait that long

        but i’m sure nis knows that already

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          Lol, maybe it depend on people here as i never think Persona as a Day One game here which is why i can ask you people to wait.

          Anyway, hope you enjoy the game there.

      • Zarathos No Daimaōh

        I dont get that reasoning . Turning the other cheek and patiently awaiting scraps would only validates their schedules and release habits .

        Quite the contrary , if everyone finally sent a strong message by importing such titles , would we get across a strong message that this isnt a market that reward out of gratitude for getting such scraps , but would reward instead a job properly done .

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          Well, it can also take another round there as it gives wrong message to the publishers that your region there does not care about Jrpg genre there.

          In the end, we don’t know the main reason why the game comes late here but if it is because they need more facilities to translate the game to Europe which takes more time, you guys import the game is the same as punishing the publishers for something they can not control there.

  • Maia Kasoya

     Is NIS America a slow company?

    • Detrimont


    • landlock

       No, we usually get the games they release in America around the same time. Sometimes like Mugen Souls we even get them first.

      But this is a outside license via Atlus so it no doubt has a few hiccups along the way.

    • I think their scheduled releases are reasonable. They sometimes have to push back their dates, though, but it’s not too bad when that happens.
      I wonder if this is a strategic release for them. I know it takes time even when a company is using another’s localized work, but as early as late March, eh? 

  • xavier axol

    how awesome would it be if nisa and atlus had a crossover, a disgaea x persona rpg game with lots of cameos from both franchises. i can only dream, right prinny?

  • Gonna Import, can’t wait ’til 2013, i’ll be saving for KH 1.5 Remix

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Umm if you just wait there, you will be able to get the game cheaper which will ease you for saving on KH 1.5 there.

      Not to mention, you will also be supporting game release in your region there.

      • if its 5-6 months, i’m just gonna import, i’ll buy kh here since square enix will probably release it here first

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          Just giving sugestion here lol. Hope you have a blast with P4:Golden there.^_^

  • kroufonz

    since nisa published the euro version can we hope for japanese voice?

  • Note to the europeans, NIS games have both voiceovers so you may, may get a Japanese Voice option. So there is some incentive to wait for a bit.

    • Not going to happen.

      • ChromeOrihara

         Really?T_T I was hoping that since NISA was the one releasing it,they might include the Japanese voice track.Guess I have to go learn Japanese now,not that I dislike the English dub,it’s just that I can’t get used to the dub.

        • Speedo Redempteur

          Index corp ( the one with the japanese voices ) are the ones responsable for P4Arena region lock and they won’t allow japaneses voices in the western chores ..

          Same reason why the P4Anime bluray won’t have them too.

          Don’t ask why ..that’s just how they are ..and nobody understand the REAL reason.

          The chances of P4Golden to have both set of voices are slim to none

          • ChromeOrihara

             I see.Thanks for telling me the situation,I completely didn’t know about that. Also,just curious but if they don’t allow Japanese voices in western releases,how did Persona 4 Arena get a dual-audio release?

          • SirRichard

            It got it through the region lock, mate, that’s why it’s there in the first place. Because the US release was so close to the Japanese one, they didn’t want Japanese players skimping on the high price there by importing from America, so the region lock was enforced.

          • SirRichard

            It should be noted that the UK Bluray release of Persona 4 will actually have the Japanese voice track in addition to the dub, as will the DVD release. Their reasoning is that the release is so far removed from other releases (24th of December for the first volume) that it’s safe to have both, I imagine.

            Just a source, if you’re wary:

          • Samurai_Heart

            I believe it is both that and how most commercial Bluray players are now region locked as well. IIRC Europe is the B region whilst America is A, but Japan is also A.

  • Alex Cattaneo

    going to import it already.

  • Go2hell66

    if they think i’m gonna wait that long they can forget it lol

  • kylehyde

    I found funny, curious and ironic this situation, I mean, years ago Atlus published for first time on the USA the first game of the most emblematic series of NIS, disgaea, and now NISA is publishing one of the most emblematic Atlus’ titles on Europe.

    • ChromeOrihara

       How is that ironic? Isn’t it more like them helping each other out? Either way,it is good news for those gamers in Europe,so cheers to them getting this great game:D

  • Rhiwion

    FINALLY <33333

  • Enjoy getting P5 in 2018 and SMT4 in 2030

  • Gaara D.Dragon

    I was planning on getting a Vita around christmas for P4 but not anymore. I will probably continue with my PS2 saves and finish the game there.

    Well done shooting yourself in the foot Atlus or whoever is doing this.

  • brian yep

    Is anyone else surprised NISA is doing this?
    Them and Atlus seem to have a pretty big rivalry, plus Squeenix published it on PS2 in Europe.

    • Xerain

       Yes but now Index is int eh picture. They can make Atlus lay down their arms if it means more money and less risk.

    •  I completely missed when they became rivals; I always thought they were besties.  They used to share the same private room together at E3.  Did something happen?

  • Belphegor

    Well that means no collector’s edition for us… Was convinced a local publisher like Ghostlight were going to get it and they’re known for their awesome CEs. Had I known NISA were getting it I would have imported the Solid Gold Premium Edition whilst I still could.

  • Minko Tsurugi 民子鶴来

    Wel… gives me time to save up money and beat P3P on Vita.

  • SirRichard

    Well! That’s certainly a surprise, I didn’t think NISA particularly cared enough to bring anything but their own games to Europe. Then again, they did take over publishing for Way of the Samurai 4 here, so maybe they do.

    And way to help out, fellas. “Oh I’ll just import, I can’t wait that long”? It’s just a few months, we’ve waited longer and missed out on bigger, you seriously can’t wait and encourage localisation in Europe? I know the Vita’s region-free and all, but any game for it needs all the help it can get anywhere.

    • ascalaphe

      localisation in Europe ? Persona ? lol, persona it’s never localised

      I waited, hoping for a “bonus” but I do not believe it. They complain of the to have some output from them, there is nothing in our J-RPG

      And I do not speak of the conversion rate 1 USD = 1euro Oo ( in my world 1 USD = 0.77 euro)

      • Zanetsu

        Both Persona 3 and 4 were localized in Europe for the PS2.

        • Whoomp

          No, “localized” implies that there where actually additional work put in to adapt the games script into European languages such as German, French and Italian but that didn’t happen. The were, however, published here with English text and audio with pretty much no change to the actual game compared to the American release. It will be the same with Golden hence the frustration surrounding the spring 2013 release-date.

          • SirRichard

            That’s a fair enough reason to be angry, then, and I can understand why people are just skipping to the import given that. I’m going to wait, myself, partly to support the Euro release and mostly because my wallet’s already marked for death come October.

        • Samurai_Heart

          I think he meant more to the fact that the game is brought over and isn’t translated to other languages like French or Germen etc.
          I wish I could wait but my PSVita is dying of neglect XD, might buy the European version as well if there is some incentive.

      • RablaAndrews

        Um.. what? Every. Single. Game. has ended up in Europe with either an equivalent or expanded bonuses with the games whatever edition. Whether its been Ghostlight or Square Enix or whoever else, we’ve gotten them all.

        You are whining about nothing.

  • ShinoZero

    I don’t understand why it takes so long between the US and Europe localization, because the game will still be in English, right ?

    • ascalaphe

      All the games are not localized several months / years to come. It’s just a huge lack of respect towards Europeans.In addition, they are more expensive home, so there is no economic reason.For exemple : Persona 3 : jap: 07/2006  , US 07/2007 , euro : 02/2008

      • Samurai_Heart

        And it seems like a similar things is happening for Persona 4 Arena…cept maybe it is being localised in different languages… God I hate Index corp’s policy, still love Atlus the game company, but the parent company >.<
        Can Siliconera try for an update interview from Zen United/PQube?
        I hope I'm not the only one thinking we're getting royally screwed by the publishers on that game… that's why Europe lags behind in competitive fighters….

      • Enma_Kozato

        Should respect be shown to kids who throw a hissy fit when they can’t wait patiently like other people?

        • Belphegor

          You mean like the US market did when they didn’t get Xenoblade and the Last Story

          •  There’s a difference between waiting for something that’s been confirmed, and simply not getting something at all.  They were not going to bring those games to NA; that changed when people spoke up.

          • hunterrnl

            Wow Americans are horrible…

            And this story is one example.

          •  hunterrnl, as your comment is directly replied to mine, I am assuming you’re saying “Americans are horrible” directly based on what I said, and I find that really confusing.  What about my statement condemns an entire nation in your eyes?  I think that if there’s a game that Europeans want and aren’t getting, then they should also speak up and let publishers know that there’s a market for it, and if enough people speak up, they’ll know that’s true.  Both sides of the world should be happy when a game IS announced for localization and wait contentedly for what is promised.  If there’s something wrong with the promised product… then that’s an entirely different issue that I was not speaking on in my comment. 

            Nothing extra was done to “localize” Xenoblade and Last Story in NA; they kept all the spelling differences that aren’t used in NA, and some turns of phrases that are awkward/unfamiliar here, but I don’t recall anyone complaining about that.  That would have been a spoiled complaint on NA’s half.

          • If I remember correctly they said that they had no plan to release it in the US. That doesn’t automatically means they will never release it. Prove me wrong here but the difference doesn’t help much in this argument. In the end you guys are experiencing the same thing we been experiencing for years, waiting for a game to be released in our respective region.

          • hunterrnl

            Again Christine , your story is and sounds for every european like crap. No it wont work if we in the pal regio want a game and even if we scream for it. ( ps1 jrpgs on the psn store )

            Bec we have more problems.

          •  @hunterrnl:disqus
            : I’m still confused.  Why hate Americans because your market isn’t responding to consumer demand?  And why is that relevant in this case where you’re actually getting the game?

            @Kaishou: Xenoblade (that’s what you’re speaking of, yes?) actually was announced for US release; it was listed for pre-order and people put money down, then they rescinded their localization plans.  This is not true for Last Story, however; they had not previously announced that.

          • Enma_Kozato

            I don’t see how that parallels to this situation because the European market KNOWS they’re getting Arena and (now) Golden. I’m pretty sure the “US market” unwound their panties as soon as Nintendo and XSeed announced the localizations for Xenoblade and The Last Story. And, for the record, I didn’t support Operation Rainfall, nor did I even care if we got those games at all.

          • Zarathos No Daimaōh

            Enough with the excuses , the bottom line is that the us market whined as they saw fit when feeling wronged .

            So spare us that crap about kids and hissy fits . No zone behave any better than the other in such cases .

            At least some people actually had the option of importing those operation rainfall games , and did .

          • Belphegor

            Well there are very few parrallels to make as the US gets pretty much ALL the games before we do, if we get them at all, not to mention the limited editions that never see the light of day over here. And if memory serves people were still complaining about the wait for XB and TLS once it was announced for a stateside release (and complaing that they had to play a game with VAs who had a British accent).
            But if you want another example, how about the US fan base complaining how it was unfair they didn’t get a collector’s edition of Tales of Graces f and raging against Bamco US over it – even though the only reason we got that LE was because we had to wait 6 months to get the game in the first place.I’m an EU JRPG player whose had to deal with being constantly shafted with these types of delays and lack of releases for about 12 years – if you’d been through that then maybe you’d be able to sympathize a little bit better with those who have these “hissy fits” when we’re told we have to wait 6 months for a game… AGAIN!

        • hunterrnl

          Oo yeah lets wait months for the same version. Sorry but are you stupid ?

          Why will i wait 4-6 months for the EU version while i only need the English

          • Enma_Kozato

            Go ahead and import Persona Golden. You’re only detracting how well the game sells in your region. Why should I care?

          • Yeah, why should you?

          • hunterrnl

            Boehoe dont care.

          • Indeed. Let’s hope Index/NisA ain’t really considering about adapting the text to other languages. And if they aren’t, then it’s beyond me why it’d take so long to localize…

            Besides, Catherine’s localization was God-awful to say the least. We already lose part of the meaning when going from Japanese to English. How can one even exepct to get a faithful adaptation when going through English to French, Italian or any other language for that matter.

            Brrr…I get shivers down my spine just thinking about that.

            I’m obviously pissed about all of this, but thinking about the many games we’re gonna get in the upcoming months kinda makes up for it.
            Still, not very happy with how Index is handling things as of late…I’m definitely worried for Atlus.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            @hunterrnl:disqus “Wow Americans are horrible… ‘

            Really? Did you honestly say that? Grow up kid ok and anyone who liked that comment.

          • cameron forsyth

            because the wait will only get worse.

            honestly games of japanese origin aren’t as popular in europe, while the US Anime market so much more successful, so localising in the US is no problem. however the UK is another matter as each sale individual is rather valuable due to the small audience, so the more you import, the more you damage the UK jap-game market… or at least the profitable market.

            anyway the UK localisation gap in comparison to the US has always been about a month or so long due to our multi-language country. so people have always wanted to import to satisfy their hype but since a good majority of people like you import the already poor audience is cut down even more so. and with a smaller audience UK Publishers will see little profit if they localise and will only be able to sell to the new fans of the future and the dedicated, which isn’t enough. so they invest less so they loose less and the wait becomes EVEN worse. sure the wait has been consistent in the past but as 
            SirRichard brought up the practice of localising has become more smooth as it became worse, but i wonder how long it will stay like this like that.

            and thats basically why you should sit on your buttocks and wait so then UK localisation (of jap games) doesn’t become extinct. or at the least be like every Altus localisation. in the end your just being selfish and the evidence is in this situation. I’m sure if none imported none of this would even be an issue. sure i’ve imported catherine simply because i was ignorant to the state of the UK map-market but.. ahh screw it I’m to blame to.

            edit: annnd the fact that our economy is in terrible shape may act as a catalyst for my prediction of the longer time laps

        • M’iau M’iaut

          A lot of folks expectations have changed so much with so much more news being available. The times are gone where it might take a year for word of a games existence to trickle through the magazines.

          That said, I do think saying ‘we won’t support because of a late start’ does not do wonders for the industry.

        • SirRichard

          But it’s not a hissy fit when the US gets shafted and starts a mass campaign over three games, is it? And funnily enough, no, the US market didn’t calm down because I distinctly remember people getting on XSEED’s case for not having the resources to do a massive release of Last Story.

          That comment’s simply uncalled for, mate. While I don’t fully agree with people importing and thus weakening support for NISA’s effort here, we’ve been shafted by the industry for decades and continue to be shafted by parts of it now, even when there’s no good reason for it. 

          We have a right to complain about that especially now when the industry should have wised up, and despite newer methods like digital releases and plenty of companies to partner with for publishing all being used by companies with lesser resources than Atlus, they continue to shaft us on releases. It’s 50/50 on whether or not we get anything by them and even then if we do, it’s generally much later than NA or Japan.

          How does complaining about that make us “kids”?

          • Enma_Kozato

            I don’t think I ever said I liked what Operation Rainfall did. Frankly, I don’t like the idea of sending letters of butt kissing on a mass scale to get something.  For the most part, people calmed down after those announcements. I don’t doubt there were some people who still complained about it though. It’s a shame I didn’t see them so I could have remembered it for future reference.

            I’ve been shafted of things my whole life too, but I hardly ever complain about them. However, all those things I never got were things I can obviously live without. That comment is a legitimate question towards some people I’ve seen on this site along with some on the Atlus forum. I’ve seen players from Europe be very civil about their disappointment towards Zen United and the region lock, but I’ve also seen players act very self entitled and outright childish. I have respect for the people who can write their frustration in a way that seems calm; although, if I see someone go “ermahgerd, Atlus, you suck I want it NAO” should I really show them some sympathy? I’m not saying ascalape was being childish to provoke my response though. In fact, they seem very nice.

            You’re addressing about the industry as a whole, but I’m talking about the complaints towards Arena specifically. Sure, you have to wait much later on game release (with some odd exceptions) but at least you [i]get[/i] them.

    • I would assume for other languages such as German and French.

      • ShinoZero

         I really hope so, but none of the Persona games were translated, and as far as I remember the only SMT game which came in French and other European languages was Nocturne/Lucifer’s Call. More recently, Catherine also got translated so maybe we can hope for a new policy about that.

        As Persona 4 Arena has not been released here yet, I don’t know if the game is only in English or not.

  • I can wait for Spring 2013.  Just means that I have another game to look forward to in 2013 (with Ni no Kuni and Majo to Hyakkihei being the others, so far).

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Yeah.^_^ Somebody who agree with me here.^_^

      • Of course ^^. Supporting the local localization of games is the best way to send a message to companies to show them that we do want the games to come here. With Europe having many languages, delays will be inevitable, just got to be patient and enjoy the games that I’ve still got to complete.

        If a game isn’t going to come at all and the system is region-free, I have no complaints with exporting.  

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          Yeah, i always tried to wait as long as i can befoe importing a game here except if the game has 0% of coming like SD Gundam or SRW series there.

          Hell, i even feel bad that i import BRS limited edition there as i thought that game had no chance of coming outside of Japan there.

          • Exactly. Sometimes, being last to obtain a game offer more as reward for patience (Tales of Graces f).

            I wouldn’t feel too bad about importing limited editions because a localization of a game may not always yield the same limited edition offer. If you can afford it, go for it.   

  • ascalaphe

    do not forget that we will not know until the output if the game is translated.

  • hunterrnl

    Yeah we know that we get p4 arena. But when… You will and never will understand how we always get slapped.

    • ascalaphe

      France second consumer of Japanese culture but still considered crap. ^ ^

  • Neppygear

     NIS, my babies. I love you forever.

  • Enma_Kozato

    @facebook-586040793:disqus Do you think the people who wanted those two games would have banded together for a big whine fest if they knew they were coming? You can say no excuses, but there is a big difference between demanding something you’re promised and something you’re not. You feel wronged for waiting because Zen United hit some kind of unspecified snag? Well, aren’t you self entitled.

    And there are people in Europe who have the opportunity to import Arena. And did.

    • ascalaphe

       arena is region lock, import isn’t possible. ( buy Us PS3 ? you can buy jap PS3 ^^).

      And it’s 1 game versus 100 games for europe.

      • Enma_Kozato

        Import is possible if you’re PS3 isn’t from Europe. I worded that wrong, I apologize <:I

        I've been meaning to ask how good those One Piece games you guys have are. And the games for Inazuma Eleven. Oh, I can't forget about Pandora's Tower either, can I?

        • Belphegor

          I wouldn’t try and play that strategy if I were you, I’ve got a list that dates back the PS1 days of games we didn’t get that you guys did, and not just niche titles. And I wouldn’t mention One Piece either – we’ve still not got the anime on DVD due to licensing issues. 

        • Are you sure you know what you’re talking about? Have you even looked at the amount of games you guys have we don’t? Can you justify why it’s ok for you to complain about not getting the games you want but we have? no I don’t think so.

          • Enma_Kozato

            I don’t think anyone has the right to justify complaining about luxury items, but that’s just me even though I partake on it once in a while. Obviously, there are different thoughts on the subject. As such, there’s no point in having a discussion about it anymore if all I’m going to get is a response that more or less says “my grief outweighs yours so you have no say in the matter.”

          • Belphegor

            I don’t think anyone here is saying that “because our grief outweights yours you have no say in the matter” that is definitely an over simplification of the discussion. The crux of the matter is people being branded as childish for voicing their continued valid frustrations over the state of the market, all with a dissmissive air that I’ve encountered with a fair few US gamers. I’m by no means saying that all US gamers are like that, far from it, but it is a common theme that pops up time and again. Whenever we do try to bring up the matter in discussions or raise the issue with publishers as @facebook-1504425068:disqus suggested in another post then we get written off as being whiney or having “hissy fits” for not getting out own way or being impatient, like you did here.

          • Enma_Kozato

            I can’t bring up games I legitimately want to play that didn’t get released in the US because the number of games that didn’t get released in Europe is bigger. I can’t bring up a series in my comment because Europe has licensing issues with it.
            I am NOT talking about the market as a whole, I’m limiting my observations to what I’ve seen with Persona Arena. Urgh, it’s my fault I replied to a comment talking about the state of the market XI As I mentioned to another commenter, I do have respect towards those that can write their complaints in a fashion that seems calm. It’s the ones without any weight (or just post macros) to their comments that provoke a sense of irk.

    • SirRichard

      “And there are people in Europe who have the opportunity to import Arena. And did.”

      Yeah, those people who shelled out a few hundred for a console from another region. Those people are few and far between, their existence justifies nothing.

      And we feel wronged over Arena because while Atlus saw fit to give special treatment to the US and have the localisation done during the porting/development of the console releases, they didn’t care so much for Europe (or anywhere else, really) and now we don’t even have a release date. Can’t import either, because the game is region-locked even on the region-free console.

      It’s easy for you to dismiss because it doesn’t affect you. Maybe before you start throwing around the tired “You’re just entitled” argument, maybe you could consider thinking about what it’s like in our situation?

  • Nerroth

    Actually, if they end up doing a French-language edition, they could then distribute it here in North America, in case anyone in Québec wanted to play the game in that language…

  • Whoo oooh!!!! My Vita system seller! I’m gonna wait for this one to show some support for MegaTen games in Europe :D

    I just hope this is gonna be released as a physical copy! If not, I’ll just have to import the US physical copy version and purchase this off PSN :x

  • fortunecookietimeparadox

    Just before everyone goes and imports the American version,

    WE DO NOT KNOW for sure if it is region free yet or not. Just because the Japanese version is not locked doesn’t mean the US version will not be to stop EU importers.

    Remember that while Japanese voices where the official reason for the lock on P4A, I’m willing to bet the delayed EU release was the real reason, and Atlus did not want to say that. Because, seeing as EU players cannot buy the US P4A, its going to do a damn good job protecting EU sales by making you guys wait.

    PSVita has the same optional region restrictions that PS3 has, so, don’t blindly import. Be careful and check first.

    • Glenn De Boer

      Well Actually the whole P4A Region lock thing was a Descision from Index in Japan NOT in the US. So I would widely assume they would not region lock a game that’s already regionfree to begin with.

  • cj_iwakura

    There’s always a reason delays happen, and unless someone here works for a publishing company in the EU(I highly doubt it), they involve circumstances beyond your knowledge. Yes, the wait’s unfortunate, but directing blame at publishers won’t accomplish much.

  • I know I should stop doing this but oh well.

    Its Symbolic~ (Dominatrix Banana Heeaaaddd~)

    All the best to you guys who want to play P4G.

  • Yumii 123

    So the american relese will have dub only while the european release will include japanese voices and english subtitles instead. Nice~

    • Dyne

       where did you hear this get japanese voices?

    • JazzyMan123

      Uh…where does it say that?

  • Demeanor

    If NISA includes the original VA I am SO going to buy the Eu version and SO going to wait for Spring 2013, this game should have no dlc anyway being an enhanced port, so even though my main western account is US (even tho I’m Italian, I wonder why, eh?) I should have no problems playing the hardcopy and getting trophies.
    If it doesn’t I’ll think about it, it depends on whether or not the new additions justify another playthrough (it’s very time consuming, and time is a luxury for me T_T).

  • There’s still no info about duo audio yet and people are already wetting their manly panties…

    It don’t even matter if it does have duo audio; the American version alone gives me a reason to buy the Japanese version and support Atlus, twice.

    • Brandon

      I think they confirmed in one of the recent walkthrough videos that there is no dual audio.

  • This is good news! I’ll buy this, for sure! Too bad I won’t be playing it for a long time!

    I’m still playing Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES on the PlayStation 2, and I have made a pact with myself to play Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 on PlayStation 2 as well, no matter how many enhanced versions are released.
    But that doesn’t mean I am not allowed to add them to my collection. :)

  • Benny Tormoes

    Whoa, dont get too ahead of yourselves. You still need to release Arena in Europe  O_O

  • “NIS America are going to be publishing the game in Europe” – Something amuses me about that.

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