Persona 4: Golden Video Highlights The Game’s New Features

By Ishaan . October 9, 2012 . 11:00am

Atlus USA have uploaded a new promo video for Persona 4: Golden, highlighting the PlayStation Vita role-playing game’s new features. You can watch the new promo below:



Persona 4: Golden on Vita has a bunch of new content that wasn’t present in the PlayStation 2 version of the game. We’ve covered a lot of this in previous reports on the game. Here’s a list of some of the additions:



Persona 4: Golden will be released on November 20th in North America and in Spring 2013 in Europe.

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  • Yui

    I’m still not sure how exactly to feel about P4G. I’m defaulting to “cautiously optimistic” as is company policy, but there’s definite ups and downs there. Nonetheless, if there’s one thing I’m a bit miffed by, it’s the new voices. Teddie’s new voice actor is great, much less obnoxious (though Teddie’s obnoxiousness was always sort of endearing), but Chie’s, though certainly better in terms of direction, seems to have a tendency to overact, and doesn’t quite fit the role.

    Still, bring it on, I say!

    • shaolinsword

      Why cautiously optimistic? I missed out on the Persona series so I don’t really know much about it but the anime got me interested in it

      • Yui

         P4 is a pretty big departure from the usual SMT fare anyway, thematically. P4G seems to be moving even further away, and with a lot of strange additions I’m not sure how to feel about. I’m hoping that it will bring something new to the table that makes it worth buying again, but not absolutely certain yet, as the content I’ve seen so far isn’t quite a game-seller. You know?

  • I didn’t have a PS2 when Persona 4 came out, nor did I want to emulate it- sooooo… YAY! New game for me, woo! :D 

    • Demeanor

      Damn, I envy you!!! You’re in for the ride of your life! ^ ^

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    How do they bring their eight bikes to Junes without looking suspicious?

    • Yu unlimited pocket dimension???

    • The Power of Bonds!!!!

      This covers any flaw in Persona’s logic!

    • Nitraion

      Like all RPG hero must have…..MAGIC POCKET!!!! :D

  • Spirit Macardi

    The one feature it doesn’t mention is that Teddie now shares a voice with Viral, Kudamon, Flynn Scifo, and the original Tristan Taylor.

    Now his voice gives him super-strength!


      Sorry friend, you’ll have to die when you are killed.

    • LynxAmali

       How could you forget the best bro you could ask for in an online game?

      (You forgot Silabus.)

      • OatMatadoQuatro

        A lot of voice actors from .hack are in Persona 4.
        Gaspard=Old Teddie
        Silabus=New Teddie

  • Yay! I cant wait for my Solid Gold edition to finally arrive!!

  • Neophoton

     I’ll continue to eagerly await this. :D

  • xavier axol

    if you are a ps vita owner, persona4 golden, ragnarok odyssey, and assassin’s creed 3 liberation are the must own. but there’s is also dokuro, littlekingstory, playstationallstarts (vita version), retrocityrampage, and littlebigplanet.

  • AlexanderPappas

    It comes out 2 days after wii u and 2 days before thanksgiving weekend? Sounds like the best week ever!

  • Halo

    really can’t wait for this game. 

  • I’m glad I’m actually getting a Vita for this game.

  • harmonyworld

    got a vita….now the wait……

  • darkfox1

    Damn I need a VITA!

  • Total_Overdose

    Super Sentai costumes? I’m there!

  • KiTA

    Still annoyed that they haven’t announced Persona 2 Eternal Punishment for US release.  Hope they’re not skipping it, it’s the last Persona game to be released in the US, with that one we’ll have the entire series available on the PSP and Vita.

  • nothing956

    I hope the quizzes are the same because some of those are impossible to know unless you look them up.  

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      I will now reveal to you Atlus’s evil intentions. As you can see, the Persona games take place in Japan and deal with high school students… The only way to really know the answers is to move to Japan and go to school there. Atlus plans to make everyone in za world move to Japan for the single purpose of finding out how to answer questions on a quiz. Thus increasing their population size and diversity = more monies.
      Now that’s one walkthrough/guide I would not pay for.

    • nope, they changed them.

      The S-Link answers are the same though.

      • IshimaruKaito

        did they really change them??? awww

    • Have a wikipedia/GG on while playing P4G?? XD

  • Mazdian

    I don’t know about anyone else, but the Vita, for me, has a huge amount of games I want to play. And it seems like the deluge isn’t stopping. ಠ_ಠ

    The only thing holding me back from running out and buying a Vita right this instant is the fact I can’t justify wasting my money on even more luxury goods. >.< Maybe I can make an excuse to my wallet around Christmas…

  • Abhishek Posooa

    My body is ready *Q*

  • Go2hell66

    Damn didn’t realise how far nov 20th is until now…
    god this wait is killing me

  • Now I hope they do a “Haruhi S2” P4Anime with Golden events…. 

    And lol at super cheery music.

  • isfuturebright

    I’d get a vita just for that ^^

  • Aisioux

    I really think that this game is a great reason to buy a Ps Vita. I knew my investment in the Vita was well worth it. I have to say without a doubt. This game will kick all forms of a**. I’m already playing Persona 3, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

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