Agni’s Philosophy Not For Current Platforms; Versus XIII Still Going, Says Square

By Ishaan . November 3, 2012 . 1:30pm

Square Enix’s worldwide technology director, Julien Merceron, recently dropped a few hints on what upcoming news to expect from the company, in an interview with French website, Final Fantasy Dream.


Regarding Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Merceron stated that, as Square Enix president, Yoichi Wada, mentioned earlier in the year, the “product is underway” and that the level of ambition is making Versus XIII a very complex project in its realization.


“However, Yoichi Wada is pushing this team and project as far as possible,” Merceron says, adding that fans will be happy to have waited once more information on the game is announced.


On the subject of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Merceron says that in terms of the technology being used to develop the game, it shares a few things in common with Final Fantasy Versus XIII, although the game itself is meant to be rather different, although it will use certain elements of Final Fantasy XIII’s design and gameplay.


Merceron adds that development on Lightning Returns is at a rather advanced stage, and that Square Enix are using focus tests to identify the direction of the project, as it will be a unique episode in the Final Fantasy XIII world.



Finally, Merceron also mentions Agni’s Philosophy, the Square Enix Final Fantasy tech demo that was shown off multiple times earlier this year.


Replying to a query regarding Agni’s Philosophy, Merceron replied: “Well, around June next year, there will indeed be something different around Agni’s Philosophy, which will perhaps be presented on platforms that are different from the ones being used so far. I can’t tell you more, I can only say that it’s not going to be only on PC.”

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  • Kefkiroth

    So there will be some sort of tech demo/game on PS4/720/U I assume…

    Also, good to hear that Versus XIII is still underway.

    And it’s cool that LR apparently shares some elements with Versus… I suspected that due to it giving you more freedom in combat than XIII.

    • Noba boba

      PS4/720? Lolno.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        yeah you can see into the future.

      • Kefkiroth

        Chances are they will exist in some form and be on par or better than Wii U’s power so I don’t see why not.

  • SantiagodelosSantos

    So I imagine ps4, 720, and wiiu are the the consoles that will support it

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      Scratch Wii U from that list and I’d say, “Yeah.”

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Is that a hint that even before June we’ll definitely have stuff on the next gen platforms, I guess thats in line with the news of ps next news coming around the start of the year.? (or that the philosophy tech will also be on vita, and etc?)

    • Noba boba

      Your pic is disturbing.

      • Why is that, if you do not mind me asking?

        • Kefkiroth

          Seems like Magi yaoi with Aladdin and Alibaba… not that it bothers me.

          • Noba boba

            I take it nothing will ever bother you then, if that’s the case.

          • Kefkiroth

            Oh, I will assure you there are MUCH worse things out there on the internet that have screwed with my mind… but not this.

          • Noba boba

            Oh i see. Your mind must be very…eh “unique” i guess.
            Although i do agree that there are worse stuff, without a doubt.

        • Noba boba

          Google “Yaoi”, then google “Magi”, then you’ll know why it is disturbing.

      • Suicunesol

        Eh, not anymore disturbing than the pic with the giant boobs.

        (It’s just a kiss >_>)

        • Noba boba

          You’re really not comparing boobs to two male characters from anime kissing, do you?

          and yes i can tell it’s a kiss, that wouldn’t bother me, but it’s not “just” a kiss, look closely.

          • Luna Kazemaru

             does it matter?

          • Noba boba

            Lol internet people…
            Oh well, anyways, yes it does, it might not matter to you or that tiny little minority of people, but it does for others.

          • Luna Kazemaru

             @google-e438d5cc8f9c4e39bec4a7726ddf9301:disqus if it bugs you so much don’t look at it lol and the whole ‘internet people’ card doesn’t make you smart ok.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            *cough* homophobia *cough*

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            Yeah, you’re right. Two people shouldn’t have the right to display affection for each other just because you don’t personally approve…and I’m the fascist somehow.

          • Suicunesol

            I’m comparing because there are those who are offended/disturbed by the objectification of women through depictions of giant, anime boobs. But you don’t see such people complain about it –they ignore it and move on because they respect that people have different preferences and enjoy different things. Also, this is a video game news website so I would think video game news would be priority discussion material.

            If it bothers you though, you do have the freedom to stop looking at it. :)

          • Noba boba

            I see your point, though in all honesty, and we both know it, there is a crapton more people who dislike/feel offended by Yaoi than those who feel offended by over-sized beast boobs.

            Again, i see your point and i respect it, i also will take your advice and stay on-topic, provided no more trolls get involved in this discussion and keep this crapstorm going.

          • Suicunesol

            @google-e438d5cc8f9c4e39bec4a7726ddf9301:disqus  Yes, I know there are a lot more people who are offended by yaoi. That was the best comparison I could think of at the time. :P

      • Old Yaoi-hating tendencies die hard, don’t they?

  • MagiusNecros

    Wii U.  Believe.  I dunno.  I take what Square says with low expectations nowadays.

  • Noba boba

    Most likely, See’ing as Bayonetta 2 is going to be released on Wii U, agni’s philosophy being another Wii U release does not surprise me.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      I seriously doubt it. They said that it won’t be on systems we’re currently playing. The Wii U is a current gen system with current gen specs. It has more RAM, yes, but that is used to run the tablet controller. They’d need something more powerful to run the Agni’s Philosophy game.

  • Noba boba

    i’m guessing Agni’s philosophy is for the WiiU.
    Can’t see them releasing a PS4/720 next year lol

    • SantiagodelosSantos

      I fully expect at least one to be out near holiday 2013

      • Noba boba

        Then don’t blame me if you end up being disappointed, which is very likely.

    • Rick R

      Wii U could never run something that looks like that. Maybe the engine scaled back. June is E3 2013. Expect a PS4 announcement at the least, maybe a 720 as well. Sony is looking to beat them to market this time and I don’t think this news of new PS4 dev kits shipping right now is coincidence. They’re gearing up for E3.

      • SantiagodelosSantos

        I don’t think you can see a game looking like that anytime soon on consoles (games usually need a lot more resources from the hardware, more than a cutscene at least). I imagine the wiiu should be able to handle the engine quite well, but probably not as well as pc and other next gen platforms.

      • Herok♞

        Why do you say never like the Wiiu has been out for a while and we know its limits, last time I checked the PS3 keeps getting better as people learn how to unlock its potential.

        • Rick R

          The Wii U is comprised of older hardware. It’s only slightly above current systems. The graphics card it’s running has been available to PC gamers for the past 4 years, it can’t do this. We do know the systems limits. 

          • Herok♞

             Well, Miracles happen everyday lets just wait and see.

  • Symbol de Au

    June=E3 Could be any new platform.

  • We’ll be happy when we get new info on Versus XIII? That better be something like explaining what the story is about and how to play the game as well as features.

    PLEASE let this next XIII game be the LAST because the more time we spend following Lightning and the rest, the more absurd the narrative will get like cooked turkeys flying in the sky or humans swimming upstream like salmon.

    • Randy Marsh

      Clearly you have not been paying attention, Lightning Returns has been announced as the last game in the Final Fantasy XIII story. 

      • Eilanzer


      • O RLY? You forget Toriyama and Kitase want to milk Lightning and her world until they’re dry as a bone.

        • Randy Marsh

          I didn’t realize having three games was now consider milking.

          • XIII could’ve had a better ending without having too much clustered without a real epilogue.

            XIII-2 could’ve been an alternate tale away from XIII’s canon story and give Light proper closure but nnnnnoooooooooo…!

          • Randy Marsh

            Thanks buddy for your opinion, gonna do a whole wannabe Nostalgia Critic review next?  *sigh* People nag and nag nowadays that games are terrible. What happened to the good old days when people got games and enjoyed them?  

          • You just proved that you didn’t like the games, which amounts to… *looks around*… nothing. 

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            An alternate tale? Why would anyone want to play a “What If?” story? It’s why I never picked up Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. If it’s not canon, what’s the point?

          • Kefkiroth

            When it comes to Final Fantasy, people consider it milking because it’s the only story that has had three mainline games (not spin-offs as in Crisis Core, etc.), and it’s one of the most negatively received.

            Not that I mind (LR sounds nice), but I think it’s understandable why people are complaining.

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          If three games is milking, what do you consider the Mario, Sonic, Halo, and Ratchet & Clank franchises?

  • XGriever

    does anyone else find it annoying there constantly saying that we have to wait for information and that it will hype us up when we see it…then to just not release any info on the game apart from basically saying its heart is still beating…come on SE put Lightning to rest after this game and release Versus.

  • l777l

    Is Versus still for a current platform?

    • Yes. It is PS3. They aren’t going to change it. No reason to.

      • SirRichard

        Depending on how long it takes, they might end up shifting it to the PS3’s successor. Given that Nintendo’s basically forced their hand I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony’s gearing up to get that ready for display at E3, though it’s entirely possible Versus could be released on PS3 regardless, perhaps as a swansong of sorts.

        • It’ll be PS3, but I have a feeling we could see PS4 shown, not released until at least the year after though.

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          Sony have always traditionally released their strongest titles for a system AFTER its successor has been released. I don’t see why it would be different now.

      • l777l

        Yeah, it’s never happened that a project transferred from one generation to the next.

        • Never said anything to deny that did I? But even while it’s possible it’s not likely.

  • Settsuo

    *Yawn* You don’t say?

  • So to summarize, Square Enix has nothing of value to report. Nice.

  • SirRichard

    So, they’re going to actually make something of Agni’s Philosophy…next year. Good job, lads, I better pencil that in.

    Honestly I kind of wish people would stop asking about Versus, because no matter what they’re just going to tell us to wait for more info that they’ll never have. It’s better than having my hopes raise ever so slightly every now and then.

    • It is probably just further demonstrations, and showing it on a console, Wii U or one of the other two that will be coming eventually. Also you really can’t ask people to stop asking for information on Versus even though we will seemingly never get any because people really want the game, and there is way too little information released.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    How much do you wanna bet that Lightning Returns will be released before Versus?

    …just give me Versus already!

    • Ryos

      I’m not taking that bet because it’s pretty much a given that Versus will be released later if at all.

    • Randy Marsh

      Lightning Returns already has a release date for 2013, Versus has a release date of……TBA? So simple and clear answer, Lightning Returns is going to be released before your precious vague Versus XIII. 

  • Nicholas Stewart

    As long as that last line of “I can only say that its not going to be only on pc” isn’t a typo then 2013 will be a good year

  • saxophone15

    Nice to hear that there is a high level of ambition for FFversusXIII. I’ll be patiently waiting to see what they have done with it.

  • Yuriangels

    *sigh* nothing we all hear before.  why is it taking so long?!? tell me  Square Enix!!

    • I just don’t get it either seriously Square-Enix has really lost its touch on how to develop RPGs I think honestly if it weren’t for there handheld outings they’d officially have lost all hope… The fact other RPG makers are making RPGs within a 2 year span and Square can’t is just dumbfounding in my opinion…. 

      • LightZero

        Other rpg makers aren’t trying to push the hardware graphically. Crystal tool was tough for them to develop games and they mismanaged the game as well. HD in general hasn’t been too kind for most jrpg developers hence they prefer handhelds. Less risk plus they don’t have to make the game fit a certain look in order to generate high sales in the west.

  • theoriginaled

    Its unavoidable at this point. Versus WILL be a disappointment no matter what they deliver. Could be the best game ever made (It wont be) and all most people will remember is how long it took them to get it out of the garage.

    • Tetsuya was director from the start and he’ll likely still be so ’til the game’s finished and released. It’s not like Square will give Versus XIII to lesser developers who will end up making a cardboard cut-out version of Versus XIII baed on their own ideas of what they think it should be like as oppose Nomura’s vision.

      I’m of course referring how Gearbox ruined Duke Nukem Forever.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      Not really. If it’s actually really good, everyone will talk about how worth the wait it was and then forget about the delay. How many people remember how many years from announcement to release was FFXII?

  • So TL;DR: Uh.. yeah, keep waiting guys.

    Pic kinda related.

  • masaYT

    lightning returns…..urgh, she and her crappy games need to go away.

    Looking forward to versus but i have doubts that it will be any good,
    i mean all those years waiting for xiii and look how bad that turned out.

    • Since when was the first two games ever about Lightning? XIII was about Fang and Vanille and XIII-2 was about two dumb teenage time-travellers (think Bill and Ted minus being likeable or funny).

      • FFXIII had main characters?

        I must of missed the part where anyone was worth paying attention to o ,o

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          Ooops…you added an extra I to Final Fantasy XII.

      • LightZero

        Too bad I found Noel very likable, so I have to disagree. I don’t even see how he’s dumb when he has plenty of street smarts. Serah is 21 so yeah you should just leave it at I hate FFXIII in general and be done with it.

  • negineBIT

    Squeenix should stop giving the oh-so-called ‘hints’ and sublime answers during interviews. It’s really frustrating.. wondering how WAS Versus, the not-anymore-anticipated game to date. 

    The fans wanted to know a few things.. Does the project REALLY EXISTS and why the eff does it took so long? Rumored that Type-0 was taken to consideration to be released in NA. 

    Let me emphasize a certain word.. CONSIDERATION. All this time, we were waiting and the idea was just taken to a CONSIDERATION….  
    I was like.. =___=  

  • Göran Isacson

    I sincerely doubt that any fan will be ‘happy’ they waited this long, because it feels pretty darn clear that the reason for the wait was not that they worked on it and polished the concept to a mirror sheen all these years- the reason was a WAY too early announcement followed by what must be a mollass-like nightmare of corporate politics. No one will ever be happy they waited that long- they’ll be happy that thumbs were finally removed from orifices and something, anything, was done.

    Don’t mistake this for hating, I’ll be glad to play this once it’s out. But someone telling me that I’d be “happy” for waiting, considering the factors behind said waiting, well… I would like to tell that person that you, sir/mam, are full of the proverbial “it”.

  • How many times are we going to be told that vsXIII is still in development. I think I should be worried after the 10th time.

    • Herok♞

       We are going to be told 13 times before they are serious about it.

  • i had enough with FF13 and lightning, just finish versus 13 and i wanna see how good is this game, let say if versus got a lot of bug, i am gonna be very busy bashing the game from gamefaqs and siliconera

  • if i am u, i am more worried of what game i gonna finish next instead of waiting for the game that so called in development

  • Ricardo C

    Move along people. Nothing to see here.

  • MrTyrant

    This “Agni’s Philosophy” video was kind of cool. It was very realistic too and I hope to see a FF like that in the future. About FF XIII versus…mmh…oh..yeah they are “still working on it” sure, sure, I believe you SE.

  • So Agni’s Philosophy is an actual game? I’m kind of disappointed. It looks too western (ie, brown)

    • brown is good black is bad

      • bernard yanga


    • Luna Kazemaru

       I just bashed my head onto my table reading this…

    • “It looks too western”

      And that’s……….. bad?

    • Levin_Scorpius

      God forbid Square Enix actually branch out and do something different. You’d rather have Horribly-Done Sequel VII: Because Cash and Lightning’s Magical Not-Adventure: Final Fantasy XIII-4.5 than something different? 

      • I rather Mass Effect vs FFVI, where Garrus can snipe Locke.

        • too bad they all died in the end, or if you waited for the real end, kinda sorta just went to some island.

          But, Mass Effect apathy aside! I think I’d rather see some games from both regions. . . mostly because I really just want to play an RPG that has fluid combat, and isn’t bug and crash prone. . .

          • I just find some of the characters in Mass Effect more likeable than in VI.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      You’ve been here long enough to know the rules Bob. If you wish to blindly bash what you refer to as ‘too western’, take it elsewhere.

      • I hate to add fuel to the fire but, there is a valid point in there. At the FF25 anniversary event in Japan, a group of people asked square if they would try to make more Japan influenced games instead of resorting to their current objective which is to make more western driven titles.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Yet Bravely Default and all their Japanese phone games show they are doing plenty of titles targeting their home market. Even the Lightning publicity with oil paintings and poetry is far more designed for the Eastern audience. Any targeting of the west has to in part be understood as reactions to a gaming market in even worse shape than our own.

          Western bashing has too long been a ‘lighting rod’ on our boards and we have that rule on the books for this reason.

    • We see ONE video, and ALREADY we have complaints?? 

      You know, I would naturally agree with the fact that going western is rarely a good thing these days, but for the love of god at least wait for a couple more videos before you bring the skepticism!?

  • Square sure loves announcing things, lol

  • Levin_Scorpius

    Square Enix, you really need to stop focusing being the most technically advanced and making pretty little movies, and actually focus on making games. Y’know, like EVERY OTHER SUCCESSFUL company out there? 

    Also get some new people who can bring new and interesting ideas in and that are also GOOD at what they do. 

    • At this point, graphics doesn’t and shouldn’t matter anymore.

    • OathkeeperSoraXIII

      how can a company hope to be any better if they don’t push themselves? that’s why we see so many companies produce the same rubbish. Nomura has  said it countless times- they’re trying to create something incredible with this… to tell them to focus on making games is slightly ignorant considering the amount of game’s they’ve released this year and what they’ve got planned next year…just because those games don’t take your fancy doesn’t mean they’re not releasing games. Geez.

      • I would tend to agree with that line of reasoning. ..  if the product was worth the loss of time.

        Considering that Nomura is still pushing XIII after all this time, we can safely assume that they do want to give us the same thing, and to rest on their laurels.

        but hey, they got our money, so why should they fix what barely works?

      • Levin_Scorpius

        What I’m trying to say is not that they shouldn’t try to push themselves, but to do it in different areas while still regularly producing games that are notable. 

        Instead of just touting a small handful of AAA projects that are released with little substance in between, they could have their development teams develop smaller titles on the side to test out different things and have a greater deal of freedom in what they want to try to do. That way they could further their own professional experience and hopefully learn to avoid certain little things and habits.

        Now despite my bickering about how Square Enix does things (re-releases everywhere, Toriyama’s horrendous writing, treatment of their smaller IPs), I will say that they’re doing better with how they’ve decided to deal with FFXIV and the different things they’re doing with the XIII trilogy. I’m just saying that if they put their resources together correctly and utilized them properly, they could release a “big console title” that are all unique in what they are at least each year (though with the big budget AAA titles being obviously more spaced at like 2-3 years and other smaller notable titles being released between, with portable titles and re-releases being released appropriately whenever).

        Also importantly Motomu Toriyama needs to be forbidden from writing because he has proved himself incapable of it several times in a row now.

  • Versus 13 will be back, WITH A REVENGENCE! 

    Give it to Platinum Games, they’ll do something with it :3

  • Nitraion

    I can say SE lose their momentum on XIII versus if they keep doing this…..

    • If it’s seriously not ready for whatever reason, then it’s better not to talk about it at all. Reintroducing it with a name change(Final Fantasy XV?) would bring back hype.

      • Nitraion

        I just can’t justify their reason XD
        i know long development means good game but in this day and age with proper technology everything can be made fast i mean not rush… look at MGR the cause of disapearance is because they actually want to cancel the game then konami asked platinum and they can made it game back fast…..
        In versus case they want to release it but only “Want” but no real execution just some footage and that’s it… and they actually make another game that never mentioned before XD (Lightning returns or XIII-2 since XIII versus been teasing first) is they not confident what they teasing or what? XD
        “in development” excuse is not gonna convince me anymore….

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          i know long development means good game
          Not really though lol. Miyamoto actually says bad game will stays bad even if you had a long development time.

          Remember Duke Nukem?^_^

      • Re-naming Versus XIII as “XV” is the worst (not to mention the laziest) idea I’ve ever heard. Go to the corner and think about what you said.

        • Darrel Daley

          Naming it “Versus XIII” was the laziest.

          • OathkeeperSoraXIII

            not really considering Versus actually means something and latin and XIII is just because of the mythology for the series. calling it XV would be a stupid move not to mention people would just be like ‘they’re too lazy to develop a XV so they’re just renaming Versus XIII’

  • ZBaksh386

    i will believe them on versus when i see some new footage

  • Can Lightning Returns have Lightning kill Leona Lewis, Mortal Kombat-style? That would be great.

    • I don’t see any problem with Leona Lewis unless….you’re into those…wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub or simply different taste.

      • I didnt think she fit in the game, im with Steph.

        • Ok fine maybe she isn’t but to say something like ” kill Leona Lewis, Mortal Kombat-style” is just being childish.

          • The story mode in Mortal Kombat (2011) was much more adult than XIII. The power of friendship means nothing if you die a horrible painful death.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        I am amused at the thought of a planet with only two types of music. There’s a lot more people who dislike Leona Lewis’ music than just people into dubstep.

      • What the hell is wub? I don’t want Final Fantasy to be overshadowed by someone from X-Factor or any associated with Simon Cowell or reality TV. Would you really want Susan Boyle, Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson or (god forbid) Jedward to RUIN Final Fantasy?

  • $30632660

    How about that Braverly Default Localization…..

    • This article isn’t about bravely default so leave that when there is an article about it.

      • $30632660

        You’re right, it’s about a tech demo and vaporware, my bad.

        • vaporware is such a cool term…*sigh* im so childish.

        • Randy Marsh

          No, no, no this article is about games people actually care about. If you wanna talk about Bravely Default go to the pathetic “Bring “Bravely Default Flying Fairy” to the west” Facebook page that I love to spam weekly. 

  • OathkeeperSoraXIII

    already kind of figured LR:FFXIII would have VersusXIII elements in it from what they were saying when it was announced. i’m hoping we’ll see something for both games though at the JUMP Fiesta this year.

    as for Agnis philosophy i’m happy that they confirmed it was indeed going to be a game (although I kind of expected as much from the tech demo, followed by questions about what people thought of Agnis)

    also…I’ve been waiting for Versus XIII since the E3 trailer back in 06 was it? but I don’t continuously whine asking where it is. Every FF related article I read now always has at least ONE person asking where Versus XIII is. is asking where Versus XIII is going to be the new ‘we want a VII remake!!’? if so shoot me now.

    • I think people stopped asking for a VII remake when people realized Square would just find a way to ruin it.

      Honestly, if there was any chance (which they themselves have stated they would only do with their original full dev team) I would rather see it on the Vita or 3DS. Why? Well, it’d probably be because their handheld dept. seem to be doing the inverse of their console dept; That is, getting better at what they do.

      • People stopped asking for a remake when they realized SOMETHING was going to change regardless, and it didn’t even have to be Square’s fault. There’s so much with the game that would be controversial by today’s standards– The reactor explosion (terrorism) The Honeybee Inn, and that one game data with female cloud and all those guys– So much would change, and it doesn’t mean it would be Square’s fault.

        •  I don’t think any of those things would change, If anything they would probably be made even more exaggerated. . . considering how some of those scenes have become tame by standards of anime and manga these days. . .

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        I stopped asking for a remake when I realized they weren’t listening.
        And I would very much NOT want it on a handheld if it were to get made. That’d defeat the whole purpose of remaking it in the first place.

        •  Like I’ve said, the only people I could trust to make the game are either the original staff, given the room and freedom to work on it. Or the handheld dept., for obvious reasons.

          From all the evidence of how well Square’s console dept. handles characters, story and tone, I can just imagine how poorly the whole thing would be executed. Especially since the Cloud of today is more of a flanderization of his worst aspects in the original game (emo Cloud is popular, so let’s make that his primary character trait!). We have Kingdom Hearts to thank for that.

          Hell, part of me would love to see a sequel or full-on remake to FFIX. . . but, I have that knowledge that; even if I and some of the developers want it, it’s probably for the best that we leave that masterpiece alone. . .

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            What I would want to see is a full remake of FFVII with the voice acting and graphics of Advent Children. Yes, that would include the Cloud in drag scenes. But I would want the graphics to be as good as they were in FFXIII. It would be completely wasted on a handheld. Just punch up the dialogue, keep the script relatively the same, with some nods to Crisis Core here and there, and it’d be fine. Keep the battle system the same and use arranged versions of the music. Hell, I’d be happy with modern polygons against CGI backgrounds with voice acting. 

            Personally, as someone who actually enjoyed FFXIII, I wouldn’t mind if the people behind that handled it, as long as they didn’t change any of the fundamentals. 

      • echokanon

        I believe VII remake or sequel/prequel is actually in development, but it is constipated by V13 because they are afraid that the fans would be raged if another major game is announced before V13 actually had any new progress in  terms of info and such.

        knowing SE, you can have faith in them trying milk as much as possible from us

  • well, that’s nothing to get excited for.

  • I’ve really no opinion of Agni’s Philomena, but am I the only one tired of hearing about everything Final Fantasy 13 related?

    I mean, other than the spinoffs, and an actual Final Fantasy game on the
    3DS (Known as Bravely Default), we’ve had nothing but FFXIII this
    entire console generation (and no, I do not count outsourced MMOs,
    turned in-house project to save face, as numbered titles). The amount of shooting oneself in the foot on Square’s part is getting kind of sad.

    Looking back on it, was this REALLY what they wanted us to get all
    excited over? XIII was shi-. . . mediocre at best, XIII-2 was
    essentially an RPG that advertised itself as being “not as bad”, and now
    we have Revenge of the Sith. . . I mean Lightning: Stop hating on our
    Cloud Rule 63 fan fiction.

    Nostalgia aside, there was a Final Fantasy game for everyone in
    previous console generations. People who liked FF games had IX, and
    people who practiced wrist slitting and writing bad poetry loved VIII.
    Hell, the PS2 had the most bi-polar games in the series history, I
    cannot imagine what they were on when they went from X to X-2, to XII.
    But, they had some diversity and range in style. . . and quality.

    Hopefully Square focuses on actually making more than one addition to
    their franchise next generation, and doesn’t bet all it’s chips trying
    to sell up one game, that even they themselves admit hurt their
    credibility as developers.

    • Should Square developers take notes from Mass Effect and Deus Ex? Toriyama mightn’t since he’s thick-headed and believe every game should like X-2 to the point most of us will want Adam Jensen to do a lethal takedown against Rikku.

      • oh god no, last thing we need is to have 3 multi-colored endings that send out information or destroy it!

        Honestly, both Bioware and the Deus Ex devs are guilty of mismanaging their development. Mass Effect ending poorly (what with it’s blatant middle fingers to fans ranging from the quality of Tali’s photo being Photoshop, and that ending. . . which no amounts of BSing fixed), and Deus Ex wasn’t a very promising reboot to an older franchise (having critical parts of the game developed by another company really hurt the flow. . . who loved that end boss?).

        If anything, Square needs to relearn how to make their own games. Square reminds me a lot of Sonic Team during the ’06 and Unleashed period (aka the “DARK TIMES”). It’s almost unreal how little they seem to be able to do what came so naturally up til FFIX.

        • I mean atmosphere, characters, philosophy instead of that childish power of friendship nonsense and moe fanservice that still plagues JRPGs.

      • bernard yanga

        Sir I have a humble question why did you mention a western game???
        There is so many eastern game that great like the Persona/SMT Series
        and Disgaea series(These two Series not so great on graphic but the gameplay and Storyline was great), Tales Series and Dark Souls/Demon Souls.
        There is many JRPG’s that great the they should take note but because of square enix mind on FF for being innovative it started to go on a different.

        And I don’t want to see a FF series became a mediocre shooting sh*t!
        and Mass Effect 3 was sh*t anyways(I feel like ME 2 was the real ending)

        • Why does everyone have bringing up ME3’s stupid ending when I’m putting the franchise in a good light agains Final Fantasy? XIII had a clearly worse ending with a out-of-nowhere deus ex machina, Lightning APPROVING Snow marrying Serah and Leona Lewis’ awful song.

    • Should I take your comment seriously? You start by saying Final Fantasy XIII is the only FF we got this gen and it sucks. Then you go on to say FF VIII sucks. You obviously don’t like innovative and creative games. That’s your opinion, and you are entitled to have one, but you are obviously painting an unrealistic picture here. FF VIII sold 8.15 million copies while FF IX sold only 5.30 million copies. As you can see “people who like FF games” liked VIII more despite the fact it was different. The same goes for FF XIII. If the game is “shi-” would you care to explain to me why it sold more copies than FF X-2 and FF XII?

      • AkuLord3

         And should we use take your comment seriously?  Yup Games are good because they sold alot of copies that’s why they’re good.  Really? Are you talking like a gamer or a Corporate Lackey because there were alot of games back in the day and now that didn’t sell well but are known to be really great games
        Also to answer ur last question, Well Known IP + Hype= cash cow : P

        • Luna Kazemaru

          Yes because no one liked 13 and 13-2 it was only sold on name alone yep no one liked it and god forbid they did. I can agree sales for a game doesn’t mean that they are great. I might not like FF13 sure but I can accept that the games sold on more then the fact that its a known IP some people liked both of them despite what most think I can accept that you butt hurt haters really need to stop crying rivers of tears and and get over the fact people like the games. This little pissing contest gets silly after awhile move on we don’t not have to have the same arguments throw around over and over.

          • y’know what the funniest and saddest thing about this response is? I actually stated that I’m very much done with arguing over FFXIII as a game, in fact, even if I made some jokes poking fun at the whole thing; my original point (y’know, before I had to explain something as simple as sales not being a solid sign of game quality to Nadav) was about the overall effect it’s had this console generation.

            So, if you really wanted to not argue about FFXIII, please do so, instead of bringing up the old subject yourself; and claiming I did so.

        •  Games are not good just because they sell a lot of copies. But game that sale a lot of copies tend to be good. That’s just common logic. The only games that this logic doesn’t hold to are bundles (like the Wii + Wii Sport bundle).

          “Well known IP + Hype = cash cow”? That doesn’t explain why XIII sold more than XII and X-2. All three were hyped the same and XIII was on a console with a smaller player base than X-2 and XII.

          • “But game that sale a lot of copies tend to be good. That’s just common logic. The only games that this logic doesn’t hold to are bundles (like the Wii + Wii Sport bundle).”

            First of all, I think you meant “common sense”. There’s no “common logic”; if something is true only under specific conditions, that’s not logic anymore.

            Secondly, it’s quite arguable about that “sales = quality” common sense. “Game[s] that [sold] a lot of copies tend to be good.” – The keyword here is “tend to”; they could be good, or they could be otherwise – there’s no guarantee, so arguing about quality based on sales data alone is pointless. Some games sell more on brand name and marketing than content; and don’t forget that initial sales aren’t (always) made just because people already have first-hand experience of the game and know that’s what they want. (And you should define “good” here before the conversation devolves into arguing semantics. Then again, a game can have strong points and weak points in several different factors, so a blanket word like “good” or “bad” doesn’t say anything usefully descriptive.)

            Lastly, why are party/casual/sports bundles a specific exception to your statement? They’re just as much a game as others; in fact, they’ve existed since as early as 1983 – at least from as early as I remember. Besides, it’s entirely possible to make a casual game which serves its purpose without program errors and user inconveniences – which is the minimum threshold of what can be considered a well-made piece of software.

          •  Yes, I mean common sense. My bad. The reason I made bundles the exception to my statement is that a game that is always bundled with a system (basically Wii Sport is the most famous example) cannot be judged by sale numbers at all. Every person that bought a Wii outside of Japan got Wii Sports. Does it mean they wanted Wii Sports and would have bought it regardless? Some would, but I hope you can see what I’m trying to point out here. I have no doubt casual games can be well-made pieces of software (just look at Tetris), but their popularity can’t be judged by sale numbers if they are freebies. Games that sale for 60-80$ do allow to gauge popularity to a certain extend because people shell a substantial amount of money to own them. I know FF XIII got some money from FF lovers who bought it regardless of its content, but it sold well even relatively to other FF games and that means something.

          • Ah, okay. You meant “bundles” as in “packaged together with something”, not “compilations”. Thanks for clearing that up.

            And keep in mind, I’m not outright disagreeing with what you’re saying; I’m just saying it’s hard to state/predict something definitively in this industry.

      • I feel kind of depressed that I need to actually explain this to someone, but sales do not equal quality, or appreciation for a game. Buying a game doesn’t immediately mean that person “liked” it, please stop fooling yourself into thinking that bigger sales numbers mean they are more well liked. A lot of contributing factors go into sales numbers; from broadening audiences (the after math of VII and the huge shift in style from VIII set a precedence for the rest of the series, and brought in a lot of people who cared very little for the older games), to limits in stock, how long it’s print run lasted (taking into account for original prints and reprints of greatest hits), current market competition at the time of release, time of release in relation of it’s consoles life cycle, etc., etc., etc.

        Hell, reviews of FFIX are higher than most of the entire franchise; but I’m also willing to bet that has to do with a lot of more people voicing their displeasure with other games in the series; to the point of bumping FFIX up, thanks to easier competition. Hey, it’s a possibility. But in no way do sales equate to how great the game is, or how well liked it is. You paint a picture with numbers that you have no baring or understanding of, and claim that they somehow validate the quality of your statement.

        As for the game being a poor excuse for a Final Fantasy game, if you were so keen on pointing out my opinion was so important, why do I really need to even argue this? So many others have already pointed out the many flaws with the FFXIII-mini-series, going on any more about it is a complete waste of time.

        Innovation was a word you used, yes? Look, games can be innovative, but with innovation there needs to also be structure and a vision of what you want to create. The major problems I have with the ‘innovations’ in every FF game from VIII, X, XII and XIII is that they are less about adding new features, and more about restricting and adding obtuse and inane tasks to the simple act of performing basic gaming concepts, like putting on a hat. It’s the same innovation that made FFII such a strange mess (i.e. the ‘hit-yourself-to-gain-more-max-hp’ game). Instead of providing fluid gaming experiences that are built upon to support the overall combat mechanics, they throw what is essentially a wrench into the cogs and expect you to pull it out. Fun. Drawing magic, spheres, license board, chrystarium (which in itself was basically just the sphere system, if you made it into a straight line. . . the theme of that game, I know), they all basically tie your hands behind your back and add even more boring grinding and management to a genre that has enough of it!

        And all of this would be fine, if they would bother to work upon these concepts, and make them function properly. But every time they make a new game, they throw out any chance of fixing their mess of a system, and instead build another one that is just about as annoying. So no, innovation also does not equal good, not unless you actual make innovations that improve on core concepts. Here are a few great innovations that helped smooth up the genre: On-field encounters; as apposed to random ones, Save anywhere feature; as apposed to saving in specific locations, Banks/storage/infinite item space; as apposed to limited space, and the list goes on.

        •  Wow. You wrote quite an essay here. Here’s the deal. Our opinions are subjective. I like FF II, VIII and FF XIII. You don’t. Reviewers are also subjective. But sale numbers are not subjective. If a game sold a lot it means it was recieved well. And you cannot argue with that.

          Also discovering that you can hit yourself to gain more HP (FF II) or that you can throw an elixier to inflict 99,999 damage on a boss (FF VIII) are the best things in the Final Fantasy games. They show you can be more effective in battle if you are creative. You’re basically saying “I want all the FF games to be turned based RPGs with only the ATTACK action available”. You are wrong. 

          • “If a game sold a lot it means it was recieved well. And you cannot argue with that.

            Not necessarily. Valkyria Chronicles was received very well; yet the sales were low, so SEGA moved the series to PSP. I hear Okami encountered a similar situation. And Psychonauts.

          •  Yes. A game can be received well and sell little. But the opposite is not possible. Have you ever heard of a game that was ill-received yet sold like cupcakes? I haven’t. Impulse buys or “fan-base” buys do exist, but 6+ million copies are one hell of an impulse buy, if you know what I’m saying.

          • “Have you ever heard of a game that was ill-received yet sold like cupcakes?”

            Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

            No offense meant, but I don’t think it’s wise to make definitive blanket statements like “[Low-quality-high-sale] is not possible”. Especially not in this industry where the unexpected can happen often; just ask From Software if they expected their relentlessly hard Demon’s Souls to have exploded like it did.

          • Kerzie Wildrick

            call of duty sales like crazy yet it is utter crap

          • Elvick

            Just Dance was received poorly, but it sold a ton and spawned sequels too. Same thing with Carnival Games.

          • again, you mention me being wrong. About what exactly? Having the attack option only? What about the FFIV remakes, with both auto battle and attack options, surely having both must have made me fume with rage, right? No, because the concept of choice in combat and control are very miniscule, but effective. As for the FFII comment, it comes back to how far you are willing to take obtuse gaming ‘innovations’ before you are literally hitting yourself in the head to make any ground. Why have magic, when you can spend hours at a time drawing it from foes? Why learn your spells when you can spend hours killing things to put into other things? If that’s fun for you, fine, but in no way do these really innovate the game in any real significant way. At least not in terms of creating a better flow to the overall system.

            Also, zombies being weak to healing spells and items, and bosses being kill-able by use of phoenix downs were existent in FF games before FFVIII. And even then, it was a really cheap way of beating otherwise fun and challenging bosses. But then again, the baddies never played fair.

            Well received games also can have sales that in no way reflect their popularity. From Okami to Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, as I’ve stated before a lot of things contribute to sales, more than strong word of mouth or just how good/bad it is.

            Numbers are not subjective, how you skew them to match your views is. If you want to claim I cannot argue opinions, that’s all fine and dandy, but don’t pretend I can’t argue against what is ultimately you looking at big numbers and screaming “I win!”.

        • OatMatadoQuatro

          If you are talking about reviews you should have noticed that VII, X and XII have almost the same scores as IX. In fact, if you are really judging games by video game reviews then X-2 and XIII are also pretty good games.

          •  so, you missed the point of how you should not take sales or high reviews as solid basis for a game being good, eh?

            shouldn’t be surprised actually, but the least you could do is just write: tl;dr

            saves me the trouble of having to repeat/explain myself

    • Kerzie Wildrick

      dude FFVIII is the best FF in the series so get over yourself

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    It is sad state for SE here. If they don’t give any information about Versus, crazy rumour about the game being cancelled just pop out and cause those crazy sensation again.

    Now they give the info, all the people still complained. Sad state for SE now.T_T

    • Well, they didn’t really threw a lot of info about the game, they just came by to say “Hey, just in case you think it’s canceled because you know, we’re not releasing any kind info about gameplay updates, screenshots, teasers or slight plot reveals well, rest assured it’s not canceled!”, “So will you release any sort of reveals you’ve mentioned now?” “No, we’ve gotta keep it a seeecreeeet~”.

      With ambiguous info like that I wouldn’t blame some people to get a little bit upset, we’d like to know what kind of progress or updates the game we got since that last trailer from years ago although I guess they might be preoccupied about the reaction the fans might get given the large wait but hey, at least based on some feedbacks they might do some improvements… right? I dunno.

      As for me I’ll keep pretending I’ve didn’t heard anything about this game, the day they release trailers or gameplay reveals then I’ll start to ignite my hype :P

      Heheh, looking at Noctis there on the article it’s like he’s saying “When are you gonna take me out of this confinement Nomura-san? I wanna go to the outside world, I feel ready.”

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        I do know what you mean there but i mean, all of us already know that Versus never had those thing where SE keep releasing info for us just like The Last Guardian.

        The case where SE actually comes out to announce that the game is still going at least should reasure them that this game is still going. Rather than just go gun blazing and complaining everytime.

        • Yeah but not releasing any sort of info regarding the content of the game it feels as if that “it’s not canceled” statement as empty and even more given the huge a$$ time span since it’s announcement (I’ve didn’t ever heard of a game being taking this long to release and being this long without updates), it could lead to take many speculations and conclusions about it.

          Imagine it’s your birthday and your parents promised to you that they’ll be in your party and bring you a biiig cake and a “piñata”for you and all your guests and they have been teasing it to you days ago. So the party begins and all the guests are present, they’re having fun and all of that but after a while they’re getting eagger to sing you happy birthday, share the cake and break the “piñata” buut your parents arent coming, they call you after some time only to tell you “Er… honey, we’re having some dificulties but we’ll be there” and you just say okay to that and that happens again and again and by around late at night your guests are all leaving and thinking that the party was sorta enjoyable but still lame considering a big cake and “piñata” were being so anticipated but never arrived, you feel bad and your parents are still keep calling you to say they’re arriving but it’s already too late and by now you feel pretty frustrated or mad at it.

          This is pretty much similar to that situation , the birthday date and the party being the Playstation 3/360 lifespan, your parents being SE, the cake and “piñata” being Versus and your guests being the other games/content in your PS3/360… kinda, lol.

      • saxophone15

        “we’d like to know what kind of progress or updates the game we got since that last trailer from years ago”

        Years ago? That gameplay trailer was shown last year (though it is getting close to two years now).

        • You mean Agni’s Philosophy’s tech demo or Versus Trailer? If you mean Versus then I totally missed it and I’d feel weird about since I’ve didn’t felt any conmotion about it.

          • saxophone15

            I’m talking about Versus. The last trailer was shown January 2011. Late 2011 was when it was announced that Versus had entered full production.

      •  Why worry about Versus? When they have something solid to announce they will announce it. That trailer they showed is probably irrelevent by now. The game is evolving and will not be released in 2013 so no point waiting for it to do so. Meanwhile Square Enix is releasing other games you can enjoy. Did you check out Sleeping Dogs? Have you picked a copy of Theatrhythm yet? What about the new Deus Ex?

    • SE: Hey we are developing FFvsXIII. But we are sorry tht we can’t give any detail now. Here is some LR stuff to satisfy your craving.

      “Fans”: WT* at least tell us something!! 

      SE: OK here are some tidbits of Versus XIII and some other things we are working on.

      “Fans”: Stop working on anything else besides Versus XIII and I will believe it when I see it myself!!

      SE: *tableflips* FUUUUUUUUU-

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Indeed lol. I myself wanted to play Versus but i find myself always playing other new game that keep coming out.

        Hell, i believe “some” of the people who complained there never actually cares for the game but because they see SE mentioning the news, they goes crazy lol.

    • At least Square’s doing better on keeping secrets than the way Valve go on with Gabe acting like an idiot by changing the subject when asked about a new Half-Life.

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Well, i just see that as sign of Gabe not interested in coming out with new Half Life lol.^_^

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Hey folks group reminder here,  read the article and keep things on topic, and if you have made your point, please move on.

  • Heartless ㅤ

    Well, it’s good to hear something about Versus. I am glad that they are trying to break new ground with Versus, and I hope they succeed. I want the game to be  worth my wait. 

  • In this point in time I won’t believe in Versus XIII till I actually see it on the store shelf. Sorry SE.

    • SLick123456789111

       Just think , if it’s taking them this long for FFV13 , could we even fathom the number of years it will take them too complete & release Kingdom Hearts 3 ?
      Easily over 10yrs.
      Square isn’t “that” slow. They know KH3 is still higher in demand & holds more prestige than FFV13 & if they are willing to keep pushing back FFV13 for the reasons stated above , the same would apply for KH3. Unless of course their hypocrites & are not willing to put forth the effort for one of their most highly demanded titles.
      “Plus” , add in the fact that Kingdom Hearts 3 for sure is not getting released on PS3/Wii/360 , which will put it on PS4 & or WiiU. (Or Sonys Playstation 5 & Nintendo’s next home console if you add in the 10 years I gave Square to complete & release KH3). We aren’t seeing “released” , KH3 , until the mid two-thousand twenties. And that’s at the “earliest” , because we know SE doesn’t know how to prioritize & will most likely plan for too many titles at once than they can handle.

  • junjoontea

    I actually enjoyed FFXIII. I’m sadly the minority :L

    • Detrimont

      i enjoyed XIII as well, XIII-2 not so much(the only good thing about it IMO was the ability to go back to areas)

    • Nah its just tht the voice of the bashers is louder and catches more attention. I believe the ratio should be around abt 50-50.

    • Me too although my complaints about XIII is more reasonable than all the slanders haters would say.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      I too, enjoyed XIII. Although I will say XIII-2 had better game play and a better villain, I liked the party in XIII more.

      • There was hardly a party in XIII-2 to begin with so its understandable lol 

  • bernard yanga

    I feel like square is like a late grade student explaining to the teacher why is he late or something…..

    Teacher: Why are you late?
    Student: Ma’am I was kidnapped by aliens and then rescue by some unnamed hero.
    Teacher: ……

  • Spider-Man

    I’ve been waiting for Versus XIII since I was 14. Now I’m 20, going on 21 in February. Since then we’ve seen Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2, soon Lightning Returns, XIV/fixed version, Theatrythm, Dissidia/Duodecim, and all sorts of other FF related games. Oh, Kingdom Heart titles, too.

    And I’m sure Versus XIII will still be “coming along nicely” after a few more spinoff games in a few more years.

    • My gosh I’m so there too! Like really… I’m still excited…. but I’ve been waiting for this all of my teenage yearssss. Come on Square Enixxx! I know you wanna make it awesome, but we’ll be satisfied with anything at this point!

  • echokanon

    I clicked instantly when i see versus xiii, i regretted again.

    • SLick123456789111

       It’s become routine for the past couple years.
      Unless you see [New Versus 13 Gameplay Trailer] in the header , don’t expect any substance from Square in relation to the game.

  • It’s not surprising that Agni’s Philosophy will not be used for current gen games. That game engine is too demanding for current consoles and creating a AAA game for PC only is unheard of. I believe Square Enix licensed Unreal Engine 4 because they wanted to use it for the next games on the current gen consoles, while working on games for next gen consoles (probably not Wii U though) that will use Agni’s Philosophy.

    I appreciate SE’s decision to push Versus XIII to perfection. I can give them a few more years if that is what they need to create the perfect game. I just can’t understand why Lightning Returns is their top priority right now. I don’t hate the XIII games, but what’s the rush? Would Lightning Returns sell more if it is released in 2013 as opposed to 2014? I don’t think so. Even the best games lose steam if their company keeps releasing them year after year. And an RPG isn’t like a sport game – it require major overhauls each time. It makes no sense that they intend to release Lightning Returns next year. It’s like SE has a split personality: one persona is holding a game for years just to make it perfect while the other persona just wants to get a game as fast as possible to retailers.

    •  it’s simple, really. They put all that time and money into developing a gaming engine that ultimately was under-utilized. So in order to make up for the huge dip in costs, they are recycling the engine as much as possible.

      It’s hardly an unheard of tactic in the gaming development, but it’s rarer in certain companies; like Square.

      They also want to strike the kettle while it’s still hot. . . or rather, luke warm. They are very much aware of how little staying power FFXIII has, and how it has left the franchise in a bit of a bind, so they want to get all this FFXIII-potential-money out of the way now, while there are still people willing to give them money for it.

      Now, that might seem like it’s a cash-grab, and that is because that’s exactly what it is. Really, I’m just waiting to see what they can do to fix FF after this.

      •  Not just the engine, but all the assets. The art, character designs, setting, along with the engine, took years and millions of dollars to develop.

        Each new FFXIII game costs less time and money to develop than the previous one, which means they can be far more profitable, even if they don’t sell nearly as well. It’s a way of collecting on that huge initial investment.

        Like it or not, it’s becoming increasingly necessary for companies to take these kinds of actions as certain genres become more niche and development costs skyrocket.

  • heartless141

    does that mean Wii U is outta the picture as well? :o

    • Elvick

      Wii U isn’t current gen. It’s next gen, it hasn’t even started yet.

      • heartless141

        Hardware wise, it’s not that much better than current gen is what I’m thinking.

        • Elvick

          Define “not much better”.

          • heartless141

            It is better in term of hardware, yes. But it’s no where a jump like ps2>3 Xbox>360, in term of ANYTHING.

            If anything, the wii was in the same gen as ps2 and Xbox for all I care about in term of hardware. Nintendo simply caught up.

          • sd28

            your opinion is not a fact it is better full stop and part of the next generation of consoles  

          • Elvick

            Based on what exactly? Your preconceived notions of what it can achieve?

            And we don’t even know how significant the jump to next gen will be for Sony or MS either.

          • heartless141

            based on the fact that i tried out tekken tag tourney 2 at Tokyo gameshow, and the game lagged badly, as bad as playing online with a bad connection.

            granted there were mushroom and stuffs popping around, but if it can’t handle that, i really doubt it’s gonna be much more powerful than the current gen.

          • Nope if you do the research you will see that the Wii U does have next gen tech in it might not be a monster beast PC like people think PS4/X720 are gonna be which honestly I highly doubt with rising development costs that that will happen but Wii U’s tech is very much at least newer tech that will push the bounds of what X360/PS3 did hell its already doing that with games looking extra crisp and clear at full 1080p running at 60 frames per second with some games already (Rayman Origins being a huge example of this and while New Super Mario Bros. U might only be 720p right now even that looks a lot better running at the high frame rate that it does).  All in all though the true test for Wii U will be all the software that comes out in 2013 in its first year in the market with games from Retro , EAD and others coming i’m sure especially the next 3D Mario title. 

          • heartless141

             with just that, i’d say it’s a perfected(?) current gen. not a next gen.
            as i said in another comment, tekken tag tourney 2 at TGS lagged badly when i play it, so it cannot be all that ground smashing.

  • Nice update on Lightning Returns! I look forward to seeing how the tech is in this game.

  • SLick123456789111

    Would be pretty interesting to see ( PG)Platinum Games make an RPG in the near future.
    Kind of like a sexy cross between Disgaea & Pokemon.
    Of course with the added flair & creativity PG is known for.

    • uhmm…what exactly does that have to do with the article?

      but that would be kinda cool.

      • SLick123456789111

        Good question.
        All I’m reminded of when I see Final Fantasy these days is Disgaea lol.
        Far as PG & Pokemon go , it just randomly came to me. (Plus PG hasn’t made an RPG or a terrible game yet.)
        You take the intrigue & appeal of both titles into account :
        –Evolutions (& the multiple ways they are conducted & can have different outcomes)
        –Rare Candy’s (No Joke)
        –Legendary Pokemon (Or Legendary “Individuals” in PG’s Title)
        –Ability to “Catch” Enemies
        –Different Items traits used/prepared to help make the above (Ability to “Catch” Enemies) an easier task
        –Multitude of Elements
        –Multiple Shelters/Centers that treat your situations Differently

        –In-Depth Story
        –Level 9999 (Re-Playability Purpose(s) if nothing else)
        –Flexible Turn Based System
        –Multitude of Weapons
        –Creative Classes
        –Team Abilities / Team Specials
        –Grinding Spots
        –Over the Topness
        (As well as the negatives) & create an easier , hybrid system to understand than Disgaea , but a meatier one than Pokemon , one that you can sink your teeth into for hours.

        Of course the story would be something original & all PG’s , because they never worked on a lengthy story for an RPG before , but I’m sure they would be able to create one that would keep peoples interest until the end without having to drag on certain segments for too long.

        Just a random interesting concept impo for PG to tackle , & for them to yet again add another genre’d title to their elaborately , non-tainted & diverse library of titles.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Umm what does PG had with SE there?

    • sophiaaetheria

      Platinum Games already did make an RPG. Its called Infinite Space, and its absolutely amazing. Check it out.

  • dotzeno

    I think they realized Final Fantasy Versus XIII doesn’t have quite enough crystals in it… yet.

    • komiko12

      yeah. A Final Fantasy game has to have a crystals!!
      Versus should definitely have crystals as it is part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis.

  • I don’t even care how long they willl take for Agni to be released or what kinda game it’ll turn out, I simply fucking love the character and setting. As for vXIII, as long as Wada does not interfere with Nomura SE may take all the time they need. I wanna play it and I will import the Japanese version d1, no matter how long I have to wait for it to arrive. 

  • masaYT

    Hopefully the cash-in that is “Final Fantasy XIII Light returns” flops and hurts their sales.I blame the fans for Squares downfall to be honest, stop buying these crappy games and helping their sales, maybe then they will put more work in their games.

    That Agni game will just be like FFXIII by the looks of things too, all the work on graphics. Gameplay, story and character development will suffer.

    R.I.P Final Fantasy games of the past, may you never see the day when FF becomes a shooter/FPS.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      I never understand hw can people actually loves to see a company fail there when all of their actions is linked to its employees future.

      If SE actually do badly, many of its employees will lose their jobs where the current economy is doing badly. Not to mention many game company is having trouble to stay floating.

      I don’t think we need more company failing to cause the whole game industry breakdown again.

    • Randy Marsh

      Wow, your grammar is terrible! I may be flagged by the mods here for speaking off topic, but seriously wow, just wow. 

    • You’re really terrible for WANTING the game to fail. Plus the fans that would kill FF is those who roar and scream AGAINST XIII and glorify VI. To hell with the old school games!

    • Tien Ron

      to wish bad fortune on a company because you don’t like it is an awful thing to say.
      you don’t have to buy  

    • SLick123456789111

      & the same could be said for CapCrops. Of course , they have even less sense , so that battle for better may take a while longer.

      Also , Final Fantasy won’t reach it’s past prestige unless it goes back , back to the drawing board , back to what made the franchise such a hit in the first place.

      It doesn’t take much:
      Mario caught on to the idea early , Rayman recently with Origins , Pokemon has kept it’s head high while other RPG’s continue to change & look who sells the most , Disgaea adds more while keeping the game the same way the fans like it , Mortal Kombat , etc had to go back. No game is perfect , but when deliberately changing a certain mold , your title stops being itself , what made it stick to the wall , it becomes something else & that’s where the problems stem from more than less.
      This is elementary btw.

      (Side Note : I look at SE for KH , not FF. They’ve shown more interest in KH than FF imo. Despite the touting of new engines for new FF’s.)

      • Elvick

        Um, Rayman Origins sold poorly. Somehow was profitable, but it sold no where near what it should have for being so good.

        • Luna Kazemaru

           sales=/=games being good

          • Elvick

            What on earth are you getting at?

            I never said anything about sales meaing a game is good. I said Origins sold poorly, was profitable, but it didn’t sell anywhere near what it deserved because it was a great game.

            Take your ‘tude elsewhere.

    • Elvick

      XIII-2 already sold less than XIII did. I expect Lighting’s trip to Gamestop will sell less than XIII-2.

      • saxophone15

        From my point of view, FFXIII-2 was expected to sell less than XIII. It’s not a main FF title and for a lot of people it may just seem like something extra or optional that doesn’t really need to be played.

    • LynxAmali

      -may you never see the day when FF becomes a shooter/FPS.

      That day has since longed past.

      Dirge of Cerberus, man.

      • LustEnvy

         You shut your whore mouth! I liked DoC… but then again, I’m a Vincent and Yuffie fanboy, so anything with them in it… well… :(

        • LynxAmali

          I like it too. My favorite FF game, next to IV, X and XIII-1.

          I was just cracking a comment about the shooter part.

          • LustEnvy

             I was kidding. :)

            But yeah, I like the game enough. It’s definitely pure fanservice though. It’s rather mediocre otherwise. They need to make finish that story up, in any case.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Morning. Next time leave the wishes for companies to fail and folks to lose their jobs somewhere else. Let folks have their fun regardless of your personal opinion. Warned.

      • Juan Baker

         First of all, we’re talking about VIDEO GAMES here. I hope you understand this concept…

        Second, He didnt wish for the company to fail(and people losing jobs). He wished for a game they produced to do poorly so they would, in effect, learn from that mistake and make a better game.

        He’s blaming us, the fans, for the problem in the first place. You need to read what he said again.

        What the hell is going on with all this corporate defensiveness.

        God forbid a crumb falls off our hobbyist community table.

        • Which makes it even more stupid and immature, lol.

        • Luna Kazemaru

           lol this kid.

        • $30632660

          It’s best to just leave it alone.They will always resort to the “losing jobs” arguement whenever someone wishes a certain franchise to stop being made, as if that’s the only franchise that company has under their belt.

    • FFmax

      Lol at the stupidity from this comment.

    • Anastasios Androulidakis

      Except… the fans aren’t usually the ones who buy any games directly from Squeenix. Retailers are the ones responsible for buying crap in mass. Then the crappy games are purchased from the retailer by the consumer.

  • Dolly

    i like ff13 as a series, (though I have to say I liked 1 more then 2 even if it was being pushed down a corridor the story development made some sense, the characters kinda limitedly evolved) where as 2 idk I could barely finish it. So I’m not too bothered about the development of 13-3. Having read about it so far (this whole 7 days and nothing in game 2 mattered because it all comes down to a very short 20-25 hour game) I’m not enthused for. I feel like we’ve paid 3 times for a game that if stuck together could have been a complete game. 

    Seeing the news about type-0 “possibly” making it over and then another probably 4 yrs before we see versus is why fans are like D: please stop trolling us square. i’D be happy to sit and play that because it’s a much more traditional ff game that we’ve all grown to love and hold the series very close to our hearts. Which is what I’m hoping for in verses. I think what really happened is they had so many ideas and changes for the project and they couldn’t realize half of them so years kept flicking by and they had to stabilize it with all the spinoff sales and buying out a more well recieved studio and now they realize. 

    That because of the wait fans expectations are going to be gigantic. Considering we’ve been waiting  (i’m going to take a stab and say like 5 yrs now I lost track) most of us are expecting the game to sing and dance by this point (and rightly so). Which is why it’s likely they’ll eventually piggyback off the new gen consoles and site “limitation of technology” for the eventual shortfalls of ps4/xbox720/whateverthey decide to name them. 

    The only positive in all of this is the 13 series is coming to an end so they’ll have to come out with something. 

  • Evan Groman

    I know that almost all the comments here are about how angry you are over Versus, but God, just LOOK at how many comments there are. Versus is an extremely powerful force. Even though we’re all bitching about it, we all know we’re going to buy it the second it comes out. I’m amazed at how much publicity this game generates.

    • SLick123456789111

      Unlike the majority of people who buy VideoGame products based off the name brand , I (& the patient minority) for one will be waiting until someone completes the title & gives a worthy review over youtube weeks after it’s release , as well as (or) sit through a few LP’s Part’s of the game.
      That way the patient & smart minority will know whether the title is worth the investment , based on whatever it is each individual is looking for out of the game.

    • $30632660

      I didn’t buy Duke Nukem Forever when it came out, so your point is moot.

      • MrRobbyM

        The difference being Duke Nukem was garbage and Versus looks to be the most promising FF game in recent years.

        • $30632660

          People only knew Duke Nukem was garbage AFTER they played it so what makes you think Versus will be any different.

          Most promising FF in recent years? Is that a joke? What are you basing that off of? A CG trailer or 1 gameplay trailer?

          • MrRobbyM

            like it or not, yes. Even FFXIII, the worst FF in recent years imo was a pretty fun game. Just from a few trailers, I can tell it’s going to be great.

            Final Fantasy has its bad moments but Final Fantasy is still a quality series.

          • $30632660

            Knowing a game will be great and thinking a game will be great are two different things.

            You won’t know until you actually play the game, which you haven’t.

          • MrRobbyM


            All I’m saying is that I know it will be a great game. At least better received than FFXIII.

    • Type9

      Not much to be amazed about considering its lengthy development cycle. At least, for the informed.

  • Tien Ron

    i personally think Sqaure needs to just shut up and stop talking to it’s fans…. just do your work 
    it’s so annoying that their giving all this talk about oh fans it’s on it’s way, no it bloody isn’t  just stop talking and get your work done when it’s like 70% complete then start showing trailers and talk about it.

    • FFmax

      This man right here speaks the truth.

  • amagidyne

    Do they mean they’re bringing over the tech from the Agni video to a game later, or is Agni’s Philosophy actually being turned into a game? The video had some cool ideas, so either one would be nice.

    • Seems to hint Agni is going to be a game of some sort.

  • Honestly, I expect that we’ll suddenly see Final Fantasy Versus XIII resurface, rebranded (perhaps simply as Final Fantasy XV), and with less than a year until release, just like with Final Fantasy Agito XIII.

    People had been saying that Agito was canceled or vaporware, and then all of a sudden, “it’s Type-0 now and it’s coming out in five months.”

  • Rogerrmark

    So sad FFVersusXIIII news without lot’s of complain about FFXIII, bitching about KH3 and glorification for FFVI-X don’t exist.

  • karasuKumo

    I saw some interesting speculation about LR being connected to Versus through a timeline. That would be cool but sort of cheap, like if Lightning became the goddess that is in the Versus universe and Versus was set in the future after LR. I wouldn’t put it past SE to do something like that. I can already picture a pre-rendered cutscene after the credits of LR showing Noctis and a release date for Versus. It would be a good way to break the news but that might just be my own wishful thinking.

  • Tylor Makimoto

    So, does this mean something for the Wii U, or is Microsoft/Sony revealing their consoles in June?

  • SirTeffy

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII is quickly becoming the new Duke Nukem Forever in terms of vaporware.

    • LynxAmali

      It still needs a few more years at the very least to even be close.

    • Brandon001

      sounds like you’ve hopped on the bandwagon of people that were saying this, yet this is really old.


    • Elvick

      Vaporware is “Agent”.

      And VS XIII has never switched development teams, and never will since there’s no point. So it’s nothing like DNF.

  • IshimaruKaito

    i guess we can only wait and see wat happens

  • Sam

    My prediction: Whatever game the ‘Agni’s Philosophy’ video is from will be announced as in development for next gen consoles. It will not be a launch line-up game, and will be released at least a year after the announcement, but probably longer.

  • DCBlackbird

    Take your time square enix you got a big serving now finish at your own pace just dont throw it out because it cost a lot

  • PragmaticSoul

    Haha, I just love how you’re not allowed to speak a single negative word about SE without being labeled as a “hater” for not blindly following their bull****. This game was announced when I was in middle school, I am now in my second year of college and there is still no concrete news on this. That should speak for itself.

    You want to know why people keep calling this game Vaporware? Because it’s steadily heading down that road. I’m willing to bet I’ll have a Master’s Degree and 3 kids before we get another trailer, nevermind the actual product.

    I had a lot of faith in SE, but they’ve opted to be viewed as a joke. Before the PR Reps and attack dogs want to jump on me with “take your hate somewhere else”, where else is there to discuss SE and Vs13 besides an article about SE and Vs13?

    It actually baffles me how anyone is still holding their breath for a game that, after what is almost 7 years, lacks any concrete info. I’ve gone down the pragmatic route and accepted that sitting around and waiting for Vs13 like a 5 year old waits for Saint Nick on Christmas is just not worth it. I intend to see what the reviews for this game are and not purchase it strictly out of blind faith that “it’s gonna be worth the wait” because quite frankly, and I think you’ll all agree with me on this one, there will be more important things to worry about by the time this game finally hits the shelves.

    tl;dr No game is worth 7 years. By the time this game comes out, you’ll have better things to do.

    • saxophone15

      Don’t you realize you are the cause of your own frustration? If a game is taking a while (and you can’t handle the wait) then you should just do something else to take your mind off of it until it does come out.

      • PragmaticSoul

        Wow, you could not possibly miss my point any further. I stopped caring about this game a long time ago. My point is there is no excuse for a game to take this long. Is this honestly acceptable to their fanbase? Talk about sheep.

        Your point would work in the case of Smash Bros. Brawl which, while it was delayed a few times, at least had the decency to try and remind the public that the game still exists with actual info as opposed to “wait moar pls.”

        • saxophone15

          Sure seems like you care to me…getting all worked up because the game is taking a long time to release since it’s announcement. I see you’re also one of those that likes to throw the “sheep” term around.

          • PragmaticSoul

            I’m not getting worked up, I actually find their inability to make coherent decisions quite comical. I know, you want to believe everybody that dares to say something negative is just hating on Square Enix and that the FF13 series is their greatest triumph and that comdemning a game to development hell is a good market strategy.

            I’m a person who often has lengthy opnions. Just because I wrote a lot doesn’t mean I’m passionate about it. I write lengthy opinions all the time, like this response right here. Just for your information, there is a difference between getting worked up and stating an opinion. You see it as I’m getting worked up over the game and I see it as simply stating a practical opinion, albeit a long one.

            If it looks like a sheep, talks like a sheep, and walks like a sheep… The SE fanbase seems to be the only portion of the gaming world that doesn’t see that SE is a joke these days. They’ve been sailing on brand name alone for quite some time. Heaven forbid anybody shed some light on Nomura’s impeccable works of art or Toriyama’s brilliant storytelling without instantly being crucified by them.

          • saxophone15

            I don’t mind criticism for a game or a company, I just don’t agree with your views. From your original post, you imply that a game is not worth playing anymore simply because it’s been in development for a long time. Why should people genuinely excited about the game just stop caring? If a game is good (to me), I buy it. If a game is bad, I don’t buy it. It doesn’t matter how long it took to make or who made it.

            Just so you know, I don’t think FF13 was their greatest triumph. Linearity and lack of exploration are valid complaints. For me personally, I didn’t care about those things so it didn’t affect my enjoyment. Story and music are highly subjective however. 

            I don’t think anyone can believe that the development time for versus13 is part of their “market strategy”. At the moment, there is no market strategy as they haven’t been trying to advertise versus13 since the last trailer over a year ago. I think there are two reasons for this. First, they don’t want to take attention away from their other major games set to release within the next year. Second, they don’t want to start marketing the game again until it’s closer to completion.

          • PragmaticSoul

            Finally I can reply to this even if it is a week old. I’m saying that by the time they finally decide to release this game (not looking like any time soon) most of the people who first heard about it will probably have bigger things to worry about. I also believe it takes a special kind of person to honestly still feel the same excitement for this game that they did almost 7 years ago with almost no info on it. Also, I’m saying that there is basically no excuse for SE. By taking attention away from their other major games, do you mean those games that nobody gives a damn about? The ones nobody asked for? You mean Birth By Sleep 2 or Lightning Returns?

            I know you don’t, it was a sarcastic insult. I didn’t mean marketing strategy literally; but to some extent it is, seeing as they keep pushing in back in favor of other games, which in turn is taking Nomura’s team away from him, which in turn is making the game take longer.

            My hostile tone is not directed towards you, but rather towards SE.

        • MrRobbyM

          The thing is, most work on the game has been put on hold in favor of other games. I don’t think they planned to have two sequels to the first FFXIII game which would explain why their plate seems pretty full. To be honest, this would never be a problem if they didn’t announce it so gosh darn early.

          In the end, SE is a company so if they see an opportunity to make more money(FFXIII sequels and DLC), they’ll take advantage. I’m not saying they’re not at fault, I’m saying that it hasn’t been in full-on development mode for a long time and is probably just now getting into action.

          • PragmaticSoul

            I appreciate your response. You indeed have a good point. Yes, SE’s problem is that they seem to always go for the cheap way out, stuffing their plates with another unnecessary project. They make a million spin-offs nobody asked for, just to see how much they can squeeze out their fanbase. Their strategy for KH is so genius; tell the story backwards then release a spinoff to explain the BS plot element that magically comes out of nowhere (but this isn’t about KH). Anyway, I don’t think they had planned to give Light 2 more games; I feel for a fact that 13-2 was an apology for 13 and then they assumed that either it would sell like hot cakes or that the DLC would make up for it not selling as strongly (it was the latter). They use that revenue to make another title for Light.

            I love your point about them revealing Vs13 so early. They should never have announced it as a compliation. If they had spread out the reveals they would be in a much better position.

          • MrRobbyM

            I agree that I dislike how they’re treating the KH franchise. I lost most interest in it after Re:CoM just because it was getting too complicated. Too much story spread across too many games.

            I think SE, especially in Versus’ and Type 0’s case, need to focus on one game, release it and see how it does before announcing an army of different games altogether. Working on them all at one time is a different thing, but announcing it to the fans and then keep them waiting is just evil.

  • PragmaticSoul

     Is this the thought process that’s running through the heads of the people still holding their breaths for this?

    SE needs to stop trying to redefine the gaming market; they’re simply not capable of it. There is a difference between pushing yourself and reaching beyond your boundaries. “Square is making a million spin offs that nobody asked for; cut them some slack.” Also somebody needs to banish Toriyama for the love of God.

    • Toriyama’s output has been consistent and good, so I’d have to disagree.

      • PragmaticSoul

        It’s not the amount that he puts out, it’s the quality. I pity the poor soul that considers his writing good.

        But that’s your opinion so I can’t tell you that you’re wrong.

        • Eh, he’s about as bad as Nojima to me. I think people are a bit too harsh in terms of writing in the game industry as a whole.

          But to each his own.

  • Elly Honda

    i love SE, but theyre really out of control right now. seriously. 
    theyre just doing whateverthe eff. 

  • sd28

    some people still like it you don’t find something else that you prefer and play that in stead its rather simple

  • sd28

    no we do not we have no solid information on the system and how its been customized even better we know even less about the other systems so making a statement such as this is incredibly silly.

  • sd28

    so  we are already playing the wiiu good to know

  • sd28

    I will care more about this tech demo when it becomes a game since there going to have to really scale back and work on it since they sad it was incredibly unoptimised and a massive cash sink 

    • why did you comment four times in a row?

      • sd28

        was meant to reply to some one looks it came out as four different coments sorry about that

  • protofox

    when this all started it was gonna be ff13. ff13 versus, and ff13 type 0…wish they would stop making the female cloud games aka lightning,  and actually focus on versus and whatever the localization issues they are having with type 0. if 13-2 and 13-3 werent being made im pretty sure all that extra man power would had versus out on shelfs by now..instead of trying to milk the living heck out of lightnings totally randomizing storyline because its now a cash cow.

    • $1484028

      maybe, not likely.

      everything we’ve heard thus far is that FFXIII and FFvXIII have completely separate staffs.other than Nomura himself, the fact that work is being done on one doesn’t rob staff from the other any more than it ever did when S-E worked on half a dozen games at the same time in the past.

      and one of the big fallacies that fans keep claiming is you simply throw staff at a project and it just works out.  if a game had a staff of 100+ it must be automatically better if you throw another 100 at it!
      that’s really not how production, of any sort of product, really works.  if anything, you’d risk causing more delays than anything else.

  • wahyudil

    next year? XBOX720? or PS4?

  • I hope this doesn’t turn into an actual game. The last thing we need is a FF filled with Middle East people and Ak-47s. The music in the trailer was horrible. Generic and about as bland as it gets.

    • Ike Vengeancy

      At some point of the video, sound effects as magic was overpowering the music, and the AK-47 fired shots was overpowering the music because each close-up shots depended on the character’s point of view in the beginning. I don’t understand your point here, Nick. The music was well balanced after the female character jumped out a building and the sound effects were making an emphasis. Yes, the AK-47 should be much more louder because you’re comparing this from the real life, but this is in the Final Fantasy World and some effects are just adjusted. I think you’re just hating and not look into specific parts of the video.

  • cooldude012

    And what’s the news about kingdom hearts 1.5reMIX? Is it even going to come to Europe or not? Anything on Final Fantasy X HD either?

  • Guest

    I personally think people should stop trying to force games out of them. I have the feeling that when Final Fantasy XV comes out, everyone will start lauding over Square Enix again, but another group will also find everything possible wrong with the new entry, as they did with FFXII and FFXIII (and as other groups have done with every single game franchise in history). I am sort of hoping that Agni’s Philosophy becomes a game in its own right. It had so much potential. Personally, I really enjoyed both FFs mentioned, am willing to wait for a full rounded and bug-minimal Versus XIII and am hoping for a moving personal story acted out on a grand vista with a compelling backstory for FFXV (and that FFXIV-RR salvages Square Enix’s reputation.

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