Phantasy Star Online 2 To See Balance Changes Soon

By Ishaan . November 4, 2012 . 12:00pm

Balance changes and new feature are headed to Phantasy Star Online 2. Sega have posted a list of these on the game’s official website, and fansite Phantasy Star Fan Blog, has translated them for convenient reading. Here are a few of the highlights:


  • Request: Lower the experience requirements for levels 41+
  • Staff’s comment: Requirements will be lowered. Measures for the experience points to not go to waste in case of already high level characters will be necessary.
  • Implementation date: Beginning of November


  • Request: Increase the drop rate of Rare Items in Very Hard Quests
  • Staff’s comment: Drop rate of 7-9 star items will be increased. Additionally, since the appearance rate of Rare Enemies will be increased, the drop rate of 10 star items will be automatically increased as well.
  • Implementation date: Beginning of November


  • Request: Make Techers stronger
  • Staff’s comment: Performance of Wands and Techer specific skills will be increased.
  • Implementation date: Beginning of November


  • Request: Allow us to download big game updates in parts beforehand
  • Staff’s comment: It will be possible to optionally download the updates beforehand. A system allowing to play while downloading an update will also be introduced.
  • Implementation date: Middle of December


More of these requests and corresponding fixes can be viewed at the link to the Phantasy Star Fan Blog above.

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  • Simply awesome. =)

  • Really hyped for those changes. Too bad we’ll have to wait until December for the matter board drop “fix” – it sounds like it could be implemented anytime…
    Anyway, thanks for linking to us!

  • Curan_Altea

    Oh cool, most of those were things I was actually wanting. I’ve decided to stop playing until US release though. I have enough games to play as is. 

  • Forces are weak, eh? Give them Sazonde back from PSP2:i :3

    I’ve been waiting for the US one. 

    • .

       They always seem to ask for a rebalance of techer abilities… and then it will come to the point people are always asking for teams comprised only of techers so that they can all collectively nuke everything with their Psycho Wands. Maybe this is just a PSO tradition now…

      • YES. Y’know, I think  might main a techer this time. XD

    • Triplicity

      Forces are fine; it’s Techers that are the problem.

  • Settsuo

    The way it’s formatted almost makes me think the Phantasy Star dev team are genies or something. 

    Fictional Request

    * Request: Phantasy Star Online 2 for PS3 please.

    * Staff Comment: Phantasy Star Online 2 shall be released for PS3, but It will require a great deal of time to implement. Let the Vita version get settled and we’ll get back to you on that.

    * Implementation date: TBD late 2013/early 2014

    I wish….

    Overall nice addition and I can’t wait for the US version to drop.

  • 60hz

    Sigh still waiting to get a new PC…

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