A Rundown Of Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition’s New Features On Wii U

By Ishaan . October 9, 2012 . 9:30am

Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition on Wii U adds new features to the game such as the ability to detect enemy movement through sonar, a touch-and-drag interface for quick access to bat-gadgets and a new “B.A.T.” feature that builds up by performing combos and powers Batman up. This video shows off some of the new features in play and how they’re used on the Wii U GamePad:



Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition will be a Wii U launch game and will be released on November 18th.

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  • Nemesis_Dawn

    I’ve read a couple previews of this that talk about how incredibly distracting it is to have to go back to the touchpad during gameplay are (EGM is the one that seems to have the most seething hate for this port). And that, apparently, you can’t turn motion control off when it comes to your remote controlled batarangs. I’ll stick with the current versions, thank you.

    • phantomx

      Lol anyone who complains about using the gamepad with a game is just a n00b.

      It’s only distracting for people who try it for 5 seconds and like to complain.

      99% of articles say the restructured game (its not a direct port, the devs describe elsewhere how they rebuilt it for the Wii U) that the gamepad enhances the game and makes gameplay better.

      I recently got a ps3 so I never bought Arkham city the first time around, but I’m definitely waiting for the Wii U version. No brainer.

      • phantomx

        Oh, and I’d rather play the game at a native 1080p at 60 fps…another reason ill wait.

        The same reason I will be getting most 3rd party games in the Wii u rather than the ps3

        • Budgiecat

          thats totally amazing

        • StarWarudo

          Thanks for sharing. Now I can finally sleep at night again.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Your thoughts could have been expressed without the insults or inane net speak. Please be aware of this and our rules before future posts. Thanks.


        • phantomx

           hmm wasnt calling anyone here a n00b though. I was responding to a poster who was talking about OTHER people who write things online saying the gampad controller is “incredibly distracting”. We cant insult people who dont even exsist? Wow :P

          As for the inane net speak…fine.

          Lol anyone who complains about using the gamepad with a game is just an idiot.


          • M’iau M’iaut

            No one else is name calling about playing with either a gamepad or the new device — just passing on news heard elsewhere or expressing their own concerns.

    • sd28

      you should try it your self as it could  be something that takes getting use to then becomes second nature 

  • Syltique

    “In the all new B.A.T. mode, your fists will turn blue.  Yep, totally not kidding.  B.L.U.E.  

    awwwwwwwwwwww ….”

  • Ben Sylvia

    Just seems so…. gimicky.

    • phantomx

      You mean the way motion controllers were….gimmicky? lol

      I have a feeling that both Sony and Xbox will bundle their next gen console with a gamepad controller.

      Heck, Sony ALREADY wants to try and resell the ps3 that way with the vita

      • Ben Sylvia

        No I mean mostly it just seems preliminarily a way for the game to use the game pad.

        I’d totally would give it a shot if it weren’t for the fact I already played through the game twice when it came out.

        And I have like nearly a year of gaming I need to catch up on once I can get a new PS3 in 2 weeks. And what I’ll be missing while catching up. And what comes out during that. …. November is going to be long and sleepless.

        Edit: and maybe gimmicky wasn’t the right word. I’m bad about that.

        • phantomx

          Yea, I don’t think this was being made for pc/xbox360/ps3 owners who have already played Arkham city multiple times.

          It was made for those who haven’t…and who want to play they best console version of the game available. (Best graphical presentation, more missions, slightly upgraded gameplay innovation)

          Everything done through the gamepad in this version makes sense, not gimmicky or unnecessary. It’s way better than pausing the game to do those functions (maps/inventory) or using the analog stick to do those functions (scanning, batarang)


      • Barzh

        C’mon man Vita+PS3 functionality was announced around the same time the Wii U (a day earlier actually).

        • phantomx

          Having two separate and expensive systems sold separately, but making them functional with each other is completely different than having both integrated with the system from day one.

          This is exactly why Raymans Legend will make their game for the Wii U only. Cause even though the Ps3/vita combo can do the same thing…they’d be making the game for only 1 million people who could possibly even play it.

          There is a huge difference.

  • Moe Hunter

    Oh its gimmicky, oh its distracting, oh i don’t like it Lol. Seriously, seriously?? The shiznit some people come out with lol. So childish. If you ain’t played the frigging version yet. I’m talking about seriously played all the way through on the WIIu then shut ya mouth lol. And please stop with calling things a gimmick. damn words out of fashion already, touch screen gimmick!!, microphone!!, gimmick!!, motion gyro’s, gimmick!! so basically everything in the whole world is now a gimmick when you come to think about it. I phone touch screen, Siri, maps, face detection, apps, Gyro’s, Camera, face-time So guess all mobile phones, tablets. ETC are all gimmicks, Facial hair Razors now have motion technology, guess their gimmicks to ??? TV’s have a huge array of super features now. So I’m guessing high definition on your TV set is a gimmick too ??? 3d ? smart apps. The gimmick TAG has become so subliminal its like hearing the same song over and over again. And its crap. If you don’t like the way technology is moving and think everything is a gimmick leave planet earth and don’t ever return. Because this is the way things are get over it. Also if you think the WIIu is a gimmick, then what do you think of Smart Glass and the fact Sony are trying to make it out like the ps3 is a WIIiu with its non selling vita. Conversation is closed. It’s like the say people don’t like change. But Like the dinosaur if you don’t adapt you will be extinct lol. 

    • yeah I can’t figure out the point your trying to make with that…
      seriously its like you combined several ideas and just mismashed it together.
      Don’t take offense to this, I just think you could’ve said what you wanted in a less  twisted mismashed way.
      oh and theres no need to bring another system into this, this conversation is about  Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition which is on the Wii U which has nothing to do with the vita.

      If you whant to start some Fanboyism rant on how one thing completely Trimps another you should probably go to Gamefaqs where that is commonplace.

      again no offense to you or your tastes.

      • phantomx

         lol, how can you say this conversation isnt about the Wii U and the way its controller works with games?? Thats ALL this conversation is about! This article would not exsist were it not for the Wii U and its gamepad!

        Dont take offense to this, i just think you could have said what you said in a less wrong way :P

        • your right, I worded that wrong I mostly meant that you shoulden’t be comparing 2 systems with one another when this is an article about a game on the Wii U.

          and I can’t tell if your trying to be sarcastic or not but if so I should inform you that sarcasm is the lowest form of communication and makes you seem childish.

          Thank you for clarifying that by the way.

          • phantomx

            It’s more irony than sarcasm. Irony has been one of the highest forms of communication going allllll the way back to the ancient Greeks.

    • $30632660

      “It’s not a gimmick unless Sony does it”.

      • heartless141

        no, the uncharted vita wasn’t that well received because they abused the vita’s stuffs. =/ and if you can abuse it as good as flOwer then sure, i don’t mind the sixaxis.

  • Budgiecat

    puff puff pass lol

  • Aoshi00

    Pretty cool addition but seems like the multitasking btwn the 2 screens could be a bit overwhelming?  W/ the DS or 3DS, you’re staring at the 2 screens next to each other..

    I bought the 360 LE w/ the figure, but still haven’t scratched the surface yet *.*… somehow I got into Asylum much more than Arkham City… the open world was a bit big for me..

    Of course it feels immersive playing a game on a theater sized screen, I thought the commercials w/ the modern furniture and perfect family playing was misleading :)

    A shame Ace Attorney 5 is not on the Wii U, yet :)

    • phantomx

       how is switching to the gamepad to look at info/gameplay there going to be more overwhelming than all the pausing and menu scrolling gamers do all the time in video games?

      If anything, this kind of setup streamlines functions and makes things LESS overwhelming. Its certainly more intuitive than game pausing and sub menu searching.

      I would certainly not be surprised if the future of console game included multiple screen action like this.

      • Aoshi00

        The touchscreen is definitely nice and make some features intuitive.  But it works best if the screens are right next to each other on a portable, like the original Ace Attorney trilogy works on a GBA and also works on a DS w/ dual screens.  But here instead of just looking at the TV, you need to look back and forth btwn the TV and the screen you’re holding.   Usually people hold the controller on their lap right, but this seems like you need to hold up the gamepad for a lot of stuff plus motion control.. some stuffs w/ the camera is cool, like aiming and taking pictures in Uncharted Golden Abyss w/ the Vita.

        While some games benefit from motion control like RE4 Wii, a lot of times it just makes it harder to do something when you can simply press a button (like I find watching Netflix w/ Kinect by waving your hand a bit of a hassle, but voice recognition works well and you dont need to type to search), and waggling is just unnecessary and is something I’m the least crazy about.

        But yeah, the Bat gadgets seem to work well w/ a touchscreen.  I just thought it could be a bit tiring looking down at your gamepad and looking up at the TV screen again constantly.  Like this guy in the demo here.

        And some might not care about achievement/trophy at all, but I wish Nintendo would just get w/ the times alrdy.. I guess the Wii U ver would have some in-game ver. of trophy..

  • Angeru_Lito

    I think the BAT system is total nonesense , one of the best parts about Arkham City was the feeling that “you where against the world” a City full of the worst scum of Gotham and you needed to stop them by being Batman, having a action figure super suit kinda defeats the purpose of the struggle.

  • wahyudil

    I never played Arkham City before … but if this version have all DLC included, maybe I will buy this one …

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