Symphonica, Square Enix’s Rhythm Game With A Story, Makes You A Conductor

By Ishaan . October 18, 2012 . 10:00am


This week, Square Enix released a new rhythm game for iPhone and iPad, titled Symphonica. It lets you play the first three chapters for free, after which you have to pay to buy the rest of the game.


Symphonica is set in the city of Einsatz, founded by legendary conductor, Carlos, and its citizens are called “the Audience”. Talented musicians from around the world come to Einsatz in the hops of performing in the King Hall at the top of Concerto Tower. You play as Takt, who’s come to Einsatz with the dream of being the world’s greatest conductor.


Takt is soon put in charge of the Fayharmonic, a ramshackle orchestra on the verge of collapse. Symphonica has a proper story involving various characters, and as a conductor, you also have the ability to play only the songs you like. Oh, and all of these songs are based on classical music like Beethoven’s Fifth. Symphonica has 50 songs in total.


Here’s how pricing for Symphonica is set up on the iPhone:

Chapters 0 through 3: Free

Chapters 4 and beyond & bonus episodes: $2.99 each

Chapters 4 through 7: $6.99 (4 chapters)

Chapters 8 through the Epilogue: $6.99 (4 chapters)

Set of bonus episodes: $6.99 (4 episodes)

All chapters plus bonus episodes: $14.99 (12 chapters)



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  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    SE mobile phone division keep coming out with lots of interesting game there.^_^

    If only they would port some of the game to Eshop there.T_T I don’t really like playing game on my Iphone here.T_T

  • shion16

    Its awesome cause my name is Carlos and i am legendary too =D

  • kevinposta

    Oh my god those designs look amazing.
    I love victorian clothes and it complements very well with the coloring style.
    I wish more games would be so ellegant!

    • Neckbear

      I’ve got a feeling you’d LOVE a visual novel called “Quartett”.

      • kevinposta

        I’ll write that name down right now.

  • ShinobiMuramasa

    Any chance for an Android release?

    • CirnoLakes

      I’d prefer that, too. I have a Samsung Galaxy phone now. And I wouldn’t mind more Japanese games. All of which seem to go to iPhone or Apple devices.

      Not that I like tablet or phone gaming that much. But at least I’d be able to have it without getting an Apple device.

  • yellowmage

    Takt… isn’t that the same name as the protagonist of Mad Maestro, that quirky classical music rhythm game released on the PS2? The thematic similarities between that game and this one seem too uncanny to be mere coincidence.

  • Göran Isacson

    This looks very interesting, think I’ll have to give it a look… also, what yellowmage said: this does sound familiar to Mad Maestro, but I suppose that you can only make so many stories out of a game about being the conductor of an orchestra.

  • Yui

    Square Enix music games never seem to be bad. I’m looking forward to this!

  • Mad Maestro (and the ORIGINAL Takt) will be suing you, Square. Just a fair warning.

    • iizagamer

      Why will Square be sued? Takt is probably named after the German word for the conducting baton, takt. And I don’t think a game itself could sue a company. Maybe the company that made the game, but definitely not the game.

  •  this is actually very fun! The quality of the music tracks are great.
    Naxos, nuff said.

    • Ladius

      … and now I’m suffering even more, being unable to play this gem :(

  • Ladius

    This game looks brilliant. As much as I don’t particularly appreciate most of their blockbuster games this gen, Square Enix really has made some quality new IPs on DS and iOS… I would love to see a mid-budget SE game with this kind of art direction, too. A shame I won’t be able to play it unless they do an Android port :(

    • I know that feeling. I try to leave Square alone due to their poor console work, but all the handheld and mobile games that they’ve been producing are just astounding. If this game gets ported to Android, I highly suggest picking it up. It is amazingly fun and addictive. The story is also interesting, though it seems to move at a breakneck pace. 

  • A doll/robot who can perform musical instrument?? Looks like some1 watched Dantalian no Shoka??

  • I love musical game (I making one myself on IOS)

    Square Enix really make the genre shine.

  • Guest

    Started with Symphonica last week, been quite busy lately to continue, but it’s awesome. People, like me, who are into music could be easily hooked by this game.

    @WildFactor:disqus , I checked out your rhythm game and tried the demo. It’s great! Good job, man!

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