New Super Mario Bros. U Will Have DLC Stages

By Ishaan . November 16, 2012 . 12:30pm


Like New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the Nintendo 3DS, New Super Mario Bros. U on the Wii U will have downloadable content at some point in the future. What kind of downloadable content? Nintendo are still figuring that out.


“We’re trying to think of ways of play that are different from New Super Mario Bros. 2, but we haven’t made anything yet,” says Nintendo’s Takashi Tezuka, the general manager of the company’s EAD division, which produces Mario games.


“Right, rather than distributing content that’s premade at a later date, you’re going to start working on it now,” Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, adds.


New Super Mario Bros. 2 had different kinds of DLC packs with different objectives. Some required you to collect as many coins as possible, while others involved competing for a high score on online leaderboards and so on.


You can read our playtest of New Super Mario Bros. U here.


Above: New Super Mario Bros. U’s inter-connected world map, which the designers say was inspired by Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World.

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  • idrawrobots

    Strange how I both like and don’t like this.

    • ronin4life

      Yep. I feel the same way…

  • SirRichard

    I can’t help but feel that that’s Iwata’s way of smugly jabbing at the rest of the industry, it’s just very precise.

    Still, taking that approach to DLC is something I can get behind, and hopefully they decide on the idea of additional worlds as level-packs or something.

    • It’s not really taking a jab when he’s still doing DLC. Even Capcom is backing off On Disc DLC.
      If anything Nintendo sounds like pretentious hypocrites.

      • SirRichard

        In what way? DLC by itself is not a bad thing, they’re hardly hypocrites because they aren’t ridiculing the concept while still doing it. How other publishers have used and forced devs to implement DLC is dodgier, and that’s what makes his sentence a bit of a jab to me, even though he’s just clarifying what the other guy said.

        What relevance does Capcom even have to this article?

        • M’iau M’iaut

          It has none, other than to serve as a a way to get folks to support the ‘no on ninty’ platform the Prince of the Netherworld has always run on.

          • SirRichard

            (Have to pop down here because Disqus is being weird about the ‘at’ symbol right now)

            See, I think a good deal of it is people misunderstanding that because some publishers abuse DLC, all of them do and thus all DLC is bad, even when it’s something as simple as small level packs for a platformer. “All DLC is bad” is a popular opinion among the more vocal core gamers, all it takes is some examples of it being used badly and it’s ready to be championed as a cause.

            It’s a shame, because some cool things can come of DLC and it can be a great way to refresh a game and extend people’s interest in it. Nintendo’s rather cautious approach (explicitly not taking the easy route of paid clothing DLC for Animal Crossing, releasing small level packs now and then) is honestly nice and it’s quite promising for what they could do for larger games like Zelda and Metroid.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Yet the hate (Capcom) is really not for things any different than anyone else does. All the pay to win DLC for Compile Heart games are available stateside plus no shortage of character additions and schoolgirl fetish outfits. Bad DLC is indeed a bit of a fine line, but one that is crossed not as often as the whiners wish to present.

        • You don’t think Nintendo won’t stat “Encouraging” DLC  use once it makes them major money? The Coin Rush packs for New SMB 3DS were already pretty shady as it is. 2 bucks for 3 levels in a bonus mode? And several packs fairly fast as it was?
          They practically invented annoying DLC with the E-Reader for Animal Crossing and Mario 3 Advanced. The only reason they stopped is because it wasn’t financially viable back then.

          Not to mention the convenient removal of Retro Games from the Animal Crossing sequels once the virtual console came out. And they certainly didn’t discourage Square’s DLC Nickle and Diming with the “My Life as a King” games.

          • SirRichard

            How is that shady? Optional bonus levels for an optional bonus mode, that’s more agreeable than what some other publishers get up to. Of recent note you have Ubisoft not taking mission icons for a chain of missions PS3 exclusive missions out of the 360 version of Assassin’s Creed III, showing that the missions are there but were taken out to be incentive DLC for another version. Level packs made after the fact are hardly content cut from the game or anything shady.

            Except DLC is just an extension of the idea of expansion packs from 90s PC games and not Nintendo’s weird spinoff peripherals? And yeah they stopped it when it wasn’t financially viable, that’s what anyone would’ve done because they also weren’t popular. How is this relevant to what they do now?

            Yeah, removing retro games from the later Animal Crossing games was a dodgy move on their part, but that doesn’t really detract from the games themselves, does it? And what sort of example is that? Square are not Nintendo, neither Microsoft nor Sony would’ve discouraged it either and to actively stop Square from doing what they wanted would’ve driven third-party support from the Wii, exactly what they didn’t need.

            You don’t need to like or partake in DLC, but that doesn’t make every single instance of it bad, mate.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            As the Mario math goes, the cost per level of the DLC is very similar to the cost per level in the game itself.

            The opportunities for cosmetic or fanservice DLC in something like Animal Crossing are blatantly obvious. Why it should matter what costume or kit someone else chooses to spend their money on is not so obvious. Ages ago I helped develop some of the first user design content for a PC game (a wargame called Steel Panthers) that became paid for content. Just about every 90s flight sim had expansion disks — hell some of the best selling ones were for bloody MS Train Simulator.

            I want to hope the DLC backlash is just folks new to the hobby who don’t know their history in an age of instant microtransactions. All I can do is like you, share the reality of the past.

          • Yes, that FREE DLC for AC3 is so shady…
            I’m not hating on Nintendo for dealing in average day practices. I’m pointing out how big of tools Nintendo Defenders are for actually believing the PR banter.
            Nintendo will make money anyway they can once they know the core will gobble it up. They’ve already thrown paid DLC at the first chance they could in a mario game. DLC is the EXACT same concept as the E-Reader, just in a more intuitive form. Paying extra money for extra stages and item boosts is fairly common in today’s gaming. 

          • SirRichard

            “Yes, that FREE DLC for AC3 is so shady…”

            You say that, but then completely ignore the fact that Nintendo has gone out of its way to state that any DLC clothing for Animal Crossing will be free because they don’t want to exclude people, instead getting on their case for level packs in Mario. Pick one, is DLC bad in general or is it only bad because Nintendo’s doing it?

            “I’m not hating on Nintendo for dealing in average day practices”
            “If anything Nintendo sounds like pretentious hypocrites.”

            Alright, sure.

            Their DLC isn’t stuff released on day-one (or day zero, as has been the case at least once), it’s not content cut from the main game to be sold separately or offered as pre-order bonuses, they’re not asking for Season Passes where you pay now and get your stuff later whenever, it’s not “pay to win” stuff that makes the game easier for a fee, it’s not the same sea of additional characters their last game had as DLC, it’s just small level packs for an optional gameplay mode. 

            It sounds to me like you’re upset that they want money in exchange for additional content, honestly, to the point of excusing the antics of others. And that you’ve got a bit of a hate-boner for them, if that comment about “Nintendo Defenders” is any indication.

  • SantiagodelosSantos

    Like i have said before, DLC as a concept is not bad. It’s a way to add more content to a game that otherwise wouldn’t have it. If the DLC doesn’t take away from the game or is part of the game that was taken out so the publisher can nickle and dime you and actually adds content to the game then it’s fine.

    • eilegz

       too bad only few works that way….

  • Jirin

    If this leads to ‘Challenge packs’ I whole-heartedly endorse it. I want a Mario game with hard levels that aren’t just earlier levels with a shadow chasing you.

    Hey Nintendo, I’ve got a great idea for Mario games.

    Two words:  Level editor.

    You don’t want to make hard levels?  Fine, some of us want to play levels hard to the point of being unfair, and we’d much rather download DLC for your new games than make rom hacks of your old ones.  So help us out here Nintendo!

    • ParaChomp


      No, no, NO!  That's instant death!  If they make a level editor, it's going to doom them and put them into a corner.  What are they going to do next?  Nothing!  With the many titles they've pumped out, they're more than capable of creating more titles and the level editor is for when that train runs out of steam so stop hoping for it!

      • Jirin

        Or it’d force them to add new gameplay features every iteration like they used to instead of just rehashing the same gameplay over and over again.  ;)

        I know they’ll never give us a level editor, but hopefully DLC will include some very challenging levels.

  • Nee Nee

    AKA trying to figure out a way to milk the cash cows.

    • Chaheezor

      Well, Nintendo are actually famous for free DLC so I don’t think we have much to worry about.

      • Phlo

        That was true in the past, but they’ve recently resolved to start charging for things, starting with the Fire Emblem Awakening DLC.

        • DKL

          I haven’t followed the game at all (I am buying though, make no mistake), but I’m to understand that there’s a DLC beach episode or something?

          Would purchase with real monies.

          • Phlo

            There’s “beach episode” dlc, another one for a hot spring, and a lot of other DLC things that run the gamut of paid DLC. Cameo characters, new classes, bonus maps. Challenge maps which border on impossible, and easy maps with extremely generous rewards.

      • Elvick

        For now.

      • All that Free DLC on New Super Mario 3DS…

        OH WAIT!

  • Ben Sylvia

    New bosses would be nice.

    Would like to see Gooper Blooper in a traditional style Mario title, Petey was in the first one, so why not?

    Edit: Maybe bring some bosses from the Mario RPG’s to the main series? Koopa Bros.? Lava Piranha?

  • eilegz

    oh nintendo embracing the western crappy tendencies :( from day one DLC to day one UPDATE :(

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      I see nothing about Day one DLC from the article though.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Games update at launch all the time, both east and west. Do remember most games go gold a month or more before release day so there is plenty of time for updates and known fixes.

  • I hope Nintendo release this game for the 3DS in a year or two. They should do what Sony does and release these games on the WiiU and 3DS at the same time. It makes sense considering the 3DS can probably handle new Mario titles just fine. Also, that makes me think how awesome it would be to get a Mario Galaxy game on the 3DS. The 3D would be amazing!

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