Persona 4: Arena Now Costs $40 On Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

By Ishaan . November 8, 2012 . 12:30pm

Arc System Works-developed fighter, Persona 4: Arena, is available as a download title on the Xbox Live Marketplace as of this week. The real news, though, is that it only costs $40.


In fact, that’s the game’s retail price now, too—Atlus USA say Persona 4: Arena now costs $40 on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in North America.


Persona 4: Arena was released in North America on August 7th. At the time, the game cost $60. Europe will see the game sometime in 2013.

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  • Stuart444

    And yet it’s still not out in Europe…

    • TrevHead

      I think when it comes to online MP games, especially niche games, is that publishers really need to get their shit together and release in different regions at the same time (when cross system play), if they are ever to move gamers away from the behemoths that are CoD and have a healthy MP scene.

      Even if it means US gets delayed till when the PAL version launches.
      Not sure where the Auzzies fall in this my guess would be to release at the same time as Asia / Japan (there games are priced around the same as JPN so it would make sense import wise)

      • Herok♞

         The thing is the reason this is happening is because Atlus is letting Zen handle it in Europe, so two different publishers and region lock are the problems for Europe.

      • Luna Kazemaru

         Fighting games are not effected by CoD tho lol.

        • TrevHead

          I was just using CoD as an example. As especially on consoles you have WoW sized games that everyone plays because they have healthy online communities, and other games which are dead or not far off. My point is that niche devs / publishers need todo more in nuturing their online communities. Staggered releasing is almost a death nail for any MP community especially in the PAL regions which tend to have a smaller MP scene than NA or Asia.

          As crap as CoD may be you are deluding yourself if you think no fighting games fans play CoD and it’s ilk

      • Soubi

        Australia is in the PAL zone for Wii, PS3 and sometimes Xbox360, then the releases might be at the same time as in Europe.

        Wikipedia says Australia have often games after Europe.

  • james2009001

    Meanwhile in Australia…

  • samim2357

    Spare me… PLEASE NO MORE!!!

    (forever a european gamer)

  • 4 months for a price drop, can’t tell if that’s great as I don’t follow such stuff, but imo it’s really nice.

    Reminds me of White Knight Chronicles 1, that game has never dropped in price, at least here. Super ridiculous.

    • ZEROthefirst

      Where are you from? Where I’m at the game usually costs bewteen $5-10 for a used/new copy.

      • $733987

        Whoa! Where are YOU from?!

        • ZEROthefirst

          lol I moved to Florida from Ireland when I was 10 and when I got my copy of WKC1 from Gamestop used it was only $5. I didn’t really want to play it but how could I pass that tempting $5 pricetag XD

      • Germany, as far as I remember that game still costs at least 50€-70€ wherever I go…with WKC2 being out for more than a year now, lol.

        • British_Otaku

          Why would you want WKC1?
          To my knowledge, WKC2 comes with the original game as well but upgraded to WKC2 standards?

          • I already have WKC2, I was just pointing out how ridiculous it is for an old game like WKC1 not to drop in price, especially when there is a far superior version out there xD

          •  Sometimes game companies don’t bother to issue “official” price drops. Leaving retailers to decide for themselves. Sony US kept Lair, Folklore, and Heavenly Sword at $59.99 their entire run.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            @theclaw:disqus That is exceedingly common — during my time in game retail, there was so much dead stock that would forever remain dead since the companies would not reduce MSRP on back catalog. Long as the publishers are not having to take back product, they have no reason to help a retailer get rid of ‘a handful’ of stock — they have already been paid.

  • MinamitsuMurasa

    so if i used my US psn account will i be able to buy it and play it on my pal ps3?

    i want to believe!

    • Herok♞

       If it ever becomes a PS3 download that should work for you.

      • MinamitsuMurasa

        i have more faith for P4A to be on PSN then get released in Europa 

        • TheRealMalek

           Seeing that it’s region lock i’m quite sure it will never be on PSN

        • Herok♞

          Well Zen was only a year late with Blazblue I can’t see that year becoming never.

    • Repede91

      I’m not entirely sure about P4A, but I have purchased games through Japanese XBL and they play fine on my American console and account.

  • YES gotta grab this soon.

  • Kefkiroth

    Really nice news here. After I buy/finish Persona 4 Golden, I’ll definitely pick this up even though I’m not very good at fighting games. This apparently combines P4 and some P3 characters, so it should be pretty interesting how the stories connect.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      You should though.^_^ After all this fighting game is quite friendly to those that are not good with fighting game.

      They allow you to combo with just one button there so if you are not really good in using long and powerful combo, you can just focus with the basic combo and focus on dodging and defending.^_^

  • RedShadoww

    aaw..i just about it like 2 weeks ago.

  • elppakcuf

    europe haven’t even got it and usa already has a price cut, srsly? european psn won’t see my money, i’ll be getting it from usa psn

    • Solomon_Kano

      It’s not available on anybody’s PSN. The only download version is on XBLA. It’s $40 on PS3 at retail.

    • Arizato

      It will probably also be region locked on US PSN… So no money for them either.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Ohoho. Good thing I was waiting to get this until after I’d played P4G. Now it’ll be nice and cheap once I get around to it.

    • Christopher Nunes

      I hate when they do Price Drops so soon, especially after 3 months from the original, because that’s big “screw you” gesture for people who bought it the day it was released. Oh well, live and learn… but at least wait a year or something, I feel cheated for paying $60 for the game when it’s now $40.

      Saving those $20 would’ve been nice! ^^;

      • Solomon_Kano

        Yea, it kinda sucks to see. I learned not to care after years of revisions to Nintendo handhelds though. That killed any anger I had at better and/or cheaper versions of things coming out. I just focus on whether or not I feel like the game was worth the amount I paid for it initially.

        On top of that, getting games on Amazon guarantees I rarely pay $60 for them anyway. I usually wait a month or so and then Amazon has it at least a bit cheaper.

  • revenent hell

    I almost feel like I should be bitter about this?…I bought it on release day but do to life stuff I did not get to play it till almost a month later…..and it took forever to find matches. I think there was only one day out of the week at some realy odd hour that I was not normally awake/at home for that I got matches at a semi decent rate in the time period so for that month my playing of it steadily decreased because of the match up wait time…..and I havent touched it since. I think its a good game dont get me wrong but every time I sat watching the minuts tick by I kept thinking how much farther I could be getting on a different game …..Well im not a hard core fighting game fan anyways and my work  hours restrict what hours I can play at but im a little sad that I did not get matches more quickely so soon after its release mabey this price drop will bring in more people to the game wich will be awesome for those still playing it.

    • almostautumn

       Not just you; definitely has either a small(er) player-base, or at least bizarre match-making settings (regional, maybe?). Personally, I thought releasing this before P4 was a garbage choice; how many people are excited for P4:G and have never played it before? How many Vita owners are going to experience the Persona series for the first time from it? Why would they want to spoil anything from it by playing Arena prior?
      It’s an awesome fighter, but definitely released in a poor window, summer or not.

      (I dunno if you buy only new, but there is an extreme few games that cannot be fetched $20 less used no more than a month after release; anything beats Gamestop trade-ins, so people sell low despite it being new. If you do buy new, than that is on you, ya’ know? At least it isn’t iOS; $9.99 – 1 Week Later – $.99 )

      • revenent hell

        Haha so true to the last sentence! I wanted to buy it on release to support the game but……Eh im realy going to have to rethink that if they do this type of game again for the persona series…..and I agree with you about the games release window….They should have flip flopped the games release dates…..But to late now.

  • Richard N

    Tempting, but with black friday just around the corner I’m sure I’ll be able to finally get this along with others in some crazy cheap deal.

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    If only I actually liked that game system :(

  • Go2hell66

    dammit don’t have an arcade stick for my 360…

    • TrevHead

      It’s become rather crappy for 360 controllers latley, those SF Vs Tekken pads aren’t that great and those Madcatz Brawlsticks  (TvsC sticks) that great for modding are getting rare and expensive.

      I’ve been trying to get a friend into FTG and other 2D arcade games, but i’ve no chance getting him to shell out for an arcade stick when he is still using the crappy std 360 pads with the useless d-pads and won’t even upgrade to a slim pad.

  • solilocus

    Guess the game is already dying in the US, thus the price cute.
    The European version better be cheaper, like 30€, and have the Aigis figure inside.
    That would be a nice apology for the delay and the fact that the online community will be dead when P4A finally reach our shores.

    • Keep dreamin’.

      • solilocus

         Haha. I know, but it’s good to dream.

  • Cellsai
    • malek86

      Same for me. Maybe it’s a temporary mistake?

  • Will the download be on XBL? Is there a possibility of a PSN version?

    • The article just said that the DDL’s on XBL’s Games On Demand, right at the top.

      • I wasn’t thinking properly at the time. It should have been “will the DL be only on XBL”. Sorry for the confusion. 

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