Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time On PS3 Turns The Vita Into “X-Ray Goggles”

By Ishaan . November 8, 2012 . 1:00pm

The PlayStation Vita can interact with the PlayStation 3 version of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Using the Vita’s augmented reality feature, you can use it like a pair of X-Ray goggles to look at the PS3 game on your TV, and search for hidden items. Take a look at how this works below:



Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is also a cross-buy title, so buying the PlayStation 3 version will get you a download copy of the Vita version for free.


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  • It looks easy in the vid, but when your playing alone thats gonna be hell.

    remember always have a partner on hand.

    • Elvick

      Or just wait for a user made map of the locations of all that stuff and do it that way. :P

  • If you could use the Vita as a controller at the same time it would be useful. But if you need to use a regular controller while holding up the Vita then its useless.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      In the video, it does look like the Vita is the controller for him,

  • SirTeffy

    It looks like the Vita couldn’t sync properly to the PS3’s screen, resulting in desyncing and image jumping on the Vita.

    Surely Sony can do better than this? They kind of have to if they want to compete with the Wii U by making the Vita a “game tablet” like the Wii U controller…

    • I don’t see it…

      could you give a time frame?

      • SirTeffy

         There’s a 1-second lag at 1:30 where Sly starts moving but the Vita doesn’t update the screen, then another bit of lag at 1:37 where the PS3’s camera rotates and it takes a bit for the Vita to catch up (though not AS bad), every time the Vita player taps the screen to ping the PS3 player it takes a full second to register on the TV, and at 1:47 it’s quite noticeable that there’s clear lag in the screens updating with each other.

        • ok now I see it, Good thing this isen’t a very important mechanic in the game.(It’s more like a little extra for a vita owner)

          • Mr_SP

             Yeah, if this was a Cross-Controller, that would be bad. But it’s not. The primary element to not allow Vita connectivity to interfere with PS3 gameplay. However, it is a little more than one would like from what is essentially, though not quite, multiplayer.

    • sandra10

      They have done better.

      But it’s not like anybody is going to care about these features on the Vita or the WiiU – they’re distractions at best. Remote play is what people care about the most, and even then, there aren’t too many that care about that. 

    • drproton

      I don’t think they can.  The Wii U was built from the ground up for its tablet, and the Vita interaction is more like an afterthought.  It takes a lot of engineering to stream video and accept input at low latency.

      • Afrit

        well, it’s not an afterthough per se. considering the PSP had remote play before, as an afterthought.

        The PS3 hardware is likely to be the bottle neck here; It still uses wireless g.

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    It actually looks like he’s using the Vita AS the controller. If you notice, he touches the touchscreen and Sly moves to the area he pointed to. Interesting, since holding both a Dual Shock and a Vita at the same time would be cumbersome. 

    • doubleO7

      That guy sitting next to him at the beginning of the video is holding a standard controller. He’s probably the one controlling Sly.

    • kupomogli

      Like 007 stated, the guy next to him is controlling it, but you did see when he pressed the location on the Vita, it was showing a blip on the tv screen.  Basically telling the guy next to him where to go.

  • Seems gimmicky

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Does not make it bad though.^_^

    • kupomogli

      I agree it’s gimmicky, and it’s a feature I won’t take advantage of despite owning both devices, but it does add “Vita can do this.”

      It just adds more fuel to the fire that PS3/Vita can do what the Wii U can if developed in that way, which makes me think it’s in Sony’s best interest to release the PS4 with Vita being used as the controller.  This way Sony will compete with Nintendo by being able to do everything Nintendo can do with the PS4/Vita combo, and also at the same time push Vita’s out there because users would not only have a console, but they can leave their house and take their Vita with them and play exclusive Vita games on the go.

      Doing this, the Vita would get the sales that it so desperately needs, and developers would push more games towards the Vita since more people would have them.

      • Mr_SP

         I do like adding more cross-controller compatibility… But at the same time, unlike the WiiU, it’s a bad idea to force the Vita as being a requirement for more than a handful of games, considering how expensive they are.

      • Elvick

        My only hope for PS4 at this point, for Vita, is that it won’t require extra programming for things to support remote play. That would be great. Then everything would just work with it, and we’d be done with the lack of support for an underutilized feature.

      • Kevin Tan

        Without the Vita being standard with all PS4s, you limit your audience to those with both systems, the price of which would be very cost prohibitive for most consumers.  It’s a nice to have for most people, but the install base won’t justify for more than a handful of developers.

  • Tianyu Wei

    I think this time around, there won’t be people going around calling Sony copy-caters when they include VITA as a vital part of PS4 strategy… the PS4+VITA bundle strategy would be a perfect blend, and the cost wont’ be high because by then, the VITA alone would probably drop to $100-$150 territory, and with the PS4 package i’d say i’d predict PS4 cost about $399 ~ $449 for two different SKUs.

  • blacKnight

    Haha! This is a joke! They can’t even do it right, it lags so much…

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