Kingdom Hearts 3D At 650,000 In The West; Sleeping Dogs At 1.5 Million

By Ishaan . November 6, 2012 . 8:30am

As reported last night, Square Enix reported a $68 million loss for the first half of their ongoing fiscal year, from April to September. Square have cited sluggish sales of a “major HD title” as one of the primary causes for their performance.


While Square Enix didn’t specify just which game it was that underperformed, they did provide shipment figures for their major recent releases up until September. Take a look at the numbers below:


(PSP) Final Fantasy III – 80,000 (JPN)


(3DS) Heroes of Ruin – 130,000 (US/EU)

(3DS) Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy – 150,000 (US/EU – JPN not included)

(3DS) Kingdom Hearts 3D – 650,000 (US/EU – JPN not included)

(3DS) Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D – 900,000 (JPN)


(Wii) Dragon Quest X – 700,000 (JPN)

(PC/360/PS3) Sleeping Dogs – 1.51 million (US/EU/JPN)


650,000 copies of Kingdom Hearts 3D shipped to the U.S. and Europe should put the title somewhere near the 1 million mark worldwide. As of May 2012, Kingdom Hearts 3D had sold 312,000 copies in Japan. We also know that the game sold over 200,000 copies in North America during the month of its launch.


The Sleeping Dogs number is interesting, too. Square Enix’s report describes Sleeping Dogs as a “highly-acclaimed new IP” and one with top-class sales among new IP titles in North America during the last one year.

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    That seems kind of low for Theater rhythm. Kingdom Hearts deserves those sales though, Sora x Neku otp. I need to get back to it, one of the funnest KH in years.

  • those japanese games sold very very well

  • James Beatty

    “(3DS) Kingdom Hearts 3D – 650,000” 
    So, if you combine that with the JPN sales it should be a little less than 1 million right? That seems good, right? Especially with the Special editions of the game which i believe sold very well. 
    Heroes of ruin looked like it bombed. It was an ambitious title…but it wasn’t very good. The demo completely turned me off, and that seemed to be the case with a lot of people 

    • you also have to take into account this is the earliest a KH has ever been on any platform by no less than 4 years…………..

      install base is a crucial factor and it still sold that well.

      It will continue to sell for years

  • Raharu95

    So it was not Sleeping dogs  that was that tittle that everyone thought it bombed. wonder which one was it then.

  • I put a lot of hours on Theatrhythm but not that much in Kingdom Hearts but I will get back to it eventually. I need to play Sleeping Dogs again so I can play that new DLC Nightmare on Northpoint.

  • Carlos Escalante

    So it is not Sleeping Dogs, then? Final Fantasy XIII-2? Quantum Connundrum?

    • raymk

      Nope its still sleeping dogs, FFXIII-2 still can’t be it because its not part of the fiscal year.

      • Budgiecat

        1.2 million is not sluggish for a new IP not even developed by S-E….especially if they didn’t even invest in it towards development lol they picked it up from Activision…

        It’s not Sleeping Dogs…

        • malek86

          There isn’t much else. FFXIII-2 came out in the past fiscal year so it’s probably not it, unless they were hoping it would have more legs. Quantum Conundrum was a digital $15 title so I wouldn’t classify it as a “major release”. Really, it can only be Sleeping Dogs.

          Maybe they just had higher expectations. Frankly I think it did pretty well for what it is, but maybe Squenix was thinking it could do more.

          • It’s Kingdom Hearts 3D. That’s their “major HD title” refered in most articles. Ishaan got it.

          • Kefkiroth

            I don’t think 3DS games would be considered “HD” (not hating, still enjoy the games and KH3D) in this generation.

  • I’m kinda confused by comments below. Are we saying that: no. of units shipped = no. of units sold? I was thought it would be equal to the no. of potential units sold, at the least.

    • It’s number of units sold to retailers, so effectively yes, it’s number of potential units sold to consumers. Media Create tracks units sold to consumers. However, Square are only providing shipment numbers.

      However, it should be noted that, in the case of larger publishers, “shipped to retailers” is effectively the same as sold, provided the game isn’t a flop and retailers end up with way too much stock to get rid of.

      • Thanks, Ishaan, for clearing that up for me. :D 

        So, retailers felt enough confidence in the title, that, they bought x amount. While Media Create shows the consumer’s confidence in purchasing the product from the retailers through (detailed) reports e.g. sell-through percentages.  

  • Budgiecat

    That $68 million could have easily been replenished with you know Versus what….

  • CirnoLakes

    Kingdom Hearts would have probably sold better if it was on a more popular platform for the franchise.

    Most Kingdom Hearts folks are the home console type. Thus why you always see the whole “Kingdom Hearts 3!” parroted around.

    • Which still isn’t to say the game didn’t sell well enough.

      While it’s SE who gets the last word on that, the game managed to sell close to one million copies worldwide. Not too shabby, eh?

      I understand your point, I really don’t think that quite explains it. Lots of fans lost interest in the series, and like Siliconera pointed out many times before, it’s now much harder for new gamers to get into this series (since it’s now so complex and compreehensive), which probably drove some potential consumers away.

      The fact that it was released on a “not as popular as a home console in the west” platform definitely held the sales back, but I’d say the game did really well.

    • sd28

      or it could have sold worse because people wanted kingdom hearts 3 instead of a side story leading up to it 

  • Rogerrmark

    That’s a great number,happy for KH.It would be so great if the U.S/EU KH fanbase or Pokémon fanbase were necessarily j-RPG fans.
    Dragon Quest/SMT/Tales of games would sell absurdly more,hahah.

  • I’m starting to wonder if there isn’t some shady business going on here. I know Square Enix said major “HD” title, but I can’t shake this feeling that they’re referring to Kingdom Hearts 3D without actually referring to it or providing any hint as to the actual title.

    Similar to how some companies refer to console titles as “consumer games,” I wonder if this isn’t just some really vast generalization Square are using, that encompasses all of their current-gen console games. 

    After all, it’s easier to blame Sleeping Dogs, the brand new I.P., than to tell investors that yet another recognized Square Enix I.P. is seeing tough times.

    This has been discussed many times in the comments before, but Kingdom Hearts really has lost its way. The games are still fun, yes, but the plot is a mess and makes it near impossible for all but the most dedicated of fans to keep up with the events of each game and the overall story.

    Birth by Sleep was the closest Square came to doing an effective “reboot,” and I feel like that was one of the key reasons that it was successful. 3D just has way too many references to the previous games.

    • Göran Isacson

      On the one hand, that sounds kind of conspiracy theory-esque… on the other, crazy conspiracy theories sometimes feels like the only valid theories in a crazy word, and todays game development market sure is crazy.

      BUT. Would development costs on Dream Drop Distance, of all games, really be so major that not selling like, two million or so copies, would push the company into the red? I mean, it’s for the 3DS for crying out loud. Of course, maybe this is just me not getting how game economy works. Maybe they… I don’t know, made a huge bet with Capcom on how much 3D would sell, and when they didn’t meet expectations they had to pay up? I guess that I just don’t see how 3D, even if it didn’t sell according to their expectations, could be enough to incur such a huge loss.

      • malek86

        People seem to often confuse development costs with total production costs. The difference is that the latter would include marketing too. And I imagine a game like KH has been promoted quite a bit (which costs a lot of money).

        So it’s not impossible that underperformance of that game would have had an effect. Besides, as the previous article said, they have also had trouble with other divisions, such as arcade.

        • It may not even have to do with production costs of the title in question. It could just be that losses from other divisions were the cause, and this “major HD title” was supposed to bring in the profits and it didn’t perform as well as expected.

          • Shaun Huseman

            Making Sleeping Dogs would cost WAY more than Kingdom Hearts 3D. No way did they spend even 10 million to make Dream Drop Distance.  Handheld games cost significantly less to make than a HD console game.

            Not only did they license rescue Sleeping Dogs, but they also had to do a ton of work on it, and it was heavily promoted, then it also sold not nearly as well as thought. They are most definitely talking about Sleeping Dogs (it also had a ton more voice acting, in multiple languages).

          • But what I’m saying is, maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with the production costs of either game. Maybe they were just expecting more from KH3D in general, and based their forecasts around a higher performance. Again, that’s just a thought on my part, and nothing more.

      • Yeah, it does sound a bit like a crazy conspiracy, even to me. It’s just… I can’t imagine that they were betting so much on Sleeping Dogs. On the other hand, I could see them having higher hopes for KH, which didn’t quite pan out. Just a thought on my part, nothing more!

        • Ethan_Twain

          Well I think we’ve known for quite a while that KH 3D didn’t perform up to par for a AAA Square Enix IP.  I remember when it released that it got a shellacking on the charts from Fire Emblem of all things.  Whether KH 3D is this mysterious underperforming game or not, it did definitely underperform.

          On the other hand though, maybe Square Enix did expect better things from Sleeping Dogs.  Their Eidos branch has been making nothing but hits lately – weren’t their last two big games Deus Ex and Just Cause 2?  I think it’s possible that Square Enix mistakenly planned on future Eidos projects performing as well as those two did.

          I hope that’s not the case though, because no matter how good it may turn out to be I don’t see a new Hitman really breaking out in the busy Holiday season.

          • Yeah, agreed on Hitman. I don’t see it doing all that great either, especially with Assassin’s Creed out before it, but it would be nice to be proven wrong.

            The thing with Sleeping Dogs, though, is that they’ve been doing DLC for it as well, so that likely helps recoup some of their costs, too. In the case of KH, though, what’s done is done—there’s no fixing it. Still, in a way, KH3D performing this way is probably a good thing, since it will hopefully give Square some guidance on what they did right and wrong.

    • apricotsushi

      Very eloquently put. I’ve been wondering the same thing. I’m not up on my sales figures, though – any idea how the sales of this one stack up to previous Kingdom Hearts titles?

      • Here’s one article for Japan and one for the U.S. comparing launch sales between Birth by Sleep and KH3D:



        • apricotsushi

          Thanks for the links!

    • malek86

      Possible… but they explicitly said “HD title”. Anyway you interpret it, the 3DS is not HD (I could understand if it were the PSV maybe). And it’s not like Squenix can lie so blatantly to investors :P

      But if it were true, well, it wouldn’t overly surprise me. I guess we are gonna see a KH soon that will be very different from the previous games.

      I always wondered if the addition of TWEWY charas was an attempt to at least get some different fans interested in the game (one that probably wouldn’t have worked much, since I imagine most TWEWY fans are also KH fans, due to Nomura’s artwork being the thing that interested most people intially).

  • darkfox1

    So it wasn’t sleeping dogs? Interesting.. 

  • Does make you realise why Disney and Square put so much effort into the localisation of Kingdom Hearts when a game on a console that was struggling at the time of release can make 650K sales.

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