Hakuouki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi Headed To North America

By Ishaan . October 30, 2012 . 11:38am

Last year, we reported on a game titled Hakuouki: Bakumatsu Musou Roku, which is a Dynasty Warriors-esque take on the Hakuouki series for PSP. In case you missed it, here’s an old trailer that shows what that looks like:



Aksys Games have announced that they’re bringing this game to North America as Hakuouki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi. The game will let you play through two storylines—that of Hakuouki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom (“Shinsengumi Memorial”) and another called “Shinsengumi Chronicle” where you play an alternate universe as the Shinsengumi.


When a character’s life is depleted in Warriors of the Shinsengumi, he enters Fury Mode, which makes him more powerful. However, entering Fury too many times can “unlock a particularly bad ending”.


You can access the official website for Hakuouki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi here.


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    This is awesome…. i recently imported the ps3 visual novel but i did’t import this one yet so i might wait till its out in english.

  • revenent hell

    Thank you aksys! I adored the first game,I suppose its a perk to get it again? even though I flip flopped between wanting it and not wanting it I eventually came to adore it after I played it. I shall be looking forward to this game :)

  • Ladius

    Oh Aksys, my unbound love for you was well deserved it seems. You’re even mad (amazing) enough to have this as a retail game, so that I can sate my urge for UMDs.

    I wonder if there’s a chance to get Reimeiroku if this does well, or any other IF visual novel for that matter.

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Can I play as my Okita or Heisuke? All I want. After Reimeiroku, and finally watching Season 1 and season 2 soon, I cant wait.

  • Nyandroid

    I seriously practically just screamed when I read the title to this article (and scared a few people)! Couldn’t be more excited right now! =^w^=~ I’ll definitely be preordering this!!

    • Sweet Sui ♥

      I had a similar reaction… my little brother keeps looking at me strangely ^_^”” I can’t help it though~ this news is simply WONDERFUL (^o^)/ I’m preordering this baby as soon as I see it~ that much is guaranteed xD lol

      • Nyandroid

        *scrolls through comments upon comments* Oh my goodness! I missed out on all the hype! XD

        I-I’ll be stalking the EB website until they post this up! =OwO=

  • Z3

    GAHHH!! Too many Bishounen’s, so bright

  • Hoshi星

    Aksys sure loves their Hakuouki. Hey, more games for the PSP :D

  • riceisnice

    I understand that Aksys likes to localize niche genres. But isn’t this a bit too… Unknown? I mean, how well will it actually sell? Also, it’s on the psp.

    •  Well, the people who bought the first Hakuouki obviously knows it.

      • Sweet Sui ♥

        I learned about Hakuouki at first from Siliconera, actually. Now, it’s one of my most beloved otome games/anime series out there. I’m seriously thankful to this site for introducing it to me (^o^)/ lol

    • SerendipityX

      Hakuouki itself has been getting more attention. The anime/OVAs are coming over and the VN is already out. So it’s not completely unknown.

    • Sweet Sui ♥

      It’s not TOO unknown anymore~ Hakuouki is very popular in Japan and like it was said before, the Hakuouki anime was just recently brought over to the west as well as the orginal PSP otome game early this year. Hopefully this will lead to even more Hakuouki-related merchandise being brought over to the west~ or better yet, other otome games produced by Idea Factory… and beyond ^_^ I certainly hope this game sells well so that that might be possible one day in the future xD lol

    • Ladius

      If the first Hakuoki had been a commercial failure they would never have picked up its Musou spinoff. If anything, they are probably very smart at budgeting their releases according to the sales that the niche fanbase of such games can realistically provide.

  • Sweet Sui ♥

    I don’t even… have the words… to express how friggin’ happy I am xDDDD. I never thought in a million years that they’d bring this game over… I’m absolutely overjoyed that they are going to (^o^)/

    OH. MY. FRIGGIN. GOD!!! A chance to play as my precious Okita? A chance to see ALL the Hakuouki boys in all their fighting glory?! :O GFJFJSJFJSKFA~!!! *goes into spasm* SO MUCH HYPE XD. I think I know what my most anticipated game is now ^_^ Thank you, Aksys~ I love you SO much right now :D

    Oh, boy… I think I need to lie down for a little while… my fangirl heart can’t take all this excitement… ^_^”” lol

    • Peeka Chu

      Wow, developed by Idea Factory. I was under the impression that they only did female jubblie-fests and borderline sexploitation. +1 for pretty boys. I will purchase this for the diversity alone. 
      The first one must have sold well enough to warrant this, surprisingly  Also, Aksys are in the habit of just translating text and leaving the subtitles in, which is awesome for the Japanophile consumers and saves on cost and development. We could have soooooooooo many great games over here if more publishers took note.

      • Ladius

        Idea Factory is actually the biggest publisher of otome games on console, maybe even the biggest period, considering their output.

        They were also a prolific developer of grand strategy jrpgs thanks to the ex-members of J-Force team (the creators of the Dragon Force series on Saturn) long before their subsidiary Compile Heart started creating its own line of series marketing them with fanservice.

        IF is also one of the most progressive Japanese publishers in terms of localization, since they actively try to form partnership in order to bring most of their games west. Sadly, otome visual novels are harder to localize and market than jrpgs, and that’s why only Hakuoki has managed to be translated so far.

        • Peeka Chu

          Awesome reply. I actually vaguely remember hearing information like that, now that you’ve mentioned it. It seems that their latest western releases have coloured my opinion of their output. Their SRPG stuff was brilliant (Dragon Force in particular, I still reminisce over), its their Compile Heart titles that are muddying my perception of them.

          • Ladius

            Yeah, the members of Dragon Force’s J-Force team were among the first members of Idea Factory when the company was created (J-Force’s fall is a strange story by itself, since its founder apparently disappeared when the company was facing financial troubles), and that’s why so many Spectral and Generation of Chaos games are grand-strategy jrpgs, a subgenre that almost no other developer in Japan has tried to tackle so far (one other example could be Brigandine on PS1 by the old Hearty Robin team, even if its battles are handled in a different way than DF’s).

            I have nothing against the CH games, but I would like IF to create more grand strategy games like they used to do till some years ago… unfortunately, the last Generation of Chaos game was outsourced to Sting and they made it into a strange hybrid that, while potentially interesting, has nothing in common with the grand strategy roots of the GoC series.

    • SerendipityX

      I know how you feel, I’m outside right now and I feel like spontaneously cartwheeling all over the place. *fangirl scream* OMG! I still can’t believe its coming over!!!

      • Sweet Sui ♥

        It’s taking all my energy just to keep myself typing normally right now… ^_^””

        I can’t… control it… anymore @[email protected]
        ADJFJDHS~! DJFJS~!!! FKDKSJEJDJDKS!!! (^o^)/
        Translation: Sombody get a tranquilizer~ there’s a rabid fangirl on the loose xD lol

        • Haunting Horror

          Oh, Sui, I’ll do it.  All you have to do it ask. *holds up a giant tranquilizer and grins*

          Actually, I would be worried about you if you didn’t act like this. XD

          • Sweet Sui ♥

            I think I may need the tranquilizer at this point… ^_^”” This news has sent my inner crazy fangirl on a rampage xD lol

          • Haunting Horror

            Okay!  You asked for it!!!  *gets a tranquilizer for large animals, and just pours the stuff in* Eh, I’ll need a lot for this rabid fangirl and besides what’s the worse that could happen? :p  *gets a huge needle* Don’t worry, Sui, this will hurt you more than me. *grins* Ku fufu!

          • Peeka Chu

            Have you two done this shtick before? I just had the weirdest deja-vu. 

          • Sweet Sui ♥

            Just as long as it doesn’t hurt you any… I won’t mind… wait, what?! *sees needle* O_O” I changed my mind~! I don’t want the tranquilizer anymore~! *runs away* ^_^”” lol

          • Haunting Horror

            Exactly *nods head*  Eh, Maso Queen, Sui?  Why are you running? ?_? *sigh* Oh, well… *grabs tranquilizer gun* Sometimes you just got to do it the hard way. *runs after Sui* ^^ LOL

  • Wow, it was unexpected О_О

    • Sweet Sui ♥

      I know what you mean; I was not expecting this AT ALL~ ’tis a glorious surprise (^o^)/ lol

  • Whoa more PSP pickups!  Actually I haven’t gotten around to the visual novel yet but this one looks neat for its musou hook.

  • Haunting Horror

    This is AWESOME! (^o^)/  Even though I would have preferred the fandisc, I’m not going to complain. (^_^)

    I’m going to look forward to playing as Kazama, Hijikata, and Saito! (^o^)/  This is so great!  And I am hoping and taking this as a good sign that more otomes are going to come over! (^o^)/

    Gosh!  I just can’t wait till this is released! (^o^)/  *getting more hyped by the second!*  YAY!!!! (^o^)/

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    “unlock a particularly bad ending”…Okita?

    • Sweet Sui ♥

      Oh good god… don’t remind me… T-T
      http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m7qllofRr81qhsw0o.gif lol

      • Haunting Horror

        No matter what, you’ll always be reminded. :p

        • Sweet Sui ♥

          I know right…? *sniff* T-T

          Goodness, I can’t get sad now~ not when such great news has been revealed (^o^)/ *puts on brave face* lol

          • Haunting Horror

            It’s part of his identity. :p

            That’s right, Sui, you can’t!(^o^)/  Rejoice as you will get to watch him die in more ways! (^o^)/ LOL

          • Sweet Sui ♥

            *Hold… it… in… can’t… hold it… any longer… losing it…* WWAHHHHHHH~! *cry continues on to eternity* T-T

            You certainly know how to put a damper on my spirits, Rosie-chan ^_^”” lol

          • Haunting Horror

            Hahahahahahaha *hysterical laughter continues on to eternity* XD

            Well, I am the Sadist Queen, what do you expect? XD LOL

          • Sweet Sui ♥

            I thought your tormenting me was only in the domain of the Open Thread, but it seems to have extended into the news articles as well… ^_^”” lol.

          • Haunting Horror

            Well, this is an article on Hakuouki, so ofcourse I will! Ku fufu! :p

            Which reminds me…  This is my first time in a news article with this account I believe…  *looks around*  Hello everybody!  Just ignore me as I tease *coughtormentcough* Sui here.  This is perfectly normal and both sides enjoy this, I assure you. *grins*

          • Sweet Sui ♥

            Yes, yes, there are yet more witnesses to your abuse now~! Now everybody sees how truly tormentuous you are~! Everyone, help me! I’m being abused by a sadistic teaser who enjoys making my life miserable… T-T. I don’t enjoy this at all…. wahhhhhh~! Help meeeeeeeeee!

            Alright, enough with the joking around. I better stop with the over-dramaticness before someone actually thinks I’m serious and calls a moderator in here… ^_^”” lol.

          • Haunting Horror

            *hysterical laughter*  Thanks for the compliment! :p XD

            Yeah, Sui, what are you trying to do, get me in trouble? XD LOL

          • Sweet Sui ♥

            It wasn’t a compliment… ^_^” Damn it… I can’t even use my “plan” here… the moderators probably wouldn’t like it very much if I spammed a bunch of unrelated pictures in one of the articles, lol. So here~ here’s a minial amount of related pictures showcasing the alt costumes in this game :P lol

          • Haunting Horror

            But it was to me and that’s all that counts. Ku fufu!  Mwa hahaha!  This is glorious! (^o^)/  … You do realize that you are very fortunate that those 3 are some of my most fave charas of all. ^^” *looks at the pics*  Even though I have seen them before, I can’t help, but say: AWESOME! (^o^)/

            *sigh* This always works for you… ^^”

          • Sweet Sui ♥

            Kufufu~ don’t you think I already knew that and chose them specifically for that reason? :P. *sigh* There’s so many more… but I’ll restrain myself… later, though, at a different time and place… kufufu~ you’ll see ^_^

            It’s all according to plan (^o^)/ lol

          • Haunting Horror

            Well, I never have made that secret have I? ^^”  Yeah, you would do that…  Many more? O.O  Whoa!  LOL  Oh my!  What do you have planned. o.O

            I’ll build a resistance for this!  Just you wait!!! XD

          • Sweet Sui ♥

            Mwhahaha~ And your resistence shall crumble… just like the way a Fury does after it uses up all of it’s power :P (Hakuouki reference for the win xD lol)

            Here’s just a tiny- emphasizing TINY- little preview as to what I have in store, kufufu~ ^_^

          • Haunting Horror

            No it won’t!  I shall have the last laugh! *tries to convince self XD*  (I got to admit that was good. XD LOL)

            J-j-just a tiny preview!!!???? O.O *looks at pic*  *fangirl squee*  KYAH!!!!

            *clamps hand on mouth* Oh my… O.O Just hat are you going to do me!? XD LOL

          • Sweet Sui ♥

            Bwhahaha~ I thought it was pretty clever if I do say so myself ^_^ lol.

            Hooray (^o^)/ That’s the second time I got you to squee in fangirl delight xD. I shall aim for number three later on…

            ‘Tis a secret Rosie-chan~ you will only know when I decide to show you :P (Mwhahahaha- *koff, koff* ^_^” It’s not like me to laugh evily so much xD lol)

          • Haunting Horror

            ^^”  You just did. :p

            Yeah, and this time you got a “kyah” too. ^^”  Oh my…  *Must contain…*

            Oh dear, oh dear.  I’m sure you’ll choose to when I’m on a teasing roll. ^^”  ((Ku fufu!  I think you are becoming quite the sadi-maso here. :p LOL)

    • Haunting Horror

      No matter what he has a bad ending it seems. XD  (Some people do wonder if he died in his “good” ending in the first game. XD)

      • Sweet Sui ♥

        Yeah, even Okita’s good ending was just so… bittersweet T-T.

        When Chizuru said that Okita still had tuberculosis… when they were just cuddling together in the sun… when Okita said something like “I love you always…even if we are separated one day… my heart will always belong to you “… when he fell asleep and…oh goodness, I bawled my eyes out the whole time, I admit it ^_^”” Such a sad “good” ending… my feelings were all over the place with that one, lol.
        *SPOILERS END*

        • LynxAmali

          Being Okita is suffering, no matter the incarnation.

          • Sweet Sui ♥

            Being an Okita fan is suffering as well… ;__; lol

          • Haunting Horror

            If this was the OT I would say something about you being a maso, so ofcourse you would choose to be a fan of the one that will cause you the most suffering by being so.  It’s a proven fact as you tend to like the charas with tragic fates and you know their death is coming from a mile away. :p

        • Haunting Horror

          Very bittersweet as he could die at any moment. :p

          That definitely was sweet. <3  And it did have a melancholic feel to it.  But no crying from me, but I rarely cry in the first place, so. XD  Yeah, it was definitely emotional I do admit.  And I can imagine yours was as you go bawling when you even think of him dying. LOL
          *SPOILERS END*

          • Sweet Sui ♥

            I was just a huge crybaby for *most* of the Hakuouki endings (all of them except Harada’s and Kazama’s “true” ending at least made me shed a tear) … which is unusual for me since I don’t cry that often in real life… if at all ^_^”” Okita’s was just the worst of them all because he’s my favorite, obviously, lol. Hakuouki screwed with my feelings at every turn… and I loved/hated every second of it xD. One of the main reasons I liked the game so much was because of how many emotions it brought out in me despite being just a simple otome game… it was truly a great game for lots of reasons (including all the good-looking bishies xD) lol.

          • Haunting Horror

            I can imagine. XD LOL  (Kazama had a true happy ending (for him) really, no death in the near future anyways. LOL  And I was annoyed by Harada’s…  Also Heisuke’s…  I was actually laughing at his. XD)  Hakuouki did know how to invoke different feelings. (^_^)  I agree with you on that (the bishies is what dragged you in and the story kept you). LOL

          • Sweet Sui ♥

            I DO have a thing for tragic, self-sacrificial characters… ^_^”” lol

          • Haunting Horror

            You didn’t have to say that for that to be obvious. ^^ LOL

          • Sweet Sui ♥

            Ah, yeah, Heisuke’s ending didn’t bother me much either. It was too short and relatively boring for me to feel anything towards it even if I do actually like Heisuke a little bit. Kazama’s entire route was short… and the the ending just kind of bored me, in all honesty ^_^”” . And as for Harada… EPIC FAIL (-_-“) That’s the only way I can describe it, lol. (No offense to any Harada fans out there!)

            “The bishies are what dragged you in and the story was what kept you”… Amen to that~ I agree completely xD lol.

          • Haunting Horror

            *spoilers* And Chizuru was dreaming of the Shinsengumi! XD  Heisuke was overshadowed by Kazama, Sanan, and Senhime at a certain point in his route.*spoilers end*  Kazama’s route was short, but GOOD!  The shortness is the only complaint I have.  I liked his end a lot myself. (^_^)  Harada’s was an  EPIC FAIL in all regards.  My “twin” and I ranted about it a lot and that’s how she even rated it. LOL  (Harada’s alright when he was like a bro and all, it’s just him in a romantic light with Chizuru that I got to disliking him)

            I think that’s how it is with most Hakuouki fans. XD LOL

          • Nyandroid

            I didn’t even finish Heisuke’s route. The only one. XD

      • komiko12

        I did said sometime ago that dying is second nature to be expected of Okita

  • Cool.

    Now aksys tell me you are bringing F/E CCC and you have a shot at competing with Atlus for my most beloved developer ever.

  • I love the Hakuouki series and I played the Japanese version of this, and it’s just… so… bad.  Bad controls, repetitive, basically zero story.  I’m terrified this is going to bomb and we’ll never see another Hakuouki game in English :(

  • $36598391


  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    Aksys is really stepping it up, props to them. Will definitely get this once it comes out~.

  • Ereek

    What a pleasant surprise.  I’m glad Hakuoki seems to have done well.

  • I’m certainly interested! If they ever release them over here then I’ll definitely get them, and if not I guess I will dig out a PSP and import them one day.

  • Prinnydoom

    Well i know one person this will please immensely >_> @SuigetsuHiramura:disqus 

    • Sweet Sui ♥

      Hehehe… you got me ^_^”” I think it’s relatively apparent to everyone now just how much this pleases me, lol.

      • Haunting Horror

        You’re practically beside yourself in fangirl hype. XD LOL

        • Sweet Sui ♥

          Very true~ I simply do not have the power to contain it… ^_^”” I don’t think I’ve posted so much in a news article, like, EVER :O lol

          • Haunting Horror

            Me either really… ^^”  Same for me too.  But then again most of our posts is the usual kind of thing.  But still to do it HERE!  My, oh my! :O LOL

          • Sweet Sui ♥

            Ayup~ ’tis the usual thing for the two of us. But now we’re simply exposing our craziness to a much wider audience; because, surely, all the news readers here MUST think us insane by now… ^_^” lol. But, oh well, why hide it? xD

          • Haunting Horror

            I am sure that 80% of my comments is chatting with you like this. LOL  Yes, now we are because we are HYPED!  Yes, surely they think us insane, rabid fangirls now… ^^”  Yeah, why hide it!  It’s a lot more fun not to! XD

          • Sweet Sui ♥

            I’d say it’s about the same for me~ at LEAST that percentage of my posts I spent chatting with you and a couple select others… and I have OVER 6000 comments O.O. And LOTS of people must think I’m insane… but, you know what- well, I think the gif adequetly showcases my feelings about that xD lol

          • Haunting Horror

            I would agree to that. XD  Yikes!  That’s a lot! O.O  I’m sure lots do… :p  Hahaha, that gif sure does! XD  Nice gif! LOL

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    The only Shinsengumi I care about are Gintama’s, haha.

  • new_tradition

    Wait, this includes the Demon of the fleeting Blossom story? Oh, hell yeah! I missed out on getting the PSP VN released (truthfully, still trying to find the special edition), but I was hesitant to buy a VN. I’m much more partial to a hack n’ slash game ^^

  • Solomon_Kano

    I still need to pick up Demon of the Fleeting Blossom, but interest piqued anyway.

    • Sweet Sui ♥

      Ayup~ the good thing about Hakuouki is that it can appeal to both guys AND girls (^o^)/ I certainly hope you enjoy the game if you ever get around to playing it :)

  • rurin

    lol. I actually thought that bringing this one over is kind of weird…
    It’s nice to have Hakuouki again, though I’m not sure I’ll be getting this (as a pre-order).
    Is the Demon of the Fleeting Blossom aspect of the game the actual VN or like, a retelling of the story with hack-and-slash battles where originally only descriptions were?

  • Heidenroslein

    …huh. This is actually really surprising! I wonder why they opted to not bring over Reimeiroku and bring over the fighting game instead. (I figured we’d never get the fan disks, but I was under the impression that Reimeiroku was a full blown prequel?) Maybe to try to broaden their fanbase? 

    I really liked the first Hakuouki so I’m excited to see this coming over, but I don’t see myself pre-ordering this one. BUT this is a good sign that Aksys isn’t giving up on otome games completely! :D

    • Sweet Sui ♥

      Hiya Heidenrolsein~ I haven’t seen you in, like, AGES :O. It’s great to see you again (^o^)/

      I figure Reimeiroku will come eventually~ it’s still pretty new right now in Japan and it usually takes about year to a couple years for most anime series to be dubbed and brought over to the west. Until then, I’m glad that we’re getting another game to pass the time with. It’s always nice to have MOAR Hakuouki~ (^o^)/ lol

      • Heidenroslein

         Yes~ I’ve been lurking for a while but I just HAD to comment on this article being the fangirl that I am :3

        And you’re right! I’m sure if this game sells well we’ll eventually get the other games as well~ (And dare I wish.. other otome game franchises as well? OoO )

        • Sweet Sui ♥

          Hehe, ah, so Hakuouki brought you out of hiding~ how wonderful (^o^)/ Hakuouki draws out the fangirls like honey draws out bees, it seems xD

          Well, that’s a derp on my part ^_^”” I thought you were talking about the Reimeiroku anime series, not the game, lol. But I certainly hope that one comes over as well :D. As the fanbase increases, there’s a good chance that we’ll see more and more Hakuouki games in the future brought over by Aksys~ and maybe even some other Idea Factory otomes as well (Toki no Kizuna looks lovely) :3. If that happened, my fangirling life would be complete xD lol

          • Heidenroslein

            TOKI NO KIZUNA. SDPFOIJSDGOSDIJ I WANT THAT GAME SO BAD. (I’ve read some mixed reviews of it but WHATEVER, WANT.)

            It’s even semi connected to Hakuouki so there you go Aksys! Get on that! LET ME GIVE YOU MY MONEY.

            And yes! The bishie sparkle DOES seem to attract the fangirls~ (Come to think of it, I first delurked because of something Hakuouki related as well, huh)

          • Sweet Sui ♥

            I know right? I was considering learning Japanese to play Toki no Kizuna and other various otome games… but I have a bit much in the learning a new language department right now~ trying to learn another one would probably break my spirit ^_^” Besides, localizing it would be MUCH better than me having to import it if you ask me~ and like you said, it’s related to Hakuouki somewhat. Aksys… you know what to do xD. I would give you all my (non-existent) money if only you brought it over… heck, I would *find* money for the sheer purpose of buying it ^_^ lol.

            And, yes, I remember when you delurked you mentioned all the Hakuouki talk on the Open Thread drawing you in (^o^)/ A lot of people delurked because of that now that I’m remembering… Hakuouki brings us girls together, it seems xD

      • Dokurochan

        You need to get your granny glasses out, as the Reimeiroku that Heidenroslein was talking about wasn’t the anime but the game. :P And it’s not really THAT new, as the PSP version came out last year and now would be prime time for it to receive an English release, to follow up on the recent anime. ^_^

        • Sweet Sui ♥

          I know~ I derped a bit in reading her comment ^_^”” I already corrected myself in my post below this one, thank you very much :P

          And ot certainly WOULD be a nice time to announce… maybe we’ll hear something about it in the near future :D *crosses fingers* lol.

        • Haunting Horror

          Sui seeing things wrong due to her granny eyes.  What else is new? Ku fufu!

  • Reiko_Chan

    Excuse me while I fangirl! Words cannot express my joy!!

  • Alphabet Soup

    Loved the first game, but I couldn’t believe Hakouki did well enough to get a sequel localized, so this is beyond awesome!  I wasn’t sure what they were referring to with “Warriors of the Shinsengumi” but I like the fact that this game contains more gameplay.  Hopefully it will attract more fans and thus, MORE HAKUOKI (and VNs in general!)

    • Sweet Sui ♥

      There’s actually a good amount of Hakuouki games in Japan spanning multiple consoles~ from 3DS to PS3: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haku%C5%8Dki (Under Media, it lists all of them). Now, I’m not really sure how many of those are ports or whatever, but as you can see there’s a pretty large number of them~ I’d definitely love to see more of these games make their way west (^o^)/

      As for this game, I don’t think it’s a direct sequel to Demon of the Fleeting Blossom (if you played the first game, you would probably know why, lol). I think it’s more of a spinoff with hack ‘n slash gameplay/features. Don’t quote me on that though~ I’m not 100% sure. I can’t wait to hear more about it xD

      • Haunting Horror

        There is the main game, the fandisc, a chibi story with mini games, a prequel, and this, and I believe the rest are ports.  That makes 5 different Hakuouki games if I remember correctly. (^_^)

  • Sui and NBR are dominating this thread with their fangirling and teasing o.O

    • Sweet Sui ♥

      Bwhahaha~ a true Spam Queen does not limit herself to one domain >:3 lol

      • Haunting Horror

        No, you got to show your maso ways EVERYWHERE! Ku fufu!

      • Sui, you must be M!
        NBR, you must be an S!

        Together they form the S&M ship! xD

    • Haunting Horror

      It took me a couple of seconds to realize you meant me there. XD  NBR is definitely something nobody has referred to me before as. LOL

  • Quinton Cunningham

    Not a fan of the Dynasty Warrior style games, but I’ll pick this up since I greatly enjoyed the VN and Aksys has a customer for life in me.

  • I can die happy now….

    Oh wait! There still Hakuoki SSL! And that chibi Hakuoki game!

    Edit: Is it just me or the fighting mode is kinda slow… Or is that Kazama’s fighting style? O_o


    I am so sorry but I cannot contain my fangirling over here.
    It looks like the otome game sold well enough for this to happen! Here’s hoping we get other otome games with good stories and at least one adorable character to go for. :3 
    In my opinion, Hakuouki has two: Souji and Heisuke. Mostly Heisuke though.

  • Sweet Sui ♥

    I kindasorta love the Okita picture Ishaan used as the thumbnail of this article… I think I’ll be stealing it for use as my avatar one of these days xD lol

    • Heidenroslein

      He might have chosen that picture on purpose knowing there’s a certain Okita fangirl about~

      • Sweet Sui ♥

        Bwhahaha~ how thoughtful of him xD LOL

    • Dokurochan

      I’m shocked that you didn’t already have that pic already. :P Anyways, I think this Okita pic would be just *perfect* for your next avi. XD


      • Sweet Sui ♥

        I actually found a couple Okita pictures recently that I had never seen before… O.o. They were all unintentional findings too~ just goes to show that there’s virtually an unlimited number of pictures out there just waiting to be found (^o^)/

        And thanks for the offer, but I think I’ll pass on using that particular picture for my avatar once the time comes :P lol

        • Dokurochan

          Yeah, I’m sure there is an unlimited paradise of pics… but how many of them can you actually stand to see? :P

          Aww but it’s such a lovely pic. :P Seriously though, I really do think that Okita had the best endure CG’s out of all the guys, kufufu! XD

          • Haunting Horror

            Oh, he sure does, as he does seem to be the one in the most pain. Ku fufu!

      • Haunting Horror

        That pic is LOVELY!  I vote for Sui to use it next. Ku fufu!

  • Dokurochan

    Pipiru piru piru pipiru pi~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soo excited to be able to play as the smexy purple eyed demon god that is Hijikata!!!! It’ll also be awesome to see the rest of the cast again, especially Saito, Okita, Yamazaki and Chizuru! (^o^)/

  • Ricardo C

    Is Shinpachi Nagakura playable? If not then no buy from me. D<

  • I just… I just cried a little. I couldn’t sleep (even though I need to for I have family coming over in the morning to wish me happy birthday…) So was surfing news and saw this. I can now go to sleep happy *sniffle*

  • Raze

    Can someone explain this to me…

    This game is like…
    Otome Dynasty Warrior?
    Or not?

  • piichan

    0.0 ghshslksdjdhssjsjkskjssanosukeokitakazamahshs
    *snaps out of it* Ahem…
    I mean, it would’ve been better if they brought over the fandisk 1st but this is still good.
    *resumes drooling over the monitor*

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    I never thought i will see the day Sadist Queen and Maso Queen pooping outside from OT lol.^_^

  • Roses4Aria

    So happy to see this!  Hopefully the rest of the Hakuoki games won’t be too far behind. :)

  • I have a PSP.But I am not familiar with the Hakuouki series.So can someone tell me a some info about this serie.Please.

    • Budgiecat

      Bishounen period piece semi romance plot visual novel seies now infused with Dynasty Warriors gameplay

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