Silent Hill: Downpour Patch Fixes Xbox 360 Bugs; PS3 Patch In The Works

By Ishaan . October 27, 2012 . 11:30am

Silent Hill: Downpour received a patch this week that fixes bugs and makes performance tweaks to the Xbox 360 version of the game. Konami list the following major changes to the game:


  • Improved frame rate
  • Fixed save game system
  • Fixed bugs in “Homeless” side quest/mission
  • Several other performance enhancements/bug fixes


A PlayStation 3 patch will be made available in the weeks to come, Konami add. They also mention that Silent Hill: Downpour will be available for download via Xbox Live starting October 30th for $40.

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  • Rick R

    $40 for a digital copy? LOL Konami. $10 and you might sell a few.

    • Hidayat246

      bussiness is always bussiness

      konami never learning anything after SH HD collection incident

      • Rick R

        I guess not. My main point is that you can get a new physical copy for less than half that. I really wish they didn’t botch the HD collection. All they needed to do was port the PC versions, I don’t know how they could have hired someone so incompetent to do the job. 

        • i actually got a sh downpour for only 15$ in playasia, that really less than half XD

        • Hidayat246

          “………..All they needed to do was port the PC versions, I don’t know how they could have hired someone so incompetent to do the job……..”

          first blame tomm huller for that & second maybe u want to see this :

          • SirTeffy

            You might want to actually do some research before blaming Tomm Hulett, since the original source was lost and they had to rebuild the beta code from scratch that was missing files and textures, and having to rebuild the fog engine ENTIRELY due to how transparent textures work on PS3 (they don’t, transparency is done via particle effects and in-engine rendering not possible on PS2), and a myriad of other actual TECHNICAL ISSUES that are not the fault of the producer.


          • Rick R

            The original code isn’t lost. Blue Point who is known for the best HD remasters takes the finished PS2 disc and works from that, the finished code is in the finished product. Yes, it’s not the same as having the code straight up given to you but Tom thought it would be better to use unfinished code rather than extracting it himself. Everyone does it from the finished product except Tom, yet he’s the only one who’s made a lousy HD version and it’s most likely because he did it from unfinished code. He would have needed a finished disc to go through anyway to make sure it matched up, which he clearly didn’t do with all the sound effects and textures being in the wrong place. 

          • Hidayat246


            bluepoint created HD remastered from retail disc not original source, and all HD collection from bluepoint is game not released on PC (MGS & GOW)

            Silent hill 2 & 3 have PC version with full mod from community & 100% work because i play by myself!!!!

            oke if u choose who is to be blame for SH HD collection incident i think i have list for that :

            -> Konami
            -> tomm huller
            -> hijinx studio

          • Brandon

            Considering TwinPerfect have, on multiple occasions, outright lied about facts from the games, I’d hardly consider them an expert at all on the series.

            EDIT: Also, Tomm Hulett had hardly anything to do with the HD Collection. He was in charge of getting the new voices.

          • Hidayat246

            yah tomm is really hard work change SH 2 & 3 for himself

  • revenent hell

    40$ realy Konami? REALY?
    I can go on amazon and get the game for under 16$ If they want to make digital sales it should probably be cheaper than what one pays for a physicall  copy. Dont get me wrong im sure there are more than a few who will probably DL it because googling is just to hard but when something is offered as a digital download I think at the least a company should know what the physicall copies are selling for and obviously Konami does not. Konami has some realy high hopes there.

  • Roubjon

    What awesome news.  I was expecting this never to come out.  

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