Fight Stahn And Cress From Tales of Destiny And Phantasia In Tales of Xillia 2

By Ishaan . October 30, 2012 . 9:00am

More characters have been revealed for Tales of Xillia 2. According to Jump magazine, you’ll be able to take on Stahn from Tales of Destiny and Cress from Tales of Phantasia in an arena. Take a look at the two of them below:



Tales of Xillia 2 will be released this week in Japan on November 1st.

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  • Tales_of_Master

    It’s about ******* time. Oh how I missed the cameo battle in ToX. Stahn should’ve got a cameo like 6 games ago. Cless (Cress) is one of my favorite Tales protagonists, you just can’t beat the classic JRPG protagonists :D Can’t wait to listen to the cameo battle music. I’m gonna squeal if “Fighting of the Spirit” played during the battle. My god so much memories are rushing through my head. I’m gonna go replay ToP as I wait for my copy of ToX2 :D

    • KasuRuiza

      XD i can’t wait!!

    • Demeanor

      Yeah first thing I thought: “FIGHTING OF THE SPIRIT!!!”  XD
      This game is just SCREAMING to be imported!

  • Bobthegreat

    Pretty funny timing since I am playing Phantasia X and Destiny DC side by side atm.

  • Isn’t time for a Legendia cameo battle Namco? Or, better yet, an Abyss one? 

    •  Sadly. I smell a bias in catering to the old games. Kratos is the latest cameo in terms of newness so far.

      • In graces u fight against kohaku (hearts), veigue(rebirth), i forgot her name uhh, stahn’s son, kyle’s girl lol, from destiny 2.

        And in innocence R u fight against kohaku and her brother

        • Raharu95

           Her name is Reala

        • Randy Marsh

          You mean Destiny 2, not Phantasia 2. 

          • ya, got it confused by trying to remember them

        • sd28

          and millia 

  • Tien Ron

    funny they did that considering they were costumes for Jude and mila.
    so glad cress is back as a cameo although he was a cameo in Eternia i kinda hope they bring cameos that haven’t appeared in other games yet, like suzu or max or tyree heck even senel or Lloyd 

  • YoshEE

    Now I am hoping Xillas 2 will be release oversea in next year or so TT.TT

  • Brandon001

    love that they seem to be addressing everything tha fans complained was missing from ToX

    honestly i wish they’d localize this one instead, but i still want ToX

    • XIII-2 much right? xD

      • Thanks, Bobby. That thought is now stuck in my head and I’ll never live it down. lol

        • You welcome

        • DuskSharkEX

           And to drive the point further, Xillia is the 13th main entry in the series. :3

          • Now that doesn’t bother bother me. lol It’s the similarities between the two sequels that got me ticked.

  • Can’t wait to see “SATSUGEKI BUKOUKEN OREDEDEDEDEDEDEDA!!!” in 3D. :)

  • Please let there be more than those 2 since I hear Rutee has a cameo appearance maybe she will also be in the Arena!

  • Say yes to the Cless

    • kupomogli

       Stahn > Cless

      • KingRuff

         Stahn=Cless *fixed*

  • One day left!

  • Prinnydoom

    YES THERE IS A REASON TO BUY THIS ^_____^ or at least more of one >_<

  • miyamoto

    OH my Goodness Gracious!!!!!!!!

    Bandai Namco bring it here so you can shut up and take my money!

  • KingGunblader

    Sweet! This is what people wanted in Xillia 1 right? Well, there you go.

  • Demeanor

    Albain Ryuu saidai no ougi!!! MEEEEEIKUUUUUU ZAAAN SHOOOUUU KEEEEENNN!!! I can’t guarantee my heart will hold at that moment XD

  • margherita mastropaolo


  • MagiusNecros

    BARBATOS pls

  • Seizui

    Oh good, they actually remembered to add the cameo battles. Hopefully this one won’t be rushed. I still regret buying the first Xillia. Oh well, it was a bit worth it to see Jude’s battle style.

  • Stahn definitely deserved getting a cameo battle but Cress? I think it should have been someone else. Would have like to see Senel as a Cameo or Yuri but its still too early for him. 

  • NeeKang Khoo

    Time for Stan to show Jude how to do a REAL Satsugeki Bukouken

  • KingRuff

    This is the kind of thing they should add as extra dlc. I don’t mean not to include them in the actual game, but I wish they would add extra ones later on for the characters who never get a cameo battle.

    • Nitraion

      YOu sure?? O_o you mean like XII-2??
      i rather like they already included in the game….

  • Leon_Tekashi

    Oh I can already see where this is going, give Jude the Cless outfit and Millia the Stahn outfit, have both of them fight the real Cless and Stahn, and we have ourselves a Sonic Adventure 2 deja vu *Insert Sonic vs Shadow round* “I’ve found you faker!”

  • It’s gonna be an epic battle against the two very first Tales Of protagonists, Cress (Wielder of the Eternal Sword) and Stahn (Swordian Master)! 

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