DmC Devil May Cry Has A Practice Dojo With A Real-Time Command List

By Ishaan . November 3, 2012 . 10:30am

DmC Devil May Cry has a “practice dojo” where players can practice combos, Capcom have announced. This mode will include a real-time command list that lets you view button inputs as you try out different kinds of combos and weapons. Gametrailers have uploaded footage of this and you can watch it below:



DmC Devil May Cry will be released on January 15th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. A PC version will follow at a later date.

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  • Airgetlam

    Seems like a good idea. They should also add the option of choosing different enemies and letting them attack so you can develop strategies for dealing with them.

    • ZBaksh386

       that would be awesome.

    • Göran Isacson

      Kind of like the training modes in most modern fighting games, yes? That is one neat idea, got to admit.

      • Seconded. I get a lot of use out of the “customizable dummy” system in Tekken‘s Practice Modes.

  • Is that the Japanese release date or the US one? Confused because it’s a US developer on a japanese game.

    • Samurai_Heart

      Actually it’s a UK developer, you may know them from the two games: Heavenly Sword and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. Jan 15 seems to be the for EU and the US, whilst Japan get’s it 2 days later.
      Edit: Forget to name them =P, it’s Ninja Theory

  • Matías Lopepé

    The music in this video almost made me do the Million Stab on my monitor.. frigging good!!

  • Richard N

    Last combo was pretty sick. Actually being able to follow up on Stinger makes the grappling mechanic look all the more enticing. 

  • Some of the animation blending is a bit choppy, but I don’t give a poop. I love fighting game-like mechanics in my games, and will pick this one up ASAP. 

  • I hope we (the players) can enter this training room anytime and not only lasting a couple of seconds… I’m looking at you, Bayonetta.

    • Crevox

      Pretty sure you could practice as much as you want in the options of Bayonetta?

    • you could stay in Bayonetta’s training mode however long you wanted by pressing select or something.

      • Well I never heard or read or such before but I already traded in my copy.

        • Marcellus Guerin

          Yeah, I didn’t find out until the end of the game. You have to press start or select to stay in training mode. 

        • It’s true; you toggle the indefinite/definite states with Select while the stage is loading. I suppose the game could have made that clear. Or even better, just have a separate training mode.

  • So basically -exactly- like bayonetta’s training mode? The only thing they changed was the background colour..

    • isfuturebright

      That’s what came to my mind… is DmC being schooled by Bayonetta? :P

      • Domii

        No way. DMC is DMC, and this installment is looking like it will follow up on the greatness of DMC1 and 3. 

        • TrevHead

          I’m getting as much an El Shaddai vibe from DMC as I do Bayonetta

      • Bayonetta’s too jumpy, clustered and difficult for my taste. I rather hurl my enemy in the air and keep them up there by shooting a them.

        • Which you can do in bayonetta, she has guns you know…4 of them.

    • Well, it’s a training mode. Bayonetta doesn’t exactly own the patent for it. LOL.

    • Fr33Kingdom

      Come on guys how could we turn a training mode into a bad thing? Did bayonetta invent and patent the training mode feature? 

      • It’s not a bad thing, but it shows it being just an after thought feature since this is just a copy/paste from bayo with a change to the background colour.

        Anarchy reigns has a training mode too, and with AR, platinum games have already evolved the format for a training mode, mainly that you can configure it exactly to your preferences.

        Instead of iterating on AR’s training mode and perhaps adding the ability to change even the enviroment, ninja theory went back to a format which P* has already deemed inferior; especially since this seems like an actual mode and not a very clever loading screen feature as it was in Bayo.

        So no, not a bad thing, but definitely an uninspired one.

        • Fr33Kingdom

          No. See Bayonetta didn’t invent the training mode. Other games have had training modes. This is a game where a training mode would be beneficial, they added one in. That’s all this is. There is no proof that it’s an after thought, that’s bullshit and i’m sure you know that. Second we don’t have any idea what settings are available for this, but the point is, they have no responsibility to do a training mode like or “better” than a game that hasn’t even released in america. And if the training mode is inferior, that doesn’t make it an afterthought. If the melee in say uncharted, isn’t as good to some people as say arkham, does that mean melee was an afterthought? And are you really complaining about a training feature, almost the definition of an extra feature since it’s still not technically a fighting game? Really? You’re putting a negative spin on them making a training mode likely because you are negative towards the product as a whole. No one who isn’t already negative towards this could look at it and think “clearly an afterthought, anarchy reigns did it better”. 

          A training mode doesn’t have to be inspired either. The rest of the game is so you’re reaching for weak criticism. I MEAN SERIOUSLY? WE’RE COMPLAINING ABOUT A TRAINING MODE?! ARE YOU GONNA COMPLAIN IF THE CREDITS ARE IN BLACK?

          • I actually already played DmC well over a month ago and no I’m not negative towards it, but thanks for making such a sweeping assumption.
            And I never said bayonetta invented the training mode, but it is to date the only game in it’s genre that offered one, and the way they included it what was so clever about it.

            No dmc had a training feature, bayonetta pops up with one, and now this DmC has one too, which happens to look -exactly- the same.
            But unlike bayonetta where it was a clever feature, here it’s an added mode, on which it seems like you can’t customise anything about it which in turn makes it inherently pointless unless you believe DmC will only have that 1 enemy for the entire game.

            Combos and tactics in these games are highly dependant on what enemy you are facing, and the amount you are facing; this makes the actual game a far better “training mode” than the actual training mode.
            P* realised this point and made the training mode actually worthy of being a mode in AR.

            Ninja theory instead is just taking an empy space, puts one immortal enemy in it and calls it a day, which from a development perspective, takes a programmer maybe 30 minutes to add; it’s lazy and thus yes uninsipred as hell.

            Imagine a game like Street Fighter 4 where the training mode consisted of nothing but an immortal but immoble AI, that did nothing but take punishment….you can’t honestly believe that could be considered as a “good” training mode right?
            No, it would be considered lazy and uninspired, because ultimately it would serve no purpose besides using dial a combos in a situation that would never be presented to you by the game itself.

          • Fr33Kingdom

            Ahhh i did make an assumption about you, but you do realize you just did the same about the game right? You’ve already made the claim that that the training mode offers no customization features when this is the first we’ve seen of it, and the game doesn’t come out until january. That’s a bit too early to be an afterthought, just saying. And yes, i did not respond well to you making the added feature a negative thing. If only one game in the entire genre has this feature then it’s not exactly necessary is it? Then it’s addition at all is considered a positive right? You can’t make the comparison to street fighter 4 while crediting bayonetta as the only game in the genre to do it, AND on top of all that not actually knowing the extent of the feature. 

            The way i see it you might not be inherently opposed to the existence of dmc, and for that i apologize, but many are, and because of that they will take every opportunity they can and make any claim they can to somehow insult the quality of the game. If you look at something and want to come up with reasons why it’s bad, you will find them. Even if it’s not you, people that agree with you will use your opinion as some attempt to validate their belief that the game is low quality and doesn’t deserve to exist(not that it should stop you from voicing your opinion). People will make up idiotic crap to pretend as if they have any reason to hate this game beyond “it’s not the same as the dmc i knew”. So i’m very sorry for assuming you were one of them. 

  • AaqibRawat

    not many moves 
    or new moves for that matter 

    every move is a variation of what we have had or seen.

    why does the scythe have prop shredder rather then the sword ? 

    • Kris

      Because it’s now the scythe’s designated launcher. The style system from 3 and 4 is out, so some of the moves have been spread across the new weapons. 

  • Göran Isacson

    Neat, kinda like that mode in Bayonetta/various fighting games, only filtering out moves to only display those of the weapon he’s currently using? That sounds like a pretty helpful way to help people train their movies, although now I’m curious. It’s been a while since I played Bayonetta, wonder if that mode was available as a mode of it’s own, or if it was just there during loading screens.

  • Domii

    While it looks like it’ll be a little slower than DMC3 and 4 (60fps), the combo system looks the same as if not more complex than the other two. I’m loving it so far.

  • Is the move list at the top right showing only the moves you can pull off at the current instance with the current weapon? If that’s the case, it’s a really convenient feature.

  • Cephrien_Takusukai

    Okay. That was f***ng cool. I don’t care what any one says.

  • Joao

    this is cool..

  • Joao

    first time I see no negative comments when something new about dmc comes out…

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