Square Enix RPG, Chaos Rings, Arrives On Android Devices

By Ishaan . October 10, 2012 . 2:40pm

Square Enix’s original mobile role-playing game, Chaos Rings, is now available for Android devices as well, the company announced today. You can pick it up at the Google Play store for $12.99.


Back in March, Square Enix released Chaos Rings II for iOS devices. That game hasn’t been announced for an Android release yet.

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  • It’s not on 3DS so I don’t care.  This is more of a simple port really, if I’m correct iOS and Android are similar then again I don’t pay attention to iOS titles.

  • Anime10121

    I’ve heard the game is pretty good, anyone played it and can give some impressions?  I think I may get this.

    • Göran Isacson

      I’ve played it to almost completion, and I can say that I do find it interesting and challenging… at first. Maybe I was just too good at exploiting the system but the end-game was very easy for me. That being said it is a pretty interesting game, with characters and plot that impressed me far more than I expected. Gameplay is okay, even if you will really do nothing but run around in dungeons and fight monsters. There’re no cities or minigames or anything like that- it’s mostly just dungeons plus a hub area for NPC-interactions.

      I guess that what I’m trying to get at is that it’s repetitive in that it’s almost all dungeon crawling and fighting monsters, but if you’re a fan of standard Final Fantasy gameplay then I think you’re gonna like the combat. And again, the plot is pretty darn good too.

      • Anime10121

         So, it does have a good plot? Thats a very big plus, and the gameplay is good too?   Yeah I think I’ll buy it, but it may be a while, gotta finish Pokemon Black 2 first :)

        and the songs @facebook-762407768:disqus listed make me believe the OST would be pretty good too, this seems to have went from a maybe to a definite, just based upon you two’s replies, so thanks :)

        • the plot is okay for chaos rings 1 and chaos rings omega, but amazing and memorable in chaos rings 2

          gameplay-wise its like the old turn based final fantasies, only difference being whether you want to attack in pairs or one-by-one, you gain skills from enemies (kinda like final fantasy’s blue mage skill system), and the difference between chaos rings 2 and chaos rings 1 is that chaos rings 2 allows you to summon guardians and use limit breaks

          as for the ost, its beautiful, simply beautiful, the ones i showed you were from chaos rings 2 and celestial diva is an insert to some sections of the game, while the other one is the title theme, yes, its the theme to the title screen itself =)

        •  Awesome plot. That’s for sure. The first game got me hooked up until the very last minute, some nice plot twists here and there.

          Seriously, I can’t stress how underrated this series of games is. No one talks about these games, but they’re really good.

    • imho the second one in the numeric title is the best (chaos rings 2), gameplay wise and story wise and the soundtracks…. this should clear things up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kv7sJdbASuo&feature=relmfu & http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3g6mpiR1_P8&feature=relmfu

    • I’m a big fan of the series. It’s great if you’re a rpg fan (and I know you are), you’ll feel right at home with it’s rather traditional gameplay mechanics. Where the first game lacks in exploration opportunities, makes up with an interesting story, where everything comes together slowly. You can play as four different duos, and you’ll notice that the story differs slightly with each, giving you a better understanding of what’s actually happening, culminating in a great climax.

      The first game does get kinda repetitive, since you’ll be travelling along the same four scenarios with the four duos. However, if you play the game in short bursts, you prolly won’t be bothered by that, at all. I spent 40hrs on the game, ten hours or so for each character, but I kinda grinded and I take forever to finish games because I like to explore everything in detail.

      The battle system is easy to grasp, but really fun. You always have to decide when it’s your turn whether you want to have both characters acting at the same time or not. Using both characters for one attack makes your attacks more effective, but that also means both will be affected by whatever the enemies decide to do next. It’s fun to actually plan your moves in advance and decide whether you want to go for a bigger hit or defend. In the beginning the game can be punishing, but as you level up you’ll basically slaughter everything up in one hit, so it gets much easier as you go.

      Overall, the original game is really fun. Awesome soundtrack, interesting characters (albeit some border on the cliché),and an engaging story that just makes you want to know more and more as you go. There’s also Chaos Rings Omega, a prequel/add on of sorts to the original game, and the brilliant Chaos Rings II (need to finish that one), which imo tops many HD jrpgs released this gen. Chaos Rings II brings Limit Breaks, summons and party managment to the fray, adding up layers of fun to an already amazing series.

      It’s a series I can easily recommend to any jrpg fan with a smartphone/tablet that can run these games.

      • Anime10121

         After reading that, just got onto Google Play and bought it, even though I likely wont be playing it for a month or two, but now I have something to look forward too :)

        •  You will not regret your decision, I’m sure of that. Let me know what you think about it when you try it out ;)

          • Anime10121

             Will do :)

  • Neophoton

    I honestly didn’t even remember it getting a sequel. I might give this a shot some day.

    …Also, that enemy in the screenshot reminds me a lot of Jehuty from ZOE.

  • Scallion

    I’d be more willing to actually pay for some of these games if they offered limited demos, or made the first few levels of the game free to play, with the rest of the game unlockable upon payment. 15 bucks is a lot to shell out for a mobile game that might suck or force close on your phone. That being said, mobile phones seem like an excellent platform for JRPGs. Can you imagine FFT on your phone, with a smooth touch-screen interface?
    I just did, and now I have to change my pants.
    ‘scuse me.

    • Final Fantasy Tactics was released on the app store a while ago, I was under the impression an Android version was in the works/was already released?

      It’s a really nice game, that it is.

    •  you do know that they released FFT on the IOS months ago right ? But yeah Jrpg is good on mobiles too

      as for chaos rings, its great, plotwise and music-wise, as for the gameplay, its almost like FF1

  • There are three Chaos Rings games. Vanilla CR, CRII, and the prequel CR Omega. And they are all effing cray-cray

    •  doubt you even played it if you call it crazy =D, my guess is that you didn’t bother buying the game solely because of its super high price tag (for an ios game)

      • Assumptions! Keyword is *ass* because that’s what assumptions make of you! For your information, I’m played and completed all three games. And yes, I find the plot of those games to be super crazy scifi. Especially the part where you are playing through the same game with different characters and suddenly the scene you remember going one way suddenly ends up going in a different direction. Especially the part when you realize that all the divergent stories actually tie together in the end. Especially the part where you think the game is over and there’s a whole hell of a lot more for you to play.

        You don’t know me. Keep your mouth shut about me.

        • its like you said, i don’t know a thing about you, nor do i care, but that’s a rather half assed thought when playing the game, super crazy scifi ? sure its acceptable when you apply that to CR 1 and CRo, but CR2 can’t be said scifi, if you DID complete the whole game, its takes a different turn in plot than CR1 and CRo did

          • Was referring to the series as a whole.

          • imho, the series felt rather fragmented, like chaos rings 2 doesn’t really have that much connection with the the rest (meaning those that just started can just jump in), and CR2 had lesser “sci fi” than CRo and CR1, and more to “man vs fate”

          • Fair enough. But it still think at its core it’s sci-fi

          • true enough, CR1’s core theme was 70% scifi with 30% fantasy, it was the same with CRo, but CR2 reversed it, all in all if we payed attention to the details and pieces in the game, it won’t be as confusing as it is (yeah, i played to the point where i got 100% in all three games), but overall, i found it to be rather enjoyable and memorable out of most ios games

          • pretty stupid high production values for an iOS game. I wish this was a PSMini or EShop game. I wish there was more cross porting in general; Lili for one looks amazing. I wanna play Republique too.

          • well the game itself was worth it for the cost, $12.99 wasn’t that bad, there are other ios games that costs higher and isn’t that good with super short contents, so it was worth the costs, and considering on the games that SE has produced these days, i’d say that CR would be its hidden gem in this current generation

        • Go read Blame! and get back to us on what constitutes as “super crazy scifi”.

          • ASSUPTIONS! Keyword still being *ass*.

          • Not assuming anything, there’s certain standards for something to be considered a high level of scifi.  Blame!’s the only example I can think of that fits that without being a space opera.

          • “Go read Blame!” is an assumption that I haven’t read it. Also, I said super crazy. Not high level.

          • Then correct me on such mistakes?  I’m of the impression most people haven’t read it.

          • I did, in my own acerbic and abrasive way.

          • I did, in my own acerbic and abrasive way.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Let’s stop the assumption gimmick. Thanks.

          • Fully agree. I would absolutely love it if people would stop assuming things.

  • Nyandroid

    Even though I don’t even use a  cell phone anymore. This is extremely good news to me! I prefer android. And if it ever comes to a time where I can afford my cell phone again, this is one of those games that I’ve wanted to try most. =^w^=~ It really pained me before that it was ios only. XD

  • Ladius

    Wow, there goes one of the main reasons I had to consider buying an i-device, even if Android is still missing the other two Chaos Rings games.

    •  i do believe the other two games will appear eventually

  • Diamondragon

     A warning for anyone with a rooted phone or tablet: this game won’t work on your device. I bought the game before Square ninja’d the warning message onto the Google Play page. I don’t wanna see them screw anyone else.

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