Square Enix’s Hajime Tabata Comments On Final Fantasy Type-0 Localization

By Ishaan . November 2, 2012 . 10:40am

Final Fantasy Type-0 scenario director, Hajime Tabata, says Square Enix “feel strongly” about bringing the game to North America and Europe.


Speaking with GameSpot, Tabata stated: “Due to market reasons, we are taking a clean slate in terms of our plans. We feel strongly about bringing this title to the fans in North America and Europe, so if an opportunity arises that can become a conclusive factor, we are prepared to go into consideration right away.”


Back in late 2011, the Final Fantasy Type-0 Ultimania book mentioned that Square were already working on a western localization for the game. Going by Tabata’s more recent statement, release plans may have changed since then.


Final Fantasy Type-0 was released for the PSP in October 2011. The game takes place in a place named Oriense, with its story depicting a war involving four different nations. We covered it in great detail prior to its release, and you can catch up on our coverage here.

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  • idrawrobots

    Yes Please.

  • Godmars

    Its odd how square has done a literal about face from the beginning of this gen in terms of creating a world market.  

    • SpecDotSign

      They did state that they wanted to be a global company, but this game was in development before that statement. With that being said, they sure as hell had no problem doing everything possible to get the Final Fantasy XIII games out in a timely manner around the world. Square Enix is just scared to take a financial risk these days. They almost went down under with the FF Movie. Since then, there have been very little original IP coming from them. Nier was a standout and an instant cult classic. But because of poor sales and lackluster reviews, Squenix disbands Cavia. It’s so upsetting to see my favorite developer turn to crap in just one generation.

  • Nameless App 1989

     1 year later, still in localization purgatory……

    • komiko12

      Hahaha, at least it is not in development hell… :D

  • baha

    It can’t be that hard to make a psp game only playable on the vita, if it’s piracy they are concerned about….

    • There are other factors that affect these decisions, such as the Vita’s poor performance and SCEA’s policies regarding updated PSP ports and so on.

      • Godmars

         I have to wonder why its not just put out on the PS3 via PSN if not on disc.

        What happened to that “easy” PSP to PS3 up-scaling software suite used on Monster Hunter 3? Think its only been used on MH3.

        • Because SCEA policy, again, does not allow for one to simply port a game from PSP to PS3 and release it at retail to my knowledge. And I doubt Square want to relegate such a massive game to being a download-only title. 

          The PSP Remasters program does make it easy to do ports, but publishing policies are the reason these things don’t always work out. 

          • Godmars


            So Sony basically created and initially promoted new tech, which they subsequently deep-sixed by their own policy.

            They do that alot don’t they…? 

          • You can blame them for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver. on PS3 not coming over. :P

          • Tom_Phoenix

            You know, while I get the idea behind SCEA’s policy, I sometimes cannot help but think that it’s doing them more harm than good.

      • >There are other factors that affect these decisions, such as the Vita’s poor performance
        But…isnt this a chicken and egg situation? The Vita is doing poorly due to lack of solid releases, and companies will not produce solid releases BECAUSE the Vita is doing poorly. So…lose-lose?

  • IshimaruKaito

    i hope they make it a download in the playstation store cuz i wnna play this on my vita

  • almostautumn

    This, and Valkyria Chronicles 3, have haunted my dreams—

    It’s a shame; I can’t chalk this up to anything other than the rampant piracy in western markets, particularly PSP/DS, and that’s really something; Type-0 isn’t some pure JPN title like Project Diva; this is a universal game, mammoth, boasting what is perhaps the best gameplay the PSP has ever seen— and we haven’t gotten it yet because of wasters.

    Originally I was against this, but at this point I do hope they release it as a Vita title; for one, they’ll earn the money they deserve, and two the Vita needs a solid JRPG, and now!

  • Brandon001

    Conclusive Factor = we wont see this overseas for god knows how long

    well, until then.

  • esteban cartagena

    As of its early release Oct. 2011 in Japan we westerns already know the story of the game and where it takes place in…. JUST BRING THE FREAKING GAME TO THE WEST ALREADY its almost 2013.

  • Going into consideration is not enough. They should’ve done while the game was still in development. They brung Crisis Core and Dissidia, so why not bring this big game over to the west? Come on Square! Don’t us gamers be plagued with low-budget junk from Idea Factory.

  • eilegz

    sigh just release it on psn…. on digital only format if they dont want to do a physical cost which sadly koei its doing :( 

    • Randy Marsh

      PSN downloadable games are easier to pirate.

  • David García Abril


    “The PSP not only is dead outside of Japan, but it’s been dead for YEARS even before the game was released, so there’s no point from an economic point of view.

    But if we see a feasible way of releasing it in another platform, we will.”

  • Jack Frazee

    The longer they wait, the smaller their profit will be, the less chance they’ll bring it over. Come on, SE, it’s damn Final Fantasy game. Release it when it’s still got hype (which they’ve clearly missed the boat on now), and it would sell like hot cakes. Especially after people were disappointed in FFXIII, I know many were waiting to sink their teeth into something different.

    • Personally, I think FF fans will still nitpick something out to complain and bash it ==;

  • At the very least they still have interest to bring it over here so…. I’m cool.

  • Andrew Austin

    What a polite way of saying “Never gonna happen.”

    •  Ahah, yeah, pretty much.

      I really hope this statement doesn’t give anyone false hopes of ever seeing this localized. He’s basically just reassuring everyone that they actually WANT to port the game over, but all the possibilities they considered are not finantially feasible. And if they didn’t work out a feasible solution to release this game in the west up until now, there’s a very high possibility we just won’t see it, ever.

      So yeah, I made up my mind, it’s time to import this one. I’ll gladly double dip if an english version is released, but that’s really, really unlikely at this point.

  • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    Put this on Vita, I need something to be that final deciding factor for me to buy one.

  • can you put up your source?

  • What about that PSP to PS3 engine?  A quick up-res and you got yourself a game that is viable in the west.

    *I’m aware there are complications I couldn’t possibly know about.  

  • evilmoogle

    Rework the game to the vita and it will complete life itself.

    PS:No port please!

  • Zharkiel

    The game was never made with a western release in mind. It was going to be a cellphone game after all.

  • Hans Satori

    Universal PSN game pl0x!!! PSN/Vita/PS3

  • Opportunity for what?!

    I mean what else do you need?  A hundred thousand signatures of ‘I will buy and here is my soul’ or ‘take all my money’?  Is there some specifics with Sony of America that is being a thorn in the side for this?  I don’t understand what opportunity you lack to bring something like this stateside.  This should be a no-brainer!

    • Opportunity to release it on a platform where, it seems, JRPGs suffer a 75% or *greater* piracy rate.

      I’m still not entirely sure how much that’s *truly* affecting sales, but I can see the shareholders being spurious about it. I also have very little doubt they want to release it, though.

      • If piracy was the case…why localize Final Fantasy 1,2 and 3 ten ways from Sunday on all consoles stateside, INCLUDING the PSP?  Something tells me that ‘piracy’ clause, while probably true anyways, can’t be the answer.  At least, not the complete one.  The PSP hasn’t had luck with localizations in a lot of respects before it got its notorious underscore of it being very prone to piracy.

        At the same time, the console, like any, doesn’t seem piracy to people that wouldn’t know the difference anyways.  There’s got to be a good hundreds of thousands of PSP owners that have never flashed CFW on their systems or for those that have there’s probably a percentage of people that haven’t ever used it for illegal means.  You see what I’m getting at – there’s room for market here that isn’t being taken advantage of regardless of that excuse.

        Now I’ve heard plenty of times that GETTING a Japanese game stateside from Sony is asking for a lot.  I’ve read about it plenty on this site.  That seems to strike me as a better excuse that SCEA or SCEE aren’t playing their cards to pick this up and assume the PSP is a flailing console in the states, mostly from their own doing, when it’s raking in cash left and right in their home territory over even their newer console.  I’m not entirely certain why they’d be worried about piracy in that case then, you know?  Wouldn’t the Japanese on the whole be of the same mindset on the whole as people around the rest of the world in terms of piracy?  Some people will, some people won’t?  I mean we’re all human.

        I could make theories all day but I’d just like to hear a lot more on the subject than said theories and comments about the case that really don’t tell us ‘why’.  Hell, as long as they said ‘no we will not be releasing it’ that would put a lot of things to rest.  It’d tick off a lot of people but at the same time it’d be less people that’d be ticked off on a day-to-day basis waiting to hear if they should invest their time in waiting on Squeenix to come around.

  • Thuggin Love

    I know this might sting abit but……this isn’t coming to Psp Or Vita,It will most likely end up as a slightly updated 3DS games.

    They completely bypassed Psn or the Vita as being options for localization,I think it’s pretty obvious where this game is going to be headed next.

    •  The problem with that is the 3DS’s main screen actually runs at a lower resolution then the PSP one, and it can’t do video out. So in some ways it would be a downgrade.

    • nooo i really doubt that, one the game is waaay too big, it took 2 umds to fit it on for christ’s sake. Two, the game wasnt even developed for the 3ds. They would have to partially restart it to add the 3d effects and the second screen options. Which costs money. Why in the world would they bother with that if they can just port it to psn. Makes no sense to bring it to the 3ds. And where they did it say that they weren’t considering psn or Vita anymore? thats purely your speculation.

    • SpecDotSign

      I think you’re out of your mind if you think Square-Enix would actually waste money to modify a game that’s been out over a year already regardless of what platform it is. You’re talking about a greedy company that doesn’t care about its fans.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        Yep they really don’t care at all to add to the effect they should stop releasing any games to you all.

        •  Yes, releasing games no one asked for is definitely a sign that they care.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            Yeah because all the sales of those games people don’t care for all came out of thin air. Get over yourself.

  • puchinri

    I heard a really good reason as to why they may have a hard time bringing it here; because of the main/theme song. Since it’s something tied to the story, and they don’t own any license on it, and the company that does may not be giving them the opportunity – and it’s not something easily replaced. It’d be interesting if that was the case (and unfortunate too, obviously).

    Nonetheless, I hope everything gets worked out and that we’re able to see the game here.

  • Dyne1319

    HD version for Vita + collectors edition on release = my money!!!! oh and No english audio, JP audio only.

    • I mostly agree, but I personally would prefer English audio, but dual language would be a nice option.

    •  Dual Audio is the way to go, always.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with you. But people in the U.S. have proven again and again that they don’t like to read subtitles. Not in movies, not in videogames. If it happens though, it would be the perfect port of any FF game ever. But I am not to hopeful in the near future. As long as the Vita sells poorly this game won’t come over, and God forbid they downgrade it to bring it to the 3DS (YES, the 3DS has lower resolution than the PSP). Anyway, let’s hope for the best in 2013.

    • Luna Kazemaru

       >No English audio

      Ha that’s funny.

  • Grenalie

    Final Fantasy stuff does pretty decent on PSP.

    • ZEROthefirst

      FF games on the PSP are usually the highest pirated games, but being FF there are still a lot of people who actually buy the games so it’s not as much of a losss as most others.

  • Tales_of_Master

    Kinda ironic how (apparently) the best game in the XIII series didn’t see an international release. With FFXIII being…well horrible, and Versus XIII missing in action, this is the only game that I’m considering getting if it was ever released in NA. I’m not sure what’s SE thinking by not releasing Type-0, but hopefully, we will get at least a PSN release.

    • Herok♞

       That’s open to debate about what is the best game like if we go by Famitsu scores(I don’t what anyone thinks of them they reviewed all the games in the series) FFXIII-2 is the best with a 40/40 score with both FF Type-0 and FFXIII being a little less good at 39/40 scores, personally I played the Type-0 demo and felt it was a broken game because there are situations where you have no way of hitting the enemy.

  • PSP = Dead in the west, pirated to hell and back.
    Vita =  Barely selling.
    PS3 = Would require massive upgrades to get past Sonys policies on PSP>PS3 ports.
    3DS = The most likely candidate, but could require a lot of rework to accommodate the dual screens and lower resolution (then PSPs) main screen. Plus it would suffer from camera issues just like on PSP due to lack of a second analog.

    • Monster Hunter dealt with the camera issues on 3DS just fine. The bigger problem with 3DS is porting it over, optimizing it, and moving elements around onto the bottom screen as you said.

    • MrRobbyM

      Yeah. As much as I want this game more than any other JRPG this gen, well, aside from Versus, I don’t really blame SE for not localizing it. If anyone’s to blame, it’s pirates and somewhat Sony.

      I only see this happening as a PS3 HD remaster or 3DS port if Square REALLY wants to localize this with the former being more likely I think. I definitely think they’d have a chance to sell a lot in both Japan and US/EU if they market it well.

      • malek86

        I prefer to blame Sony and somewhat pirates. Frankly I think Sony didn’t do nearly enough. The DS was R4’ed to oblivion, and still posted insane sales numbers, including software. If you have a great product, people will still buy your stuff. The PSP clealry lacked that something that could have made it great in the west.

        • MrRobbyM

          Do you think the difference between the audiences for the PSP and DS play a role in that? I mean, DS being more mainstream and have a wide variety of consumers, a lot being very young maybe not knowing much about pirating. The PSP being much less popular with the consumer base being mostly JRPG fans and tech-savvy people.

          There are a few other factors I can think of and I’m not saying you’re wrong, in fact, I truly do believe that if you have a great product, people will buy it. But I do also believe it’s not going to be the same case for everyone.

          • malek86

            Nope. You’d be surprised at how kids can be savvy abour piracy, especially when their parents are involved (a geek can pay for their own stuff, a parent might not want to keep behind his child’s ridiculous games requests). Also, if you aim at geek, you gotta take into account the chance of piracy. That’s what happens.

            The 360 also gets a whole lot of piracy, from what we know. Still hasn’t stopped it either. Again, if people think you have a good product, they’ll buy it.

            Aside from that, the PSP was already struggling in sales, both hardware and software, before any piracy method was discovered. Granted piracy won’t have helped, but if the system was doing bad before, it’s unlikely that it would have recovered anyway, since Sony seemed intent on not getting many games (if it weren’t for Capcom, the PSP would have been abandoned much sooner even in Japan, me believes). So we are inclined to believe it wasn’t a good product from the start, or at least, Sony didn’t make it great (perhaps piracy squandered their chances, but they certainly weren’t doing a good job with it anyway).

            Piracy sounds just like a convenient excuse to me. Follow me for a moment: imagine having one system with all those games we like… except we like JRPGs, and JRPGs are niche games that don’t drive sales (especially in the west, but even in Japan they will only allow you to occupy a niche… the PSP was doing pretty meh before MH showed up). So really, it’s a system full of games catered to a specific demographics that won’t sell much.

            However, as we know, people here like saying that if Tales games were released in the west, they’d sell two million copies (lol). So, when someone points out that despite having “all those great games” the PSP didn’t sell, instead of admitting that maybe JRPGs after all don’t sell much… we prefer to say it’s because of piracy. Not because they are niche. No way.

            In short, it’s convenient because we can say that when a developer refuses to localize a game for the PSP, it’s always because of piracy, not because they don’t think it would have enough of an audience to justify the costs. Because after all, if we admitted that most JRPGs don’t sell much, how would we be able to keep saying “oh please Konami, localize Beyond the Labirynth, it would drive your profits up by tenfolds! I’d buy ten copies! (<- note: probably not true)", or "of course Namco is losing money, it's because they aren't localizing Tales! That alone would save their bottom line!".

            There's the problem with the whole piracy situation, I think. It's grossly overestimated because of its use as a scapegoat. But if you ask me, I'd say Sony is mostly to blame for the PSP (and a bit Nintendo, since their DS was so successful and got all the support). Piracy was a secondary matter, and a consequence rather than a cause.

            The PSV is having no piracy for now. We'll see how long it lasts, then.

          • MrRobbyM

            Alright. I see you’re point.

            Sony really does need to step it up in terms, of well, everything, if they want they’re handhelds to sell. 

            Like I said recently in another Sony related article, they’ve always relied a great deal on third party devs but not strengthening their first party stuff. They’ve pretty much drop their old stuff and make new IPs, which im all for, but I don’t think that’s good for longterm. They need their own Mario or Halo which I think they kind of attempted but haven’t succeeded.

    •  Bravely Default?? :(

      • But… Bravely Default was made for the 3DS, so it wouldn’t fit into what his saying.

  • Tbh this game came at the worst time, in terms of the psp life cycle. It was probs initally cancelled
    as they didnt know how to present it to a market that was pretty much
    dead. My bet is that they may work on bringing it to the vita once it
    picks up, hence ‘if an opportunity arises that can become a conclusive factor, we are prepared to go into consideration right away’ But seriously people need to get the chance of it coming out on the 3ds here out of their heads. Highly doubt it

  • I know this one stings for a lot of staff involved, as I’m 90% certain that a completed English script is literally sitting in their office, waiting to go. They DO want to bring it over, but Reasons(TM) are getting in the way.

    • Ryos

      Darn you Reasons(TM), why must you persistently prevent me from throwing money your way!?!  I hate thinking how such a great game will pretty much never make it here.  Since the game only sold reasonably well in Japan, SE has a lot less incentive to remake it, so MAYBE we’ll see this in about 2020 when they finally cave in and make a PS5 remake. :(

  • DemonicX

    Exactly what is wrong with Square these days…? >_<

    People (myself included) had been patiently awaiting the announcement for the localization for quite a while, and it seems that we will most likely never hear that announcement. However, Square still pumps out a sequel and prequel for Final Fantasy XIII that I don't remember many people asking for, if any. I really wish that there was a logical reason for all this..

    ..And I'm not even going to start on the whole Versus XIII issue.

    • Derek E Nay

        Well, SE just took a big hit from the Sleeping Dogs title. They need to watch what they spend. I think they are scared that if they do bring the game here, it will not sell enough to give them the profit they need.

       But at least they said they want to bring the game over here. So, that’s a good sign.

    • It’s no one’s fault the PSP did really poorly here/it was easy to hack the hell out of.

      I do agree with everything about FF13 (which by this point, should be euthanized), and Versus.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      I dom’t lime ff13 so everyone else should hate it to…Lol they just took a hit with sleeping dogs after trying to save that game along with fixing FF14 (which so far is doing good) give them a break ffs they want to bring it over but are running into issue which is most likely sony Yet everyone got to complain. Its just as wost as people who think every game made in Japan has to come to the west which in all honest doesn’t.

      • Godmars

         The thing is not as many people brought FF13-2 as did FF13. That FF14 was originally an unforgivably horrid/lazy effort that at least three times the work has gone into fixing – and no one knows if its honestly a success.

        A lot of energy and resources have gone into fixing issues which shouldn’t have been in the first place, while on the other side there’s Type-0 and Versus which to many aren’t being given chances. Are having their spotlight stolen.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          Yet FF13 sold enough to get a 3rd game even tho they planned on making 3 games from out the gate lets not nit pick here. S-E owned up to the failure that was FF14 1.0 and promise to make better with 2.0 which so far they have kept their word. Most companies would let the game die I will agree they could tone down on the marketing of lighting herself.

          • Godmars

             And I seem recall the lead director talking about a 13-2 and 13-3 while 13 was still in production. Wada saying they wanted to take the franchise yearly. My guess is FF14 is a result of corporate stubbornness and planing which otherwise would have resulted in high level pink slips if intentions weren’t through.

            Whether said poor planning worked or not is besides the point. 

          • Elvick

            You can’t allow a company to release something before it’s ready and then give them props for fixing their incomplete product. XIV shouldn’t have been released until it was actually ready.

            So who cares if they fix it? That’s just getting the game to the point it SHOULD have been at when it first came out.

            And XIII is only getting sequels because it’s cheaper to rehash a game they’ve already got tons of assets and lore for than to build something completely new.

            But that’s irrelevant here, since all we’re asking for is a game that’s already done to be localized. At most we’re asking for them to port it over to something else to make it worth THEIR while to bring it over.

            Try and justify it all you want. SE’s dealing have been lame this generation. Their only saving grace was handhelds, and oddly enough another handheld title is what we’re all waiting for.

            What else is there to look forward to if you hate XIII? More ports of games we already have two or more versions of? VS XIII? (as if that’s going to release anytime soon)

          • Luna Kazemaru

            I just did problem? I am giving them props because they owed up to to the failure which you do not see alot of companies do. You don’t like 13 that’s fine i don’t care for it myself but i don’t needlessly whine about it and along with everything they do like brats and pull crap out my ass and say no one cares about the games when they clearly sell so yeah someone DOES but hey that’s ok to.

  • Source?

  • imaguni

    A “clean slate” could mean many things… I’d love a Vita port and it seems like one of the most likely choices, but more than anything, I’ll be happy with seeing the game overseas.

  • idrawrobots

    Couldn’t this game be released as a download only and work on both the vita and PSP 

    • Kefkiroth

      It could still get pirated if it’s a PSP game, sadly.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Type-0 and versus are the only “new”FF games im interested in the moment,but it seems like FFXIII-4:Lightning Returns again will come first.

    • Herok♞

      you are one number off LR is the 3rd FF13 game. Also if you have enough interest one of the “new” games you want came out last year you could at least try the demo before you import and look up a guide from there.

      • komiko12

        He was joking. He said “FFXIII-4: Lightning Returns Again”

        • Herok♞

           Fair enough

      • XiaomuArisu

         I played the Type-0 demo…but I cant japanese and no I dont have time to learn it.Job,getting my driving license.
        And Versus doesnt has a demo…yet or a release dateXD
        But hey why make 0 and Versus when you can make a Lightning sequel AGAIN.

        • Herok♞

          The thing is if Type-0 was on any other console if would have been translated, PSP is known to be pirated therefore Square knows it wouldn’t get a profit from releasing it overseas. Also Type-0 is already made, so you mean translate but I already stated why that won’t happen and for all we know Versus is being worked on, it isn’t strange for a large company like square to have multiple teams working on multiple games, the only thing is the Versus team is taking all the time they want and not showing us anything while the other teams are doing things faster and still make good games(Some people like the 13 games others hate them, the same could be said about any game ever even type-0 I have seen a negative review and I have seen the postive famitsu scores).

          • XiaomuArisu

             The problem with the Lightning saga is that its to fast.Some months after 13-2 they announce 13-3.Its like they want to make a new IP called Lightning Fantasy.XD

          • Herok♞

             True but to be fair the games seem to be coming out every two years, somethings have yearly interactions like Madden or CoD, and 13-3 being announced quickly probably was a response to the ending hate of 13-2 when people didn’t get their “dlc ending”. Also Final Fantasy 7 still has the most spinoff at this point, so first come the clouds then the lightning.

  • $1484028

    if i were Sony, i’d be doing anything i could to get S-E to at least put this on the Vita.
    whether that means bending their own rules, or even partially funded the upscalings/upgradings.

    they’ve got a console there in dire need of a large scale infusion of big name titles. a port of a Final Fantasy PSP title is better than the relative jack squat they’ve been doing.

    but the likelihood of that seems pretty slim.  one of Sony’s biggest failings this gen was their unwillingness to bend any of their own rules or provide any financial aid to developers.
    while the Sony fans will harp on how that “maintained the PS brand’s integrity” and Microsoft was just being shady and underhanded, the reality is it worked, especially early in the generation.  even among Japanese developers, MS basically bought a lot of exclusives and/or timed exclusives, and it may not have won them the war but it certainly helped more than it hurt.

    • Elvick

      “one of Sony’s biggest failings this gen was their unwillingness to – provide any financial aid to developers.”
      *looks at LittleBigPlanet*
      *looks at thatgamecompany*
      *looks at giant sparrow*
      *looks at the pub fund*
      *looks at Heavy Rain*
      *looks at Beyond: Two  Souls*


      • $1484028

        *looks at list with indie devs other than Quantic and Media, then compares to list of what Microsoft has been willing to throw money at.*

        Paid for the development of
        Ninja Gaiden 2
        Tales of Vesperia
        Blue Dragon
        Lost Odyssey
        etc etc

        Paid for timed exclusives of
        Last Remnant which would end up being exclusive
        Lost Planet (confirmed by Capcom that originally MS literally paid them to not release it on the PS3)
        RE content
        Call of Duty content
        Skyrim content
        Fallout content
        etc etc

        *notes the scale of buying support (Capcom, Activision, Square-Enix, Namco, Tecmo, Bethesda) seems slightly different*
        *then compares the two lists and wonders which list did more to push consoles and software sales, while remembering that both Sony and Microsoft’s primary gaming revenue is via fees of 3rd party title sales*


    • LightZero

      Sony just outright don’t give a damn. They have been making a series of mistakes these past few years and their financial statements even reflect it. I wouldn’t bank on them trying anything. Yeah the Sony from the PS1 days would but now they are just phoning it in. 

  • thundergodCN

    As someone who has the Japanese copy of the game let me just say brace yourself  and brace your eyeballs for the ending. 

    • Is it good?

      • Safros9


        • Ok, hype CONFIRMED. LOCA-FKN-LIZE!

          • Safros9

            I was going to write more but the less I say about the ending the more impact it will have on you. It’s very powerful, easily one of the best endings that I’ve ever seen in an RPG.  As for the game itself… it’s hard, but very fun and surprisingly long. Add to that the wonderful OST (probably my personal favorite in the whole series) and you have one amazing game… I wish it was in English though.

    • O Gawd… That ending was just… ( O _O) (Trying to not use words as to not spoil it haha)

  • Randy Marsh

    Great, now those annoying people on the Project Crystallis will be having a riot. If the Ouya does well in the U.S maybe we could get a port of Type-0 for that…….Nah that’s just stupid. 

  • Settsuo

    C’mon! Really SE you guys have a weird way of handling business. Stop putting off key games for “If’s” and “BUT” scenarios. If the markets right? BUT the circumstances have changed. I’m actually more excited for Type-0 then Versus XIII and Kingdom Hearts III at this point. Why? Because I see it launching in my lifetime. Localize it and I’ll buy 30 copies and have a grand and flashy giveaway to educate my people in the West about great RPG’s.

  • I see them making an HD-Vita version complete with swim suit costumes and a secret boss or three, and we’ll get that in English.

    Now… if only Sony would take a tip from Nintendo and lower the price of their overpriced handheld.

    • midgard229

      heck yeah, Add Noctis as a secret boss, Would be a great Hype move for Versus 13!!!

      *and yes im aware its another universe* haha

    • Since I already own a Vita, it’s kind of a moot point, but I can agree with this. A price drop would definitely help get those who aren’t as sure of the system or just want it for a few games to get the system. 

    • Elvick

      It’s not overpriced though. Well, 3G models are. $50 more for 3G, something you have to pay for extra… is stupid. Should be more like a $20 difference if they want people to pick that one since there’s not much benefit if you’ve got a phone you can use for wifi.

      Memory cards are overpriced, and all Vita’s should come with at least 4GB cards to negate the stupid “Sure the system is x, but you can’t really play anything without adding another y” b/s.

      It’s like Sony wanted to fail the way they handed some of their things.

  • Nicholas Stewart

    I wouldn’t mind if they made some kh final mix esque improvements to it then did a multiplatform release on 3ds and vita

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    I was going to make a Lightning Saga joke but… Square, do you remember these guys? They are all wondering when are they reaching HD consoles.

  • Ricardo C

    I want THIS more than FFX HD, FF Ultimate Collection Box, Versus XIII and I for sure without a doubt want THIS more than XIII-5 Lightning’s Legacy

  • Eilanzer

    god….stop thinking and do…HELL…undecided pussy SE ¬¬

  • Romangelo

    I imported it and I think it’s a lil bit too overrated by a lot of people…

    still want FFX HD more than this.

    • Elvick

      Based on your avatar, I can’t trust that opinion.

  • Shaun Huseman

    Uh all they have to do is release it on PS3/Vita in HD and it will sell like crazy. Seriously, the cross play aspect of it would be awesome too.

  • Justin Whiteaker

    He basically says nothing about localizing.

    More like he used the words “Localize” and “FF Type-0” in the same sentence.

  • Administrator Final Fantasy Th

    Release it on the 3DS :) Sales in Japan will be great, replicate the same success as Dragon Quest 3DS had – sold 1 million) and the 3DS is gaining momentum in Europe and North America. It’s a win win :D

    • Unless you don’t have a 3DS, but do have a PSP or Vita.  Kinda sucks for that crowd, doesn’t it?  Especially seeing as the game is already made for those things.

      • Kevin Tan

        A 3DS version would most likely be a move to ensure sales in the US rather than sales in Japan, since Japan already has access to the PSP version.  A PSN release for the Vita would’ve been an easier route, but Vita and PSP sales are not good in the West, which makes the localization costs for those platforms harder to swallow…

        • Elvick

          But this game is desired in the West, and a lot of people want it on PS Vita.

          Actually, any kind of commitment from Square Enix to support the Vita would help the system I think. SE just kind of released one actual Vita game worldwide, and it’s a new IP in a underserved, and not that popular genre. (whatever the Pikmin genre would be called)

          The only other one I know of is on PSP as well, and is probably staying in Japan.

          Square made some of the best games on PSP. At this point, there’s no reason to believe that will happen with the Vita. Since SE doesn’t give two figs about it.

        • LightZero

          Yeah it would be more suitable for us westerners over all but the Japanese don’t mind double dipping unlike us westerner gamers. They buy director cuts/International/Final Mixes all the time. 

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      There would be so much work required to make a 3DS version, they might as well upgrade it to a PS3 HD remaster.

      • Administrator Final Fantasy Th

        Like many others I got a PSP and want it to be released on that platform but seeing as Square Enix just posted a loss the last few quarters, releasing it on the 3DS would be more convenient as the user base is growing and would ensure them to recoup their costs. Dragon Quest VII was released on the playstation and yet its getting a re-release on the 3DS in Japan. Seeing as they had success with the previous Dragon Quest on the 3DS, I see Square Enix adopting this method for many of its games.

      • LightZero

        There would be work for the PS3 HD remastering as well. Unlike KH and FFX, Type 0 doesn’t have an established fanbase. The people clamoring for the game are only a small minority. Let be honest the western audience loves pretty graphics. However, if they release it on the 3DS they wouldn’t have do too much work with the graphics especially since the 3DS is closer to the PSP in power than the PS3 is. The only thing they would have to do is work with the dual screen and an optional 3D feature.

        Of course the PS3 and the 3DS are definitely options than the Vita is right now. Either way I don’t care (although my preference would be the 3DS). So long the game is localize it doesn’t matter what system its on. 

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    Guys, this will sell well. Please localize it or update it for the Vita.

  • Seeing this makes rage come to me like bile up my throat. We just want the game already. No sense in talking about it if it isn’t something new about it, and not just SE herp derp bs statements.

    • Yeah, seriously. “Due to market reasons, we are taking a clean slate in terms of our
      plans. We feel strongly about bringing this title to the fans in North
      America and Europe, so if an opportunity arises that can become a
      conclusive factor, we are prepared to go into consideration right away.” is just nonsense doublespeak word vomit.

      Squeenix, just say yes or no. It’s seriously that simple. Bloody corporations.

  • They really just need to kickstart this thing. While I’m against the abuse of such a program being exploited to make up for risk margins, its better than missing out of this title entirely.

  • MagiusNecros

    Absolutely infuriating.  Nothing else to say here.

  • Raze

    Saying it like that is almost the same like nowherezoned…
    C’mon…Just say will you translate it or not…

  • $36598391

    I just hope it’s a retail release and a PSN release if Square Enix brings it to North America

  • Margaret Chan

    I am not happy with an inconclusive statement like this. I want to play Type-0 and the biggest factor in why I won’t import it is because I can’t and won’t be able to understand anything. This type of statement is basically torture. Mental torture on us fans.

  • FFmax

    Well that was pointless, so there’s still no news on this game’s localization after all this time. What is going on over there? Lots of people are going to buy this. I don’t know what they’re afraid of.

  • ………………….

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    Well, a PSP version is not going to happen in the West. That’s a given. It’d be easiest to just port it to Vita or, I would hope, give to Bluepoint and have them make a PS3 version. The game will sell, even on the Vita, and in fact, it might be a way to get people to buy the portable. Still, I’d prefer a big screen version with trophies, myself.

  • Nori Hiraoka

    time for a fabula nova crystallis collection[XIII,type-0,XIII-2 or etc]

  • If it does get a Vita version, it might have more contents then the PSP version, I hope it can come to the US.  The PS3 version of Deadly Premonition didn’t come to the US until it was announced 2 weeks ago.  Also we just saw Mass Effect 1 getting a PS3 port for the first time, so anything’s possible.

    • landlock

      There doesn’t even need to be a Vita version just release it on the PSP and the PSN shop for the Vita. There’s still a handful of PSP games gettting released so far at least up until Feb 2013.

      Heck Ragnarok Tactics is just about to get a retail release still there isn’t really a reason they couldn’t have released it by now if they wanted to.  Sounds like the localization even started at some point.

      They don’t even need to dub it, a subtitled release would do even. I still think enough people would buy it to make it worthwhile.

  • No big deal, just keep releasing Eidos games that no one wants. Hey that Tales of Xillia looks mighty good, guess who is getting my money?

    • Considering how well the Eidos games sell, I’d say plenty of people want them. I’m fairly certain more people would buy those than Type-0. You might want to try not sounding so high-and-mighty if you want anyone to take you seriously.

      • vormeob

        Dumb comment from Darrel, though I can see why he’d be frustrated with SE’s lopsided focus on capturing the shooter enthusiasts, which isn’t just Eidos.  I’m excited for Tomb Raider though.  Still it’s funny seeing Ishaan telling other people not to act high and mighty.  It’s impossible to take seriously someone who acts like a typical forum scrub on his own damn website.

    • Scrooge_McDuck

       To be fair, those Eidos games kinda sell much more than the Tales games… Luckily they have you to even things out!

  • Andar

    Like pretty much everyone, I would love to see this game get a Western release. But right now we’re doing that whole thing where the company is sitting on their hands waiting for an invitation. But from who, exactly?

    My fear is that this will lead to something which mirrors the ‘Namco approach’ to the international game market as we saw a few years ago.

  • Sam

    So basically he said “if there’s a chance of a chance, we’ll think about giving it a chance”. Hardly conclusive or even positive-sounding, is it. 

  • I want this game for Spain. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!

  • They say opportunity knocks once, but I don’t believe the saying applies to them at all. I hate to say it, but I feel like they’re just making excuses. It’s been a year now. I won’t compare it to “other” games being worked on, but ugh this just makes me really upset :/

  • konsama

    It’s because it has no Lighting in it, if it was it would have been released ages ago.

    • sherimae1324

       but but seven is there oni-chan……

    • Herok♞

       did you consider the fact that it’s a psp game and we don’t many of those come out because of it a) being a dead system and b) it being a haven for piracy?

      • Did you consider the possibility that his comment was a joke?

        • konsama

          I’m glad there’s people that still get sarcasm.

        • Herok♞

          Yes I knew it was sarcasm, is there some kind of unwritten rule that says I can’t make a serious response to sarcasm?  Because if there is Exxccuusse me for responding to it.

          • Yeah, overreacting will definitely make me believe you. 

            Nice try, though.

          • Herok♞

            thanks I do my best to please skeptics. oh and the reason I replyed seriously in the first place is I am a ff13 fan but you would think thats a lie to right.

      • konsama

        Oh right, i forgot PSP games are meant to ONLY run on PSP’s right now, ad making it a digital-only game is impossible to them. With KHBBS and CCFFVII as proof.

        • Herok♞

          Yes PSP games can run on Vita but that doesn’t change the fact that if it is released as a psp game it can easily be pirated and digital only is possible but there are not notable digital only psp games and that would make it even easier to pirate if its digital. KH:BBS and CC:FFVII are more likely to be bought since they are physical only. Also if we are going to have a serious discussion about this there is no need for sarcasm. 

  • Syltique

    Guess it’s settled.  Time to import the greatest  hits version.

    • Federico Astica

      …and learn some Japanese.

  • Federico Astica

    SE, just hire a small of group of fans and they will translate the damn game in a couple of weeks. I don’t care if the audio is in Japanese, that’s even a plus.

    • MagiusNecros

       Supposedly the english script and VA work is complete but they are sitting on it for now waiting for a opportunity.  SE’s in a pickle here since Type 0 is supposed to diverge into a subseries.

      • KiTA

        Wow, SE must be broke if they can’t get through the final…

        Wait, we’re talking about a PSP game, aren’t we?  I would wager we won’t be seeing any more of those in the US, what with the Vita collapsing.

        This sucks more for SMT Persona 2 Eternal Punishment fans, really.

        • Hinataharem

          At least its possible to already play EP in english. Type-0 not so much

      • Budgiecat

        What opportunity? PSP is long gone in the West; only niche games sparingly are coming out. They need to probably upgrade the game for the Vita or PS3 at this point….

    • Herok♞

       I don’t think the translation is the problem here, the fact that it is a game on the most pirated system ever is, and I don’t think fans could fix that problem in a few weeks or ever for that matter since the damage had been done, the moral of the story is when people steal we all lose out on nice things.

  • Elvick

    “Prepared to go into consideration…”

    Good grief. If the situation arises, they’re just prepared to CONSIDER it?

    I hate you Square Enix. This just makes me fear for the future of this title even more. If they need an opportunity to consider it, then we’re doomed.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    *edit..dam phone*

  • Hidayat246

    Dear tabata-sensei,

    if u dont like to localisation type-0 maybe u want to make “Tokimeki Final Fantasy: Suzaku Magic Institution Peristylium ~ Oh no! I’m in Love With the Crystal’s Divine Guardian” as u showing in FF Anniversary confrence.
    i like it because i can married seven with ace ^_^
    please make it and will be happy!!!!!!

  • hehHxC

    port port port tired of hearing this word .localize this for psp and then buy the game on psn then play it on your fucking vita .. 

    • Financialy speaking thats not a great Idea do to Piracy, so a port is the better option.

      personally at this point I just whant the game.

      but to add to this the vita needs more games and a title like this could help(not by alot but its a step in the right direction)

      • hehHxC

        well what about the other that cant afford vita what about them .. ? im not interested in vita maybe ps3 release will be fine but for vita naahhhh .. ps3/psp US and Euro release so psp and vita can have this game . 

        • unless you can make pirating go away a port is the best option because there is almost 0 chance of this being localised any other way.

          the vita is the successor to the PSP so of course I’d say “port it to the vita” which needs games.

          of course even then I doubt this will be ported or localised.

  • saxophone15

    People are acting like it’s just a simple matter for Square Enix to localize the game. It’s obvious the staff wants the game to be localized, but there is some kind of problem preventing that from happening right away. We don’t know the full extent of the problem (unless you actually work for Square Enix) so we shouldn’t be acting like Square Enix is just ignoring it. I’m sure we will see a localized version of this game at some point…we just don’t know if it will happen sooner or later.

  • batanen

    If not to release on PSP or port to Vita, one possibility would be to release the game on PS3. It will probably be low-res release, but at least God of War games were ported from PSP to PS3. Don’t know how well those succeeded.

  • natchu96

    We would love to give you our money, SE, if you could just give us good reasons to . . .

    Though it’s usually the higher-ups in an organization that are the problem, and not the actual developers. Look at Megaman Legends 3 :(

  • Elly Honda

    get it together, Square Enix. Really now. Getting kind of ridiculous. 

  • RablaAndrews

    I started my third playthrough of Type-0 on the 27th to celebrate its birthday. It’s nice to know Tabata wants to get it over here, but, is this is the higher-ups interfering again?

    Like earlier this year when Nomura said he had Versus news but something was stopping him from telling us? I get the feeling something isn’t going too smoothly within Squenix in recent times.

    I mean, yeah, I love the Lightning Saga. But this black curtain around Versus and Type-0 is getting ridiculous…

  • Tails the Foxhound

    NeoGaf has a (conspiracy) theory going around that Type-0 is gonna see a 3DS port in order to get it out of Japan (since the PSP is pirated to hell and the Vita’s a non-option). 

    • Lol srsly?

    • I’ve been lurking NeoGAF for quite some time now and I haven’t seen anyone spread a rumor like that. Show me?

      • Tails the Foxhound

        Not a rumor, a theory. As in there’s no proof and they see no other way for SE to profitably bring the title outside of Japan. It was in one of the Media Create sales threads. I’ll look for it, hold on…

    • M’iau M’iaut

      I really hope you aren’t claiming some random neogaf post is worth any more than the paper it is printed on. :P

      • Tails the Foxhound

        I’d be happy to get it, but no I don’t put any stock in the theory. I was just sorta posting here since I saw the story.

    • Kefkiroth

      I don’t see why people dismiss the Vita immediately as a non-option. Vita is only a non-option because it needs more games. Type-0 would easily fit that role.
      Though I wouldn’t doubt it going on 3DS due to there being less difference in power to the PSP, so not much upgrading of the graphics would have to be done.

      • Tails the Foxhound

        With the way it’s tanking world wide, putting anything out on the platform is risky. Even more there’s noting high profile coming out anywhere until about February (Soul Sacrifice). Couple those with the major games coming out for 3DS (Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter 4, and Dragon Quest 7 ) within the next six months that promise to bolster it’s already impressive sales and you have a recipe for disaster for the Vita. There’s also the worrying situation that Sony refuses (can’t afford?) to lower it’s price to spur sales at all.

        • Kefkiroth

          That’s definitely true, but the thing is it’s tanking BECAUSE major games that would sell Vitas aren’t on it (like Type-0)… it’s a vicious cycle.

          I think the Vita itself compared to smartphones and tablets, and considering its hardware, $250 is a reasonable price (the 3DS was even $250 when it launched), but it’s mostly the overpriced, average-performance memory cards that drive people away. I don’t think the memory cards would be that expensive to produce.

          • Tails the Foxhound

            Yeah, that catch-22 the Vita has is pretty much exactly what the Wii went through, however Nintendo can always just Mario (or Pokémon/Zelda/ect.) their way out of that. Hopefully for Sony they can find a way out of this.

  • Christ

    Why are they waiting for opportunities, what is keeping them anyway? Is it that shitty song? Just replace with some dumb song, I DON’T CARE.

    • from what I’ve heard the song is important to the story in some way.

      • Christ

        Yes it is, but it’s getting ridiculously long and nothing happens.

  • Sigh… and this is why I’m studying Japanese.
    Waiting for companies to localize their amazing games sucks.
    And usually they don’t even get localized…

  • Chip

    I remember a time when it worked the other way around; Consoles relied on Final Fantasy games to make sales. Really brings home the contrast of Square’s quality.

  • Willi Meyhoff

    I don’t see how they can’t just put on PSN for Vita and PS3.that way they would avoid piracy by not having it on the PSP’s PSN.
    now that may be an ass move for those who don’t got a PSVita or PS3, but let’s face it, that may be the better choice.

    • Kefkiroth

      To remake the game for PS3 would be pretty expensive… maybe not as much for Vita though.

      • Willi Meyhoff

        yeah but I actually meant a direct port.

        • Kefkiroth

          They would also have to factor in the PS3’s additional input options (L2/3, R2/3, right analog stick) and possibly have to change some gameplay elements… Plus a straight port from PSP wouldn’t look the best on a TV screen in my opinion.

          • Willi Meyhoff

            while those are some point to take into consideration, they are not completely necessary though would help, specially the upscaling for the PS3 ver.

  • Happy Gamer

    This was the ONLY PSP title I have been stoked about along with monster hunter series, and the only FF title of the Fabula blah blah novus mobs series XIII.
    It seems genuinely fun despite being very different, yet it didn’t come over.
    I really hope it makes it here!

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