DmC Devil May Cry Demo To Have Multiple Difficulties, Weapon Upgrades

By Ishaan . November 14, 2012 . 9:35am

Last night, Famitsu magazine reported that Capcom would release a DmC Devil May Cry demo in Japan on November 21st. This morning, Capcom USA made an official demo announcement for the west.


DmC Devil May Cry will see a demo on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network on November 20th in the U.S. and November 21st in Europe. The demo will contain two missions, one of which is a boss fight.


Additionally, Capcom say that the demo will contain multiple difficulty modes, including the remixed “Son of Sparda” mode, which is unlocked upon completing the demo once. The demo will also give access to some of the weapon upgrades in the game and a “couple of secrets” that aren’t detailed.


The full version of DmC Devil May Cry will be released on January 15th, 2013 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. A PC version will be released at a later date.

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  • XiaomuArisu

    Thats nice.
    Secrets…Vergil demo?Bonus for the actual game?
    Lets see if the demo can win some fans.

  • urbanscholar

    Can’t wait

  • Very excited for this. Persona 4 Golden and the demo for DmC on the same day! It’s such an exciting prospect I can barely wait. 

  • afillari

    I’m 100% certain there will be people who will hate it regardless of how good this demo is.

    • Grenalie

      Unless they’ve scrapped everything they’ve shown us then it won’t be very good.

      • Kris

        What don’t you like about what you’ve played?

        • Grenalie

          Thirty FPS, no lock on, parry window is 1 second, parrying is done by pressing the attack button at the right time so you can auto-parry while mashing, parrying a swipe enters a mini-cutscene where Dante stuns the boss and you can wail on it, stinger auto parries,
          devil trigger is super easy modo, stay in the air with no effort which
          also lowers the drain of the devil trigger bar, style rank doesn’t go
          down unless hit, style is based solely on damage, grapple and heavy
          attack makes quick work of most basic enemies, not to mention the fact
          that Tameem admits we’ve seen about 70% of the game and 2 major bosses
          (one of which only has 4 attacks).

          • Fr33Kingdom

            And yet it still looks like a fantastic game………Feel free to criticize it for not being like the old devil may cry’s, but i think whether it’s good or not is more important. 

          • Grenalie

            If you think all of that makes for a good game then that’s nice for you.  I hope you enjoy your game, friend.

          • Fr33Kingdom

            Well seeing as pretty much your every judgement adds up to “not the same as the old games” then yea it could still be a great game. How it compares to old games is not a measure of quality. There are slower games than the devil may cry franchise that i might like more, there are games that might have better art, stories, etc. People always complain about how simple god of war is right? But don’t a lot of people like god of war? I know people that like god of war as well as dmc, but if you compare the two the way you just did god of war wouldn’t stack up, and devil may cry wouldn’t stack up. It doesn’t have to be the same as the old to be good. That’s your mistake.

            Think of it this way, what if someone looked at the old devil may cry and said “the game has empty bland environments(compared to god of wars landscapes), generic anime main character(compared to kratos), cheesy dialogue and style, a meaningless story(compared to the tale GoW told), and overly complex gameplay that i feel offers no real reward beyond shallow style points(compared to the mash heavy gameplay of GoW that fits the anger of the main character).” They wouldn’t be wrong, but doesn’t devil may cry still add up to a great game for many people? Isn’t what’s most important that the pieces of the game FIT THE GAME, rather than match the old ones? Who gives a shit about fps or lock ons if the game is good? How it compares to the old game isn’t some objective measure of quality and everyone needs to stop pretending it is.

          • Grenalie

            Those are pretty much facts about the gameplay that I consider bad, not just compared to the old DMC games but to action games as a whole; and yes how a later game in the series compares to those that came before it is pretty important, unless it’s a large departure from the norm but DmC keeps the general spirit of gameplay.  The complex gameplay is rewarding when you get a handle on it (Parrying well with Royalguard felt so good and DmC pretty much takes a dump on it by making everyone and their mother able to do it well with no effort) and is essential to doing well at the higher difficulty levels.

            I don’t like the God of War series very much but a lot of people do, if you can enjoy DmC then all the power to you, but I’m just stating why I believe the game is bad and why I’m not going to be buying it.

          • Kris

            There we go, I’m glad you’ve at least got a reason! They’ve tweaked some stuff since (DT isn’t basically infinite for air combos and the Style system actually works now), but the parry windows still seem pretty massive. Still, looking forward to trying the demo, because each time I’ve seen it, there have been significant tweaks. Where’d Tameem say we’d seen 70% of the game?

          • Grenalie

            I can’t exactly find it, boy am I feeling stupid.

          • Fr33Kingdom

            You’re still kind of missing it. The old games are gone. Everything you said is about how the game stacks up to the old games, which is not a measure of quality. A game can only be judged by what it’s attempting to accomplish. Do you get that? You can’t fault say black ops for not having a spartan laser, they are different games attempting different things. These games may be the same ip, but they are attempting different things, do you understand? You aren’t measuring action game quality, you are still measuring how well it replicates the old experience. Do you understand? I know a lot of people consider this game bad or a betrayal because it’s not like the old games, but not being like the old games is not the same thing as a bad game. Complaining a game has 30fps without playing it, no lock on, and style and devil triggers being different, that’s all just comparing it to the old games. The only way to judge a game, is to take it for what it is, rather than what you think it should be. Do you understand that?

          • Grenalie

            “The only way to judge a game, is to take it for what it is, rather than what you think it should be.”

            To me what “it is” is a mediocre action game, even without comparing it to the rest of the series.  Is it trying to accomplish being a mediocre action game?  I don’t see how they are attempting different things when both this and the older games are basic action games, I don’t penalize change but I do penalize bad change.

          • Fr33Kingdom

            Being in the same genre doesn’t mean they are trying to accomplish the same things……If that were true why would we need more than one game in a genre? Are gears of war and uncharted trying to accomplish the same things? No? So should they be judged by the same standard? No right? I can’t fault uncharted because dudes heads don’t explode and i cant fault gears because i cant hear marcus whatshisface jump and yell “Nononononononooo!!!” Do you understand what i’m saying now?

          • Grenalie

            What exactly is this game trying to “accomplish” then?  The standard gameplay looks similar enough to me, albeit with their own twist.

          • Kris

            @Grenalie No worries! Just hoping it’s not the case. Curious to hear your thoughts post-demo. :)

          • Fr33Kingdom

            It’s difficult to determine what it’s trying to accomplish without playing it, but your arguments for it being a mediocre action game all amount to “it’s not devil may cry 5”. It was never supposed to be. If they wanted to make devil may cry 5 they would have. They sacrificed fps, willingly, for their admittedly stunning environments. I don’t know enough about game development to criticize them for it, but it’s indicative of them having different goals than recreating the past experiences. Same for say battlefield 3 on consoles, if they were trying to copy Call of duty, it would be 60 fps. Instead it’s not because they made the decision to focus a bit more on other things, they decided being call of duty wasn’t the goal. Being the old series isn’t the goal for dmc either. Do you think that no one at ninja theory ever played devil may cry? Do you think no one at capcom gave them a heads up about what the last games were like? Of course you don’t. The reason this game might not stack up the old games in many aspects, is because it isn’t trying to be the old games. 

          • Grenalie

            None of the things I listed I would want in any action game.

          • Fr33Kingdom

            ? You sure you dont mean you don’t want that in a dmc game? Would you really limit the entire genre to the dmc standard? Why would you approach a new game like that? I don’t get the logic behind that. What if someone said if the rpg isn’t like skyrim then they don’t want to play it, even before a game was released? It’d definitely put into question their love of rpgs haha. You’d do well to keep an open mind. If everybody thought like that every genre would be narrow and made up of the same game in different skins. And a genre is just a label. If you don’t look for that in an action game then pretend it’s not an action game…..

          • Grenalie

            I never said I want every action game to be DMC, you’re twisting my words.

    • OatMatadoQuatro
  • Godmars

    So they’re aware that this is going to be a hard sell to some and they have to be as upfront and honest about the game as possible.

    Good on them.

    Not saying I’m buying the game or even trying the demo – once I get a PS3 again – but its more than nice seeing Ninja Theory taking on complaints in this manner. That’s worth some respect.

    • My exact thoughts.

      Deep inside I wanna see the game fail so hard that they will have to admit they fucked up a great franchise

      • Godmars

        I don’t want to see the game fail, I don’t really care about it. NT and Capcom handled the initial “reboot” horribly and are making it a message game about fighting the 1% when they are the 1% instead of just kicking ass for the sake of kicking ass.

        Still, have to give recognition for effort when its there.

        • Quinton Cunningham

          “I don’t want to see the game fail. Still, have to give recognition for effort when it’s there.”

          See this people? This is the proper response to a game you don’t like, no matter how justified or unjustified your hatred is.

  • AaqibRawat

    looking forward to the demo i want to give this game a chance.

  • Domii

    Can’t wait to try this baby out.

  • Looking forward to next week. After two years since it’s announcement, I be able to see whether this game will be able to carry the legacy of Devil May Cry on it’s shoulders.

  • Spirit Macardi

    I’ll certainly give the demo a try, though I can’t say I have my hopes up. If it does manage to surprise me or change my opinion in any way though, I’ll acknowledge it.

  • Kris

    Alright! The previous demos I’ve played have been on the easy side, so unlockable Son of Sparda (which I guess equals “Very Hard” if the the highest difficulty you can start with is “Hard?”) sounds like it’ll be quite a bit of fun. 

    Curious to see what the response will be like, since I was pretty damn skeptical before E3. It’s definitely not the same as 3 and 4, but it was still pretty good. It’s kind of a backhanded compliment, but I’m sure this’ll be NT’s best game. 

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    I am eager to see how is it that Limbo City attacks the player as well as the changes in the areas whenever it wishes to kill Dante.

  • Göran Isacson

    Multiple difficulties AND weapon upgrades? That is pretty promising, even if the prospect of a demo for Europe as well is ALSO promising. Can’t be too hopeful, these days.

  • Quinton Cunningham

    I cant wait to see “i played the demo” become the new scapegoat for hate, even though half of them won’t even download it.

    • Herok♞

       The thing is if the demo is bad then that is fair, but I have enough faith in humanity to trust people will play it plus if the demo is good then they won’t say anything negative except nitpicking minor things.

  • michael

    Can anyone tell me where i can go upgrade my weapons

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