Watch Phantom of Inferno’s Brand New Opening Video On Xbox 360

By Ishaan . September 21, 2012 . 1:05pm

Nitroplus’ Phantom of Inferno remake for the Xbox 360 is about a month away from release, and this week, they showed off the game’s new opening movie:



Originally released in 2000, Phantom of Inferno is being remade in a style based on the recent 2009 anime series. To see how the new style compares to the original game, check out our comparison feature here.

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  • I don’t want to be hateful of anything but this game has no place into Xbox. Anime based game for the US community? Microsoft should have done another FPS…

    • Kirbysuperstar2

      3/10, too obvious.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        He is not even worth a 3 dude.

    •  Damn, so much wrong with this post.
      First off, otaku centered games like Visual Novels and shmups actually do have place on Xbox, there is quite a number of them and while obviously a niche, it’s still profitable.
      Secondly, who says anything about US community? I don’t think this game is ever leaving Japan.
      Thirdly, it’s not done by Microsoft.
      And please, I know it’s a cool thing to say that people with Xbox and especially Americans only play shooters, but it’s not necessarily true, it’s just a stupid fuel for console wars and I cringe everytime I read that having something like 100 games for my Xbox from which maybe three or four are FPS’s and they are still not shooters .___.
      And first of all I hardly doubt a game like this would sell better than an average FPS, no matter what platform it would be put on.

      • Budgiecat

        Well somehow we got Hakuoki visual novel for PSP to the U.S. that was really interesting how that game came over despite the dwindling sales of the PSP and of course the idea that VN’s don’t sell here. 
        But….despite all that it actually sold well since there was actually a dedicated fan base that preordered it

        • Yeah, but that’s only one title and for a handheld.
          I would be super happy if some VNs, at least those popular ones started to appear on consoles in the west.
          But despite the fact that there definitely are people who are both into anime and video games who would definitely support a VN title had it been released here, no publisher ever wants to give them a try.
          But we do have titles like Otomedius Excellent or Agarest War. I really have hard time imagining that for example Steins;Gate would sell less than those..

          Also, I remember reading somewhere at the time when people were trying to get the Umineko novel released here, that Sony America wouldn’t allow a VN title on Ps3 because they don’t consider them games or something, so I’m not sure if it’s 100% true but if it is, then there is also that…

    • Godmars

       Not like its coming to the US in the first place.

      Always thought it was a pity that games like this, visual novels, were never offered as downloads. That downlands have only caught on on cell phones and the like, where they were the only option. 

      • Budgiecat

        either that or put it on iOS. I seen some visual novels there…

        • I don care wht its on, I just want to play it in english lol.

          • Godmars

             Might be able to find the DVD they put out years ago in English on ebay.

    • LynxAmali

      Don’t know if troll or just stupid.

      The Xbox, in Japan, is the console which people tend to put VNs on first.

      And besides, not like this is for the R1 market anyway. After all, Microsoft NA and Sony NA say No Visual Novels on their consoles in North America.

      Also; It has nothing to do with Microsoft.

      • BadenBadenPrinny

         Never knew that T_T

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Yeah I think you are on the wrong site dear the door is on the right don’t trip on the way out ok.

    • You’re on the wrong site for this kind of behaviour. Read our posting guidelines, please:

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Considering Idolmaster first started on 360.. i think you are wrong.

    • Plz leave.

    • Ladius

      Like it or not, X360 has been the lead platform for some niche Japanese genres during this gen, from visual novels to shoot’em ups. Only in the last years visual novels have been able to find a foothold on PSP (and PS3, in a lesser way), while shmups are still pretty much a X360 genre even now, aside from some multiplatform efforts like Under Defeat HD.

      • ddsfan2

        It’s true that the 360 is a VN powerhouse, but at this point the PS3 has more notable ones.  It has I believe every VN “sound novel” by Chunsoft which the 360 doesn’t have at all, and as soon as Chaos;Head is on PS3 next month, every in house VN by 5pb (I think the other 5pb are just remakes of older PC ones originally by other companies).

        The PSP has had a ton of visual novels for most of the generation, easily competitive with the 360 in quality and quantity – the only thing going against it in that regard is the horrendously low resolution of the screen.

        Besides that, the only platform that consistently gets English VN translations is the PC, so I don’t really care which console they are on.

  • idofgrahf

    on a more serious note, isn’t this like the fourth or fifth remake already? There was the original phantom which was an adult game, the one released on dvd which is the one translated to English, one more called phantom integration also on the PC, another one for the PS2. You’d think anyone who has a remote interest in the game would have played it by now. Either way can’t say the new graphics are an “improvement”.

    • LynxAmali

      Ps2 and DVD version, so only twice has it been re-released.

      This’ll be 3rd but it’s adding content so I don’t see what the problem is.

      • idofgrahf

        Phantom integration is an re-release with added content on the PC, so that’s at least three times so this will be the fourth. Its certainly not the first time they are “adding” content.

        • LynxAmali

          Just googled it. You’re right.
          It is the fourth then.
          Wasn’t even aware of Integration and I’m a huge fan of Phantom.

          And iirc; having multiple versions of the same VN is hardly a new thing. Fate Stay Night had the original release, Realta Nua for the PS2, the Realta Nua PC release and now the PS Vita release.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      But making an all ages version or even putting adult material in to an all ages product is something pretty much everything did in Phantom’s original release window. It is possible that the anime did bring some folks to the IP who had not played the game so many years ago. 

  • Ladius

    This op is really beautiful, I’m glad they put so much care into this remake since PoI definitely deserves it. Now, I can only hope they port this game to PC so that some kind soul can work on a fantranslation… not being able to play this game would be an hard blow to any Nitroplus fan out here.

  • Kevin Lor

    I have never played the VN but I’ve seen the anime and I was wondering if the VN had any ERO or was the story better? I felt like the anime was rush near the end

    •  Original VN has ERO, but you can get the DVD version which doesn’t.
      And I dunno if you could say that the story is better in the VN, but it’s definitely longer and there are different endings. I believe anime was following Eins route, and in the game there was also Claudia route, Cal route, that Japanese girl route and so on. But I don’t remember details, so don’t take my words for granted  ^^

      • Kevin Lor

        Cool thanks for the info! I don’t mind too much about the ERO if it was first made/developed like that. I like seeing the original work first anyways xD

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