See How Wii U’s Miiverse Is Integrated Into New Super Mario Bros. U

By Ishaan . November 13, 2012 . 10:45pm


Nintendo have shared a new Wii U demonstration video that shows off three of the upcoming console’s features—the Nintendo Network ID account system, the Internet browser, and their new social network, Miiverse (and how it can be integrated into games).


You can watch the video above. It shows a bit of New Super Mario Bros. U’s world map, too. Wii U will be released in the U.S. on November 18th and in Europe on November 30th.

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  • onilink888

    You know, this fruit stuff… I can’t help but feel that it’s foreshadowing something. Like, Iwata holding (and maybe even crushing) an Apple in an eventual Nintendo Direct.

    Anyways, this Miiverse stuff is cool enough, I guess. Often too lazy to shlep my lazy butt over to the computer to ask about things when I get stuck in a game, so this could come in handy.

    *The real treat here, though, is OS-level screenshots that stems from Miiverse. I’m going to subject the community to so many pervy shots, it’s not going to be funny.*

    • malek86

      I like that Apple idea. Although i doubt that, metaphorically speaking, they can really pull it off. The market has changed so much in just a few years, and while everyone thought the Wii was gonna be the gamechanger, in the end it was mobile platforms. Let’s see if the Wii U can at least make a difference.

      Also… crushing an apple would be quite a feat of strength :P

      • onilink888

        Oh, I wasn’t serious. It was just a playful extension of the meme.

      • sd28

        in this case i would say it was the ds that was a game changer and that the wii never got the chance to be all that it could be 

  • Administrator Final Fantasy Th

    I’m really excited for this console that it’s palpable lol! I haven’t been this psyched since the Gamecube! I see many great things with the Wii U and Nintendo is really pushing digital and online integration! I like it! :) I can’t wait for some Super Smash, Zelda and Pokemon in HD o_O! *drools*

  • Yesfir

    I think all of this stuff is really incredible, this really feels like a step in the right direction for console gaming anyway. But I do have a serious question I’ve not personally seen an answer to. Uh, how do they plan to keep constant pictures of ‘unspeakable’ things popping up during load screens and such?

    I imagine the community will get really crafty and really immature with the ability to draw and have their comments showing up in-game…

    • They’ve got people monitoring messages that are posted to Miiverse.

  • SirRichard

    Nintendo officials staring at fruit is something I’m not sure I’ll ever tire of.

    The thing these videos (NOE’s subs for the Japanese Direct, this one) kind of make me worried about is the Miiverse integration again; after dying to same set of spikes five times in a row the last thing my temper needs is a grinning, buck-toothed fat git of a Mii saying “Y U PUT SPIKES HERE” or whatever. It looks right at home in Nintendoland, sure, but I’d rather not be haunted by soulless grins every time I go to the world map.

    The “leave your comments in a rhyming style” thing is kind of cool, though, I’d totally leave limericks around to taunt people.

    • Grenalie

      I imagine you can disable it, if not then it’s pretty stupid.

  • Ståle Laastad

     wish they had detailed 2d faces instead of the 3d, they just look ugly.

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