Uncharted: Fight for Fortune For PlayStation Vita Is About Card Battling

By Ishaan . November 19, 2012 . 9:00am


A new Uncharted game is headed to the PlayStation Vita, but it isn’t quite what you were expecting, most likely. Uncharted: Fight for Fortune is a card game. You create a team using cards, and then use it to defeat opponents. You can watch a trailer for it above that demonstrates combat.


Uncharted: Fight for Fortune will be released as a $4.99 download title via the PlayStation Store for PlayStation Vita on December 4th. The game will also feature connectivity with Uncharted: Golden Abyss, which you can read about here.

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  • Draculoid

    This looks pretty darn silly…are they trying to tap into the Japanese market who may be apprehensive about Uncharted The Golden Abyss?  Odd seeing an older title gain some legs in such a way. I really don’t feel like card battles are the best way to expand the Uncharted franchise though personally, it also just looks half assed with no real animation or anything.

    • kupomogli

      “it also looks half assed with no real animation or anything.”

      You’re aware it’s a card game right?  I’m not sure how many video games you’ve played with cards, but very few of them are like Yugioh where the monster comes out of the card and attacks the player.

      • If this was a tabletop game played with actual cards, yes, that could be a valid argument. But this is a video game; visual flairs can be programmed in as desired. So that’s not really an excuse.

        • Elvick

          Ugg, card games with tedious battle animations just drag it all out longer than it needs to be. And you’d probably complain about that if they did do the animations.

          “Those animations will get annoying! They’re so long and unnecessary! It’s a CARD GAME not a real game!”

          • What makes you think I would? At least adding some animation would mean they’re actually putting effort into it. Besides, they can implement animation skip/fast-forward and toggle option quite easily. This is what it means to cover all the bases in smart program design; you try to accommodate for various possible user-preferences.

          • Elvick

            That would require more resources for development. If Bend really is working on another bigger title, then they might not have the manpower to do animations for this.

          • Yes, “if“. We don’t know that for sure, so that’s not a solid premise to base on.

            Secondly, they’re planning to sell booster pack DLC with actual money. If the game was only 5$, I’d have considered the lack of animations excusable.

            That being said, the card game mechanics/dynamics may be good, who knows; that alone might even make the game worthwhile. Too bad this isn’t something that can be shown in promo material.

    • PoSiTiV3tEnSiOn

      It’s also only $5. They aren’t exactly asking you to pay for a full-priced release or anything.  If anything, it should add an incentive to replay Golden Abyss. 

  • shion16

    Wow……They really think DLCs excite us ……

  • Peeka Chu

    I think we can all share a “WTF” at this.

  • Chris Yuen

    You have activated my trap card!

    • sd28

      “oh crap.”

      • Godmars

         No, you’re suppose to say “oh crap.” Or if its a really good card, “oh crap-oh crap-oh crap!”

        Has no one played the single player to Uncharted but me?

        • sd28

          i remember them saying oh no alot so i went with that XD

    • I think this is relevant.

  • sd28

    ……….. uncarded ……………….

  • sandra10

    Yeah, that’s out there. Fun or not, I don’t want “Uncharted” slapped on every game just to get people to notice it.

  • Godmars

    Boy, just when you thought they couldn’t possibly do anything sillier to a well known and popular series to milk it than a cart-racing game… 

    At least its cheap, damn cheap, but its certainly getting more attention than its worth.

  • TWEWY SR dislike spam repeats again. =____=

    I’m curious though, as of this typing it has 302 views but how does it have 587 dislikes?

    • Elvick

      YouTube stops views that come in too quickly, to check for the legitimacy of it to prevent abuse.

  • kupomogli

    As soon as I heard about this game when it was announced awhile ago and that it was a card game, I immediately lost interest, but as someone who used to be a fan of card games and watching this video, you can’t deny that it has a certain kind of charm.

    One game I’ve wanted for such a long time because of how amazingly well it was developed was a full release of XenoCard.  It was only a mini game on Xenosaga, but it was an extremely well developed game. 

    Watching this video, it looks as if this game has the same type of style that XenoCard had.  We don’t know exactly how it plays but it looks pretty similar.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to create my human sacrificing Gnosis deck in this game, but eh, might be good.

    I’m still not really interested in purchasing it at this point and being digital only further hurts its chance on me ever purchasing it, but I’ll keep an open mind about the game and watch some videos of its gameplay once released.


    Also, if anyone noticed during the video. It’s got asynchronous multiplayer. It’s a pretty cool feature. It’s common on cell phone games, but the first game I’ve ever experienced it on was the PSP game Field Commander. PSPs version of Advance Wars.

    For those that don’t know what it is. Asynchronous multiplayer is where you set up a game and put a certain time limit that turns are required to be done. This way you can play your turn on your time. Maybe take your turn days after the opponents last turn if you happen to get caught up in a lot of stuff, etc.

  • tubers

    Uncarded: Flight from Fortune

  • Diego Prieto

    I feel sad for the people that bought the VITA and have to see this kinda crap thrown towards them.

    • sandra10

      It’s a $5 game that isn’t being shoved down my throat or taking time and resources away from Bend’s next project because the grunt work is outsourced to a Brazilian developer. It’s nothing to get worked over about. 

      • Elvick

        Get out of here with your logic.

  • Budgiecat

    Card battling? I thought that was an exclusive niche Japanese genre. An annoying one at that now that they’re all over mobile phones. Never guessed Uncharted would join them and on Vita too…

  • While the 5$ price seems reasonable at first, it’s offset by the DLC plan. Not to mention that I’ve seen more varied battle effects from Pokémon Trading Card game, and that was a game for GameBoy Color. Plus the use of CG renders (and/or cutscene screenshot trims?) as card illustrations…?

    I gotta say… not striking me as an impressive effort so far. Asynchronous multiplayer is a smart feature to have though.

  • KingGunblader

    Yeah, because the first thing I thought when I played Uncharted was, “Man, I wish this was a card-battling game.” I guess it’s cool that it links with Golden Abyss, but all in all this seems unbelievably pointless.

    • HassanJamal

      This will be probably the first uncharted content im not looking forward to.

  • TheTimeMage

    As a fan of card games I’m definitely interested in this. I think I’ll want to see the pricing on the DLC expansion packs before I commit though. Then again it is only $5 for the base game. Yeah I’ll probably get it anyway.

  • Hinataharem

    Dang I want Uncharted Team Racing instead

  • sherimae1324

    hey ishaan-chan do you think this is the AAA game that sony bend is working for that ive seen in the net about 5 days ago and hiring talented staff to work with? 

  • Göran Isacson

    Begun, this GREE-nvasion has.

    Jokes aside, meh. Nothing that really concerns me, so I guess we’ll have to see if they actually invest enough time and PR to make this into something, or if they’ll just pump it out and then leave it to die. I will admit that it was pretty slick of them to go with this and not the racing game everyone suspected, thereby invalidating every Unkarted joke ever cooked up.

    • Lester Paredes

      I think I would have loved Unkarted! But then, just like in the game, it would have massive set pieces exploding all around you and all you do is occasionally power-slide a corner.

      • Elvick

         I think an Unkarted would have worked. Just make it more like Motorstorm than Jak X and CTR.

        • Lester Paredes

          Or twisted metal! But with a bit more emphasis on actual racing and less on the wholesale carnage. Honestly, even though I think the Uncharted games are kinda boring, I loved the hell outta Naughty Dog’s kart racers. I think Unkarted would have been no different. also, much more fun. That is, unless, you happen to be someone who loves both a third person shooter and a card battle game. To be fair, I don’t hate card battle games. I’d just rather have the cards. 

          • Elvick

            I find cards too expensive, so the games are nice. As long as they don’t have the randomized premium card packs. :/ Hate that. And I love the Uncharted series. Got all 4 platinumes. :D Missing competitive trophies, but meh. Don’t like competitive online.

            A mixture of Twisted Metal and Motorstorm would have been sweet. CTR is top tier kart racing. Mario Kart doesn’t hold a candle, and I love Mario Kart.

          • Lester Paredes

            I agree. they are expensive. But, something about holding the cards and cataloging them just makes my inner nerd happy.

      • Göran Isacson

        Let me just say that I love the ideas in this conversation: a racing game that’s a little bit less about regular karts, more about really explosive and interesting stages, that perhaps change layout with each lap, would have been interesting.

        It may also have shot the balance to heck and back, but hey: at least the explosions would’ve been pretty!

    • Elvick

      We’ll always have Uncarded.

      • Göran Isacson

        … I am now forever ashamed and disgraced for missing that joke. It. It was just so obvious, yet it eluded me. Sepukku by playing card is the only option for me now: extra slow, extra painful.

  • Lester Paredes

    I think I’ll skip this. Though, I hope it’s good. I mean, someone is going to buy it and I don’t wish for crappy games upon anyone.

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