PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Opening Movie Reveals Its Final Boss

By Ishaan . November 8, 2012 . 10:30am

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has gone gold, and this morning, Sony shared the game’s opening movie, which you can watch below. The end of the movie also gives a glimpse of the game’s evil mastermind and final boss:



PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will be released for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on November 20th.


Food for thought:

For anyone wondering, the mastermind at the end appears to be Polygon Man, who was the PSOne’s original mascot in the U.S.


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  • Klaus00

    Well figures it was ”him” or ”it” , we requested a trailer with everyone fighting and we got it as the opening. Nice to see that , day 1 for me :D 

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    The game OP looks nice.^_^ And the fact they are using polygon man as final boss is a nice little touch for the game.^_^

  • British_Otaku

    I would probably be more hyped if I was more attached to the characters featured, but it still could have done with a more colourful intro (come on, blue and red and some orange) and maybe an original song or tune for the game.

    I’ve heard that song for Vita adverts enough already, even if intros are skipped for most of their potential plays, it could be a piece which encourages nostalgia (having a sound clip or two from the boot up sounds for the Playstation systems?) or an original work which can be recognised otherwise.

  • theoriginaled

    gotta be honest I was hoping for kevin butler.

    • puchinri

      Considering what happened recently, that’d be tragic and ironic. And maybe a little humorous.

  • James Beatty

    I saw what they were trying to do (the environment is similar to the ps3 background with the waves) but i don’t know, the characters don’t look like they belong together. Also, no spyro, no crash, no solid snake…wtf?

  • The final boss looks like a dragon, but I could be wrong……

  • sibarraz

    andross confirmed for bra.. all stars

  • I probably enjoyed that more than I thought I would. Haha, Sackboy! He’s probably glad that they aren’t using the SSBM-style because I’m wondering how long it would take him to find what he needs from the popit menu.

  • Draculoid

    Pretty lame OP. Again, it’s impossible to not make comparisons to Smash Bros here. Some unoriginal dubstep song playing to a bunch of blue and characters fighting…greeeeat. I get what it’s sort of trying to capture but I just think about Smash Bros Melee intro and how many thousands of times I watched it, this is definitely a skip. Brawl by comparison still at least had an original song…but used scenes from it’s single player cutscenes (which makes sense considering they had so many beautiful that time around).

    GAH…all this does is make me more and more excited for the next Smahs Bros!!

    • The music PSABR sucks alright. Sony could’ve got ones who made the music in Shadow of the Colossus to make better music original to the game.

      If a sequel’s to be made for the next Playstation, let there be a story mode like the Subspace Emissary.

      • Elvick

        The game isn’t even out, and you’re saying the entire OST sucks? :/

      •  It’s kind of amazing actually. The one thing everyone can agree on is that the music is really, really good.

        But once again, nintendo fanboys, whatcha gonna do with em?

    • disgaea36

      Wow now you just a hater because okay the game might be crap but that opening was pretty bad ass. I can tell your a nintendo fan boy cause you jump immediately to the super smash bros. comparison and then defend it to the death of you. This isn’t the first time companies have tried to throw a bunch of characters from different games into one platform fighting game. But IMO I’ll Be wating till the game drops to 20 bucks or knowing these companies now wait till they release an all star plus with everything in it.

      • Draculoid

        I’m a hater because our opinions differ on the opening being “bad ass” or not? Defend it to the death of me? That seems a little severe….but yes I was making a direct comparison to Smash Bros. It is in my opinion the epitome of the genre and any game trying to be like it will likely be compared to it by me. I don’t even own a Nintendo console atm and only have a PS3, really WISHED this game was good but everything I see for it just seems sloppy, including the opening IN MY OPINION. You yourself say multiple times the game is going to be crap and that you won’t buy it till it’s 20 bucks, why the hell are you mad at me for not liking the opening? I’ll likely still buy the game since there aren’t that many party style games for PS3, but am I not allowed to voice my dislike for the things?

    •  It’s shamefully easy to tell who’s just fishing for replies at this point.

      I guess he got me though so good job.

      • Draculoid

        How exactly am I fishing for replies? People tired of this being placed side by side to Smash Bros and it looking like shit by comparison? I’m not saying I don’t want the game to be good and I don’t even have a Nintendo console anymore (just my PS3). It’s just that every time something new comes out for this game it seems sloppy and unrefined, but I guess that’s just me.

    • JonathanisPrimus

      I don’t think you know what dubstep is if you’re calling the All-Stars OP it. Since it seems you’re a Nintendo fan, I would’ve guessed you’d be familiar with bargain basement dubstep thanks to those Wii U commercials. I guess wrong.

      • Draculoid

         Really? I swear I heard a litte something in there, and no I haven’t seen the Wii U commercials. I appologize for getting the genre wrong, should have just said unoriginal trash electronic music. I say unoriginal to the point of not being originally composed (mixed I guess?) for this opening, just lazyness.

  • ivanchu77

    Heihachi being awesome, as usual

  • Thuggin Love

    Polygon man huh,shoulda just added the Playstation logo as a final boss

  • Elvick

    I like the intro personally. Just a shame I could care less about the game. It’s fun, in the beta away. Although some obvious balance issues with sniper spam with Radec and overused Kratos because his insane reach…

    But, this game doesn’t represent PlayStation very well. It has some of the characters I was hoping for. Jak & Daxter, Sly, Ratchet & Clank, Sackboy, Parappa, Nariko, Cole (but two is lame), Spike, Sir Daniel Fortesque.

    And I like Fat Princess’ inclusion. Gotta have new kids on the block too, and she plays awesome. I’d throw her under the bus for Kat though.

    However, there is not a single RPG character. PSone, PS2 and PSP had RPGs out the ass and not a single RPG character? Not a one? Not even to fill out the pathetic female list? Oh, a whole two. Thanks guys.

    There’s as many females as there are Coles. That’s just dumb. Don’t get me started on the 3rd party offerings. Just cross promotion for upcoming multiplatform releases. Not actual reflection of the character’s history with PlayStation. Just a way to pimp out a new game that we could buy on 360 if we chose to.

    Personally gonna wait to see if they release DLC worthwhile. Then I’ll wait for an edition with that DLC on it.

    • disgaea36

       Same here

    • kupomogli

      As someone who played the beta heavily, Kratos and Radec were far from being overpowered.  Very noob friendly to win with if you or others weren’t very good at the game, but not overpowered.  Sly is one of the more difficult characters to get good with, but he’s the only truly overpowered character in the beta.

      Despite how “overpowered” those characters were, I rarely ever played a match that a Radec or Kratos who wasn’t played by me came in first place. Or tied first place when playing two vs two.

      16 first party characters which is a lot of characters for any fighting game is a very good representation of Playstation.  The third party characters are an annoyance to me as well, but they came out with a great third party line up as well as three good third party characters, even if they’re characters I, as well as I’m sure others, never wanted.

      I also don’t agree with your two Cole’s argument.  If both versions of Cole were the same or similar then yes, I’d totally agree, but the two versions are completely different from one another.  How many Street Fighter games Ken, Evil Ryu, Akuma, etc, appear in yet they are mostly the same?  Rival Schools and Project Justice has a lot of duplicate characters that play the same or very similar, like Batsu, Burning Batsu, and Vatsu, or Akira and Akira, or Daigo and Wild Daigo, or Hyo and Demon Hyo. 

      So I don’t get all the crying I see about Cole and Evil Cole when they’re two completely unique characters outside of appearance.  Since so many people like to compare this to Smash Bros, how about the ridiculous amount of duplicate characters in that game, two of which are Link and Young Link in Melee?  Mario and Luigi were duplicate characters on the very first game, and yes their attacks slightly differed, but they are the same for the most part.  So yeah.  The integrity of Playstation All Stars being attacked with two different Cole characters being in the game is hypocritical when those same people overlook the fact that there are duplicate characters on so many other games that they seem to favor.  It’s like bashing Mortal Kombat for having different colored Scorpion/Sub Zero like kombatants despite the characters playing differently.

      • Elvick

        I played the private. Have no space for the public beta. So I’ve never even gotten to play Sly, since he wasn’t in the private beta. Not sure what, if anything, they’ve changed since. Speed of sniper, it’s payout and knock back were ridiculous in the private beta.

        And your argument for two Coles is crap. I don’t give two figs if they’re “different”. They’re still representing the same franchise. A franchise that was only born this generation. A franchise, that as a whole, isn’t necessarily the best selling franchise on PlayStation. It’s not some huge breakout Halo or Pokemon hit.

        It’s just there. It’s good, but there’s no reason for there to be two versions of the same character. Especially when they could have created Cole in a way that actually shifted his alignment (appearance) throughout the game, depending on which powers you used. Which would have been more interesting than the two separate Coles combined.

        And it would have actually represented inFamous better. They clearly never played the game. You’re never forced to only do good, or forced to only do bad. Yet in this game, you’re forced to pick one. Defeating the entire purpose of inFamous.

        Last time I played all 3 games in the series, I didn’t pick at the start “Good Cole” or “Bad Cole” I became one or the other based on my actions. It’s a poor representation of inFamous, and it’s representing the same series twice for no reason.

        And I don’t overlook duplicate characters in other games. So keep your sweeping generalizations to yourself.

        • kupomogli

          Radec was the same for the public beta and there were a lot of complaints about him.  The only people who complained about him in both the private and public beta are those that just dont try and find a way around it.  Hold L1.  That’s a good strategy to start with.  Do a hop and air dodge when his sniper is going to go off.  Jump in the air and use attacks that will send you forward and keep you in the air, etc.  He might use his plasma grenade or electricity, but those are very easily avoidable.

          I’ve played Clockwork twice and he used Radec both times.  I won the free for all both times.     

          Your entire argument that it’s not like Infamous falls flat.  Considering this is a fighting game, there is no possible way they could have added Cole’s alignment changes in story mode yet still make it viable for multiplayer.

          For a current gen character, Cole is also very popular.  Not being some huge “Halo or Pokemon breakout hit” is only a matter of opinion.  I’m not a fan of Halo outside of its multiplayer and I’m not a fan of Pokemon after Red/Blue.  Infamous on the other hand is a great series, and one of the few series on the PS3 that I’ve platinumed each title.

          I have some friends who only own a 360 that have borrowed PS3s just to play and finish the Uncharted and Infamous games.  Far more popular of a series than the older Playstation franchises, that’s for sure.

          • Elvick

            Oh lawd. It is not an opinion that inFamous is no where near Halo or Pokemon. Even when they both launched.

            You’re ridiculously delusional if you believe that.

  • Ben Sylvia

    But is there anything for those of us who aren’t so keen on endless online multi-player?

    Like unlockable tidbits? Alternate music?
    A single player mode more fleshed out than just “fight these guys one after another and fight Polygon Man”?

    One reason I stopped caring about UMvC is because there wasn’t anything for single players aside from arcade and combo challenge or whatever it was called.

    SoulCalibur 4 and 5 lost my interest because they got rid of the interesting secondary game mode for single players.

    Nothing I’ve seen so far indicates this isn’t your generic fighter with Smash Bros. gameplay mechanics.  Just looks like a $60 disc that I’ll be bored with after a day.

  • kupomogli

    I’ve already got this preordered from Newegg for $48.  I won’t get any of the preorder DLC, but I couldn’t care less.  The only alternate costume I want is Kessler costume for Evil Cole, which I’ll probably pay less buying seperately than I would have getting it for free.

    For those of you who have actually played the beta though, the game is far different from Smash Bros and every character is completely different.  It’s also more of a fighter than Smash Bros what with it being combo heavy and all.  As a fan of Smash Bros, from just the six characters on the beta, there’s a high probability that SuperBot has surpassed Nintendo with items off in just one game.  However, the items in Playstation All Stars are tacked on in my opinion, and are just extremely boring unlike the items that you can acquire in Smash Bros which actually add a different style of enjoyment to the gameplay.  In Smash, I like playing with items off, but the items in Smash don’t really suck like they do in All Stars.

  • xavier axol

    i was pretty exciting for allstars, but with all the leaks from the rooster to stages really tone down my excitement. i played the beta and i liked it (even on the ps vita, it felt tight) but my problem is the content of the game and 20 characters just doesn’t cut it (i keep asking myself why in the world would superbot put two coles in a game that has only 20 characters) and the fact that big daddy and heihachi are in the rooster makes it less playstation, why not the wonder from shadow of the colossus, kat from gravity rush (representing the vita), dart from legend of dragoon, ellen from folklore (i can not recomend this game enough), the chimera from resistance, and so on… i get that sony doesn’t have control over ip’s of third parties that made the playstation brand awesome back in the ps2 era, games like final fantasy, resident evil and metal gear solid, but when they come out and say that this game is a celebration of the playstation history. let me just say that the rooster (with a few exceptions like rachet, jack&daxter, sir daniel) make it less relatable with the playstation that i have in mind.

    • Brandonmkii

      please stop saying rooster, it’s hard to think up a reply when all i can think about is Heihachi INSIDE A ROOSTER.

      • Göran Isacson

        … Heihachi inside a rooster.

        WELP rich people have their eccentricities I guess… or maybe it’s all just a plan to help him blow up everyone with the Devil Gene. Again. Who knows what powers that rooster might hold…

    • There are alot of great characters in the playstation universe thanks to the ps vita/ps3, but I would assume licensing issues would be the greatest problem as the costs probably seem high, developing moves that fit that character is challenging, and it is being made by “north americans” for north americans. I would love to see valkyria chronicles, Gravity rush, tales of graces, yakuza, aveline from assassins creed vita, persona 4 characters, and FINAL Fantasy characters showed off. I hope psn plus provides dlc in the form of characters or we get an updated version with more characters during the ps4 launch period.

      • xavier axol

        all those characters i mention are sony’s ip and the cost would be making them, i am awared that creating moves for a character is challenging. but it has 20 characters and from i had heard they beeing busy making this game for more than two years. i know the gameplay is fine but content wise is just plausible (almost, like not there yet). great opening by the way, it makes me wanna get the game a little bit more.

  • SirTeffy

    My only question is this: Each pair is bound by some “link” according to the developers, for example Spike and Parappa being PSOne Icons, Drake and Sly being thiev-er, “treasure hunters”, and apparently Big Daddy and Sackboy are “Who is more adorable to Little Sister”, but what the HECK is Fat Princess’s link to Evil Cole?

    • Elvick

      Love cake?

    • Ben Sylvia

       She’s secretly an evil empress?

    • DeUmoa Dolores

      From what I’ve heard, greed.

  • Brandonmkii

    Not gonna lie, I really liked that song in the opening.

    • pho_Enix

      It’s Finale by Madeon, youtube it ;)

  • Hey, gonna go ahead and save you time. The comments are filled with idiots who still call it a smash clone (even though at this point it’s proven otherwise) and nothing of value. Just go read another article.

    Oh and in case you wanna post about Crash or Spyro, Superbot already tried to get the two of them but Activision didn’t want to let them in. It isn’t Superbots fault, Activision bein’ Activision.

    They said if they do manage to get the rights to Crash though he’ll be free DLC so no use complaining about it. 

    • Who says you can’t call this game a SSB clone AND like it at the same time?

      •  Because outside of it’s presentation (4 mascots jumping around fighting) it’s… not really like Smash Bros at all. The combat, speed of the fight, and mechanics are all 100% original to the game.

        • Dhruv Rajyagor

          I agree with you. I didn’t play the beta, however, I played the kiosk demo they had at Wal-Mart. When I saw it, I was freaking out with joy! I tried it; four characters: Kratos, Parappa, Jak, and Big Daddy. My main point: I agree with you. The controls of the game are TOTALLY original (Except for the jump button. If they make a sequel, they should consider making the jump upward on the stick with the X button being a special button). And I actually liked the gameplay. I was enjoying it all the time. It may have the same 4-player party/fighting game basics like Smash Bros, but everything else is just Smash Bros. at all.

    • James Beatty

      But…it is a smash clone. Not saying it’s bad(haven’t played it), but you can’t really deny that.

      • But you’ve never played it, so how can you say that?

        • James Beatty

          really? Look at it. 

          • and? I’ts not like putting a bunch of character together and having them fight in a free for all is that original of an Idea.(It’s not like every racing game is a clone of another or that every fighting game is a clone of another, it all depends on the execution)

            and you haven’t played so the gameplay could be completely diffrent.

            now if the gameplay is the same than I’ll agree(I’ve yet to play the game aswell)

    • LynxAmali

      -The comments are filled with idiots who still call it a smash clone
      (even though at this point it’s proven otherwise) and nothing of value.
      Just go read another article.

      Yeah, well, I can understand people being upset that Sony, rather than making their own unique fighter, decided to copy an established formula to the point where the only differences is some of the combat being different (equal balance with range or melee), the cast list and the backgrounds.

      SSB clone.

      -even though at this point it’s proven otherwise

      Ha! It’s been proven for both sides.

  • KyoyaHibari

    Oh god, Big Daddy and that banana peel…

  • Hope this game gets a controller bundle eventually. I need to pick up another Dualshock 3 and figure I might as well get a bundle, but so far the only bundle game with local multiplayer (Resistance) is one I have little interest in. With this, it’s not really appealing enough for me to buy it on its own, but if it came with a controller I would probably sink for it.

  • almostautumn

    I’ll stick with Nura for my PS3 SSB fix :P

    Played the beta a lot though, and had fun, but I don’t think I’ll be buying this. Outside of Kratos and Killzone proving a certain brokeness (you can spam and win 99% of the time with either), it’s really just that I don’t think it is that good of a video game. Hard to explain, but for me this comes off as a total rental/bargain-bin title.

    • Göran Isacson

      oooh, there is a SSB-style Nurariyon game for the PS3? This I did not know.

    • HassanJamal

      Ah, you know you can dodge spammers right? Every time I faced those Radec spammers or Kratoses, I usually come out being number 1 with Sly. Its not only just bout getting AP, its bout when and what super to take out your opponents.

  • ToshiChan

    I don’t really care if it is or isn’t a SSB clone or not, the fighting feels different but I can’t get that into it because the whole fighting system feels really messy and off to me. During the beta, I really tried to give a chance, but the whole battle system felt really strange to me… and Kratos and Killzone guy seemed way too powerful compared to the other characters.

    I’ll probably eventually get it, but when it’s more affordable and likely used.

  • Only adding Lightning will sold me for this game.

  • My biggest disappointment is how mainstream the choices are, Granted they took a deeper look than say, the original Smash, But they are all still pretty big franchises, most over million seller franchises and most american focused, Sonycat aside.
    Where’s obscure stuff? Surely Jumping Flash could be dusted off.

  • Settsuo

    I played the beta and didn’t like it. It’s mechanics felt messy and clumsy. It’s stage design looked bland and boring. Characters are ok, but ok is where it stops. Didn’t like it, won’t buy it… that’s about it.

  • Xekyo

    I like the game.  Every character has moves very unique to themselves.  I think the character balance is somewhat equal.  It’s just that Kratos and Radec are some of the “easier” to use.  It’s not hard to get lots of AP points, bottom mashing with them.  Whereas, more technique and thought is required to effectively use the others.  

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