Some Of Persona 4: Golden’s Memorable Scenes Revisited

By Ishaan . October 12, 2012 . 12:30pm

This week, Atlus USA uploaded a whole bunch of videos of Persona 4: Golden, showing off a bunch of different scenes from the game, covering important story points as well as the usual banter between the different characters. You can watch them all below:

















Persona 4: Golden will be released on November 20th in North America and Spring 2013 in Europe.

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  • Dantis

    My dislike for the new Chie is indescribable. And why the heck does she have to yell so often? In the scene with Teddie in vanilla P4, she sincerely asks if he’s okay. In the P4G, she just yells “HEY ARE YOU OKAY?”. Terrible. And why is her voice so nasally? And why does she sound like a child?

    Minus voice-over points for you, Atlus.

    • yoUNg_grOUp568

      she is way better than the original. The new one actually fits her more and now she actually sounds like a highschool student not an older person like the original one sounded like. The original one had no emotion in her voice and used the same tone for everything. The new voice actually has emotion and doesn’t sound the same when she is supposed to be sad or excited.

      • Dantis

         Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong.

        And the new one doesn’t show a range of emotions at all, she just constantly yells.

        • Leon_Tekashi

          I guess that’s one way to describe how hyper she is in a way? ^__^;

          • Dantis

            In the Japanese one, she’s enthusiastic, not hyper. I like that more.

      • Hraesvelgr

        To me, it really seems like the love for Chie’s old voice is like the people who suddenly loved Star Ocean 2’s old voice work in that it’s some sort of nostalgia-based love over something that is objectively worse.

    • Brandonmkii

      She sounds wayyyyy more like a 16 year old girl, whereas in the original she sounded like a 40-something woman. Much more acceptable now.

      • Dantis

         No she doesn’t. She sounds like a twelve year old.

        • Brandonmkii

          Still 1000x better than sounding like a 40-year old.

          • Dantis

             That’s not how forty-year-old women sound. She sounds like she’s in her late teens, early 20s.

  • drproton

    Kanji is moe.

  • Tales_of_Master

    I never been more happy to not play a game before. P4 was one of these games that I got shortly after getting into college, and never got around to finish them. Now I’ll have the chance to play the game in all it’s glory :D I don’t have a problem with the new voice actors, since I only played 4 hours of the original, so I don’t have any attachment to them. November can’t come soon enough :D

  • Leon_Tekashi

    Lol, I saw the comments on Youtube from these videos. A lot of Hiimdaisy references.

    • OatMatadoQuatro

      I wonder if Atlus wondered what was going on in their videos when they first appeared

    • Lol. There got to be at least one in a P4 vid.
      She should continue the series lol.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Kanji: Hey, don’t give me any lip, bear!
    Me: What?!

  • MisterFoxInc

    Aaah Atlus bro what are you doing
    Chie might fit the role of a high-schooler better now, but god damn it, she is so obnoxious.
    Oh man…

    • Steven Bambic

      You do realize, old chie had only 1 part. And she decided to not re-sign for this, so they had to hire a new VA for her.

      • MisterFoxInc

        I figured as much, same for Teddie apparently (and possibly some others, haven’t checked yet). I just thought they could have gone for a more fitting VA.

  • I think I’ll need to get used to Chie’s new VA, but all in all, and like I said in the most recent SMT IV post, it’s Shin Megami Tensei, so it’s awesome no matter what.

    Super ready for this.

  • Chris Yuen

    I’ll wait for the actual release before making my judgement. Who knows, maybe the new voice for Chie just need time to grow on you. Give her a chance.

    Edit: “Important story points”. Rise’s commercial? Awwwwww yes.

  • Nitraion

    The old voice of chie is actually feel weird at first but at time it’s grow on me
    I think this will be same….
    But chie have more childish voice in this one lol XD

  • Vitor Duarte

    Everytime I hear Chie’s new voice I feel like screaming to the screen: “GUYS THAT’S NOT CHIE! CAN’T YOU NOTICE!? SHE HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED AND SWAPPED WITH A FAKE!”

    • Locklear93

      Chie got kidnapped?  Yay!  One of my favorite scenes in Persona 4 was when Yu and Yosuke’s rope got cut and Chie freaked and started crying!

      …ohhh, I’m a bad person.

    • Teddie: Nah she just had a voice actor change. She sounds like a teenage now despite her voice isn’t it??

    • JazzWithAttitude

      Her new voice is awful, my ear hurts when i hear Chie talking in p4 arena

    •  It was weird the first time I heard it myself, lol. But I think I’ll get used to it.

  • Wait, so no female protagonist for this one? That’s a shame.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Frankly, it’d be pretty hard to put a female MC into P4 without having to rewrite most of the game. Sure, they made some changes with P3P, but they’d have to change a lot more for it to work with P4.

  • Maia Kasoya

    I thought there would be equal complaining about Teddie and Chie’s new voices here, but it’s all Chie here.
    Both the old and new voices are fitting, just in different ways from each other. Some people like the new voices, others prefer the old voices.

  • Herok♞

    This is coming from someone who didn’t play P4 on PS2 but I like chie’s new voice more then the old one I watched a few clips of both and the old one just sounds boring and lifeless, while this one seems to at least try to talk like a normal person. I am guessing most of you are biased and afraid of change and just not used to the new voice yet since after all you spent a lot of time with the old actor, eventually you will learn to live with it. Also remember the original VA decided not to return so its not even Atlus’ fault or choice to have done this, because mixing new and old audio is never a good idea when using to different voice actors in some scenes it literally could have been back and forth between the two which is disorienting.

  • Stranger On The Road

    I haven’t played any of the Persona games even though I have them for the PSP. So I have a question, are the games related to each other or are then independent from each other?

    Will I have to start from the 1st game if I want to join in, or can I just start from any one, say P3P or P4G?

    thanks in advance for any answer!

    • tyrantflughude

      No they are not linked so you can start at any one you want.But beware P3 and P4 are very different game play wise from the first too.

    • They’re independent so you don’t have to play P3 before P4, the storys only intercept in P4a which is set after P4.

      P1 and both P2’s I’d play in order, P3 onwards start wherever you like.

  • Christopher Nunes

    It’s great seeing this scenes again, and did they really change the place where Shadow Yosuke shows up? I don’t remember it looking like that with the barrels of sake around.

    Also I really don’t like Chie’s new voice, she yells too much and doesn’t really converse herself well to her character BUT the only commendable scene with Chie’s new voice I’ll praise is the “Shedding Tear” as she really got the emotion done right and really got into the scene perfectly which I’ll say is better than the original. Chie’s voice with the new voice actor in Persona 4 Arena was MUCH better than her work here… it’s like she  took one step forward and two steps backwards.

    In my opinion, Chie’s old voice was better and I don’t see how it’s a “40-year old woman’s” voice as it seems more like a mature voice for somewhere in their late teens or early adult lives. There are people like that, I’m in my 20’s and my voice isn’t exactly deep and sounds sort young like a late teenage’s voice.

    Either way can’t wait for this game.

  • MrJechgo

    No “Trial of the Dragon” clip ? Come on now…

    I’ll be in the minority here, but I like Chie’s new voice; her old one is BARELY audible… and I refrained myself from writing BEAR-LY. She sounded as if she had a cold or something. Now her voice is much clearer, and hyperactive.

    It’s sad that Dave Wittenberg couldn’t return as Teddie, but Sam Riegel’s doing a good job.

    • Dantis

      Chie is meant to be enthusiastic, not hyperactive.

      I hate how her new voice makes her sound like a child.

  • Michael Vu

    Chie’s voice is completely changing the strong-willed yet vulnerable character that she portrayed originally. Now it just sounds like a weak character. I’m beyond disappointed, she was one of my favorite voices in the original.

  • Chie voice…. need time to get use to it, but fine IMO.
    Yukiko and Chie… you trying to murder the team with the “curry” of yours??? In both anime and here, Yu seems like he not even trying to stop them….. Tht wht I find weird lol.

    Kanji: Hey, don’t give me any lip, bear!
    Umm…whaddaya mean?

    Naoto voice….. there hardly any change of voice/tone/whtever u call it bet the two vid featuring him…. But tht nothing big I should fuss over.


  • Yamaneko22

    Finally Chie sounds like a girl her age, instead of middle-aged woman :)

  • Laobii

    I personally like both voices for teddy and Rise:)
    Sam Rigel holds holds his own quite well:)
    I cant wait:D

  • Sardorim

    …Chie’s new voice will take a lot to get used to.

  • I loved Chie’s original voice, don’t know why they changed it but man, it was a lovely voice, this one…. will take time to get used to, but is not bad just a little to fast maybe? like she’s screaming her lines.

    As for Teddie I BEAR-LY noticed any difference

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