Tales of Hearts R Adds Garad Grinas To Your Party

By Ishaan . November 14, 2012 . 11:30am

Garad Grinas will be another new playable character joining you in Tales of Hearts R, according to a report in Japan’s Jump magazine (via: Tale Tale Source).


Garad, pictured to the right, accompanies the game’s protagonist, Shing Meteoryte, to help stop the Despir disease. He frequently compares female heroine, Kohaku Hearts, to his daughter.


Garad wields an axe and machete. He can use the new Chase Link system, with attacks like Cross Chase and Chase Finish, which is a finishing move.

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  • Tiael

    Would be nice if NB localized this.

    • ZEROthefirst

      Would be nice if NB localized this and Innocence R.

      • xavier axol

        and it would be nice if NB localized this, innoce R, and vesperia (the ps3 version).

        • Vesperia PS3 Version being localized is a lost cause. They localized one, and probably see no need for the PS3 one especially considering it has been several years now since it’s release.

          • Actually Hideo Baba was asked to officially confirm that Vesperia will never be localized, but he refused – that left some glimpse of hope, still better than nothing.

          • A false hope because it’s not happening.

  • Tales_of_Master

    The guy kind of reminds me of Rowan, although unlike Rowan, Garad seems like a close-range attacker. He defiantly has an interesting design, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone like him in ToH. It’s worth mentioning that his seiyuu is Hideo Ishikawa. He voiced Chaltier in TODR, Itachi in Naruto, Ukitake in Bleach, and Auron in FFX. All in all he is an awesome VA, and I’m interested to see what voice he will give to Garad.

  • evilmoogle

    He looks so FABulous! instant main!

    On an unrelated note:
    Jojo bizarre part 2 gets animated! My gawd so much fabulous news!

  • Raze

    What a stylish old man…

  • Brandon001

    Gotta stop looking at these updates, makes me more interested in a tales that wont be localized

  • Import baby

  • Like a bawss! Srsl, he looks badass, I like him already.

  • MagiusNecros

    Since Vita is doing wonderful I doubt this will be localized, saddening really.

  • Randy Marsh

    At least he isn’t an alien…. 

  • WingsOfEternity

    Why is everyone so sure that this won’t be localized? I know that Tales games have have a history of not localizing games, but after seeing Tales of Graces F , and the announcement of Xillia, I think the chances of this coming over is not as slim as everyone thinks.
    As for Innocence R, the original ToI has a 100% translation patch for 2 years now so I’m positive anybody who wanted to play it in English have already done so. So the chances of localization would probably be less.(Yes Bamco knows it exists.)

    • LightZero

      So long Xillia 1 doesn’t fell to meet Namdai’s low expectations it has a shot. Xillia 2 has a bigger chance but it does have a shot at least. 

    • I would put a little hope because Hideo Baba seemed to hint about it. Like some quote I heard recently: “I’d rather hope then regret.”

  • XiaomuArisu

    Damn,what a pimp.
    Now with a old badass im team its impossible to lose.

  • s07195

    New character is BOSS.

    Edit: Didn’t see that someone already commented on it. :P
    Garad’s sunglasses are really cool.

  • Cool old guy in sunglass. Awesome.

    Btw can some1 give a short non-spoiler summary of ToI and ToH please??

    • s07195

      ToI: The main characters are reincarnations of beings that, in the past, had a great war over reconstructing the world. The main characters are there to tie up all the loose ends that their previous incarnations started and to come to terms with who they were in their previous lives vs who they are now.

      ToH: The story heavily revolves around Spiria (something like the spiritual ‘heart’ of a person). A disease named Despir has been appearing lately. Kohaku’s spiria shatters and flies all over the place (causing more Despir disease), and the first part of the game is spent looking for the shards to help her emotions return. The party then decides to just try and rid the world of Despir, period. Along the way, ancient beings come into play, and complicate the plot. :P

      • Thanks.

        • s07195

          You’re welcome.

      • Tianyu Wei

         pretty much it… I didn’t really like Ruca, thought he was too weak of a protagonist…

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