Tales of Hearts R Being Retold On PlayStation Vita

By Ishaan . October 24, 2012 . 7:33am

Tales of Hearts, originally released for the Nintendo DS, is getting a remake, titled Tales of Hearts R. It’s headed to the PlayStation Vita, as reported by Jump magazine.


Jump says that Namco Bandai have added new story events, made the game fully voiced, and that there’s a new character named Calcedony Arkham in the game.


Tales of Hearts R is scheduled for release in Spring 2013 and Jump shows scenes in 3D.

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  • Romored

    Now THIS needs to be localized. Absolutely.

  • After what they have teased us about ToH before…. they MUST localize this. And I Hope the graphics will look better than ToIR, at least I hope it be vita standard graphics..

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Well this is a port so it certainly won’t be utilize Vita to its maximum power there.

      Localization on the other hand is looking better lol.

      • This is not a port, but a remake.

        • WizardoftheBlueOrder

          Looking like an enhanced port to me. Remake suggests that they’re creating entirely new resources for it, which I doubt is in their budget. They’ll revamp the existing textures and models, but that’s about it.

          • sandra10

            It’s a remake. Hearts was a 2D game; if it was enhanced, they would have just used higher res sprites and that would be the end of it. But Hearts R uses 3D models, probably re-using the assets from past Tales games but still, it’s a remake. 

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          I think the most is only going to be an enhanced port there. If it is a remake, it would be totally different engine and game story.

          They onlyadd one characters and change the battle system into 3D. Other than that, i don’t see any big change.

    • Seems to be looking like ToI-R…same graphics.

  • Ethan_Twain

    Well that’s interesting.  If they can make money on this, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the other DS Tales games getting the same sort of re-release.  I imagine this is the project the team that made Tales of the Abyss 3D moved onto once that released, that seems to be the normal cycle.  One team developing new software (Xillia, then Xillia 2 right now) and one working on updates/ports for older entries (Graces F, then Abyss 3D, and now Hearts R).

    You’ll notice that the ports and re-releases seem to come more frequently than new games. That’s to be expected. Handhelds are cheaper/quicker to develop for than consoles, and porting is quicker than developing original content. With that in mind, I’m guessing that it won’t be too long before we hear about the next Tales update. What would you guys like to see? Are there any games that fit any current platforms particularly well? Games that didn’t sell, but were good enough to deserve another shot?

    Could the DS games be adapted to the Wii U’s dual screen setup? Could the HD Tales of Vesperia run okay on the Vita? Share your thoughts and desires!

    • back then ToH (and ToI) never really needed its bottom screen, so yeah, we won’t lose much

    • ronin4life

      Tales of vesperia Vita sounds pretty awesome actually^,^;

      I need to finish that game.

  • Marcelo Gouvea

    This won’t be localized.

    My pessimism always prevails.

  • asch999

    What, Is it 3d now????
    Man, I wish they at least keep it in 2d and make it like Tales of Destiny R

  • Tales_of_Master

    Oh really ? Another Tales game for the Vita ? Another Tales game that we won’t be getting ? After all the stuff that Baba said about him wanting to localize ToH the most, I’m gonna be really surprised if this wasn’t localized. Namco has been good with localization this year, hopefully they will continue with ToH because the Vita really needs good RPGs right now.

    • MrRobbyM

      Same. I would be surprised if this wasn’t localized but then again him wanting it to be localized isn’t the only factor.

  • Nitraion

    Hmm if Baba says true and he really-really willing to do it then after xillia 1… hope we can get ToI R, ToH R, or even vesperia ps3…
    i want to stay positive lol… i’m kinda in mood today :P

    • Freud_Hater

      Well, since Baba did mention we should play Tales of Hearts, we might get that one in the West, but you can forget it for Vesperia PS3. Just import it, it’s actually pretty good regardless. 

      • Nitraion

        Like i said i kinda in mood… i’m gonna stay positive if it is a false lol XD

  • SprintsMcGee

    I’m going to remain hopeful that we Bamco will localize this since they have been good with localizing the Tales series recently. Also, Baba says that he wants more Tales games to come to the west. Unless they say something that proves this 100% wrong then I’ll still remain positive. 

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Bamco seems to give Tales a lot of priority here.^_^ Considering Baba mention that Hearts is his favorites, we can be a bit positive that they are going to bring this over the seas can’t we?^_^

    While it is a bit sad that we won’t get Innocence. If we get this one, i will be more than happy to get Vita ASAP lol.

  • Sniper D. Luffy

    localize this and take my $$$!!!

  • ZEROthefirst

    Well Bamco I know you probably won’t localize Innocence R for me but could you do this at least :D?

  • KingGunblader

    Wow I was totally (not) surprised by this. Well Baba, you said you wanted us to play this one, now is your chance to let us!

  • Aww darn it…why not love for 3DS Baba?! Man there keep being really good games coming to the vita…almost makes me regret getting a 3DS…ok not really~.
    Seriously though this is cool news

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      This game has been released on DS before so maybe this time Baba wanted to use Hearts to attract the Vita customer there.

      If you see, Tales of Abyss also get port to 3DS to fulfill Nintendo fans who loves Tales series but don’t have PS2.

      So maybe the next time, we can get a new title on 3DS? Or even an enhanced version of Xilia to Wii U? Considering that i see this tendency from Bamco?

      • ronin4life

        One would hope. But the past actions have showed the opposite; anything not on a Sony platform goes over, and anything on a Sony platform stays.

        Case in point; symphonia, vesperia, innocence, hearts, phantasia(EDIT: I meant graces, but got the names mixed up.)… only dawn of the new world stayed put, and to many that doesn’t mean much…^_^;;

        But Sony based tales? Just one; abyss. and it took 2 gens. And despite that massive gen gap AND the massive fanbase, it was a straight port. While the vita gets a one gen Mass overhaul of its ports, and the PS3 multiplatform games were also upgrades.

        I am not going to cry over exclusivity(well, not to other people anyway) but my beef goes farther than that… this studio just has terrible policies with its series. I mean, the Wii Graces released BROKEN, and to add injury to insult(or would it be the other way around?) They quickly announce a FAR superior PS3 version? C’mon.

    • Why do people keep doing this? You’ve been around here long enough to know about the rules regarding complaining about what system a game is being developed for.

      Just in case you somehow missed that, or forgot, please take a moment to read our rules: http://www.siliconera.com/open-thread/

    • MrRobbyM

      Innocence R was on the Vita so why wouldn’t Hearts R?

    • sandra10

      Just buy both? That’s what I did. They complement each other as well as the DS and PSP did last gen. 

  • Freud_Hater

    How swell, another game that won’t get localized but that will still get our hopes up for one… Jolly…

  • d19xx

    Tales of a Japan only game R.

  • MrTyrant

    Hoping to see this game in the west. Anyway 3D battles are cool and all but I would have prefered a remake like Tales Destiny from ps2 where they improve the sprites a lot and things like that. 2D have his charm too.

    • puchinri

      A really well done remake would be fantastic, especially if the music quality went up. I’d like to see another DX edition too. ♥

  • Hearts is generally considered the best DS Tales title isn’t it?

    • malek86

      Yes, though it doesn’t mean much, considering the alternatives (Tempest sucked and Innocence was terribly unbalanced).

      • Seizui

         Oh god, was Tempest horrible to the max. *buries face in hand* …I remember purchasing it when I was in Japan. I had buyer’s remorse.

        • malek86

          I purchased it for like $10 last year. I didn’t have buyer’s remorse because I think it’s important to experience all kinds of things in life: for example, thanks to Tempest now I no longer think Rise of the Robots is the worst game ever.

        • malek86

          I purchased it for like $10 last year. I didn’t have buyer’s remorse because I think it’s important to experience all kinds of things in life: for example, thanks to Tempest now I no longer think Rise of the Robots is the worst game ever.

      • Seizui

         Oh god, was Tempest horrible to the max. *buries face in hand* …I remember purchasing it when I was in Japan. I had buyer’s remorse.

  • Andrew Austin

    Remember a while back when Mr. Baba said that he really felt bad that people outside of Japan never got to play Hearts?


  • s07195

    Calcedony is one of the initial antagonists who had a heel face turn and helped the main party out, actually. (Just beat him in-game a few days ago!!) This game only makes him a fully playable character. (He was an NPC even when he helped the main cast)

    So once again we can see that there’s a big bias towards Playstation (though it has been quite apparent for a while). Even the best Tales game on the DS is being ported to a PS console. Well, at least it’s easier to have more people pick the series up…

    I thought that they would’ve done the Tempest remake first as that game really needs polishing. But, this isn’t a bad decision overall. (Go Shing x Kohaku!!)

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      “So once again we can see that there’s a big bias towards Playstation (though it has been quite apparent for a while).”

      I am not really sure about this though. After all Nintendo 3DS also gets its own Tales of Abyss 3D port. While that one does not have so called extra chars, they had some tiny bit of 3D effect done well.

      So i am not going to group them so fast.^_^

      • Spirit Macardi

        It was just a port though. They didn’t even bother to spruce it up by bringing in the VAs to record dialogue for the skits, or even putting in the non-instrumental version of Karma for the opening.

        So yeah, the 3DS is still vastly underserved for Tales content.

    • ronin4life

      I am pretty dissatisfied with the tales studio for the obvious Sony bias. First making the “exclusive” Wii/xbox games PS3 upgrades and later admitting that using the other platforms as beta systems all along was always the plan, then giving the PS3 its own exclusive titles and now taking the two of the best tales games last gen that they didn’t even bother localizing and remaking them… for, once again a Sony system.

      It is ridiculous. They obviously put no effort into anything outside of Sony platforms.

      • Tien Ron

        well sony often has a better hardware for both graphics and space whereas Nintendo dons;t really go that far 

        • LightZero

          The PS3 is the only time Sony had better graphics. They do have better space (disc space). The PS1 and PS2 were weaker than the N64 and Gamecube power wise. However, they had better media to use. 

      • ZEROthefirst

        1. The PS3/Vita are the 2 best systems in Japan right now for popping out games with good graphics. (I know there’s the 360 but that thing is behind everything in sales outside of the U.S., even the Vita is outselling it in Japan now)
        2. They can earn more money by porting a game to another system, put it in HD and expand on the story, giving fans access to games that are on Japan’s go to Blu-ray player.
        3. They’re put on these consoles because this is where they are going to earn the most from. The WiiU is coming soon so there will probably be a main Tales title coming to it sometime in the future and it may or may not get a port to the PS3 since it plays in HD and Nintendo is basically their 2nd go to company.

      • sherimae1324

        whats this another 3DS owner getting jelly about VITA getting the 2 TALES that release on the DS?

        cmon, you cant have all the good stuff oni-chan ^_^

    • I don’t think this is necessarily the right way to look at the situation, even though it appears that there’s some sort of overall “PlayStation bias”. Here’s a few things to take into account:

      Tales fans and the anime audience:

      Tales fans value good quality anime-like presentation, and there’s a definite overlap between the Tales fanbase and anime fanbase. Tales fans like their cutscenes, lots of voice-acting, the works. That’s the appeal of these games.

      This is why you’re seeing several Tales games on the PS3. That system is Japan’s go-to Blu-Ray player (which means the anime audience is already on it) and it has hardware capabilities that allow for the kind of presentation that Tales games need in order to be successful.

      Vita ports:

      Sales-wise, the Tales games Namco released on the Nintendo DS did okay, but after seeing what high-quality presentation has done for Tales in recent years, I’m sure Namco feel that they can milk a few more sales from these Vita ports. They’ll sell to the small base of hardcore fans who either didn’t play them on DS or are willing to play them again with better presentation.

      It’s also relatively easier to do quick, cheap ports on Vita. The hardware specs mean you don’t have to worry as much about things like optimization, and we’ve seen that Namco clearly don’t care for pushing Vita’s hardware specs with their Tales ports, so they don’t have to invest a big budget either.


      This is where the bias part comes into play. I don’t think there’s any “bias” as such. As @theworldofnoboundries:disqus pointed out, the 3DS did get Tales of the Abyss.

      Something to keep in mind, though, is that royalty rates differ when it comes to 3DS and Vita, and that if you’re releasing a game that you aren’t expecting too many sales out of—as is likely the case with Tales of Hearts R—a Vita release might be a better idea, simply because you don’t need a large userbase in place and the royalty rates may be more accommodating of lower sales.

      • ronin4life

        I feel the anime point may be a bit of a stretch… after all, the ds tales games did well, as did the GC symphonia, even though the GC had no DVD playback

        The game would be even easier to port to 3ds, as the infrastructure would be much closer and the graphics even simpler… perhaps the 3d could cause some bumps, but I don’t think it would cause that much problem.

        I could understand if these were true, and they most likely are. But that still wouldn’t excuse the often shoddy execution of the titles that appear on non Sony platforms.

        • I agree that Namco haven’t exactly put their best foot forward on Nintendo devices as far as Tales goes, but then, they didn’t quite have any major games for the PSP either. DS got two major Tales games, whereas the PSP only had spin-offs.

          Again, I can see why people would get the impression of some sort of a bias, but I think it’s tied—as always—to market conditions and ease of development.

          • ronin4life

            I just can’t shake this nagging feeling that those market conditions are being at least somewhat misread by Namco though…

            Like I said, Symphonia did really well, and introduced many(especially in the west) to the series. I was one of those people. So I find it hard to believe that the market actually holds so much favor towards Sony-platform tales games over all others.

            Of course I could be totally off, but I just have this feeling they have underestimated the Nintendo-platform tales market. ^_^;

          • I agree, Namco didn’t necessarily read the market correctly. I’m sure Hearts R has been in development for quite some time, and it was likely planned as a Vita game well before Namco caught wind of how the Vita would perform. There was a tease for it in Innocence R, after all.

            That said, I feel like in the future, we’ll see Namco spread themselves out a bit more evenly owing to market conditions.

          • LightZero

            The western and Japanese I say have different taste when it comes to Tales. If you pay attention to the sales number Tales seems to do better on a non-Sony system. Symphonia is the best selling Tales game in west. Vesperia (360) is the second best with Symphonia 2 not being too far behind. 

            In Japan, Tales normally do better on a Sony system. That is where the fanbase is. Since the Japanese are Namdai’s main target audience, the PS brand will be the go to brand for their series. Although I’m sure we will see a new mothership title for the 3DS and something for the Wii U (if it does well) some day. Right now they are just focusing on Sony.

          • malek86

            I should point out though, that those PSP spinoffs outsold the DS major games handily (granted two of those DS games weren’t very good). So I think there’s definitely some fanbase to consider here.

          • Yup, presentation plays a role in Tales’ sales for sure.

          • Barrylocke89

            Did they really? I didn’t realize this tidbit of info. I suppose it makes sense though, while Innocence and Hearts were excellent games from a gameplay sense for the most part, they didn’t really win in the presentation department at all.

            This was especially true for Hearts, which had to sacrifice a lot on its visual and audio quality to allow it to play in that fast, frantic style that Tales of Destiny R had. (The songs themselves in Hearts were pretty good, but if you compare this:

            to this:


            the difference is pretty clear)

    • They asked if u wanted hearts or tempest in those questionaries they do online to the ppl that brought it, its obvious to know who got more votes lol.
      They also asked if they wanted more remakes and in which console they prefer it and whatnot.

      And after seeing how abyss looked in the 3ds, even if it wasnt bad, im happy it’s in the vita.

  • Spirit Macardi

    They’d better keep the Klonoa summon from the original. Provided they do that and the game is released overseas, I may have to force myself to get a Vita…

  • sandra10

    I figured that the Vita would have more Japanese games released in 2013 than TGS let on but this is the type of game that probably should be mentioned at a major Japanese expo. At least so that the internet can stop having meltdowns every time the system doesn’t have a showing as good as Gamescom. 

  • Bhunivelze

    This one might actually get brought over if tales of xillia sells well. :D

    • LightZero

      Most likely that or Xillia 2 (if that’s localize). 

  • Machineguntommy

    Isn’t this a couple of months after Hideo Baba said he’d like to see ToH released here but had no plans? Sounds awfully coincidental. Here’s hoping they bring this over.

  • AaqibRawat

    I am extremely happy about this news.

    apart from running a ROM with fan translation to play this game there was not another way.

    i am happy this has been announced i hope they translate it.

    i wont mind borrowing a psp to play it, 

    it seems slowly and i mean slowly a lot of the tales games i want to play are kinda getting localized !

    tales of rebirth next please !

    •  It’s Vita.

      • AaqibRawat

        oh no ! 

        i meant rebirth !

    • SupaPhly

       tales of innocence already has a vita port

  • puchinri

    Ah, man. That’s unfortunate for me. x’D

    Since the Wii U is coming out, I really know that I won’t be getting a Vita any time soon at all now. But I guess I’ll see what happens. I hope it gets released here~.

    I also wonder if they’re doing the anime and 3D version in one game now, or if they’ll just go with one version?

    • The CG version wasn’t very well received, so it’ll likely just be one version.

      • puchinri

        Ahh, I see. Both parts of that comment make sense, sadly. That’ll be a shame, but I suppose it won’t be a loss or anything.

      • Barrylocke89

        Yeah, it got to the point that most importers suggest importing the CG version instead of the Anime version because the price for the CG version was slashed so much.

  • XiaomuArisu

    In the end every Tales of will get a vita R(emake) XD

    •  So far the 3 DS games are the most probably ones that will get the remake

  • RaikageV

    I played only the beginning of the DS version with a demo patch and I thought it was really good. I think chances for localizing it in the west aren’t even that bad.

  • Well Baba you whant us to play this game, so now is a good time to localize it don’t you agree.

  • raymk

    After beating innocense R this is the next tales game that made the most sense to remake completely next.  I”m really hoping that unlike Innocense we get this game stateside so others can play it.

    •  If you played innocence R you should know that it would be pretty bad if hearts R, or, the other one that will probably come too eventually, tempest R, gets localized before innocence R, considering *spoilers* the 2 new chars that came in innocence, are connected to each other in other world, wether is tempest’s or heart’s is still unsure, but yeah, they came from one ofthe other games, so their story will probably be connected between the 3 games, you might lose the track of their stories if u suddenly play hearts before innocence.


    Yay~~ i absolutely love the DS game(imported it awhiles ago)
    can’t wait to add another Tales game to my vita~~

  • Tien Ron

    to be honest i’m glad this is getting a remake i tend to not like when a console game gets ported cause it loses the multiplayer aspect, which is why i never got abyss i loved playing that with my younger brother, god couldn’t beat nilbiem without him 

    •  I don’t see the big problem in Tales Games losing multiplayer aspect. The second player is only active during battles. It’s a better second player function that being Player 2 on Super Mario Galaxy, but we can all agree that when it comes to Fighting Games and Co-Op Mode which isn’t restricted to only battles TAKE THE CAKE.
      I’ve always played Tales Games alone, and they play fine. BTW, Nebilim ain’t that hard. You just have to be around lv. 68 – 78, use a lot of gummies and life bottles, and you can kick that Replica’s ass!

      • raymk

        Well you don’t see the problem because you’ve never used it from what it seems ^_^.

        •  I’ve played it with friends at times. But it’s not that all glamorous if you’re only active as 2P, 3P or/and 4P during battles. However, if the games had a VS Mode just like the one of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, I’d totally dig that!

  • evilmoogle

    Will this play like another Tales of Abyss? or something complete different?

    Personally, I thought the game did well because it was 2D.

  • KyoyaHibari

    Sweet, first Innocence, now Hearts! I was rather upset that those games were on DS at the time, they looked great, but I prefer PSP. Now that we have both on Vita I’m ecstatic; here’s to hoping NA gets those 2.

  • So uh hopefully we don’t miss out on these games the second time around, but nice to see Tales games coming.

  • Tales of Not Coming Overseas. Am I right?

  • LightZero

    It’s good news. Now if only it would be localize. I couldn’t careless about Innocence but I always wanted to play Hearts. So I would import if it came down to it. 

  • scratchbach

    Hopefully Xillia does well so this will have a better chance at coming west. Hearts has been my most desired Tales game ever since I saw it in action, so… I’d really like to play it.

  • Neophoton

    Sure would be nice to see it get localized. Namco Bandai’s been on a roll with recent console Tales games getting localized, so it’d be great to see it extended to the handheld installments.

  • Hmmm, as soon as I get a Vita I might as well import Innocence R and this one here as well.

    Oh, it’s not coming over guys, so don’t even think about it. You’re best off learning japanese and importing them.

  • AuraGuyChris

    Well! Nintendo’s version turns out to be the introductory game, and the PS-related version is always the best, just as always.

    Oh well, at least there’s an absurd small chance for it to be released over here.

    • I’d say theres a better chance then you think.

      and theres no need to be that way.

  • Spider-Man

    Nice, nice, the more Vita support the better.

  • Jeff Ramm

    If this makes it to the U.S., I’m DEFINITELY getting a Vita.

  • Too bad this nor innocence r will be localized.

  • FFmax

    So Tempest will be next probably, and we’ll get these games in the states hopefully.

    • ZEROthefirst

      Probably not going to see Tempest, because it is the worst title in the Tales series. Score wise, fan reception and sales, not to mention it’s a spin-off title and they’re probably aiming at doing this with the main titles.

      • It will come, completely remaked, they already said they woul do 3 ds games, and tempest biggest problem was short story and first beta kind of try of a tales of in the da

        • ZEROthefirst

          The story wasn’t very good, the combat system wasn’t done very well (It tried to do what Rebirth did but it wasn’t very successful at it lol), and then the AIs in battle were horrible. If they really do remake Tempest I’ll be surprised since it’s not a main title and it’s just not much of a game to mention. I’d rather see Legendia or some older titles get HD remakes (especially Rebirth, I love it).

          • i meant ds not da,lol dont know why i cant edit, and exactly, it was like a beta, maybe what tempest needs is a good remake to be good.

            And as i said, it is kinda official already that they are doing the 3 ds games, they kinda said it in a extra thing that innocence had, and there was a vita only thing that u download and its like those skit shows they do, and is shing against kairu fighting for who is getting the next R game

          • They already said they will

  • Elemiel

    >Tales of Hearts R coming soon
    >on Playstation Vita

    • Budgiecat

      “Nobody here bought a Vita so bring on the hateful retorts” lol

  • I’m still wondering why Nintendo users can’t play “their” Tales of games…

    • So what are you saying with this? Specifically

      • I’m a Nintendo user and still waiting 4 games: Graces, Innocence, Tempest and Hearts.

        • doesen’t nintendo already have those?

          or do you mean in the states?(or europe, or wherever you live)

  • I’m still wondering why Nintendo users can’t play “their” Tales of games…

  • Nee Nee

    Me likey.

  • bring it west

  • darkfox1

    Didn’t they hint this in Innocence R? Anyway this is good news…. If only this and Innocence R would get some love in places that is not Japan…

  • Darkrise

    Oh? Could this be Hideo Baba’s response to wanting us to play Hearts? A region-free version?

    • Randy Marsh

      Tales of Hearts for the Nintendo DS was region free. 

      • Uh no it wasn’t.

        • DiosFancifulRomp

          No, it is. http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-9g-49-en-70-2znf.html and http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-9g-49-en-70-2zne.html show this to be true. Region-free. So yes. It was region-free.

          • Huh weird. I heard so many complaining it wasn’t.

        •  It is region free since it is for the ds not dsi or 3ds that got region lock

        •  All DS games were region free. Pokemon Black/White is an exception, where it was region locked to **newer** DSi models, but could still be played on the old fat models without any problem.

  • MrJechgo

    I’ll just request one thing: NO CGI CUTSCENE !!!

    For those who don’t know, Tales of Hearts was released as not one, but TWO versions: one with anime cutscenes and one with CGI cutscenes. The CGI cutscenes were awful, as the 3D models didn’t capture the characters’ looks… at all !

    So yeah, anime cutscenes only this time, ok Namco ?

    • Budgiecat

      Or how about selectable option XD

      • MrJechgo

        Oh god no… have you seen the CG cutscenes on YT compared to the anime ones ? It’s like a totally different dynamic, the characters feel off and the whole sounds awful.
        Look, if the cutscenes in Hearts were like in Graces F or Xillia 1, as in using mo-cap, higher-res models, but retain the same art style, like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BsMFcOFA4o then it would pass… but fully CG cutscenes like the Final Fantasy movies just don’t fit correctly for Tales.

        • DiosFancifulRomp

          I don’t get why it would matter to have it be selectable. I’m sure someone liked it and would like to see it again in this release. Look at the Ys I & II release, you got a plethora of options there. Nothing wrong with having the best as defaults and having the rest as options.

          • Barrylocke89

            But I imagine that it costs a lot more money to create 2 sets of cutscenes than it does to implement multiple (already existing) versions of music. And it’s unlikely that Namco will reuse the old DS cutscenes, since there’s a new (playable) character and probably new story elements as well. Reusing the old scenes would just be lazy with these additions.

          • MrJechgo

            Exactly, switching cutscene options would cost way more than, say, voice options.

  • E15

    I agree Baba, everyone SHOULD play Tales of Hearts (R). So please bring this overseas so every Tales fan can.
    I will buy a VITA so I can play this ever elusive title or I’ll just buy/ the game to hold on to till I get a VITA. Thats what I did with Tales of Abyss 3DS.

  • brian yep

    I think that title should be “Tales of Hearts being retold” since as is, it this title makes it seem like a remake of a remake.

  • Settsuo

    Most people think that games like this can’t succeed in the West, but boy are they wrong. I for one am pretty sick of having my RPGs warped into other genres. While most are pretty enjoyable, enough is enough, I want random battles, transition screens into random battles, and a story I have no choice but to follow. I want a JRPG for goodness sake. Money? I have that and am willing to give it all to you guys. So please open your eyes and realize you have the potential to make more than just enough in the overseas market. 

  • Budgiecat

    Why would anyone not think this is a remake?

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Because it is still reusing most the old assets except for one new characters and 3d battle system?

      • Budgiecat

        Yeah….ahem….that’s called a remake. Like Capcom’s REmake for example…

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          I would just call this game enhanced port. Remake is something on bigger scale.

          • Tien Ron

            no, i would consider it a remake considering it’s being remade from the beginning with a different engine so it’s not a port 

            tales of destiny for the ps2 isn’t a port of the ps version for e.g

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            It is not remade from the beggining though. They already mention that they are only changing the battle system into 3D. Scenes and graphics is still the same as DS one.

          • Budgiecat

            nope it’s a remake

  • Hinataharem

    Why is the Tales series so hard for us English speakers to play?

  • After how badly Innocence R did, are they sure they want to risk another Tales game on the Vita?

    • Hidayat246

       Just in japan actually

      • puchinri

        Isn’t that the only place it was released. . .? @[email protected] 

        • Hidayat246

           We Talk about NAMCO BANDAI GAMES, the big japanese game company with enjoyable they game not come to outside japan!!!!

          • puchinri

            Huh??? 0U0;

          • Hidayat246

             no is just kiding

          • puchinri

            Oh, lol. x’D
            For a moment there, I really didn’t know what to say to that!

          • Hidayat246

             i think is fact!!!
            just look in gamefaqs.com and u will be know how many game owned by NBG not come to outside japan

            i just dont want to make u sad about NBG dark side !!!!

          • puchinri

            It’s okay, their dark side depressed me long ago. But I’ve matured now, and I don’t even wallow in my own scorn or contempt. I just shake my head at them. And hug Tekken and give many thanks for that much.

          • Hidayat246

             ummm i see!!!

            i just want someday NBG more open about chance bring the game to west, every chance!!!!

            i hear rumor NIS or XSEED want publish Tales Series and other game from NBG but NBG doest want it, maybe because NBG pride become too much high lollol

    • badly? lol

      • Yeah badly? Have you read the complaints?

        • I got the game, and no, it didnt do badly, it sold really well, enough to ensure other tales of vita games

    •  Innocence was a fairly mediocre game, and from what I understand R was a **broken** port that was actually missing features that the original had.

      Not sure how this will fare, and I haven’t played Hearts, but I hear it’s the best of the DS titles. Personally I’m more interested in playing the original DS game with its nifty 2d graphics.

      • Ladius

        No, aside from the introduction of random battles Innocence R was far better than the original game, they even completely remade the dungeon design in order to avoid the horrid labyrinths of the DS version, not to mention the improved battle system, the new characters, the new event and the graphical update. Problem is, with Vita’s hardware base at the time (not that it has improved so much in the meantime) you couldn’t really expect to see stellar sales.

        Since they are making another Vita remake, though, I guess those profits were enough to cover its costs, or maybe they’re trying to promote Vita among the Tales fanbase in order to see if they can use it as the next handheld home for the series after PSP’s success (which is kinda strange, considering they haven’t worked on 3DS after TotA’s port despite that platform’s sales).

  • Masengan

    If I can buy a 3DS for Kingdom Hearts I can definitely buy a PSVita for a Tales game, come on! I need a killer app to make the leap.

  • Barrylocke89

    It’s a little disappointing that the remake will apperently be a 3d Tales game. I like the 3d Tales games, but Tales of Hearts seemed to have a fun Destiny R’esque battle system going for it, and having that system refined and with better graphics to go along with the Vita being MUCH more powerful than the DS would have made me drool.

  • isfuturebright

    New Events (x), New Playable Character (X), No US Release (X). I wish Namco Bandai had the balls Atlus has. 

  • Elvick

    I need this. Hearts is the game I want to play in the series the most. While I would have preferred it to remain a 2D game, so it could still be the ‘same’ type of experience. I’m good with it going 3D, as it appears to have done.

    Bring it on Namco… but Innocence R first please. I haven’t played that either, and it’s your fault.

  • gk2012

    Triverse Gate~

    I guess we’d be seeing Kongwai here again… hopefully playable.
    …and probably Chalcedony as a party member… but that would mess up the party’s gender balance. ;[

    Just Tempest left to complete the R trilogy.

    • gk2012

       I’m kind of wary of the battle system though… maybe they’d make it similar to Graces?

  • 3DS sells better than Vita (to be exactly, the 3DS sells 10x more than the Vita, even sometimes on weekly-bases –> currently, Vita has sold around the 2.2 million units while 3DS triumphs with having sold more than 22.19 units).
    Tales of the Abyss 3DS managed to expand the fan base in America and significantly in Europe. It also sold pretty good as the company had to restock the games a few times due to underestimated large demand.
    Tales of Innocence R sold way less than the original (260K versus 90K). The Vita is kind of a flop, so…

    WHY ON THE FREAKING VITA!? Hell, even if it was a port, Tales of the Abyss sold 140K copies in JAPAN!
    I just think that, due to the significant amount of RPGs coming to the 3DS or are already on the 3DS (Bravely Default, Project X Zone), you’d think that the 3DS offers a better and larger demographic than the Vita audience.

    • sherimae1324

      dont you know the rules here huh, stop this system begging complaints!

      you know whats good for you. go ahead and make your own studio and release all the damn games youve created on your damn 3DS! nintentroll

      • Take five and cool off. All you’ve done in this entire thread is fanned the flames. Don’t do it again or you will be banned.

    • I wish I’d seen this conversation before now. I guess you’re new here. I’m going to have to ask that you read our posting rules. We discourage people from complaining about what console a particular game is on: http://www.siliconera.com/open-thread/

      Don’t do it again, please.

      • Okay, but doesn’t rule 3 limit or contradict rule 5?
        I have used arguments why I have a disagreement and why I question over the developer and publisher’s choice. Then again, maybe I went too vocal about it. But then again I didn’t say it in a very ignorant way like for example (hypothetically) the Nintendo Wii is for kids or something like that.
        Okay, I’ll just cease to question the developer’s choices and follow the rules.

        • You’re more than welcome to have disagreements and back them up, of course, but the console-complaint rule is kind of “absolute”. The reason we don’t allow it is because, while some people like you make keep a more-or-less level head while making that argument, most other people won’t. Eventually, things get very messy, and we just like to avoid that as much as possible.

      • DiosFancifulRomp

        Yeah, but he didn’t beg, didn’t request, he’s just pointing out that the Vita isn’t selling well, that games aren’t selling well on the Vita, so a spin off doesn’t make that much sense.

        Also, this is the first I’ve ever seen said rules. Why not put them somewhere on the site where people who might be commenting for the first time might see them? Granted, it’s not too difficult to follow them, it’s kind of a strange choice to make it so you have to whip out the rulebook to make sure the person reads it.

        EDIT: Oh, “message board” is rules? That makes no sense. Not meaning to be rude, but NO ONE would figure that out unless they were seriously looking for it.

  • s07195

    I never thought a comment of mine would spawn so many replies. For me, it’s a first. 0_0

    Thanks for the informative and interesting debate though, guys. :)

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

     localized? Not a chance well.. maybe in 2 years or so

    • and what makes you say that after baba said he whants us to play hearts?

      I’d say it has a chance

      • keithmaxx

        More like he wants to play with our hearts. :/

        • LOL that was pretty good.

  • Bonny Pennell

    What if tales of innocence R and tales of hearts R was released together in english with a limited edition. The limited edition could contain both games and other little goodies i.e. A figurine, 2 soundtracks, keychains, codes for costumes, artwork, etc. Instead of bitching and fighting, we should make suggestions and do what we can as fans to convice namco bandai to bring these games over.

    • puchinri

      That would be lovely~! But I could never see that happening. 

      Although, if we organized ourselves properly and got a good effort going, I’m sure they’d hear it out. Something similar to the Ni no Kuni kickstarter would be awesome. 

  • Neppygear

    If Graces f and the Xillias are any indication, I’d say we have a chance of seeing this in English. Please keep the kawaii going, Bamco. I believe in you. ;_;

  • If Tales of Hearts R will come to the West as well, I’d be so happy, I’ll buy a PS Vita just for it – and also for Persona 3 and Persona 4. Though, I’ll miss the chance to play Eternia then, unfortunately.

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