Metroid-esque Shantae Game Coming To Nintendo 3DS From WayForward

By Ishaan . November 6, 2012 . 5:00pm

Nintendo Power magazine is coming to an end in December, but before that happens, their second-to-last issue will have details on WayForward Technologies’ next Nintendo eShop game—Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse.


Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse will be a download title for the Nintendo 3DS, and will start out with Shantae without her magic powers, which were taken away by sinister female pirate, Risky Boots, in her previous game.  Risky reveals that Shantae’s powers were broken up into fragments and turned Risky’s Tinkerbat minions into more powerful monsters, who turned against her.


The Tinkerbats plan to revive Risky’s former mentor, the Pirate Master. Neither she nor Shantae particularly like the prospect of him returning, so it’s up to Shantae to track down 30 different Tinkerbats and destroy them, finding new powers along the way.


Does that sound like a Metroid game? That’s because it is. The world of Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse is inter-connected with non-linear paths. Acquiring special Pirate Gear along the way will add to your abilities and allow you to access new areas. For example, Bone Daggers are long-ranged weapons, but can also be thrown at walls to create footholds that let you climb. Each piece of gear can also be upgraded at an in-game shop.


You can find more details on Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse at the link to Nintendo Power’s magazine preview above.


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  • z_merquise

    More 2D goodness from Wayforward! Haven’t played any Shantae games though but I better check this one.

    I got Mighty Switch Force recently and I really like it. It’s good to see Wayforward still developing more of these quirky 2D games.

  • キロ

    I really liked the one on the DSi eShop, I wish these games would also come out in Japan ^^/ I am looking forward to this game!

  • Best 3DS news this week. :D

  • Hinataharem

    Too cool to pass up

  • This is good. This is very good!

  • Joseph Santee


  • Zonic505

    Wow, sounds neat. Really cool that Wayforward is making a third game. Motivates me into getting the DSiware game & hope the original GBC game makes it on the Virtual Console.

    • Pyrotek85

      Yeah I was wondering if the original was still in the works too, I sure hope so.

      • Zonic505

        From what I’ve heard, it was confirmed a few months back that the original was coming to the eShop (it was re-rated by the ESRB), but as for a release date, I’ve heard nothing.

        Now I just hope it’s the version which was “enhanced” if you played the game on GBA.

  • Shane Guidaboni

    I saw “Metroid” and “3DS” and got way more excited, but this is still cool. 

  • hmm, interesting

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Shantae yes!

  • Suicunesol

    I wonder if it’ll be in 3D like Mighty Switch Force. It should.

    • Blesmi

      They actually said it would be like that.

  • Blesmi

    I, for one, am super happy with this. I love the Shantae games, and moving in the direction of Metroid makes me extra happy. Now if only we could finally get a real 2D Metroid game, preferably Metroid 5 that takes place after Fusion. 

  • DKL

    Man, I need to rebuy part 2 ASAP; that game was hella hype.

    Also, I laughed when I saw the ads and it says I can buy the first game for $130.

  • K Mantle

    Hopefully, it will be more than a couple hours long.
    Altough I never played the original Shantae, Risky’s Revenge was the first game I downloaded from the eShop, and I enjoyed almost every second of it… where it lasted.

  • CirnoLakes

    And in the above, an ad for Shantae for the Game Boy Color, used, for $130.

    … why oh why did I never trade in my old Game Boy games as a child? I just had to have new games, didn’t I?

    Shantae was one of the best games I ever played for the Game Boy. So I’m certainly glad it’s making a comeback. Shantae is one of my most anticipated games on Steam Greenlight.

    I’ve also always enjoyed the fact that Wayforward, a Western developer, has always been fond of, and hasn’t shyed away from the anime art style. They make good games that look good. I wish them the best.

  • AuraGuyChris

    I have high hopes the music will be very astounding as Risky’s Revenge.

  • Shadowman

    Awesome! I can’t wait to play this game.

  • kylehyde

    2D metroid style gameplay + 3D effect + Wayforward + Shantae + Risky Boots = Why the eshop is becoming the most fantastic thing about the 3DS.

    If this game results as good as Risky’s Revenge or mighty switch force, the I would began a campaign for suggest to nintendo cooperate with Wayforward technologies for making a new 2D metroid.

    • Mnstrzero00

      Whoah whoa bro explain to me why the eshop is even acceptable. Lets just say I was taken aback by your comment.

      • kylehyde

        Is true that the eshop still has a long way, but certainly the number of titles worth to buy has grown so much in these year. In less than a year have been anounced and/or released titles like the Black box (liberation maiden, crimson shroud), pushmo, crashmo, sakura samuria, mighty switch force, dillon’s rolling western, fluidity, VVVVVV, Ketzal’s Corridors, Mutant Mudds, NightSky for 3DS, Ikachan, denpa ningen and many more and all these titles have all my attenion and my money and if Harmoknight gets localized the things would began to look better . Also NOE dedicated a whole direct to this service and easily this was one of the best directs that I’ve seen. The only thing that I don’t like too much about the eshop is the VC, it still lack of titles, but theres some good stuff there.

        Saying that the eshop is not acceptable these days certainly is not true anymore.

        • Brimfyre

          The eshop is great.  It’s one of those things that had a rocky start and no matter how much they improve it, people will only remember the first week. lol

    • Thomas Lipschultz

      Man, if WayForward ever made a new 2D Metroid, I wouldn’t care if it were a download-only N-Gage title, I would buy it AND whatever system I needed to play it. ;)

  • ResidentMetroid

    I need a 3DS…

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Shantae! Shantae!! Shantae!!!

  • Does everyone agree that Shantae should be the next female character in the next Super Smash Brothers title? Because I believe we do need a magical belly dancing half-genie in our character roster. Heck! Why not add Risky Boots, too?

    • Göran Isacson

      You know? I’m okay with this. I would have liked Midna to join in too, but if Zelda has already taken the spot of “Zelda franchise lady” then I say Shantae is good enough to join in for me!

      • Midna was just a gimmick for one game only, though. Man, that Generation’s version of Link deserved her, rather than Zelda. But what can we do about it?

        Also, Sakurai promised more Female Characters for the next Smash Bros! Enough with the Sausage Fest! I say, balance the gender ratio already!

  • Julien_N

    A new Shantae game, on the eShop? Sign me in! =D
    I just hope this time, we will be able to sequence-break through the game. (Risky’s revenge didn’t have this element I think) It will make speedrunning way more interesting.

  • Brimfyre

    THIS is the team Nintendo needs to give Metroid too. 

    I don’t know how many love letters Way Forward has to send to Nintendo for this to happen, but God knows they have sent a ton.

  • VeroC11

    Too bad no one cares about publishing wayforward’s games on the japanese eshop, even though it’s easy money.

  • Quinton Cunningham

    Major Wayforward fan here. I’m ecstatic about this, but I’m still puzzled as to why the original hasn’t hit the eShop. It passed ESRB’s re-rating and that said it would be up after that. =(

  • Ben Sylvia


  • I send Wayforward so many encouragement emails. I love that company so damn much.

  • Elvick

    Wonder how much it will be.

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