Xseed Not Pursuing Over My Dead Body For PSP; “Plate Completely Full”

By Ishaan . November 5, 2012 . 1:20pm

Xseed’s name tends to come up when readers discuss Over My Dead Body (known as Ore no Shikabane wo Koete Yuke in Japan) for the PSP. By virtue of it being a game that almost no one has heard of, intrigued fans putting their hope in Xseed localizing it isn’t too surprising, given their strong PSP support in recent years.


Unfortunately, Xseed are not pursuing Over My Dead Body, Executive Vice President, Ken Berry, revealed to Siliconera in an e-mail.


“Tom [Lipschultz] was pushing for ‘Ore no Shikabane’ a while ago, but I don’t think we will be pursuing that title anytime soon,” Berry shared with us. “We have our plate completely full right now with quite a few unannounced titles.”


Xseed’s next upcoming release is Corpse Party: Book of Shadows as a download title for PSP. That game is slated for release this winter.


[Slight correction: Ken Berry is now Xseed’s Executive Vice President.]

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  • rumor is they are doing rune factory 4

    •  I hope to Gods this is true as it means someone will gain more interest in publishing it in the EU…

      • http://www.vg247.com/2012/11/03/rune-factory-4-port-teased-by-xseed/

        I just hope its physical like it should be I really hope they dont screw it up

        •  XSEED dont do EU localisation. Rising Star tend to as SirRichard mentions. I dont know why Im worried, we’ve had them all so far.

          Back on topic for OMDB, its a real shame no one is actively looking it at. A friend had the original PSOne title and I’d be VERY interested to buy. It looked like fun. And the PSP upgrade had very nice polish from what I can tell.

          • I have 3 copies of the original. 2 sealed, 1 for playing and its phenomenal. 

      • SirRichard

        If past trends are any indication, Rising Star Games are looking at RF4 for Europe already. They’ve already got one Harvest Moon out on the 3DS to establish a base and all.

    • ThatAzure

       That’s a rumor I can get behind :D

    • LynxAmali

       Isn’t RF Natsume though?

      Haven’t they been publishing those games themselves for a while?

      • Yeah I assumed Natsume was to publish it but XSEED did published Frontier so it isn’t entirely out of the blue.

  •  They must be busy not translating Grand Knights History or Trails in the Sky SC.

    • Brandonmkii

      lol, so wrong.

    • Raze

      GKH was done translated IIRC….
      But XSeed can’t release it because of some issue with vanillaware…

      Trails SC is fakken long dude…
      Maybe we need to wait…At the very least…Mid 2013…

    • SpecDotSign

      lmao awww. low blow man. good one, though. 

    • they in fact completed grand knights history TL but they need tech support from vanillaware to finish it off but they were overwhelmed with other games

      • JazzyMan123

        By “other games”, you mean VW right?

    • JazzyMan123

      lol, what? Try harder.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Too bad they finished translating GKH before getting screwed over by Vanillaware. If people want to be mad at someone in this whole situation, be mad at them. Sadly, that’s usually not the case and they get off free because of it.

      As for SC, they’ve said numerous times that they are working on it, but they only have so many people and it’s a huge game. Not to mention their options were kind of limited before…

      • JazzyMan123

        This. Your first paragraph. I’m baffled at how some people are so oblivious to such an obvious answer.

  • Sony should of done it, really the PSP may not be so hot in the West but would it kill them to localize something digitally for the platform?

  • Brandonmkii

    XSEED having unannounced games makes me feel good inside.

  • Niles Schwarz

    I pray that one of those unannounced games is Senran Kagura Burst. Please XSeed, please ;~; 

  • William Carpenter

    Here’s hoping for some Summon Night action instead.

  • burucchi

    All aboard the hype train for Ys Celceta, guys.

    • Please let it be SC + ZnK.

      One can wish, right?

      • burucchi

         Still got 3rd before ZnK! But Celceta’s the priority for me, SC soon after, hahaha.

  • Julien_N

    That’s bad news for those who were waiting for Alfa System’s game, but the XSEED staff member said there were other unannounced projects! Can we still hope for Senran Kagura? %D

    On an almost-unrelated-note, I would like to see Alfa System produce new shmups instead of mostly doing outsourced developement for SEGA or Namco Bandai…

  • BloodyNights

    Fate/Extra CCC is the main title that I really really want to be localized over here, that and Sol Trigger. :o

    • tubers

      Sol Trigger looks sexy :) I’d love an Eng. version!

    • Raze

      That’s the job for aksys dude…

  • $3587643

    Maybe they should announce some of those titles so we can all either rejoice or curse their names already.

    • Ryos

      The problem is that if you announce too early, you end up with another Arc Rise Fantasia scenario where someone swoops in and steals the license by offering a better deal.

      • Hraesvelgr

        The whole thing with ARF was really shifty and we ended up getting a worse off product as a result. Really a shame. It wasn’t the greatest game, but it certainly deserved better than what Ignition gave it.

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        Interesting, I’ve never heard of this. Who originally grabbed ARF? One of my favorite JRPGs (after undubbing that sucker) actually.

        • JazzyMan123

           Ignition. Though I thought everyone should already have known this…

  • Thuggin Love

    Well,I hope most of their unannounced titles come in physical format don’t really care for digital.

    • andref

       I hope one of those titles is Rune Factory 4

      • Blesmi

        They got an itch that they gotta scratch, afterall.

  • Gildohma

    I really wanted to play this in english too…

  • Nameless App 1989

    Anybody hear anything yet on the possibility of localization of Senran Kagura?

  • neo_firenze

    FALCOM PLEASE.  I’m 100% OK with Xseed not having resources to devote to other niche titles if Falcom games are the reason for that lack of resources.

    Ys Celceta *should* be a no-brainer, and I will never give up supporting localizations of the Trails series in any format (PSP, PS3, PC/Steam, etc).  I just can’t ignore the most vibrant and interesting RPG series currently going in Japan, and the closer to caught up we can get in the West, the better.

    • burucchi

      This, 100% this, haha.

  • Peeka Chu

    Isn’t this being remade/ sequelized on the Vita? I thought I saw something about that at Sonys TGS – maybe SCEA will bring it over.

    • sandra10

      Yeah, it’s getting a sequel on the Vita. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Yp_5v_FyKs

  • Xseed is too busy with amazing popular games like Orgarhythm and Sumioni to work on something like this…

    • Ryos

      The popularity of games (particularly in Japan for JRPGs) doesn’t translate directly into the viability of a particular property’s license here.  The more popular a title is, the likelier it’ll cost a lot more and thus place more risk on the licensee.  XSEED, I suspect, is not swimming in gold vaults on mounds of cash that can be thrown at every high-priced license.

    • Elvick

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but those two titles don’t seem like they would have required much translation. I’ve only played the demo of Sumioni though.

      Even still, compare that to the work involved with an RPG… and who knows what the unannounced stuff is. They could both be large RPGs.

      They can’t always throw their hat in with RPGs. Have to pad it out with other stuff that takes less time to turn around.

    • Ladius

      I really can’t see how those two projects have any correlation with them not picking Shikabane.

      Not only they are pretty tame in terms of texts to localize, but one of them has been released months ago. It’s more likely that their localization manpower forced them to limit the number of concurrent projects, and since they have still to complete the gigantic Trails in the Sky 2 and are likely working on Ys Celceta I think that’s fully understandable.

  • Nickie

    Unless it’s the Summon Night series for PSP my heart has been shattered. Such ‘wonderful’ news to come back to after work. For shame, Xseed, for shame.

    My apologize, I forgot to thank siliconera though for taking the time for to ask Xseed for us, thank you again.

    • JazzyMan123

       Machinemaiden I presume?

  • sherimae1324

    but atleast can you localize the sequel for this game that will come out on vita….

    pleeaaasseee XSEED..^_^

  • Shaun Huseman

    Im completely fine with this if they release Trails in the Sky HD and the sequels. Plus, Id rather them do Sol Trigger before this game.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Since we’re all on the hope train…..come on, Ys games on GOG!

  • Nyandroid

    Unannounced games, I shall be looking forward to your reveal! =^w^=~

  • Hopefully one of those unannounced titles is Senran Kagura Burst.

    • My thoughts, exactly! If we’re lucky they announce plans for the entire license so we get SK: B and SK:SV. At this point I don’t care if it’s digital only, I just want those damn games!

  • Sol Trigger, Senritsu no Stratus and/or 7th Dragon 2020 please. Last Promise Story and GachiTora would also a nice bonuses ^_^

    • Ladius

      Senritsu is a Konami game and I can’t see them handling the licence (and believe me, I would love to play another Nudemaker game after the gorgeous Infinite Space), and since NISA has a publishing deal with ImageEpoch I don’t think Xseed can localize Sol Trigger or LPS (or 7th Dragon, since that one is developed by IE and published by Sega). Gachitora could be feasible though, and if I remember correctly Lipschultz played and liked it.

      • >or 7th Dragon, since that one is developed by IE and published by Sega
        : (

        7D2020 is currently one of thew few, if not THE one, game I truly want translated.

    • You read my mind.

  • Ladius

    I hope there’s room for Trails in the Sky 2 and Ys Celceta in that unannounced game list :P Still, it’s great to know they’re working on lots of project, and the Corpse Party BoS announcement was great news for anyone invested in the series previously localized by them.

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