DmC Devil May Cry’s Latest Trailer Is Here

By Ishaan . October 14, 2012 . 6:00pm

One last piece of DmC Devil May Cry media from New York Comic-Con—the latest trailer for the game that shows off an assortment of cutscenes and combat. Take a look at it below:



DmC Devil May Cry will be released on January 15th, 2013.

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  • Leon_Tekashi

    I don’t know why a lot of people was complaining about this, DMC just went a bit more realistic and it’s a reboot, that’s it.

    • you could’ve said it was a reboot, that would’ve atleast given you a safer ground, but saying its “a bit more realistic” is like walking across a string over hot lava

    • Godmars

       That’s a very limited and uninformed comment to be making in regards to this subject.

      Radical changes where made, the series’s basic concept was rewritten, which caught its fans off-guard causing many to respond with confused hostility. The situation made only worse by Ninja Theory responding in kind not only towards those fans, but all the other games in the series as well. Things are just plain ugly while the game itself just doesn’t look worth all the headache surrounding it.

      It looks okay, but that’s it. Nothing all that stellar.

      • Fr33Kingdom

        Nah. Series rebooted. Fans angry it’s not the same. Fans rage at ninja theory. Ninja theory laugh it off. Fans bitch some more. Game looks better and better. Art direction becomes definition of stellar. Gameplay gets good previews but overall quality of the game is still not certain. That’s what happened. 

        • Peace Legacy

          I will stick with Godmars’ ‘Explanation’, thank you
          You deserve a cookie for your little ‘Interpretation’ attempt though :)

          • sd28

            considering his one is far more accurate I agree with you

          • Fr33Kingdom

            Yay cookies!! Yea his really isn’t though :) . It’s just more fans getting angry that ninja theory didn’t respond to death threats and hate with “PLEASE IT’S OKAY WE’LL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT”. Lol ninja theory didn’t make it worse, they tried and are trying to make a great game and people would like to see it fail. 

        • popyea

          Pretty much how I see it. This game looks way better than your average release. To say otherwise is to buy into the controversy. 

      •  This, one thousand times.

        The classic DMCs were great.  Even 2 and 4 had moments of brilliance.

        This…?  Ugh, please, don’t get me started on all the flaws I noticed.

  • Curan_Altea

    Mixed feelings really. I’ll reserve any kind of judgement for the demo. 

  • Cool Trailer, I may pre order it now if the demo is good(If my finances will allow it that is, to many games coming out all at once)

  • Nitraion

    Emm mixed feelings……
    Demo will do justice for me..

  • MrTyrant

    I don’t know Tameen, you don’t look cool at all but the game might be fun. Need to read reviews before decide something.

  • epy

    *epy channels all the grumpy old men he has met in his life*

    I REALLY don’t get the music kids are listening to today.

  • MrRobbyM

    I know people have mixed feelings about Ninja Theory but you have to remember that they’re working really close with Capcom on this game and you can tell they want this to do well.

  • Remina

    Dante looks and sounds a bit like Hayden Christensen. Just my first impressions. It’s not a bad thing in any way. It’s just the first thing that came to mind after watching the trailer. Does anyone else think so?

    • popyea

       Yeah, that was my exact thought as the trailer ended. People seem to not like that the character is arrogant, but I haven’t played any games as that type of character, so it actually interests me.

      • MrRobbyM

        Same. I like characters with a little attitude as long as they don’t come off as annoying.

    • MrRobbyM

      I can kind of see it now and I must thank you for pointing it out. As if I already didn’t find him attractive enough lol.

  • Shaun Huseman

    Definitely not supporting this. At first it was just because of how terrible it looked in art and the awful dialogue and story. But the gameplay just looked watered down compared to the other games in the series as well. I can forgive less than stellar gameplay if the story looks ok, but by all means, alot of the dialogue sounds like a middle school student wrote it.

  • FlameEmperor

    Oh Capcom and Ninja Theory…….. What can I say? Hmm…. 

  • Abhishek Posooa

    The game looks awesome,but this sorry excuse for music.I mean,seriously,dubstep mixed with metal?.Can’t they hire real metal bands like Dir en Grey, Nocturnal Bloodlust, Deathgaze or at least Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, a real electronica-metal band.

    •  according to Tameem in twitter, he tried to get SlipKnot or Rammstien

    • Pang Chee Jie

      Eh? The music in the trailer sounds nothing like dub step. It’s Chombichrist and they do electronica-industrial. 

      • Abhishek Posooa

        Sorry,I have low knowledge on electronica and I guess I should have shut-up.

    • Asura

      You have a sorry excuse for knowledge of music.
      How the hell is this dubstep?
      Not my style of metal nontheless, but dubstup this ain’t.

      • Abhishek Posooa

        Well I guess I never really paid attention to dubstep music.

  • Leonard Norwood Jr.

    My feelings are still in the mix for now. I’ll just stick to some reviews for now and see what’s up of whether it’s worth to buy or not. It still feels like such a reckless move to leave Devil May Cry to Ninja Theory in my mind. In terms of gameplay, it’s okay but that’s it. Heck just calling out Devil May Cry in a way might have people jump on me for associating it with DmC…

    So far, all I know is that some of my favorite franchises in a few game companies are taking deep hits to the point that anybody can get away with saying that it sucks. It can’t be helped, but it sucks when the the action of the company’s decision in maintain their franchises completely sucks.

    You have to be careful with deciding how it’s going to be done. Maintain games and franchises are not easy no matter what you think. You’re putting money into projects of the game being developed.

  • eilegz

    did they said how many hours will this game last?

    • MrRobbyM

      I want to know this too. I’m hoping for at least 15 hours on the easiest difficulty.

      •  15 hours
        no game from ninja theory has lasted that, let alone a beat em up, lets just say 8 hours going slow and call it a day.

        • MrRobbyM

          I’m still hoping for more given this is the biggest game they’re worked on so far.

  • Quinton Cunningham

    I’m still kinda baffled by the hate this game has gotten. DMC was a schizophrenic franchise BEFORE this. 

    1 had that god awful rail-shooter section near the end.

    2 was pretty bad and was incredibly unfocused. The difficulty was lowered, the combat was watered down. The detail in the art took a big hit to focus bigger areas. Dante lost his normal attitude and Lucia’s portion is nothing but a tacked-on afterthought.

    3 was the best of the franchise and perfected it. Even if it did have a camera worse than Ninja Gaiden’s. I can’t find much of a fault with this one other than that.

    4 was more of 2, with a huge lack of focus. The entire second half of the game could have been cut or AT LEAST re-worked. Going through the SAME environments, with the SAME bosses as Dante was a cheap way to extend the game. I fought those bosses at least 3 times before the credits rolled. The combat was also hit-and-miss with Nero being a blast, but Dante being incredibly weak and his weapons being nearly useless. However, the art was great.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the franchise but it’s pretty obvious that Capcom had no idea what they were wanting to do with the franchise with it’s multiple changes and inconsistent quality. As such, I’m going to support Ninja Theory’s take on the franchise and see if they are more competent with it than Capcom. So far, that looks to be the case.

  • Göran Isacson

    … Haven’t we seen this trailer already? I could’ve sworn I’ve already seen this before.

  • AceWildCard

    Day one maybe not, but future purchase definitely. Things in life can’t stay stagnant. I was playing sonic adventure 2 the other day, by far my favorite 3d sonic title and if I were to compare it to the rather successful sonic generations I’d say gimme my SA2B with its bad camera angles and bad hit detection any day, but at the same time I really enjoy sonic generations for what it was worth, I like the direction they took it, although for me personally you cant compare it to the older entries in the series doesn’t mean it isn’t any less of an amazing game. As for DMC, if your gonna hate on the new reboot its simple. DON’T PLAY IT. Buy the HD collection or better yet blow the dust off your old copies and enjoy the original 4 for what they were and pretend this doesn’t exist. Worked for me and sonic, last good 3D sonic game was sonic heroes. As far As I was concerned everything between then and when generations came out doesn’t exist.

    •  ” if your gonna hate on the new reboot its simple. DON’T PLAY IT.”

      Does that mean that if i hate it i should not play it? or that if i play it i should not hate it? that i should not hate it at all whatever the hell i play it or not? that i cannot hate things you like? that ninja theory should be blinded against judging? That instead of posting my hate and negative opinion about this game i should symply not play the game so you can feel better with yourself and this guys think they have done a good work that sold poorly because its a future cult hit or something? nah, i will hate, i love to hate, specially when such hate is well deserved.

      • MrRobbyM

        “nah, i will hate, i love to hate, specially when such hate is well deserved.”

        Seems we got a live one.

        •  you know what they say, that we all love to hate.

          • MrRobbyM

            That doesn’t mean you should blindly act on it. Very poor excuse.

          • blindly? allrighty then.
            -less combos

            -less weapons

            -hulk fists (sorry, i have to say it)

            -styles out

            -less fluidity and slower combat

            -aerial combat feels flopy

            -enemies dont attack

            -more plataforming, bad plataforming (having to grab the camera thingies in a certain order that you cannot alteer), and taking into account this is made by ninja theory there is going to be LOTS of that kind of plataforming

            -the characters look like they have been taken from a twilight movie cast, they look so…….generic you could see them in every other western title with different clothes and you would not be able to distinguish them (this wouldn’t happen with any of the characters from the previous dmc)

            -Dante is a dick, he is not a charming, flamboyant and cocky over the top guy, he is just an asshole, a teenager asshole trying to look cool and badass by being a dick….eugh.

            -pop culture references from the internet generation and political commentary.

            -this is serious business crap, no, PLEASE no, NOOOOOOOOO….this is devil may cry, it was always about over the top, tongue in cheek unadultered fun, its not about seriousness, its not about “i am batman and i have to save this grimm city of the grimm future that grimmly awaits yada yada”

            -the dynamic scenarios are pointless, only for show, it doesn’t change while you move, it changes when you reach a certain point, crafting the level so you can continue.

            -the score system is not anymore about ability or using a diverse number of combos, its about damage.

            -its going to be short

            -BUT it has pretty graphics and tries to be mature, you people like that don’t you? BEST VIDEOGAME EVAH!! GOTY 12/10…nah just kidding

      • AceWildCard

        ” I ” Respect your opinion and ” I ” believe you are entitled to one sorry to offend you my friend :)

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