Is Sega’s New Teaser Website For 7th Dragon 2020 3rd Encount?

By Ishaan . November 18, 2012 . 8:40pm

Sega have erected a new teaser site (via: Game Jouhou) for something that will be revealed in this week’s Famitsu magazine. There isn’t much to see on the site at the moment, save for this image:



The site’s title reads “A.D. 2021 TOKYO”. Could this be a teaser for 7th Dragon 2020 3rd Encount? Siliconera discovered a trademark and logo for 7th Dragon 2020 3rd Encount registered by Sega. We’ll find out this week!

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  • MrRobbyM

    I’m sure it is. I just hope this one gets localized. The last 7th Dragon game seemed super fun. The only thing holding it back from a localization was it being on the PSP.

    • landlock

       I think the publisher being SEGA is a bigger problem then the console. Heck you could say the PsVita is even worse shape then the PSP.

    • Raiyu

      The only thing holding it back was that Sega was the publisher.

      Anyways, I’m not going to get excited. Whether its on PSP, Vita or 3DS, we won’t be getting it.

      • MrRobbyM

        You’re probably right. However I do think it has some chance if it’s for 3DS. We might as well start digging it’s grave if it’s on anything else.

        • Or…it could be one of the boost the Vita needs.
          Do note that there WAS a 7th Dragon game on the DS as well…that became somewhat of a cult hit.
          I think it was 7D2020 that gave the series a boost in popularity

    • If this is a PSP sequel to 7D20, I’m just gonna import it through PSN, localization be damned.

  • There was a 2nd Encount??

    • 7th Dragon (DS) – First Encount, 7th Dragon 2020 (PSP) – Second Encount, 7th Dragon 2020 3rd Encount (???) – 3rd Encount

      • Morricane

        Aaah. I bet no one thinks of the first one because of the “2020”…(including me :D)


    psvita :3

  • Please vita… and localization tooooooo seeegaaa!!! Btw I hope they are going to keep using the art style from the psp version. The ds version looks to kiddy to me lol

    • I wish some1 at Sega will get a AHA moment and let ATLUS publish/localise 7D franchise instead >.<

  • XypherCode

    If they decide to localize this I’d be happy to throw money at ’em xD

  • I wish we would get the first 2, but whatever we can’t change it.

  • Spectacularity


  • Vita?
    Come on we know it’s iOS.

    • Godmars

       Or 3DS.

    • Lol iOS have reach a memetic status ^.^;

  • Reminds me of the last scene of RE Retribution:
    Looks like….
    *puts glasses*
    Sh*t gonna get real soon.

    I hate to say this, but plaese be Vita….. Or anything as long as long as we get it in english. Love the artstyle of 2020 ^.^ Preferably though we get 7D2020 first…

  • gk2012

    Most likely 7th Dragon.
    Those flowers on the buildings and the flying creatures that “resemble dragons”.
    What else would they be for?

    Definitely hoping you can customize how your characters look this time.
    Or just better male designs. That was the only thing I didn’t like when I played it before.
    …if the gameplay turns out to be the same as 2020 that is. lol

  • 2012.11.22, huh?

    The Flowaro and “A.D. 2021” strongly hint at 7th Dragon 2020. Hoping for something interesting, in any case.

  • So does this mean we can have the first one localized now? :3

    • Does this mean we can have ANY version localized now? I still want both the DS and PSP ones, but Sega apparently doesn’t want my money :(

    • Yuriangels

       it sounds like to sequel to 7th Dragon 2020 or Spin-off. 

    • I srsly hope we can get at least one of the 7D franchise in english >.< I want the story and gameplay when I play games lol.

  • I still don’t get why none of these games have been localized for the west. Seems like Sega is leaving money on the table here. If places like Atlus and NIS can find ways to turn a profit on niche RPGs like this, why can’t Sega?

    • MrRobbyM

      Because Sonic.

    • NIS and Atlus both have dedicated fanbases. NIS lives off of PlayStation fans who know them through Disgaea and (in the case of NISA) the Atelier games as well. Meanwhile, Atlus have SMT and Persona as flagship franchises, and also have a reputation for putting out more “grown up” RPGs in general. In short, both companies are known for something.

      Sega, on the other hand, aren’t really known within the RPG niche for anything groundbreaking. Skies of Arcadia was many years ago and I doubt too many people cared about the Sonic RPG that they had Bioware develop. And Phantasy Star hasn’t been an “RPG” in several years.

      • Godmars

        And they continue to mess up, fail to show that they have a history in RPGs, by not offering games like Arcadia or Dragon Force on PSN/XBL.

        • I don’t think anyone particularly cares for those games in this day and age, beyond a few people. Releasing those would be a nice nod to their older fans who have been around for a while, but it will do nothing to convince anyone that Sega are connected with the RPG genre in any way. 

          Valkyria Chronicles was their most recent shot at that genre, but obviously, development costs on PS3 were too high and the market for PSP games in the west is in terrible shape, so that’s out, too. 

          I’m not sure why you see it as “messing up” either. Not every company is interested in developing role-playing games for a worldwide market, even if they are in Japan, and that’s fine. RPGs aren’t going to bring Sega significant profits at this point in time. Their immediate concern is saving their company.

          • Godmars


            Pretty sure want of a Skies of Arcadia remake/republishing/reboot has been mentioned more than a few times over recent years. And why not put classic games on PSN and XBL when there are classic games on them? Vagrant Story wasn’t well known or played when it was first released, yet its on PSN. Should be on XBL and the Wii U.

            I consider this consoles gen a mess because of instances like VC. Sony and MS both mindlessly driving up production costs. Forcing devs and publishers to about-face productions after making the effort to appeal to the market of one platform only to abandon it. Really wish everyone had waited a year or two and prevented the headaches we’re only seeing starting to repeat with the WiiU.

            Another mess up I see is everything having to be “AAA” when its clearly not. Companies have set themselves up now to the point few have interest in RPGs because there’s not enough money in it. No they’re not going to bring Sega significant profit but something small like a few PSN/XBL releases – I mean Panzer Dragoon, are you telling me you wouldn’t want to see PD? – would make them something. It might also expand their current world market interests from just being PSO and a certain blue hedgehog they’ve beaten into a sad little puddle.

          • I don’t know if the vocal minority asking for a remake of Skies of Arcadia really represents a large faction of gamers. If Sega were going to put the development muscle behind such a project, they may as well work on a brand new franchise instead. But that’s another topic, I suppose.

            With regard to development costs, I agree that the 360 and PS3 represented a technological leap that has caused developers worldwide a significant amount of grief. The difference is that developers in the west were able to adapt, owing to their PC background and development habits, while Japan were left playing catch up for quite some time.

            This is why it’s a good thing we have DS/PSP/3DS. Those platforms gave RPGs from Japan a place to reside, and hopefully it will remain that way. 

            That said, Valkyria Chronicles wasn’t really Sega’s fault. The costs on PS3 didn’t work out, and they made the natural choice—to move over to PSP instead. Just that PSP was never going to be a viable system for localization in the west. And in the meantime, losses on other fronts caused damage to the company as a whole, to the point where Sega aren’t all that interested in releasing unknown (or relatively unknown) IP at all.

            I’m sure we’ll see a re-release of Panzer Dragoon at some point, even if it isn’t a new game. They’ve been doing that with the rest of their older line-up of games, so I don’t think they’ll leave PD out. I wouldn’t expect a new game, though, especially with so many members of the original devteam now developing Crimson Dragon for Microsoft at a separate studio.

  • miyamoto

    Loved the DS version!

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