Monster Monpiece Shuffles From Spring To January 24, 2013

By Spencer . November 16, 2012 . 2:35am

Compile Heart will release their PlayStation Vita game Monster Monpiece earlier than expected. Instead of spring 2013, the card game will be available in Japan on January 24, 2013.


Monster Monpiece has artwork from over 50 artists that re-imagined monsters as monster girls. Dengeki PlayStation shared artwork for a couple of moe monsters like the Shinigami (left) and Doppelganger (right).


c20121113_monmon_01_cs1w1_x720 c20121113_mon_09_cs1w1_x720


Humbaba, a giant monster from Akkadian mythology, as portrayed by Compile Heart (left) and Squaresoft (right).


c20121113_mon_11_cs1w1_x720 ffv

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  • Ok Squaresoft, we all love our fat green orc monster, but this one definitely goes to CH~

    Also this is the first time a CH game has a good OP song, I’m glad~

    • Nanashi Toushiro

      looks like you didn’t play Neptune mk2.
      Touch Shot Love Application also had a really good opening song.

      • I did play Mk2 and it wasn’t a really good song. They almost never are. Tho yeah I never played the Touch Shot game.

        • Nanashi Toushiro

          Well, I really loved the neptune Mk2 op song, but our opinions may differ, at least you like this song, I also think that it’s really good!

          • Yes I can see people liking it, I guess it just wasn’t my area.


    i hope they keep their promise about the online play :D

  • Oh, come on. These are just regular Moé girl pictures with weird attachments slapped on. Where are the human-monster hybrid bodies? Like Centaurs, or a traditional Japanese yōkai like Jorōgumo. Or even at least some distinct silhouettes instead of “bipedal humanoid“. For a supposed “Monster” motif, the trailer hasn’t shown anything beyond Halloween cosplay; even Moémon capture their source Monsters’ elements better.

    Not that the drawing and coloring are weak by any means – they look rather tidy, in fact; just that the designs (as seen here) are largely unimaginative.

    • MrTyrant

      The drawing are cool I like the artist but just that.

    • Peeka Chu

      I am envious of your flagrant use of web-script. A user was kind enough to point out how to do italics the other day and I was beside myself.

      • I just want to be able to emphasize as much as I can, since it’s impossible to get the tone across through text. Well, that plus some fun now and then. I was even using Superscript and Subscript around over a year ago, when Disqus still allowed those.

        You can check this page to see which tags Disqus currently allows.

    • Crazy_O

      I’m guessing more than half of the new game designers in Japan want to draw moe girls. That is most likely their motivation for getting in those jobs in the first place.

      So any reason one can find to draw moe girls is a good enough reason.
      (Btw I’m not against this, just explaining.)

      • Perhaps you meant “character designers”? Game studios usually have separate people for various parts of a game, like art, interface, programming, etc.

        I can’t speak for each artist’s reason(s) for wanting to draw Moé, but I would at least say that making more of what is already widely available isn’t exactly going to provide something unique.

        • Crazy_O

          Ah sry, yes I meant character designers.
          Well everyone has different things he/she likes. But as long as the paying japanese costumer loves it, it won’t change.

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Well it IS Compile Heart. You shouldn’t really have been expecting any more than whats been presented. It’s like expecting an eroge from Valve.


  • MrTyrant

    These are better monster girls, vanadis deliver:

    • True, but Monmusu has still the bestest(and also some of the creepiest) monster girl designs ever~

      Who doesn’t love the ever awesome Hora-ing Alice~

      • MrTyrant

        But Monmusu is horrible. I don’t get why people like that game that much. Alice it’s cool though. The other monster girls in Monmusu are horrible, some artist are terrible and draw like 5 year old kid. Also I dislike main character that are abused a lot.
        This visual novel of vanadis is one of the classic ones only with monster girls that in esccense is what I prefer. I mean having multiple heroines routes going to school and all that, it’s a setting that got me tired but with the exotic heroines I could give a try.


      but i think it’s kinda un-MOE

    • Uh… huh. At least that game certainly can’t be faulted for not having an identity.

    • Göran Isacson

      … I think I need to play this now because of reasons.

      Perverted, perverted reasons.

      Out of curiosity though- high school settings aren’t usually that interesting to me since I’ve seen it enough to get kind of worn on the high prevalence of cliches in it. Is the big draw of this game mainly “sleep with some VERY unusual-looking women”, or is the story that accompanies it at least passable? Not holding my breath because a large cast of girls usually means they can’t put much focus on writing, but I can always hope, right?

  • Yuriangels

    Mmmmmmmmmmm, to moe monster girls fighter each,  now that’s what i like to see! (^^)

  • Kibbitz

    Just went through the seiyuu list out of my own curiosity, so posting it here for the curious and those who don’t already I know, I guess:

    Mei – Shimoda Asami (Ami and Mami from [email protected])
    Fia – Numakura Minami (Ganaha Hibiki from [email protected])
    Karen – Fujita Saki (Inami Mahiru from WORKING!!, voice sample for Hatsune Miku)
    Elisa – Nabatame Hitomi (Kan’u Unchou in Ikkitousen)

    Grace – Ookubo Aiko (Toudou Koyori in Hoshizora He Kakaru Hoshi)
    Reanne – Nakamura Keiko
    Kamen no Reijin (Masked Beauty) – Asakawa Yuu (Shinonome Satsuki in Koichoco, otherwise, to the old guys, Sakaki in Azumanga Daioh or Priss Asagairi in BGC2040)
    Eileen – Igarashi Hiromi (Takanashi Hina in Papa no Iu koto wo Kikinasai!)
    Kate – Hagino Mizuki
    Himika – Nagata Yoriko
    Pirikia – Hayano Kaoru (see

    Sayatia – Tomonaga Akane (Kawakami Kazuko in Majikoi)
    Reihanef – Touyama Nao (Nakagawa Kanon in World Only God Knows, Atarashi Ako from Saki episode of side-A)

    • Elisa is suddenly my favorite character~

      • LynxAmali


        Are we the same person?
        I was thinking the exact same thing.

      • Kibbitz

        Both you and LynxAmali should go to under the character section and check out her voice samples then =P

  • Kai2591

    No man would want to kill these ‘monsters’! lol

    I wish they would specify which artist drew which character though. So curious cuz they’re quite nice :)

    • Kibbitz

      They are specified. The character design is done by Fukahire (フカヒレ). The rest listed so far are:

      Nekomata (猫又): Mikaki Mikako (みかきみかこ)
      Minotauros (ミノタウロス): Mota (モタ)
      Alraune (アラウネ): Emaru Jyon? (えまる・じょん)
      Will O’ Wisp (ウィルオウィスプ): Ushiki Yoshitaka (牛木義隆)
      Backbeard (バックベアード): Senmu (せんむ)

      Shinigami/The Reaper (死神): Fukahire (フカヒレ)
      Cait Sith (ケットシー): evemoina (伊武もいな)
      Elf (エルフ): Sakura Kanami (佐倉乎美)
      Garuda (ガルーダ): Shiro (しろ)

      Skeleton (スケルトン): 中島基之, not sure about the reading of its name, possibly Nakajima Motoyuki
      Ghost (ゴースト): Patricia (パトリシア)
      Doppelganger (ドッペルゲンガー): Fukahire
      Humbaba (フンババ): 日向ハチ, not sure about the reading of its name at all since the ‘surname’ has many readings, the katakana is Hachi
      Ladon (ラードーン): Touko (トウコ)

      There are also other artists listed on the main site, though I’ve not seen art to match their names yet.

      • Kai2591

        aww yeaah~
        thanks for sharing ;)
        Time to hunt for their respective pixiv/web sites.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      I think anyone sick and tired of the Moe trend would more than gladly kill these “monsters”. ;)

  • SprintsMcGee

    Can I haz localization? 

  • MrTyrant

    PETA should do a review about this game D:

    • I was about to reply “I don’t think these are the likes of species they’re interested in dealing with.”

      But then I thought “Eh, what the hell, their ideas are already way out there anyway.”

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Well I can give it Compile Heart. If its one thing they do well its design delicious looking girls.

  • Marik78

    Quick! Summon the Blue Eyes White Loli!

  • Nickie

    Kinda reminds me of Culdcept. Loved that game! If localized I’d get it.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    These are not monster girls to me IMO just moe girls oh well.

  • Tianyu Wei

    Looks like premium version of Rage of Bahamut… if it is, I can except this to sell like hot cake.

  • sherimae1324

    me love “lord of vermilion” 
    me love “rage of bahamut”
    me love “MTG”
    and now this!!!! ^_^

  • Emma Hill


  • Weird, when I post information about the game in the open forum I receive a shitstorm from gamers who don’t like it. When it’s official news somehow everybody is heads-over-heels in love with the cute moe monsters.

    • The ppl over the OT hate this stuff but the more “open” gamers are here lol ^.^;

      At least this is my opinion. I don’t mind such game once a while for the LOL and HNNGGGG.

      • Good to know, I best stay far away from the OT as I’m obviously too “liberal” for those ppl. Thanks for the heads-up. 

        I pre-ordered the LE of MonMon even though Amazon does not even have information on its contents yet and I also put my pre-order for the LE of Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus, that’s the kind of gamer I am, supporting the smaller, niche Japanese developers XD

        • Lol I dunno. So far I only seen Drakos actively hate it. Oh and sry, its OF at Gematsu not OT (SE) lol.  But hey, we OT folks are generally reasonable & friendly (if not a bit of teasing and mischevoius) person. Not so sure abt OF ppl though.

          • The whole vibe I got from my post on SE was: “GTFO”. So I simply won’t be posting again. As long as it’S posted by Ishaan it’s cool with the community but when an unknown member posts some interesting/hilarious stuff he had discovered while reading the latest Dengeki he reaps a shitstorm from adversed gamers.

  • And once again our local anti-moetheist is trying to spread his teaching to more ppl :P I kid I kid ;)

    IMO, I am kinda interested on moe-moe take on demons ^.^; Gotta catch ’em all. But I can see why some ppl will not like it. I just in for the LOL factor.

    Shinigami-chan reminds me of Konatsu in her musical costume lol.

  • ragingmerifes

    So this is like Megami Tensei meeting Dream Club Zero? If so… I need to learn how to play the Vita with only one hand.

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