A 10-Minute Introduction To The Elder Scrolls Online

By Ishaan . November 8, 2012 . 2:02pm

Bethesda Softworks have released a 10-minute video for The Elder Scrolls Online, their upcoming MMORPG set in the universe of the The Elder Scrolls series. Take a look at the video, which shows the combat system, PvP battles, Megaserver technology, exploration-based content, and more:



The Elder Scrolls Online will be released sometime in 2013. The game will let you explore all of the series’ world, Tamriel. It’s being directed by MMO veteran, Matt Firor, who has previously worked on Dark Age of Camelot, a well-received MMO by Mythic.


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  • ninjabart122

    The game looks nice, but I heard that it doesn’t play like an elder scrolls title.

  • Scirm

    I wander how different it will be from normal TES. Because, TES is pure sandbox game, and for me it already feels like an MMO without other players.

    • CirnoLakes

      Except with content based around things other than fighting “mobs.”

      I have to admit, in fact I’m probably a broken record about the fact I like jRPGs more than wRPGs. But I think the that lore in the Elder Scrolls is boring, and worse yet, the character design by Bethesda is atrocious. And that’s just a few things in a laundry list I don’t like much about the Elder Scrolls, the lore, the character design, the combat, the focus on first person gameplay, the glitches, the NPC dialogue…

      They can’t design adults, or children, or elves, or anything. I could insult the way they design adults, and someone out there who isn’t really into anime might say something like “well it’s a wRPG, not a jRPG, of course they don’t all look cute and like children who happen to be adults”, but no, it isn’t just anime tastes, they designed loads of children for Skyrim, and they look terrible. The adults don’t look good, the children don’t look good, it’s sad. They don’t know how to design races, either. Elves are supposed to be these radiant things like they are in Lord of the Rings, not these weird green aliens.

      And Elder Scrolls purists will insult people who do jRPG type mods to the Elder Scrolls as “not lore friendly”. But who cares? The character designs are awful and adding more races to the mix is not a bad idea.

      But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any positives at all. Oh far from it. Especially in comparison to all of the failings of the MMORPG genre. You hit the nail on the head when you said it is a sandbox game and MMORPGs are a sandbox genre essentially. Sad thing is, most MMORPGs don’t actually have the same kind of sandbox content that the Elder Scrolls has. MMORPG content is %90 mobs, and Elder Scrolls content is around %10. And this is a failing of the MMORPG to actually know what they’re doing and Bethesda having their stuff together.

      There is no excuse for the fact that MMORPG content is %90 mobs and Elder Scrolls content is around %10 mobs. This is a clear failure of the MMORPG genre and a success of the Elder Scrolls. The Elder Scrolls has managed to not lose sight of the fact that it is a sanbox game. And that content isn’t supposed to revolve soley on combat like MMORPGs have.

      Knowing the history of the Elder Scrolls, this game is probably going to have the ugliest NPCs and Character Creation in an MMORPG to date. But I can hope for one thing out of this development. Much like Guild Wars 2, it could be a good influence on the industry. If this game brings even a fraction of the non-mob content that Elder Scrolls games tend to bring to the table, it’ll do a whole heck of a lot to bring the genre forward and out of the dark ages it is still kind of in. No pun intended. Imagine an MMORPG where you can actually pick locks, where you can pick up and drop anything. And items actually act like objects and not just slots in an inventory. Where you can actually get in trouble for your actions as a game mechanic and not just a GM laying down the law.

      While Tera and Blade & Soul could be teaching the genre a lot about good combat. I feel that this and Guild Wars 2 could be teaching the genre a lot about content and not putting your focus on the wrong places. And what it really means to be an enjoyable sandbox experience.

      I’d like to see MMORPGs become the best of Western RPGs and Eastern RPGs. I’d like to see Korean and Japanese developers with Korean and Japanese sensibilities, anime characters, East Asian style facial design, that certain way East Asian developers often do lore, jRPG design brought into the MMORPG in general, with the gameplay lessons that wRPGs could teach. MMORPGs are, essentially, a wRPG genre. And are closer to the typical wRPG formula than most jRPGs are today. But at the state they are now, I feel that a lot of them take the worst lessons out of both genres rather than the best ones.

      I’d love to be, say, a Lalafell or a Mithra or an Elin or a Lyn or any of the other cute, anime, East Asian type MMORPG staples, complete with Japanese lore and humor and everything. But the sandbox content that brings the best out of stuff like Guild Wars 2, The Elder Scrolls, and even completely different sandbox games like Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, and Minecraft. That would make for an actually compelling sandbox world.

      Sadly, I fear that this won’t be brought to the table with this game. And will be an inrcredibly mediocre MMORPG that plays by the standard rules of the MMORPG rather than the standard rules of Elder Scrolls gameplay.

      • Akuosa

        Although I agree with most of what you say, I can’t help but find funny that you would say “elves are supposed to be these radiant things like they are in Lord of the Rings, not these weird green aliens.” 
        While I do like the Lord of the Rings idea of elves a lot more than the Elder Scrolls one, we are talking about elves, not dogs, for example, where you can say “dogs are like this, and that is not a dog/look nothing like a dog/doesn’t behave like a dog”. Lord of the Rings might have inspired most RPGs, but its idea of elves is not THE right one, every game, book, film or whatever will have their own idea of what elves are like, and they’re all equally valid, they haven’t done elves worng just because you like another concept better.

      • KingRuff

         No offense or anything but I don’t think most people are gonna read that.

  • Not having server shards is going to create massive overcrowding in game.

    • CirnoLakes

      Possibly. But if folks really work at it, I think they(and other developers) can work around such a hurdle. And if they can do it, I think they’ll be praised for it.

      To be honest, with as many merges as most MMORPGs are having today, and servers still not being very crowded, I get the feeling that many MMORPGs could already handle pooling them together.

      It surely must be possible. I bet many people worried about the servers when Final Fantasy XI announced that it would be a worldwide game where players from around the world would be sharing the same servers. So it surely, surely, must be possible to do this.

  • Perks… I do not like this system. It is completely unbalanced, and it should not be used in a RPG type of game.

    I think is outrageous that an old mage can just grab a GreatSword for the first time and start slashing around, and the other way around as well.I know the purpose is to make us able do use it all without penalty, but it just dont work, it makes no sense.Anyways, waiting for more info about the game, it could be great, or not.

  • Y’know, to be honest. . . It obviously not playing like a traditional TES game isn’t exactly a bad thing. I find the combat and general gameplay of TES to be hilariously bad, and have always wondered what people saw in the games.

    The stories themselves are never anything special, but are in no way bad, so maybe an MMO could work. . . but even then, from the looks of this, it’ll be standard fair. . .

    I dunno, mixed feelings towards the overrated franchise hasn’t helped my opinions and expectations of this game.

  • Dante7890

    That was hell of a MMORPG but what about the server stability better wait for the release

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