Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment Trailer Has Partner Characters And Battles

By Ishaan . November 9, 2012 . 9:00am

No more teaser trailers—today, Namco Bandai shared the first proper promo video for Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment on the PSP, and it shows off the game’s partner system along with battles. The video can be viewed below:



Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment is like the .hack games on the PlayStation 2. It tries to simulate the feel of an online game without actually being online. The game has NPC allies that you may find roaming around in fields or dungeons, and you can partner with them. Partner characters are capable of learning your attack patterns, too.


As previously reported, a limited edition of Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment will include two “Special Content” DVDs, a soundtrack CD and more. The game will be released on March 14th, 2013 in Japan.


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  • Brimfyre

    Kind of wish you could just make your own character and not play as Kirato.  I like the guy and everything, but I kind of know how his story plays out already.  I would rather fight along side him.

    • Göran Isacson

      That’d be a pretty neat idea, actually. On the one hand it would free you up to see new things in the storyline (and possibly date the ladies which Kirito DIDN’T woo), but on the other hand I’d think most people who buy this game would buy it for the fact they get to play as the MC… complicated decision, really.

      • Brimfyre

        The ol’ Enter the Matrix delima.

        • Göran Isacson

          Excellent way of putting it. You get the opportunity to explore the world in greater detail and from a fresh perspective… but there’s no telling if the new perspective will be even half as interesting as the old one, and some people just want to be the big main hero.

  • Kevadu

    Why the heck is Lyfa in this game?  That’s going to take some explaining.

    • She is the mastermind XD Tht or just sugu did not use the mirror.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    This game is going to be the game needed to ease the gamers who have been waiting for .hack style of game lol.

    • Tianyu Wei

       this isn’t even real time battle like .hack… // GU was probably one of the best in this genre, and FFXII second. I dont’ see this one even close to those 2.

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        ??? This is a real time battle like .hack though. The trailer just show us that lol.

  • A game about a book about a game… *sigh*, I’ll never be able to get over that.

    • I thought it was a game of a show of a book of a game?

      • “A game of a show of a book about game”
        There ya go.

        • Tianyu Wei

           it’s more like A game about an anime based off a book about a guy playing a game.

          • Göran Isacson

            I’m the dude playing the dude disguised as another dude!

            I wonder if anyone else even gets that reference.

          • I’m HONESTLY lost.

          • Pfff…! I love you guys!

  • Protos_Heis


  • Its a proper trailer!! Yatta!!! (^__^)/ Is it too much to ask for a translation?? Pretty please?

    Hmmm… the game looks quite good on motion compare to screenshot. The battles kinda reminds me of “Tales of” series. Looking good so far. I am curious on how they play the “no respawn” rule… And I hope they reuse some of the tracks from the anime cuz its Yuki Kajiura ^.^;

    Gleam Eyes… I bet his battle will be as hard as the anime one if they keep the rule… Skull Reaper and Fatal Scythe will appear too I guess? These two are going to be brutal T.T Let not even mention the final boss….

    Silica, Asuna and Leafa in the same level!?? Wow Kirito your PIMP powah… 

    • Kibbitz

      You mean trailer translation?

      • Yes. 

        • Kibbitz

          * Very rough and dirty translation, and by they, I usually mean Kirito since it’s his voice reading this… right? (Don’t watch SAO)

          Floating Castle Aincrad 7th Nov 2024?
          75th Floor Labyrinth Section – Boss Area

          Sorry… Asuna…

          I, have to … this man…

          [Not voiced] Kirito-kun, that is… { nai yo -> a negative statement, feels like it implies whatever ‘that’ is isn’t true}

          KOROSU -> do I have to explain this? =P

          [Not voiced] That was, a story that began from the end

          A system where a Game Over equals Death

          {This part gets a lot messier from here where you have text onscreen while lines are spoken.
          It starts with saying, “Sword Art Online, Floating castle Aincrad, 75th floor” while the written part shows “VRMMORPG Sword Art Online, the completely original story, starting from the 75th floor}

          The next block is just talk about the premise for SAO, like how there’s an unknown system error and the things up with it, etc.
          This then leads into a brief mention of the gameplay where they tell you to pick your partner and explore the ‘fields’, aiming for the 100th floor.

          The part around 1:10 to 1:20 has a dramatic line along the lines of “Exchanging words, helping one another, brandishing your sword in order to live, surviving this world together with you”
          It follows with a spoken “Climbing up, higher and higher and higher, grasping the true end… until then” while the text is, well, confusing. It feels like “Is it even possible to clear a world without a Game Master?”
          They use 存在 which feels like they’re asking if a way to even clear this exists. Someone with better JP, feel free to correct me.

          Anyway, next block of text is “Without anything reliable, ascend Aincrad”, the reliable probably means that they have no idea if there is any way out, but the only thing they can do is just to ascend and find out.}

          1:51 Spoken line and text are the same, “In a world where no end is in sight, at this moment, living with you”

          Edit: Changed Ironcloud to Aincrad, credits to Dylan Ng.

          • Thk dude. 

            Oh and the floating castle/ironcloud is aincrad.

          • that cool man.I am compare to you a loser in JP.

    • tubers

      indeed. a lot of the animation are either mocapped or rotoscoped quite well :)

  • Pretty please localize this game!!!!, Thought would prefer that it got a Vita release rater then PSP but well I can still play it as long as it reach PSN :P Vita needs more games!

    Anyhow, what is the chances for this to actually be localized? I personally love the novels, anime is okay but yeah.

    • miju

       Zero to none. Like all the other animu titles like Madoka. Then again does JP get our cartoon/movie based titles here, like Ben10?

      • Lol, at least Jap get to taste our despair too xD

  • It’s nice that this will be a downloadable title at release so us Vita players can play it, but dang I kind of want the limited edition package.  So many goodies.

    Might be time to try and find a PSP for cheap somewhere.

    • Tianyu Wei

       well if you just want the box, all the Japan released UMD games are eligible for a digital discount. so I assume you have a Japanese PSN, you can double dip the game. :D

  • Astralwyrm

    .hack vs Sword Art Online beat em up coming down the pipe line in the future perhaps?

  • midgard229

    hmmm, as much as i love SAO……for a turn based game, the animations are very bad, slow and un impressive…….blah. dissapointing 

  • I cant see XSeed picking a game like this up, but Aksys might. And hopefully they do, because I want to play it :)

  • Tianyu Wei

    This game won’t be localized as none of the usual localizer will be going through the licensing deal with Aniplex USA…

    most Anime tied-in games that’s not part of a big global company don’t get localized. Anime/Manga IP Licenses in the U.S. is a cesspool that nobody wants to touch….

    • I think everyone knows it deep down somewhere. But we rather enjoy dreaming…..

  • eilegz

    i hope this game come to america…. oh wait psp its dead :(

    • Zenthos

      *Looks at vita and psp sales*. Apparently not as dead as the vita.

    • Learii

      or maybe is will be ps vita downloadable

  • I wonder, why PSP?  If we just go for the Sony route, why not the PSVita?  If it’s about userbase, isn’t Nintendo a better system to go for?  In Japan, the 3DS has a pretty large userbase, so why didn’t they try 3DS?  So many questions about their decisions.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Because developing a game on PSP had lesser risk compared to the other two consoles you mentioned and in Japan, PSP is still alive and blazing.(Even though they are kinda dying.)

      • Morricane

        Since PSP games can be played on the Vita they can sell their stuff to the userbase of two platforms, that’s all…

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          Yup.^_^ It is like obtaining the double market capabilities there.^_^

    • sherimae1324

       this game is maybe in development for sometime even before the vita is out

      and youre asking why not 3DS?! youre talking Namco Bandai here kid ^_^
      sony’s no.1 supporter hence why this new games for the PSP nevers dry out

  • Göran Isacson

    What, no male partners at your side? Egil and the redhead guy are far too epic to be left out of this game dammit!

    • Chill bro. I don’t think Bamco have the balls to leave them out xD But we will see.

  • this is absolutely ridicolous…ugh

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World


  • Nitraion

    If only the gameplay is neat as Tales series… ^^”

  • Christian Wright

    either this trailer is slowing down those smash attacks purposely or the game has some sluggish combat 

    • Syn

      Agreed on that count, wasnt too impressed by the really slow rate of attacks and running speed, hope its just a video issue though.

  • Looks really good. One more game to cram in my Vita’s memory card. If only Japanese devs could make some games specifically for the vita (*sigh*). When Vita dies, PSP will still be there…

    • sherimae1324

       youre so naive oni-chan to think that way ^_^

  • the thing is… I don’t want to be kirito… and i want it to be a VRMMORPG, i would atleast like to see this on the occulus rift, with full VRMMORPG capabilities, of course, the rift is nowhere near as advanced as the nervegear, but it would still be great to see it on the first proper VR console made IMO

  • i dont want to play as kirito… and i want it to be a VRMMORPG, i want my own character and i want it to be on a VR console, like the occulus rift, of course the rift isn’t nearly as advanced as the nervegear, but IMO i’d like to see it on the first VR console, it’d just be amazing :)

  • can i ask if there are people who are working with a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game game like SAO in the anime series. it would be of much fun than playing with computers. hahah. :)

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