Nintendo’s Miyamoto Meeting With Developers To Encourage Wii U Support

By Ishaan . November 6, 2012 . 12:00pm

While Nintendo’s last few portable devices have enjoyed stellar support from third-party publishers, the same can’t be said for their home videogame consoles. The Nintendo 64, Gamecube and Wii were all in dire need of quality games from publishers that weren’t Nintendo, and for the most part, those games never came.


In order to help prevent a repeat occurrence of this problem, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto has been personally meeting with third-party videogame developers to encourage them to work on Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console, he tells IGN.


“I am trying to meet with the game developers individually for this matter,” Miyamoto says. “The real subject is whether I’ll be able to—we’ll be able to— convince developers inside of the licensing publishers to be excited about the new features of the Wii U, so much so that they’ll be enthused towards making brand new entertainment that I couldn’t come up with myself.”


Miyamoto understands why Nintendo have trouble with third-party support, too.


“The fact of the matter is that most third-party licensees from a business point of view, had to create multi-platform titles—and because Nintendo has been trying to create very unique hardware, oftentimes it was not considered the first choice for them to work on multi-platform software,” he states.


This, Miyamoto says, means that individual developers at larger companies are held back from developing unique titles, due to the company’s overall plans. In order to help move things along, he’s been meeting with individual developers to convince them to bring unique titles to the Wii U.


In the past, Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, has made similar statements, sharing that Nintendo are open to working very closely with third-party game developers and publishers, in order to facilitate support for the Wii U.


“If a third-party developer or publisher has come up with an idea of a potentially very unique use of the Wii U functionality with such a device, there is a high possibility that Nintendo will be a partner with that third party in an unprecedented manner (thereby reducing their development risk significantly),” Iwata said to investors earlier this year.


A few examples of Nintendo’s third-party collaborations can already be seen on the Wii U. The company is publishing Tecmo Koei’s Ninja Gaiden: Razor’s Edge, PlatinumGames’ Bayonetta 2, and a new title, The Wonderful 101, also from Platinum. Nintendo are also publishing Lego City: Undercover from TT Games.

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  • BloodyNights

    Well it should be easier for about 2 years to get 3rd party developers to make games on the Wii U, because of the new controllers being basically a standard dual analog stick controller, they don’t actually have to do anything with the screen if they don’t want to. I think that was one of the things Nintendo was going for, though with the screen they could do some interesting stuff perhaps. Though personally I think it will be mostly like what happened with the Dreamcast, you’ll see like your health, or random items that you have without it cluttering the actual screen.

    However will the 3rd party developers stick around once the PS4 and the 720 come out? That is what remains to be seen.

    • sd28

      if they are making money they will stay and if they need the extra money bought in by a wii u version they will also stay. it pretty simple actually

    • Göran Isacson

      Agreed on the last part. Personally I think that, what with development costs being so incredibly high these days, the next generation of consoles will be even more expensive. We’ve already seen that several smaller developers prefer to focus on handheld consoles or just the PC, and IF (which is a pretty big if) this escalates into the next generation, the people making shiny console games today may not be able to afford making games for the really high-end consoles. So maybe we will see a lot of companies who make games for todays consoles decide to move on to the familiar WiiU, instead of the new and scary PS4/XboxWhatever?

      • Sony and Microsoft would be fools to even considering out pricing themselves again next generation with the PS4 & X720 its just not going to happen and with development costs at an all time high don’t look for those new systems to be powerhouse beast like PCs like some people think they are going to be its just not going to happen in the current gaming climate.  This coming generation with Wii U/PS4/X720 is going to seem a lot like the PS2/Gamecube/Xbox generation were all 3 consoles were pretty close in regards to power in the console but of course this time Nintendo will have the different control methods again for developers to take advantage of new things (unless of course Sony or Microsoft copy the same thing again which wouldn’t be new). 

        • Göran Isacson

          “Sony… would be fools”

          Well, yes. ;)

          Okay, sarcasm aside- your argument sounds pretty logical and I can see Microsoft going that route, creating a machine that isn’t massively more expensive or powerful or complicated than the competition. But Sony… is it bad that I have so little faith in Sony, that I totally see them designing a monster-console only the biggest of AAA-developers can afford to make games for?

          • Well if they Sony wanna commit a suicide on their console gaming department then by all means have it ;) with how much money they have been losing this whole generation I don’t see why Sony would bother with an uber powerful console but your point is valid only because that’s the mentality Sony used for this generation with their consoles and handhelds (PS3/Vita/PSP). 

          • Syn

            sony’s console division has actually been racking in profits this gen, and the Ps3 picked up massive steam from 08 to the point that sales with the 360 and it are nearly on par. What has bogged sony down are its other departments, a quick google search will show that the console side of things has done pretty well, even the PSP continues to sell in japan(more than the ds I might add(only in japan)) and support for it continues(tho I wish it would shift to the current gen of sony’s handheld). So I would disagree with your statement of Sony having lost money this gen as they seem to have made it back(console wise), and just as with every console they have released this gen(vita counts as next gen), whatever they release will eventually sell as long as sony pushes for it. Though a console above the cost of 400 would be very hard to sell unless it has some pretty impressive gimmicks/ power/ third party and and impressive launch title support.

  • malek86

    Getting exclusive titles on the 3DS worked due to the new userbase being pretty much all there, but I wonder how many publishers they can convince to make games uniquely for the Wii U when other home consoles are selling a lot, and publishers will probably not want to miss out on those (and their successors).

    I’m thinking we’ll see many more multiplatform titles this time around. Granted, it’s not the “unique” games Miyamoto is thinking of, but it’s something.

  • Odin

    Hmm, from what I understand on Nintendo’s position and third parties, they basically don’t want to limit themselves to one hardware (sales), while Nintendo wants exclusives because they know (from what I’ve inferred) they might not be able to compete otherwise. It’s kind of an odd one out because they know they’re betting on a different strategy. 

    Either way, I understand what they’re trying to do if they can’t compete on the same terms, but one of the things that I feel they could improve on is technology of their consoles (standard features for most consoles these days) and their online network. At this point, I don’t think there’s much more you can go on, relying on small innovations like they do. 

  • $30632660

    So basically, Miyamoto wants to convince 3rd Parties to make exclusives for the Wii U.

    Most of the videogames I’ve enjoyed were exclusives, but the quality of multiplats rose significantly compared to previous gens.It’s to the point where games that seem like they would be exclusive are actually multiplats.

    Just look at the Assassin’s Creed Series.

    • Arrei

      On the other hand, some of those multiplats could hardly even be called multiplats with the differences in capabilities.

      Like, the gimpy PS3 versions of Bayonetta and Skyrim.

      • SLick123456789111

         Shots Fired.

        • Arrei

          Whoa there, not trying to fire any sort of shot. I’m just going by the news I’ve seen reported, I played those two on 360 and PC, respectively.

          • SLick123456789111

            Ahh , ok :)

      • Syn

        with the exception of poorly optimized games which leads to lax performance(and not system capabilities), like MagoIichi said, “most” multiplats quality has improved immensely. Try not to start any fires with comments not explicitly explained.  

        • Arrei

          What is there to explain? I meant what I meant, some multi-plats have improved a lot, but *on the other hand*, there still exist multi-plats, even hugely anticipated ones like Skyrim, that could barely be called that and bog down the multi-plat moniker.

          It’s not like I’m insulting multi-plat games for some reason. But when talking about advancements it’s important to not forget about the places where they stumbled as well.

  • Scirm

    So it seems that Niny is saying “no” to simple ports, and they want developer to be creative. Sounds reasonable to me. From this point of view we see what is for Miyamoto important, but for ActiBlizz, for example, the most important thing is money baby, money. And the easiest way is to release games for all consoles and PC. Of course there is no probs to release weaker version on Wii(I am looking at you FIFA13), and earn a lot of money. But for me, this is not the point. Nowadays games are something big, like movies or books. If you make good game(and commercials, now I am looking at poor sales of Beyond Good and Evil or the Movies)it will sell like sweety sweet sweets.

    • I don’t think they’re saying “no” at all. They’ve said before that they hope the Wii U will be included in multiplatform plans at least for the foreseeable future. Just that what they’re actively pushing for is unique games.

      • Scirm

        Yeah, I 100% agree with you. This is what I mean by saying “simple ports”, but maybe I just couldn’t say it clearly :)

        And when it comes to the Wii U, I think there will be no problems when ProController will spread out.

  • puchinri

    That sounds reasonable to me, and I really hope all goes well. While I guess the Wii didn’t have a crapton of third party support, it got a lot of cool and interesting titles (and many fantastic, sadly underrated). I hope we’ll see a return of titles like that, as well as more mainstream stuff coming along. I hope there will be a nice mix of exclusives and multi-plat as well.

    I can already think of devs I’d like to see something from though~.

  • ronin4life

    This is all around awesome.

  • AuraGuyChris

    Miyamoto: I have a wonderful idea to propose you. Let us make a Mega Man game for the Wii U.

    Capcom: Ooh, that sounds super!

    Miyamoto: After that, it is world domination time.


  • sandra10

    I think it would be best to focus on primarily getting the big budget third party games on the platform first e.g. Watch Dogs, Ground Zeroes, FFXIV etc. 

    And then provide funding for indie devs to make good, not gimmicky uses of the WiiU’s functions like Flower did with the Sixaxis controller. I don’t need full priced games built around a system’s features because, barring a handful of games, they’re usually not good.

  • Miyamoto: “I’m here to see him. Where is he?”

    Square Enix employee: “I-in the lower levels, sir… just as we left him…”

    Miyamoto: “Take me to him now, please.”

    Square Enix employee: B-but sir…!”

    Miyamoto: “NOW, my good man. Did you not hear me?”

    Square Enix employee: “Y-yes sir!”

    *Square employee guides Miyamoto into an elevator. A secret panel slides open underneath the regular set of controls, and reveals sub-basements 5, 6 and 7. The “7” button is pressed, and the elevator begins its long descent into the very foundations of the Square Enix building. At the end of the descent, the elevator doors slide open, and reveal a cold, dark corridor with a heavy iron door at the other end.*

    Miyamoto: “Is that it?”

    Square Enix employee: “Y-yes… that’s it.” 

    *The Square employee shivers slightly from the cold. Trips to sub-basement 7 are never pleasant. If he could help it, he would never come down here at all. Miyamoto walks calmly out of the elevator and down the corridor. A single rat squeaks in fright and scrambles out of the way as he approaches the heavy iron door.*

    Miyamoto: “Kawazu. It’s me. I know you’re in there.”

    • Ah, that brain in the basement.  

      It has been kept well preserved and fed and now it hungers to work.

      • Spencer already made the joke about hitting other players with the Wii U GamePad.

    • ronin4life

      I feel Really, REALLY stupid for asking, as I feel I should know, but…
      …who is Kawazu?

      • Akitoshi Kawazu. He has a reputation for being one of the more crazy designers at Square. His games have always been incredibly forward-thinking and fun when they work and abominable glorious disasters when they don’t work. :)

        Kawazu’s impressive resumé boasts such titles as:

        – Final Fantasy II (X_x)
        – SaGa series (thus begins Kawazu’s display of genius)
        – Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles on Gamecube (Umm… okay…)
        – Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles on DS (Holy shit, this is awesome!)
        – Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles on Wii (W-what the…?)

        • Göran Isacson

          Is it sad that Layle, despite the weird-ass game he’s in, ended up being my favorite Final Fantasy protagonist of this whole generation?

          I mean I realize he doesn’t have much competition, but still.

          • I don’t think that’s weird at all! In fact, we probably share that sentiment in common. I took a liking to Layle right from that first trailer, where he jumps off the back of an airship with a bazooka. 

            With a bigger  budget, Crystal Bearers could really have been something very grand. Alas, Square don’t seem to have much faith in dear Kawazu’s ambitions, even though he’s exactly the kind of designer they keep saying they want to try and nurture. :(

    • Göran Isacson

      Crystal Chronicles- now the player with the WiiU-pad is the one carrying the bucket, and most take care to balance it so that they don’t spill out the contents and let the miasma claim them.


      • That certainly sounds like something Kawazu would come up with…

        On a serious note, though, I do love him. He’s so very forward-thinking and possibly the most globally-oriented designer at Square, aside from Naoki Yoshida and Tetsuya Nomura. I hope they let him out of his cell soon.

        Then again, he did just recently have a kid. That may be another reason we haven’t heard from him in a bit. But yeah, it’s been far too long.

  • riceisnice

     Is that what Nintendo did with Xenoblade Chronicles and Monster Hunter Tri? Or were those situations different?

    • Monolith Soft are a Nintendo-owned studio now, so they make games exclusively for Nintendo systems. They were acquired a few years ago.

      Monster Hunter Tri started out as a PS3 game but the cost of development combined with high Wii sales and low PS3 sales caused it to change platforms. Ever since then, Nintendo have helped Capcom promote the series in the west.

  • SirRichard

    I have this wonderful mental image of developers coming into work to find Miyamoto sitting cross-legged, smiling with banjo in arms on their boss’ desk, gently strumming away until they agree to get talking about exclusives.

    • Maybe he threatens them with the prospect of playing Wii Music in their office all day long, until they listen to what he has to say.

      • Quite a… “vivid” imagination you have there.

        • We are talking about this man, after all.

          • …Big people can afford to be as eccentric as they want, can’t they?

          • Miyamoto’s actually a very humble guy! That was just one of the funny slides that they cooked up for a presentation Iwata gave at GDC, where they were stressing the importance of physically watching people play your game, so you can get a feel for how they react to it. 

            The “random employee kidnapping” thing refers to Miyamoto sometimes swooping in, grabbing a random employee, whisking them off to a room to make them play something, and watching their reactions while they play. :P

          • Oh, I didn’t mean it in an “arrogant” kind of way; just in a “being himself” kind of way.

      • SirRichard

        Whenever things don’t go his way, he places the game’s box on the table and starts tapping it.

        Or up-ends it and kidnaps a random employee, whichever.

  • No problem, as all non-exclusive 360 games will be ported to WiiU until Orbis and Durango launch (probably by 2014) anyways ^^. Nah, seriously, getting devs on board might be easier if cash changes hands. Doing so with new hardware might work as well, but support might stop once the next systems by Sony and MS hit the market. Ninty need to show me way more incentives than Bayonetta 2 to purchase a WiiU. I want a proper Mario, Zelda, Metroid, F-Zero and Retro (original IP would be awesome) title instead of 360 ports and ZombieU to buy that console. A price drop after the initial fan-boy euphoria purchases (my friend is a hardcore Ninty fanboy, getting WiiU at Ger. launch) is highly likely *cough* 3DS *cough*. 

    Good things come to those who wait, nay.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    ……….. I can’t imagine the fear of other company when they see Miyamoto and the Kyoto Ninja approaching their office lol.^_^

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