Over My Dead Body Sequel Teaser Shows Concept Art

By Ishaan . September 21, 2012 . 11:55am

At TGS, Sony announced a sequel to obscure PSOne RPG, Over My Dead Body, in development for the PlayStation Vita. Director, Shoji Masuda, didn’t provide concrete details of the game, but he did show off this teaser trailer:



Masuda says that the game has made a bit of progress this year, which is why he was able to show it.

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  • xseed…dear friend, you know what to do.

    • drproton

      Sony has been really great about bringing over its Japanese releases recently;  you might not even need a third party publisher.

      • Nickie

        Ah but you forget the first game in the series.  I doubt Sony will localize that.  I think it would be a nice title/series for Xseed to have under their belt.

      • kroufonz

        ugh i am not so sure about that especially if it’s a genre like jrpg with anime artstyle , outside the usual bigger/mainstream franchise, scea rarely give a damn, while lots of sony niche stuff come to the west thanks to third party like nisa, xseed, atlus, d3, it’s mostly not done by their western branch. even then there is still some that never leave japan.

        for example they only bring one wild arms since PS2 era while rest done by xseed,or alter code f done by agetec, wkc II by D3, badman, bleach ressurecion by nisa, demon soul,jewel kingdom summoner by atlus, while wkc portable never come to us, most importanly the PSP remake of oreshika never localized etc

      •  seeing the lack of vita titles, i think you might be right.
        or at least hope.

  • Z3

    A scantily clad person that isn’t female?

    “Winter is coming”

  • This is could be great opportunity to release both the remake of the original and the sequel as a collection.Though I would be happy if we could get separately.

  • Over My Dead Body is an incredibly horrible translation of the title.

    Please stop using it.

    Actually, why can’t Siliconera just use, you know, each game’s ACTUAL TITLE? Why must we read some stupid literal translation that most of the time doesn’t even capture the meaning of the name (like here)? I still remember how retarded Good People Die sounded.

    The worst thing about it is that other websites are starting to use these translations too, and every time you try to find something about some game somewhere you can’t find it because no one is calling the game by it’s actual name.

    • Adding a bit to my post here. Imagine if Siliconera did this 10 years ago and they started calling Shin Megami Tensei something like TRUE GODDESS REINCARNATION. Or maybe we would know Gyakuten Saiban by some name like COURTROOM REVERSAL before its localization.

      Yes, it sounds stupid.

      • French

        I prefer Over My Dead Body, I also hope they use it as the official name in the West if it comes over !

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      Well, what’s the actual title? (the romaji one?) The English name given as of now seems to work fine

      • Ore no Shikabane wo Koete Yuke.

        The title is trying to convey a message of descendants accomplishing more with their lives than the ancestors before them and it’s a perfect fit for the game, since it revolves around trying to keep your family line going and to dispel the curse that makes each member of the family live for only a few years.

        That’s not the idea I get from “Over My Dead Body”.

        • MrSirFeatherFang

          The English title given as of now definitely doesn’t convey the message of the original title, but atm I’m not sure what English speakers could do, but only translate the title.
          Though it can’t be the first time somthing is lost in translation, but that’s what I get for speaking English :(

        • Bacon_n_Lettuce

           As far as I know with my limited knowledge of Japanese, Ore no Shikabane
          wo Koete Yuke roughly translates to “step over my corpse” or “walk over
          my corpse.” So, with what you’re saying about the plot, I think “Walk Over My Corpse” would work the best, since it could be seen as the elders telling their children to continue on even after they die.

          Personally, I don’t care what it’s called as long as it’s released outside of Japan eventually, but I agree that “Over my Dead Body” doesn’t quite sound like a great title.

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            I think better translation there would be Cross Over my Dead body as following the Chinese tradition, it i considered as a taboo to “Cross Over” a corpse there especially if you know that person.

        • Well… Technically, “Over My Dead Body” isn’t that far off a translation of the original title. It’s just that the exact same phrase already exists in the English language with a context that people are already used to, and that context apparently doesn’t fit with the intended meaning.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Makes things a considerable deal easier to search for than trying to remember a game’s title in Japanese. It’s really not that big a deal. It’s a boon to those who can’t or don’t care to read Japanese, so I see no reason for them to do otherwise.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      I understand what you mean here. As this translation does not convey anything the real meaning does.T_T

      I mean, if you see the titl here, it will be a very light meaning while the original meaning in Japan had a darker tone there especially the story for the game there.

  • I pretty much doubt it too because from what I have seen in the west Sony pushed more console like titles. Uncharted, AC, Black Ops, Resistance…I have nothing against these titles but I expect each platform to offer me a different experience in terms of games range. I want to fine games that are being held in Japan for various reasons!

  • Nitraion

    PSone? i never heard this RPG lol what is it like? SRPG?

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Nope. It is traditional rpg like good old FF there.^_^ And it is probably some unknown gem that you must play there.

      Especially if you have Vita, you should get this game.^_^

  • Historiata

    Really liking the subtle techno-traditional beat the song has going. Drawings are nice too.

    Anyone know if they put up full .jpg files online?

  • Happy Gamer

    I saw this as an unknown gem I believe about mid 2000s and got it. It was pretty pricey at the time on ebay. It’s a very very goo RPG and the setting is amazing. I am hoping this gets localized because people here deserve to play this title.

  • Ladius

    It’s so sad the first game wasn’t localized… As unlikely as it is, I hope some daring publisher will be able to bring it to PSN, it really deserved it.

    I still don’t understand why Sony bothered to localize that incredibly mediocre White Knight Chronicles PSP game while skipping on that gem :

  •   Omg the concept art looks great , i can’t wait to see what the battle system looks like ingame , i hope it’s not 2d Oo … I’m definitely in love with the atmosphere of this video Oo…

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