DmC Devil May Cry Development Team Has Over 90 Members

By Ishaan . October 16, 2012 . 10:00am

DmC Devil May Cry is being developed by a team of nearly one hundred staff across Ninja Theory and Capcom, producer, Motohide Eshiro, has shared.


In an internally-conducted interview at Capcom, Eshiro reveals: “There are around 80 people from NT, and about 10 from Capcom U.S.A and Japan.”


“The director from NT is basically responsible for game development, while Capcom’s director [Hideaki] Itsuno oversees the entire process. Both Alex [Jones] from Capcom U.S.A and I act as the producers.”


Eshiro expresses admiration both Ninja Theory’s technology and their development speed, both of which he says have caught his attention.


“They have some incredibly sophisticated stuff, such as modelling and motion capture techniques, which enable NT to create images that rival the quality of those you see in CG films,” he says. “One other thing is their development speed. NT is incredibly fast.”


Eshiro also gives examples of the kind of input Capcom have been giving Ninja Theory on the game.


“There are not that many games made in the United States and Europe built around the concept of fighting a boss character, and because of this game developers in these countries have a hard time creating a computer-controlled boss opponent,” Eshiro suggests.


“That’s why we provided NT with the know-how we have at Capcom to help infuse DmC with the DNA of the Devil May Cry series. We gave them theoretical explanations about creating exhilarating action sequences and how to incorporate game elements into the boss battles, such as forcing players to focus on running during boss attacks or providing ways to expose the weak points of bosses and give the players an opportunity to attack.”


When asked if Eshiro is worried about sharing Capcom’s know-how with other companies, he replies that it works both ways. While Capcom need to share their knowledge in order to make collaborations with western studios work, their teams, too, learn about technologies and systems used by their partners.

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  • Cephrien

    … So?

  • Astrotrain

    Still not interested.

  • MrRobbyM

    I’ll just leave this here.

    • MrTyrant

      Hahaha yes, Tameem’s reaction.

      • MrRobbyM

        Yes yes, of course.

      • …You know, this sort of personal jabs are a big part of what makes these threads so wretched. Right next to comments that essentially boil down to “Don’t care”/”Not interested”/”Meh”.

  • Sure beats Capcom’s miserable internal development of 200-300 over-worked and under-paid members making a game that failed in the end like Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Resident Evil 6.

    • MrRobbyM

      How did MvC3 fail? How did RE6 FAIL?

    • Romangelo

      neither of them fail.

      SFxTK fail.

    • Josh Strange

      just because you suck at a game doesn’t mean it fails.

    • Define “fail” please.

    • How did these games failed everybody’s asking me. Well…

      Marvel vs Capcom 3: Lack of real content (no story or tutorial mode), crap online and an Ultimate version announced shortly after the original game’s release (that won’t even get Ultimate’s content as DLC).

      Resident Evil 6: Less horror and more action, bad controls (especially in the action bits), story being more fanfic than story (Jake being Wesker’s son? Seriously?) and being “aimed towards COD fanboys.”

      One more thing… Street Fighter X Tekken having DLC ON the disc and being charged 12 dollars to unlock them and no dual online in Xbox version.

      • MrRobbyM

        Define “fail” for us, please. Because all those games sold pretty damn well and I haven’t played RE6 yet but I enjoyed the hell out of UMvC3

        • Marvel vs Capcom 3 is bare-bones in content and a simple tutorial mode, which only alienates newcomers.

          The Resident Evil movies are hated and despised by both fans and critics alike but they were successful in the box office but doesn’t mean they don’t reek of failure.

          • “successful in the box office”

            “reek of failure”

            Does not compute…? Box office success is the only real standard that those movies are judged by. Their sole purpose is to increase awareness of the RE brand, and they’re doing just that. 

          • Except idiots will complain about sections without explosions and no Alice.

          • Godmars


            Transformers 2-3 made hundreds of millions in theaters but no connected with those movies have come out looking like geniuses or even passable actors. Michael Bay is certainly coming off looking like a hack, again not that such wont prevent him from doing another film.

            But still, if there was ever an example of a box office success reeking of failure, in regards to creativity and acting at least, it would be the Transformer movies.

            God help the audience for making it so.

      • Paradox me

        >story being more fanfic than story

        Implying that Resident Evil’s story has ever risen above fanfiction.

      • I’ll give you MvC3 and SFxTK, but RE6 is pretty good(In my opinion at least)

      • Tee Niitris

        Fail is a very subjective (and overrated) term.

        Not meeting your standards ≠ Corporate/public failure

        • Capcom’s poor management and greedy executives will be the death of Capcom but DmC will be better due to the team not chained by Capcom and not being too big.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Less horror and more action… hasn’t that been the complaint since RE5 (or 4 depending on your taste in “horror”)? The story… well, opinions and all that. That misquote does nothing for you though.

        Let’s keep in mind that our personal tastes aren’t what determines failure or success.

    • What do you mean by failed? MVC3 is amazingly fun and addictive. I cannot really say much on RE6 yet, but the demo was engaging enough for me to want to make a purchase. So, I’m confused as to what you mean. 

    • Domii

      Ok 2 things; 1. MvC3 was awesome. 2. Resident Evil 6 was terrible.

  • I heard the game is much slower, but as long as it’s enjoyable, who cares. :D

    • Godmars

       The people none to happy that the lore has been rewritten? That Dante comes off more as a hipster jerk than a laid back kind of demon hunter.

      Also people looking for a continuation/explanation of the Nero storyline. 

      • Domii

        I will bet you a dollar this game will still sell gangbusters despite the unnecessary hate from winers.

        • i bet you 1 cent that this game will have mediocre sales and a split group of haters and lovers, with the additions of haters going “HA! i told you so”, some lovers going “i should’ve listenened…”, some lovers going “This is frigging awesome! h8rs gonna h8”, and last but not the least, haters going “i should’ve kept my mouth shut”

          • Domii

            None of the other DMC games had mediocre sales, so I don’t see why this DMC will. Especialy with all the attention this game is getting.

          • you can’t define a game from the attention it gets, take dishonored for example, it didn’t get that much attention till few days before launch, barely anyone knew about it, but when it was released, most people loved it (even though the complaint was one and the same, in which the game was too short)

          • Godmars

             If that were true, if Capcom were happy with how DMC4 did, this game much less the controversy surrounding it wouldn’t exist. They’d be doing DMC5 in-house.

          • Domii

            @ godmars. I don’t have the source with me, but if you look in this very own site you can see that all DMC games broke a mil. My thoughts regarding Capcom’s new DMC approach is that, the franchise was going no where fast. I feel Capcom’s in-house studio did nothing to fill in the holes of the story with DMC4 by adding a new character with so much unanswered questions. I think this new direction is a must.

          • Domii

            @ Robert. Bad publicity is better than having no publicity at all. Business 101.

          • wrong, there is no bad publicity, “Succès de scandale”, advanced business 101.

            but that’s not the point here, DmC had mediocre publicity but the fact that it angered many long time fans (and random haters who will hate for no reason) won’t change, that’s what i meant by negative attention

          • Godmars

             Yeah, I already made the under 2 million sales point. How that wasn’t enough for Capcom. Also DMC4’s big issue, the big fan complaint, was that after a long wait at the time it turned out to be only half a game played twice. Once with Nero, then again with Dante. A DMC5 would have been fine with many if much of it wasn’t recycled, instead they got stunned and slapped for good measure by DmC. With all ready established examples like Bionic Commando and Konami’s Westernized Castlevaina leaving less of a good feeling.

            Though come to think of it, given that people got over Lord Of Shadows and are even excited about its sequel, though again Konami did give a heads up before the official announcement, maybe Capcom could hire Patrick Steward for some voice over work for DmC’s commercials.      

          • Domii

            “DmC had mediocre publicity”
            Look around the web. Every gaming website have nothing but positive things to say about this game so far. Also, anybody can tell you that a vocal minority on small gaming sites have little to no say in how well a game succeeds overall. No matter how vocal whiny fans are, if this game penetrates the mainstream like Capcom plans, all the whining will be in vein. Those  that keep kicking and screaming about this change are only drawing more and more attention to the game, and you know what? Capcom loves it.  

          • @Domii:disqus 

        • Godmars

          I wont bet money, but I think shaking things up as have been done when no DMC title sold over 2 million and NT isn’t that popular of a dev don’t put things in the non-whiner’s favor.

          If the game manages to be great or just decent its going to have a lot to get over, and if there are issues, bugs or glitches, while Capcom might/will likely survive the backlash Ninja Theory will be done. Wont be looked to for this kind of job at the very least.

          And the lead dev has already put himself out there.

      • Peeka Chu

        Well this is an alternate-timeline thingie apparently.  So the good news, if this game goes labomba, is that Capcom will just revert to old Dante.  

        I can’t tell which way it will go.  Journalists will go ga-ga as they seem to love most everything NT does, player opinion (and spending) however is unpredictable. 

      • puchinri

         That’s kind of my problem. There’s still too much open and so much more they could have done. If they said this is a side timeline and we’d still get main series stuff, this would be fine. But there’s no reason to overwrite everything without actually closing anything.

      • AnimusVox

        I admit I was interested in seeing them continue the Nero storyline, at least I thought that’s what they were going to do. But I suppose beggars can’t be choosers :L

      • Fr33Kingdom

        Okay does anyone actually know what hipster and emo mean anymore? And so what if he comes off as a jerk? Is it possible for this dante to grow as a person?

        • Godmars

          Good point. This is suppose to be a from the beginning origin story.  The question is can Ninja Theory pull off their Dante maturing into something resembling one the fans know. And don’t forget that the original flub was that they first presented him as a skinny smoking meth addict.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething


    *Breaks water glass*

  • So with that many people that means that this will be the best DMC game ever. ^_^

  • Letiumtide

    There’s something about massive dev teams that really puts me off. I think games end up better when the dev team is smaller. 

    •  well there is a difference between cash junky dev teams and indies, and the difference can be seen really clearly (IE Bastion)

      •  Agreed.

        I find myself thoroughly enthralled with many of the indie titles this gen and less so with the bigger games. Journey, Bastion, Limbo, Amnesia, STALKER…these games resonate a very core ideology of creativity and it extends to every corner of the gameplay experience.

        Very, very few AAA titles are able to capture the ingenuity displayed in many indie titles and I’ve found myself only going back and playing a few AAA titles from this gen since many of them were basically big-budget cash-in titles on either played-out concepts or brand name recognition.

    • I’d rather say it depends on how organized, dedicated and efficient the team is. If nothing else, big teams have manpower to put into elaborating the elements and features.

  • Valtiel Ikari

    The more I read about capcom staff talking about the speed of the game development by west studios, the more I’m convinced that capcom is genuinely biased on western studios.

    the game has been in development about 3 years now, for example, PG, did Devil May Cry en 2 and a half years, and the game was pretty good, even thought it was incomplete, surely because it was being developed as PS3 exclusive but capcom changed their mind mid way through.
    In every single article of this type, capcom staff always try to praise as much as it can west studios, even thought, like in this case, it’s clrearly not true (on the speed part), and almoust always tone down the east studios.
    … or maybe they are being (extremely) polite in a (very excesively) way.

  • Domii

    I thinks it’s a great idea that the team isn’t that big. I wouldn’t want there to be a lack of creative focus due to an extremely large development team. RE6 had a massive amount of people working on it, and it seem to affect the overal quality of the game due to things being all over the place in my opinion.

    • TrevHead

      I would guess that it’s the general design by comittee and the sticky fingers of publishers that makes things worse.

      • Domii

        You might be right. But then again, nobody can figure Capcom out these days. They are too unpredictable.

  • AaqibRawat

    there is a demo announced for Dmc 

    wonder how it will play……….

  • pogrebinskyy

    fast? like with 3 years delay fast? 

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