One Piece: Pirate Warriors DLC Costumes And Scenarios Reach North America

By Ishaan . October 23, 2012 . 11:55am

North America is getting the One Piece: Pirate Warriors DLC today as a $15 bundle on PlayStation Network. The DLC bundle features 10 costumes for Luffy, Nami, Zoro, and other members of the Straw Hat crew.


As previously reported, each costume has an extra scenario based on it.


The DLC for Pirate Warriors is already out in Europe, as four separate DLC packs. You can find details of each one at these links:


DLC Batch #1 (Luffy, Nami, Zoro costumes and scenarios)

DLC Batch #2 (Hancock, Sanji, Robin costumes and scenarios)

DLC Batch #3 (Chopper, Nami, Robin costumes and scenarios)

DLC Batch #4 (Ace costume and scenario)

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  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Only two strong world costumes? Hopefully theres more even though Ive not seen the movie yet (waiting for funimation, whenever). Ill probably get these weeks from now. Im actually surprised it came out here.

    • The DLC NA are receiving is the same DLC we in the EU have got at the moment.

  • zferolie

    It is great that we are getting this. I wonder why they decided to do it all in one go here while Europe got it once a week.

    Perhaps They felt One piece is more popular in Europe, so they let them get it weekly, while since it is less popular here, they only wanted to give use the DLC once.

  • Kinda wish it wasn’t all bundled…

  • MickyT

    That pack costs around 1/3 of what the DLC costs in Europe, we’re getting fucked

    • $3587643

      The pack includes the 4 batches released in Europe. Each European batch cost 3 euros. So we’re getting about 12 euros worth of content for 15 USD. 12 euros equals 15.5 USD.

      No, we’re not.

      • Tom_Phoenix
      • MickyT

         No, each European character (not set) costs €3 and Ace costs €5, so to buy all the DLC in Europe it costs €32 i.e. ~$41.50, so yes we are getting fucked. Perhaps you should check your figures the next time.

  • Hyosuke575

    Good, cause I was seriously starting to get pissed off, that we were going to get the short end of the stick.  Though…. all ten costumes in one bundle?!  I really keep seeing them make some poor choices here.  I mean, they’ll get more money this way, but I think less people will buy compared to how it was distributed in Europe.  Since most people will only get the DLC for the characters they like. (sigh)

    Also, I was wondering if someone could confirm this.  I heard they actually cut content from the original Japanese game because they didn’t want to put too much money into a game they weren’t sure was going to sell enough or not.  Hence it being released as a Playstation Network download.  Someone posted about it on their main site.  Is this true?… cause if so that really sucks.  

  • Manny Being Manny

    What exactly are these Scenarios? Are they whole new levels, or just like a cutscene or something? I’m considering buying this if its actually substantial.

  • Does anyone know if the DLC pack bought from the NA store will work in the Hong Kong (English Text) version of the game?

    • DurableTomb

       Doubting it.

    • Tianyu Wei

       nope. The only region that works with HK version of games are Japan PSN. And that’s only if the HK version game is Japanese only (which means it’s the exact same disc as the Japanese version).

      HK/Asian version games can come in two flavors: 1. Japanese copies rebranded as Asian with a Chinese/English booklet insert, or 2. Localized version of the game in either Chinese or English (International version).

      The first will work with Japanese PSN, the second type will only work with DLC in the HK/Asian store.

  • MrJechgo

    In the meantime, we’re waiting for the addition of stages based on Syrup Village, Skypeia, Davy Back and Thriller Bark and English Voicework, because FUNimation would help us GREATLY to forget the awful 4Kids dub.

    Screw costumes and gimmicky stages, give me something more exciting.

    • $3587643

       Almost everything on your little wishlist is a request for a gimmicky stage.

  • Yes!! >w< I got the bundle!! :3

  • >w< Yes!! I got the whole bundle!! :3


    YEAH We really need Syrup Village , Davy Back , Skypia , Thiller Bark , and the dub , but we also need Whisky Peak , Little Garden, Loguetown , and Fishman Island Arc , then we also need new special moves and costumes for the Strawhats . GOMU GOMU NO RED HAWK

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