Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F Debuts On PlayStation 3 In Spring 2013

By Ishaan . October 30, 2012 . 3:10pm

As Miku fans may recall, Hatsune Miku Project: Diva f is also headed to the PlayStation 3. Sega made the announcement back when they officially announced details of the PlayStation Vita version of the game.


This week’s Famitsu magazine reports (via: Tale Tale Source) that the PlayStation 3 version is scheduled for release in Spring 2013. It’s titled Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F.


That’s right, the “F” is in uppercase now. The game will have six new songs on the PS3, as well as new modules and customization items. As expected, your system and edit data from the Vita version will be available to you on the PS3. Famitsu also say that additional modes are planned for the game. No details have been provided on these yet.


Finally, the AR feature and the scratch icon where you scratched notes on the Vita are out. Instead, there’s now a star icon, but there’s no information on what this does.

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  • Oh, what I’d give for this game to come out in the US…

  • videoman190
  • psycho_bandaid

    You know, this is kind of funny to me–Sega wonders why the Vita version didn’t sell as well as they had hoped, but the had already announced a better from the beginning on PS3.  I wonder what the corporate types are thinking sometimes.

    • Sometimes, certain announcements are made to appease investors as well. It’s possible Sega management felt eyebrows would have been raised had they announced that they were hedging their bets on a device that is failing to sell, especially in light of their recent financial problems. 

      In all honesty, I don’t think not announcing the PS3 version would have made much of a difference. The hardcore fans who wanted Project Diva f right away would have bought it anyway, and they did. 

      The rest of the potential audience comprises of people that are only interested in games which are on the systems they own already. They wouldn’t have gone out to buy Vitas for this one game, even if the PS3 version hadn’t been announced.

  • As much as I want to keep my copies on one release style (ie PSP + Vita) but if it is much more stuff involved then I may import this version instead.

  • I’ll get this one as well! :D My Birthday is in the spring. ^^

  • superdry

    Yes!  Finally a time frame for the release.  I was going to buy a Vita and the Vita versio of the game, but don’t really like what SONY has done with the Vita (one PSN account and locking your memory card to a PSN account) – that doesn’t mean I won’t buy a Vita, just that it wasn’t a priority (like saying buying a 3DS to play Project Mirai).

    • Kostapro

      So you’d rather buy a region locked system than a system which locks memory cards to different regions? Makes sense. 

      • superdry

        If you actually read my post, near the end, I said I would buy a Vita – just not now (it’s not high on the priority list of things to buy).

        • Kostapro

          That was exactly the part I was commenting on. From what I understood, getting a Japanese 3DS was a higher priority for you than getting a Vita because you didn’t like Sony region locking their memory cards. Which I thought was ironic because the 3DS itself is region locked. Also, I never claimed you weren’t buying a Vita, just that you’d rather get a 3DS (and a Japanese one) before getting a Vita.

          • superdry

            I apologize.  I should have been more clear.

            I bought a JP 3DS back in March to play Project Mirai and a few other
            games.  So, I already knew I was going to buy one, and, at least, Nintendo was pretty up-front with the region-locking.

            The whole memory card locking on the Vita is relatively new though (I think it happened this summer somewhere near when PJD:F was release).  Doing a system restore to switch PSN accounts wasn’t going to be the end of the world, but after finding out SONY locked memory cards with a system update and still charges crazy prices for them changed my stance of buying a Vita now to “eh, I can wait” since neither the US nor JP side has many games I want to play.

    • Demeanor

      Handling of the Vita can be bothersome if you frequently switch accounts and /or you’re on a tight budget for memcards, but the games make it still absolutely worthy imo (and this is just the beginning ^ ^).

  • ShugoTakahashi

    You forgot to mention that it’ll have six new songs, new costumes/accessories, and a new mode.

  • pantsonadog

    Do you have to have the Vita game to play this? Like with Dreamy Theater?

    • No, this is a standalone PlayStation 3 version of the game with added features. You don’t need a Vita to play it.

      • pantsonadog

        Cool, thanks! I’m going to import it for sure then.

      • Any news yet whether it’s going to be a retail release or just a digital one?

        • I would imagine retail or they would have specified that it was a download title. But don’t take my word for it just yet.

  • So much win in this post! ^_^

  • AndyFe

    Cool Cool I have been playing the hell out of the PSV one for a while now, I’m glad to hear that it’s just not a port of the psv one I’ll probably pick this one up as well

  • margherita mastropaolo

    yay,i’m very excited about this

  • katzedan

    Project Diva F, Tales of Xillia, GTA V …

    ohh man, where’s the time leap to 2013 when we need it? :(

    I hope Sega gives us a chance and localize this! At least the menus, modules names and songlist :3

  • Kevadu

    Glad that scratch is gone, it was the worst part of the Vita game.  While it worked most of the time, “most of the time” isn’t good enough in a game like this.  The number of times I missed a perfect because my scratch didn’t register (meaning I moved my finger but it didn’t get picked up at all) is significant.

    • Uzza

       It’s not that bad in my opinion. I’ve had my fair share of undetected swipes, but it’s not that often.

      The Cool Master challenge item is a bigger problem with star notes, since it’s harder to get a Cool on a star note than on a regular note.

    • Actually scratch is pretty glitched. All you have to do is spam your finger on the screen and ALL scratches will register. Try it. It will always register Fine and Cool and you’ll never fail scratch part.

  • Rirath

    I’ll be visiting Japan for the first time come spring – hope this is out!  If it is, it’s a must-buy souvenir.  I assume it’d save some cash to pick up some music / games in person instead of the usual import sites?

    • You might save a little, yeah, but the games are still fairly expensive. There’s usually plenty of used games slightly cheaper and in immaculate condition, though.

      Just the same, if you’re heading to Tokyo, bring all the cash you can muster; it’s deceptively easy to go on mad shopping sprees in Akiba’s numerous games stores ^^;

      • Rirath

        Yup, Tokyo, and shopping is definitely a part of the trip.  With the higher prices and poor exchange rate right now I don’t expect to save much – but, should make for a neater souvenir than most tourist trinkets none the less. :)

        • They most definitely do, and the selection on and around Akihabara’s main street is simply unreal. Be sure to visit most of the stores before choosing where to buy, though; you can easily save 500-1500 yen per game just by shopping around first.

          Just the same, have a great time and look forward to a magical trip, especially if your visit happens to take place during the hanami season!

  • Demeanor

    Six new songs… must… buy…
    NOW I get where our Tell Your World, RIP=RELEASE and Senbonzakura were gone. XD

  • almostautumn

    Is this retail, or like the Dreamy Theatre titles?

    • ShugoTakahashi


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