DmC Devil May Cry Demo Out Today

By Ishaan . November 20, 2012 . 10:30am

The long-awaited demo for DmC Devil May Cry is out today on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network in North America. Meanwhile, PSN in Europe will see the demo tomorrow. To commemorate its release, Capcom released a demo trailer that you can view below:



If you’ve had a chance to try the demo out, feel free to share your impressions with the rest of the community in the comments below. Remember, if you intend to participate in the discussion, keep your cool and detail exactly what you liked or didn’t like. There’s no need for temper tantrums.

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  • Bloodios

    I can’t wait to see the rating on the PlayStation Store.

    • Spider-Man


      • Bloodios

        Whether or not the game is actually good is completely irrelevant to “them” ;)

        • Luna Kazemaru

           Yeah we all know how butt hurt fanboy’s will get.

          • Bloodios

            Nonetheless, it’s an amusing sight to behold.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            very true

          • Budgiecat

            Hey! There’s legit reasons to be concerned about this game!  Questionable art direction, changes in story, and most importantly; significant drop in frame rate from standard 60fps to 30fps due to Unreal engine usage. Don’t go throwing around butt hurts those butts don’t grow on trees you know….

          • Luna Kazemaru

            1. Its a reboot so i don’t see the change and art and story a big deal as for the 30fps thing bf3 does it just fine and runs smooth just going to wait and see here

  • Downloading it now, cant wait to play.

  • Can’t wait to get home….

    • Budgiecat

      *borders up your house so you can’t get in*

  • Shadowman

    That game was sick! Day 1 buy.

  • Fub Frank

    Definitely dug it and bumping it up to SoS made me enjoy it more. Definitely a nice change up of enemies and the type of enemies that makes it where you have to keep on your toes if you want to complete it on SSS and no damage.

  • Pon

    Still not on PSN? Can’t seem to find it.

    • Budgiecat

      PSN does not update till usually after 6pm EST or sometimes 8pm….

  • Solomon_Kano

    FINALLY! Been wanting to get my hands on it. I don’t see it on PSN yet, so I guess I won’t be playing it til later.

  • SirRichard

    Alright, time to prove yourselves, Ninja Theory, I’ve got tomorrow off and I don’t want to get mad during it!

  • Ok, the time has come.

  • Alright DMC fanboys, time to see if your fears are put to rest. Me, I’ll pick up the game regardless.

  • z_merquise

    Play the most talked about Devil May Cry game ever

    The “most talked about” indeed.

  • For some reason it feels like doomsday when I read this. A storm is coming ….

    Unrelated but didn’t knew we could like articles. 

  • z_merquise

    There’s already a glitch found. But hey, this is what demos are for, right?

    Fly, you beautiful bird, fly!

  • Herok♞

    its on the U.S. PSN now, I will update this comment with my thoughts on it later since I have tried to stay neutral.

    Edit: *Ok when I voice my thoughts keep in mind this is my first time playing any DMC game* So I just did both missions in the demo on normal and felt the game was pretty good, I liked the way the combat flowed with the four weapons you had and the push and pull of the action, where you would be all over the battlefield messing up everyone’s day without missing a beat, the light platforming felt fun and I can see it leading to some tense moments where you are going to have to reach out at the last second to save yourself, also the boss made good use of the surrounding and lastly I felt the conversations Dante had were pretty funny and I like how he is cocky and knows he can take on his opponents, so he fights without any hesitation or fear. I would give this demo a 8 out of 10 and it does the job right and makes me want to play the full game, I scored it solely on the amount of fun I had and nothing unnoticable like how many FPS it had and so on.

    • I second that. Will write real comment after I play the demo later.

  • Prinnydoom

    HELL YES!!!

  • Its about what I expected; solid and enjoyable gameplay paired with an art style and characters I absolutely can’t stand. I don’t think its a bad game, but I just can’t look past how they changed Dante, it bothers me too much.

  • Riian

    Never played a DMC game before, so I decided to try this out. To be honest, I really didn’t like it that much. Couldn’t really get used to/into the combat or the ‘feel’ of the game, which is odd, because some of my favorite games play like this DmC. The dialogue was a bit juvenile, but I found it entertaining anyways. Still, I may try this out one day if I find it laying around on some videogame discount bin at some store.

    On the other hand, this Dante is INCREDIBLY hot, and so is his opening scene. Srsly, would so hit it.

  • DemonicX

    Even though I don’t plan on purchasing this game on the release date, I think I will end up buying it when the price drops. Gameplay is fleshed out quite nicely, and I must admit that I did enjoy the demo.

  • Spirit Macardi

    I just tried the demo… It’s pretty “meh.”

    The combat feels off, mostly because you can’t lock-on with R1 anymore. In fact, both R1 and L1 instead make you do a back roll. I can understand having a dodge button, but two of them that do the exact same thing? This got particularly annoying when I was trying to lasso up to a flying cherub thing, and instead kept pulling myself to an enemy on the ground instead. The actual attacks can be neat at times, but I’ve noticed that he stumbles a bit after doing a spinning sword strike.

    And of course, the main problem is that this guy just doesn’t act like Dante. He alternates between “dull surprise” and acting like Dane Cook. Really, the one thing I saw him do that was Dante-like was when he yanked out a demon security camera’s eye and then hit it out of the area with his sword like it was a baseball.

    This would actually be a decent game if only it weren’t trying to pass itself off as something else. Not great, but I could see myself buying and playing something like it once it was in the $30 range. As it is though, I’ll be passing this by completely.

    • Fr33Kingdom

      It has two dodge buttons so players can dodge comfortably while holding either L2 or R2. I did notice a few of my attacks missing, which made me wish they did have a lock-on, but honestly it’s a minor grievance to me.

      • Spirit Macardi

        That could be overcome though by making the player able to cycle through the combat modes by merely tapping the L2/R2 buttons.

        Really though, it changes the feel of the combat. It used to be that moves were performed by a combination of a direction plus the triangle button. Like holding back and pressing the button would make you do an upward slash that knocks the enemy into the air. Instead you now need to use the circle button for that, which uses up yet another button that could be used for something else.

        • Fr33Kingdom

          If you just cycled through with tapping then the you would have to press whichever mode you are on to use normal attacks. That doesn’t sound like much but seeing as there’s no large difference in his appearance when he cycles between modes it would cause a bit more hesitation to try to be sure which mode you are in before you make your next attack. Everyone would end up just using one style or the other, or just the two modes when they are meant to switch between the three. On top of that there’s the issue of pulls and guns, guns are only used in normal mode. 

          It definitely does do that! I do understand your gripe, there aren’t really any directional attacks because you have to manually choose the direction. Though there still might be combos that i just might not have figured out yet, like the ones that are triggered when your sword lights up. And of course there are more weapons so i wouldn’t be too hard on it yet, it’s definitely a significant difference though. 

  • It’s not amazing but definitely better than DMC2-4. My biggest gripe is the voice acting.

    • Your kidding on DMC3 right? DMC3 is easily one of the best action games Capcom made post DMC1… 

      • Ben Tan

         i think he meant dmc 2 and dmc 4 which were so easy my 6 year old nephew could complete them

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      Are you actually including DMC3? Because that is madness! The only game of this genre bettter than DMC3 is maybe Bayonetta.

      • Richard N

        Pretty sure he meant 2 AND 4…..

  • Fr33Kingdom

    I really liked the under watch demo. The controls took some getting used too, but i love it. The gameplay is exciting but the game feels a bit unpolished. I got the same look and feeling from enslaved but it’s not as bad. They still have a month or so before certification right?  I’ll let it slide for now. I’m still really excited. 

    • Fr33Kingdom

      I got to play secret ingredient as well!! There’s a challenge mode that asks you to defeat enemies that only take damage in the air and it seriously helped me get used to the controls. The boss fight was surprisingly fun, i expected it to be boring because i usually don’t like boss fights compared to the normal gameplay. The fight was really really cool and the music was fantastic and well suited for it.

  • Ben Tan

    on a side note, i hope the R3 asian version has the free vergil dlc, cuz we dont have gamestop here lol

  • D-Rev

    I went into the demo after re-playing DMC3, That was sorta a mistake…

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the gameplay is bad. It’s quite good…It has actually convinced me to stop being on the edge of if I should get it or not….I’m on the Probably side now…
    I did defiantly enjoyed “DmC: Devil May Cry” I enjoyed this a bit more than Devil May Cry 4. My main fault of this game was the enemy AI, I felt that they were open for attack too often (I went into the game playing on the Highest Difficulty available from the start of the game)

  • As expected, everything felt just like a great DMC game, but the terrible writing and voice-acting kept me from getting engaged. I don’t want to rage about it too much, but it’s seriously bad, especially in contrast with the game’s beautifuylly stylized world.

    In a lot of interviews with DMC’s developers, they openly stated that they were primarily focusing on the combat. They did their job brilliantly in that area, but maybe because of that, Dante’s characterization took a biiig hit. I still like the game, but if I can’t like Dante IN it, I can’t see myself buying this. At least not at full-price, anyway.

    • See this is exactly my problem as well I knew the combat would be good I didn’t expect anything less since Capcom is technically still co-producing the game with Ninja Theory but in regards to story and presentation of the game this is were I knew there would be problems because Ninja Theory is just taking it in a weird direction that to me just doesn’t suit Dante at all as a character.  Plus this not running at 60fps is minus in my book as well especially after playing Bayonetta and other action games at 60fps…

      • Domii

        The 30fps argument is invalid at this point, that’s how smooth the combat felt from the demo.

  • In case anyone else needs more impressions, here’s one of my own of which I copied and pasted elsewhere covering a found points.

    -The trigger buttons for weapon switching add an entirely different layer of depth.

    Through my first playthrough on Nephilim mode, my first priority was getting familiar with the controls. It felt very weird that I have to prioritize both attacking and grappling with the three weapons Arbitor, Osiris, and Ophion. But it should be no surprise that any advent action gamer can get familiar with these controls rather quickly. As time went on, I managed to get some pretty slick combos down.

    Past DMC players are definitely going to get a similar awkward experience as I do once they start playing and will probably criticize the absence of the targeting mechanic. Honestly, I don’t mind the absence; this new combat aesthetic is fine anyways. I’m being encouraged to memorized the trigger buttons and prioritize which weapons are best to use. I use the guns to substitute for my targeting and strafing.

    Also, I haven’t made much use of the evade mechanic other than to…evade. I’ll figure it out later.


    If quoting that damned song wasn’t any indication. Given the damage I was able to deal, on one hand it seems the style meter increases similarly to the past DMC games. On the other hand, the meter holds my hand as Rank __ lasts for about 5 or more seconds, even on Son of Sparda mode. And yes, I’ve seen one video where it seems it’s too easy to get an SSS rank. Hopefully it was fixed here.

    -Son of Sparda’s description is exactly what is says on the tin.

    Enemies in this mode are definitely “remixed” and tougher. The normal blade enemies block this time, encouraging you to use the Arbitor. AND you encounter new enemies (or perhaps the enemies you encounter earlier in a harder mode compared to the easier one). One of which is this winged demon who always evades you grapple and refuses to be air juggled. Solution: shoot her and clip her wings. Overall, this mode was quite thrilling given that I evaded enemy attacks more often in order to find new ways of dealing with them. DEM CHAINSAWS!

    -30fps is 30fps

    The frame rate suffers during cutscenes (typical for the U3 engine), but when the game runs smooth, it’s SMOOTH. The game definitely feels like a slower DMC game, but I’m not a frame rate whore so I don’t give a f***. The demo still promises a fun experience.

    -Some other things

    During the boss fight, Dante says the whole “Hey succubus! Suck on this!” BEFORE he lands the drop kick, which actually makes it funny. The “Donkey Punch” line is dropped. Good, it wasn’t that funny anyway. Also I love the addition of exploration in this demo. At least now I know Capcom is willing to keep as many elements from past games as possible.

    -So by now it seems…

    …that I’m pretty sold. I have some gripes with the style meter and the absence of the targeting mechanic is something to get used to. Still, I had a fun time and I hope the full game is just as good…assuming the presentation isn’t complete trash.

    Oh yeah, forgot about the music. It’s awesome. There also seems to be a different song playing in every battle.

    • Bloodios

      Only in the PS3 version does the frame rate takes a big hit during cutscenes though. That and some ugly pixelated self-shadow artifact (also exclusive to the PS3 version.) During combat though, I also agree that the frame rate is very smooth. Slow but smooth.

      • Ben Tan

         Unreal 3 engine does that to ps3 lol

      • Juan Andrés Valencia

         To be fair, the PC version is probably going to run much better so I wouldn’t worry too much.

      • MrRobbyM

        Thanks for pointing that out because I never would have even compared it to the 360 version(since I don’t have a 360 dur hurr)

        I’m the sorta guy that likes to get the best version of things so I’ll wait for the PC version. 

        • Bloodios

          That’ll definitely be your best bet. After all, one can’t truly be experiencing a Devil May Cry title to its fullest potential unless the game runs at the glorious 60fps.

    • Göran Isacson

      Just gonna come in to quickly add that no, the Donkey Punch line is still there. It’s just that Dante and the boss have SEVERAL lines, and if you replay the boss over and over you got to hear them all. And they’re all… well. Not very funny.

  • Nitraion

    Hmmm my opinion i try not making it like hate it so much….
    1. i think i will be nicer if  using cycle weapon system rather than hold and press weapon system …
    2. gun effect is rather bland
    3. circle button should be using for something else rather than “launch” well press and hold triangle seems reasonable
    4. not many combos?(well it ‘s a demo anyway)
    5. It sound picky but when i try to jump of the wall dante not trigger a wall jump :(
    6. The story just feel like “Yeah i have a power you just a enemy i can kick all your ass” XD
    aside for that i think i have a fun but this just not on one day buy list

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    Gave it a chance and was unimpressed. 

    1) Not sure how they did it (probably through using Unreal), the graphics are nowhere as good as DMC4. The drop in framerate is glaring, especially. The environments have more going on in them than DMC4, but they don’t look anywhere near as good. 
    2) Why is there a button just for launchers and why are there two dodge buttons? 
    3) That whole business with the cameras in the first level of the demo actually bored me, something I’ve never felt in a Devil May Cry game before.
    4) The voice actor for Dante alternates being sounding like a huge douche and sounding like he’s reading from a teleprompter.
    5) The boss battle actually WAS fun, but the dialogue during it was cringe-worthy. Why would something 1,200 years old be speaking in modern curses? It just reeked of Ninja Theory trying too hard.
    6) Overall, the gameplay felt like…well, I consider this to be the Dante’s Inferno to DMC3’s God of War, if that makes sense. It has all the fundamentals down, but the magic is missing.
    7) I especially hated that I was frequently breaking combos and yet the meter was still going up.
    8) Hate industrial, but the music didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. Could barely hear it, actually.

    Overall, almost everything I thought was going to be wrong about the game is wrong and more. Will not be picking up and will encourage my friends to pass on it too.

    • Fub Frank

      I never experienced any frame rate that actually affected the game play. And the demon speaking in modern curses kind of just reminded me of the demon speaking and doing vile things in The Excorsist. Although I think they go a little too heavy with the cursing.

    • CudaBiro

      The environments having more going on would directly affect how “good” they look and how smooth the FPS is. This is the Unreal Engine after all.

      My question is, how does it compare to the last DMC4, as I think that should be the real metric. People have talked about wanting a continuation of that direction, so would you say it’s an improvement or a step back?

      I haven’t gotten a chance to play the new demo yet, but I will probably get that and the DMC4 demo next week to compare. I remember playing the DMC4 demo vs Bayonetta, and thinking that the Bayonetta demo was much more entertaining.

      Also, shouldn’t you encourage your friends to try the demo themselves instead of pushing them to pass? You might find that they like it.

    • ToshiChan

       Having just played the boss fight, it was like watch 2 twelve year olds going fuck you, no FUCK YOU at each other.

  • Fr33Kingdom

    The comments here are impressively civil so far. At least everyone who doesn’t like it is expressing valid reasons as to why they don’t like it. I mean i think your feelings towards the game going in affect your experience but no one is going overboard so far. 

    I found the platforming to feel at the very least a lot better than enslaved. Which wouldn’t really be hard. I thought they did a surprisingly good job with exploration and pickups hidden in plain sight. Some may disagree, but i want more in this series.

  • ZeroNova

    That’s weird. I didn’t know about the demo being released but I actually had a dream about playing this game last night, and for some reason it had the old Dante instead. Anyway I’ll probably download the demo and see what I think about it.

  • Richard N

    Thought it was fun. And that’s all that matters to me. 

    30 FPS? Really didn’t notice anything wrong with that. Still had fun timing combos and lacking reflexes and losing my combo. My one gripe is that the music wasn’t really working with me. It definitely has that hardcore rock music, but ehhh, just kinda grated my ears.

    In the end I’ll definitely buy it, not full price of course because I never do that anymore. We’ll see if there will be some good deals on Cheap ass gamers.

  • capristrider

    Wow, what an exhilarating demo! I enjoyed it very much. Thumbs up from me!

  • ToshiChan

    I just finished the demo and while I thought the platforming and battle aspects were actually good, the story, dialogue, and voice acting was cringe worthy.

    Seriously, you fight a 1200 year old demon in the Secret Ingredient, and he goes straight into a contest of shouting Fuck You at Dante. It was like watching 2 middle schoolers in a heated argument.

  • eilegz

    the fighting and action part its unrefined, insastified and sluggish, there was point that i enjoy the 2 air dash to run away than fight the enemies, but other than that  animation wise its not smooth there was always slowing you down the weapons its interesting concept but bad execution, the guns felt weaker than previous dmc and bayonetta which its kinda useless

    In the boss battle i have so many hit detection issues, in any action game when you hit something you kinda feel it and perceive it but here you hit and its like nothing happens the lack of lock on make it worse, its kinda like monster hunter your character moves like crap, attack like crap and everything its so
    sluggish and its unsastifying.

    There are good things, the backgrounds and the world going to hell looks amazing the the city the church, sure it feel lifeless and empty but then previous dmc are like that, bayonetta improved a lot in that aspect. Too bad that like most UE games there its the yellow greeen and brown tone…

    I dont expect this would change at the end but i felt that instead of focusing on the art, the character look and the “plot” that they want to pull out they rather fix what NT have been mising since heavenly sword and enslaved a good action game and capcom blew it there since they are specialist on that department i felt the lack of synergy….

  • I loved the demo but I ran into a bug, I think… during the Succubus fight, after I pull out the second cable from him, the game went mute. No music, no sound, no voices, the subtitles got stuck on the last thing the Succubus said and it stayed that way until I exited the game…

  • any one having issues with the Devil Pull on PS3

  • dustinmartin921

    Does anyone know if the upgrade points and red orbs will hold over into the real game?

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