DmC Devil May Cry Demo Player Tears It Up With Advanced Play

By Ishaan . November 23, 2012 . 9:30am

A DmC Devil May Cry player in Japan has recorded his run through one of the levels in the game’s demo, and shared it on YouTube for all to see. The video, which you can watch below, shows off some of the more advanced combos and techniques in the game, including jump-cancelling. Take a look at it below:



DmC Devil May Cry will be released on January 15th, 2013 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. A PC version will follow afterwards.

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  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Can’t blame them, I was having a blast with it too. Trying to S rank the hardest difficulty but the best I can get so far is A. I keep screwing up time wise for some reason.

    • Raphael Rodriguez

      Try this

      • Kris

        Yep. XD 
        I’m reaaalllly hoping they scale back the Arbiter. It’s too powerful on its own, but add in the Demon Dodge and this happens… Demon Dodge needs to be nerfed in some way!

        Also, since the style rating won’t drop unless you get hit, players have already shown that you can exploit the hell out of SSS’s x8 bonus and basically get a SSS on the demo stage while still getting a D on time and completion, even with a few deaths. That needs to be adjusted too…

        That said, I’m hoping stuff like this is why they released the demo two months early.

        • Raphael Rodriguez

          The game has gone gold you know… They gonna have to patch it with future dlcs. speaking of which there will be about 10 DLC already in the disk :)

          • shion16

            Well , Pigsy Perfect 10 was an incredible DLC, so im looking forward to the DMC Devil May Cry DLCs stories

          • M’iau M’iaut

            If you are making claims like this please include some link to a source. 

          • You don’t have a counter-argument, so you’re going to make stuff up about a game you don’t like and put a smiley at the end so it sounds less passive-agressive?

            Don’t worry, I did that many times too. When I was 12.

  • shion16

    I cant wait to get this game.
    The demo was so much fun, ive played it like 10 times already

  • Jamal Grandy

    How was this advanced at all? i did this on my first run o.o

    • Same here, but the point is… there’s always an even crazier combo to go for. At least, that’s the fun in it to me.

    • Kris

      Great, then I can ask you! I can’t quite get the timing down on Helm Breaker-enemy step-Rake! Should I jump on the helm breaker’s impact?

      Also, for the bit where he uses the Osiris’s charge attack and goes straight into the Ricoshot… trying that makes my thumb sad, do you think I should try remapping the guns to one of the bumpers instead of dodge to pull that off properly? I don’t usually remap buttons, but I might for proper Ricoshots.

  • colorblindnightmare

    I had a blast with this as well. The combat takes a little bit of getting used to (using l2 and r2) but it was great otherwise.  I will definately be preordering this.

  • MasterHiei

    Advanced.. combo? what kind of joke is that?

    go to youtube and type DMC3 or DMC4 combos and that’s what you call advanced, not this slow crap button mashing.

    • Superior Spider-Man

      These were my thoughts exactly.  Gimme a Beowulf/Nevan combo with
      Ebony and Ivory/Spiral and I’ll show you an advance combo.

    • Alfy Masamune

       this is a demo… moves and weapons.

      • cool story

        • If you’re going to provoke others for no reason in a 2-day old thread, I’m gonna ask you to stop here. We don’t like people looking for trouble, even more so on a volatile thread like DmC.

    • midgard229

      while correct…ya do realize this is a demo and all the weapons arent in it lol

      • MasterHiei

        ”B-B-But it’s a demo!”
        ”B-B-But they’ll patch it!!”
        ”B-B-But it’s FUN”

        • ah you people make me laugh. Keep doing it. 

    • Kris

      But this was a day-one video, and he’s doing some stuff that we hadn’t seen much of, like jump-cancelling Rake and aerial Ricoshots (which build a surprising amount of style compared to the ludicrously weak E&I). While the skill barrier for enemy step is a lot lower, there’s a lot of neat stuff he’s playing with for day-one of the demo. I mean, people are working on stuff like a pseudo Star Rave with the Angel Glide already… Things haven’t been broken open yet.

      Also, with any luck, player feedback from the demo is going to shape the final game. I think it’s universally agreed on that the demo is too easy, so I think NT would be nuts not to scale that up. While it might not be receiving huge changes, some seemingly easy-to-implement tweaks could make it much stronger (like allowing the style system to drop due to inaction.

      • MasterHiei

        If you really think they can reshape the final game just from demo feedback you are delusional

        • Kris

          Ever play the DMC3 demo?

    • Richard N

      Yes yes, DMC3’s combat is better than DmC, you guys have been saying that every article. If you hate this game so much feel free to just ignore these articles.

    • RedShadoww
    • KingRuff

       You watched a video of a guy doing combos with none of the unlockable weapons/moves/anything and you expect him to pull off DMC3 combos? Are you new to video games or what? By the way, until you put a video of you being even remotely good at DMC, don’t go around acting like you are too good to play it.

      • MasterHiei

        This game was tailored to cater to the lowest denominator possible of players, getting ”pro” at it is as amazing as farting and whistling as the same time.

  • it really good so far but i wish this was harder…even on Son of Sparda, this was easier than i thought.

  • Fr33Kingdom

    It never occurred to me to do the orbiter and scythe pause combos in the air…..He’s got a nice flow, and a perfect handling of the L2/R2 grapples, which took some getting used to. This just made me want to play the demo even more, it’s rare that a game inspires me to experiment, even if it has the tools and mechanics necessary. This one definitely makes me want to try it new stuff, i’m worried about depth but i think more weapons should take care of that. 

  • I bearly even tried in the demo and almost every single time I managed to get at least an A or S rating. After playing it a second time SS and SSS weren’t that big of a deal. It might be because I’m used to the older games, but considering this is (at least some kind of)  a DmC game it was a tad disappointing.

    Given …this is a demo, but the difficulty modes gave us a pretty good insight of what the game will be like. Somehow the unreal engine didn’t impress me either, I had slight screen tearing two times. Well at least it’s better optimized than my beloved Alice Madness Returns. :/

    • MrRobbyM

      Did you play the PS3 demo? UE does that on the PS3 but I know it runs much better on the 360. PC version all the way.

      •  Yupp I did, both games, Alice and DmC. Ahh nowadays gamers seem kinda forced to own every console on the market (and a good PC) unless they are content with various shortcomings. ^^”

  • John Diamond

    getting SSS rank was waaay to easy in this game. and juggling in this game is easy as pie, i worked out a infinite combo already

    • shion16

      in Dante must die difficult?

      • OatMatadoQuatro

        There is also “Hell and Hell”. One hit and Dante is dead.

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      There were infinite combos in the original series, too. That doesn’t degrade the quality of the gameplay. You can choose to do an infinite combo, or you can choose to have fun and approach fights in different manners and try out all the various moves the game offers.

      • John Diamond

        Only the infinite combos in the other game weren’t discovered as this one and aren’t as easy to maintain. The air scythe move (where you can drag the scythe in the air to pull enemies from the ground upwards) gives you so much air time, and has a wide AOE, making it easier to draw other enemies into it. I literally found this one after 5 minutes of fooling around trying to make combos. and to the person before me, yes Even in Dante must die difficulty. Here is a nice video pretty much showing you what i’m telling you visually.

        Infinite combos shouldn’t be as hard as Air attack > Launcher at all especially in a hack and slash

        (2:50 btw)

        trust me here. this isn’t blind hate at all, i’m an engineer

    • KingRuff

       Devil May Cry =/= finding an infinite combo. Since when did any DmC game ever stop you from doing combos? That’s like saying I found the infinite jump and shoot in megaman, lol you just figured out how to play the game that’s all.

  • A.Yeh

    • Nitraion

      Kinda curious why every game made by unreal engine always have glitch issue..*_*

  • Richard N

    One thing that I really REALLY love about DmC is the camera.


    • gomas

      mmm. maybe you should learn how to play other DMCs… I invite you to take a peek on youtube for advanced dmc1/dmc3/dmc4 videos, you may be surprised of what you can do with a “bad camera”

      • Richard N

         Or I could just throw in my copies of DMC 1-4 and relive the off screen shooting and slashing.

        Questioning my skills in the game is a little off topic however, in no way does that have to do with anything with the camera. And I said nothing about how the original DMCs camera preventing me from doing “advance” combos. It did however halted my enjoyment of the game when I would get slashed by the reaper off screen or I had no idea what I was shooting at. Despite the great mechanics the original suffered from Capcom’s skill of making horrible cameras.

        Say what you will about DmC, but you gotta admit the camera is pretty damn good.

    • well, let’s buy DmC for it’s freaking great camera…

      • That’s stretching his point, don’t you think? He said he liked the camera, not insisting that it’s a selling point.

  • kroufonz

    usually i am easily impressed by video from stylish action game but not so much at this one:(

    maybe because it is far to easy to get SSS rank in the demo it’s not even funny! (demon dodge etc). PS3 version certainly didn’t have ” the feel of 60 fps” more like ” the feel of 30 fps” since they can’t even maintan constant 30 fps (it’s unreal after all), the final score system are also broken

    this game bear the name of devil may cry which is a brand of famous Hard stylish action game it is perfectly fine for fans to complaint the depth, and quality of the combat system. yet tameem trolling people raising legit complaint of the demo in his twitter.

  • Fub Frank

    For the people who are saying this is “easy”, 1) This is a demo that is most likely representative of a stage early on in the game. 2) This is only a small portion of the game. 3) SoS isn’t even the hardest difficulty AND 4) Who knows, maybe they’ll read the feedback from the demo and adjust things. After all do we know how far in of a build this demo is?

    Also, let me add. Bayonetta wasn’t as hard as other DMC games, does that make it a bad game? No, it doesn’t.

    • lol the majority of the feedback would be. “Bring mah dante back!”

    • While all of this is true, I still shouldn’t have been able to go through SoS mode while being hit 4 times and achieve an S rank even if it’s early on. At least, I feel that way from older DMC games bending me over and making me call them daddy. I think the game will turn out grand on it’s own as a standalone action title, but that doesn’t mean I can get behind it as a DMC fan when the challenge is what led me to the series. 

      Listen, I’m terrible at action games. I’ve never gone above SoS mode in other DMC games and even then, early on in the games the game points and the door and tells me “You’ve shamed yourself enough”. DmC on the other hand doesn’t even tempt me to grow even at an early level. Christ I get hit more playing a Skylanders Giants demo with my wife at Best Buy. I feel BA from the get-go because there isn’t an incentive to get better in its current state. I feel like the attacker, something for the game to overcome instead of me overcoming it. That’s a bad impression.

      Much in the same way that I couldn’t get behind NG3 (save for that NG3 was a terrible game and this isn’t) for its ease (where I could take my hand off the joystick and win) but in NG3:RE I’ve had a total completed time of chapters racking up to 1hr and 43min meaning that in my 5hr play time the game has been spanking me for 4hrs and 15mins of death upon death. I’ve had to grow and become better and better. That’s addicting to some of us. DmC doesn’t give me that privilege. 

      While DMC could change upon release, given both companies backgrounds I don’t see that happening. Also considering they put in SoS as an unlockable difficulty to prove their worth in the first place to the fan community. That isn’t to say they have a bad track record, it’s to say that their demos are pretty representative of the final products save for graphical hiccups. Of which, DmC didn’t really have much.

      Anyhoo, I know a lot of people like “Kaishou” are going to completely neglect a lot of input based on the fan communities actual grievances other than superficial stuff like hair color, but those grievances hold weight. That doesn’t make DmC a terrible game by any measure but it also doesn’t make it an appetizing one for long time fans in terms of combat.

      Exploration, platforming elements and some of the new combat mechanics are excellently done. It’s just that the game holds your hand and skips through a meadow with you as you slaughter bloated flying demon babies.  That’s not something a lot of people or myself really want out of it. We want hand-cramping tension, we want to find holes in defenses and exploit them. The most tension I felt throughout the entire demo was in the brilliantly executed warping environments, but never once from the combat.

      I really hope you’re right about them taking this into consideration, but I really doubt it. I suppose I can pick this up used if I am still hesitant upon release even if there is no addiction to be had it should be a fun ride while it lasts.

    • but Bayonetta was hard when you tried to get pure platinum trophies, not as hard as DMC 3 but I took almost a whole week to get those damn trophies on infinite climax mode

  • AaqibRawat

    that air cancel looks jerky.
    i laughed thought the game glitched.

  • Oversoul

    This game is trash, there’s no point in even defending because as it stands, the best that I could possibly hope to be is a one-weekend, forgettable mashfest.

    In other news, the Metal Gar Rising demo is awesome as hell.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Welcome to the site and take a moment to read and take awareness of our rules.

      If you are simply posting to drop the same baseless comments without a hint of telling us why (DmC or otherwise) just don’t leave the posts. We want conversations not flaming from either side. This isn’t your DMC, it is someone else’s DmC — both are acceptable.

  • John Diamond

    Let’s just hope the end result is better than the demo.

  • Hey, at least it isn’t Ninja Gaiden 3. 

  • gomas

    mmm… no frame-rate issues on the 360 port. 

  • ZEROthefirst

    So far I think the game is pretty good, although I will admit that I’m not very big on the characters (not their designs) and the dialogue. It went from cheezy and entertaining lines in the older entires in the series to excessively vulgar and kind of annoying in this one.
    This is still the demo though and not the final product so I’ll sit tight to see how it turns out.

  • So I haven’t seen any PS3 footage yet and my PS3 is back in Germany, hence I’d like to ask how well the PS3 version performs bearing in mind that Enslaved had atrocious screen-tearing and significant frame-rate drops on PS3.

    I’ve already read that frame-rate holds well in game-play but what about screen tearing UE3 games are notorious for on PS3?

    • It ran just fine on PS3 when I played the demo, and this is coming from someone none-to-fond of it. However, screen tearing was still an issue but generally only in cutscenes from what I could tell. 

      • Thanks, so gameplay is fine, then. Now I’m more open-minded. Gonna wait for DigitalFoundry’s analysis and gamer’s opinions before I make u my mind. But then again I want that sick necklace in the Japanese E-Capcom Edition. Decisions, decisions…

  • elppakcuf

    most fans just blindly hate this game and that’s it, but if you just throw away your “mah dante!” and think about it as a standalone game you’ll see it’s pretty good, at least demo was a lot of fun (i thought it would be much much worse) and i’m looking forward to play the game

    • John Diamond

      have you not been reading the comments made in this page? hell i’m not telling you to NOT enjoy the game, but if you were paying any attention to what people have been saying about the game, then criticism goes beyond “mah dante” and goes into gameplay mechanics and script work. The fact that it isn’t a standalone game and is part of a high quality (except 2, no one mention that game) series means it has standards to withhold and it must meet those standards. IF it were a normal game, people will still be talking about the terrible writing and the fighting mechanics, there would simply be no comparison to the previous games in the series

      • Elvick

        Except, there are plenty of people that only have the “lolgaydante” complaint. (in general, not necessarily here)

        There are always people with real complaints, but there are always people with shallow ones too.

        Nothing wrong with a shallow complaint, if you can admit it’s shallow. IMO anyway. Most people don’t though. From my experience.

      • Wig

        If terrible writing is an issue then the original games should also be considered terrible.

        • John Diamond

          All i gotta say is,
          F^(^ YOU
          no F%$%$ you!!
          F%(^* YOUUUUUUU.
          or idk how about slapping the drink out of the fat man, causing a bunch of trouble for no reason, or idk, knocking the bouncer out and writing F%$% you, because it’s apparently ninja theory can think of nothing else witty to say.

          Then idk about you (i’m taking coreographed actions into account when i say script) but riding a missile is good, choreography, the pre-boss cutscenes were although cheesy, better than what these guys can come up with.

          They included so many expletives it just shows how unimaginative they can get as they can’t think of another decent insults to put in

        • There’s a difference between setting tone through a half-baked story to let gameplay be the meat and potatoes of the experience, and having what is supposed to be a deep involving narrative that drives the player turn out to be complete and utter ****. In DmC it is supposed to be a bigger, better, more fleshed out component of the game design and falls on it’s face by being more poorly written than not only NT’s other work (which have AMAZING plots) but even other DMC games. There is nothing redeeming from what I’ve seen, although, the voice acting is impeccable. Granted, it’s a demo, but seriously… while I get the want to be edgy, Dante cursing every 4 seconds isn’t good writing. The political commentary about demons being behind big banking and energy drinks reeks of first-world disgruntled youth problems more than they do the evils of the world. That’s a big missed opportunity.

  • ndjn3979

    Lol reminds me more of Lords of Shadow than DMC. I think this would be best taken as an American interpretation of the series. Kinda like Asian movies remade for Hollywood: not without its own charms, but a completely different beast.

    • Richard N

      Thats kinda how I’ve been seeing it. LoS felt nothing like a Castlevania game, but damn was it an awesome game.

    • hmoham

      More accurate to say British interpretation rather than American, Ninja Theory is a England based developer. I’m liking how the game appears to play, i’m also getting used to the actual look of the game, Dante doesn’t look anywhere near as emo as he originally appeared to be. Also Ninja Theory do take some heavy influence from the East with their games, so they atleast appreciate the Eastern Culture more than allot of other western Developers, so I’m sure they’ll do their best to do justice to the franchise.

  • Wig

    Visually this game is more interesting than anything the old games have done.

  • Donny Doeven

    my girlfriend who never plays games got a SSS on the hardest mode just by button bashing in this Demo. after that i let her try DMC4 on easy and she died after 10 seconds with button bashing. your thoughts about it people?

    • Herok♞

      I would love to see a video of this because it does sound like you are joking, there is no game it is possible to die on easy in 10 seconds in the first level, button mashing or not.

      • Donny Doeven

        i had to go to the enemies first before she could do anything. and in DMC 4 it ended pretty fast for her. around 10 seconds. (maybe a lil longer i wasnt counting… it was just fast) she got mad at me because she didnt want dante to die. (she had no problem with the new one… she thought he was a arogant douche) but after doing so good with just button bashing on DmC she thought she could handle a fight in DMC4.

        • Herok♞

          fair enough even though I haven’t played any Devil May Cry yet(playing the new one first then I am going to buy HD collection) I still think old Dante seems more likable even if I have no problem with new Dante.

          • Donny Doeven

            i bought the first DMC on day one because i played the demo that i got with Resident Evil code veronica X over and over. you might start with the HD collection first. to get the feel of it and see why the gameplay are miles apart with DmC. DMC3 is still the best. only on par with Bayonetta. Dante’s gameplay in DMC4 is awsome to. (yet his story is to short) the only original DMC that is disliked is DMC2. and the irony is that it’s also created by a western studio.

          • Herok♞

            That’s the reason I am starting with the new one, if the older ones are better I want to play this one then more on to something better, and not ruin the enjoyment I would get from this one if I play it first.

          • Donny Doeven

            that would be a good reason. XD well hope you enjoy it. i also hope why i cant.

    • OatMatadoQuatro

      Is your girlfriend a pro!? I’ve played the first lots of action games but I’ve never got such big score. Still, demos are obviously easier than the actual games as they are meant to be introduce the players, not challenge them.

      • Donny Doeven

        well on this Demo you can switch the difficulties. why put that on there if not to try and please the hardcore DMC fans? i put it on the highest difficulty and beat it with ease… sss combo here sss combo there… got so much more sss combo’s in the demo then i would in the complete DMC4 game. if i got a sss combo there i was like “YEAH i got a SSS” in this game it’s meh… another sss… so i let my gf try… she doesnt like playing computer games… she always dies in them. (and she likes the characters so she doesnt want them to die…) let her play the demo and she got sss just by button bashing! even she thought it was easy… so i said… if you think this is easy why not try dmc4 on easy? she said, sure why not… so i put in the game and walked for her to the enemies. and she took over, started button bashing again, and died very fast after that. trew the controller to me, and didnt want to play anymore because Dante died….

    • Sounds a bit like me, actually. I don’t die on easy modes by any means, but normal kills me in a lot of action games. Here getting SSS rank in combat was like being handed candy on Halloween. SoS mode just didn’t do anything to challenge me. Admittedly I did get hit with the acid attack against the big weird queen demon thing though.

  • Theofratus Joseph Lester

    What, no complaint about Dante not havin’ white hair again and again and AGAIN!? What a surprise.

    • Donny Doeven

      it has nothing to do with the hair anymore. not for a long time… (there might be a few that go on about that. but its just a few) the majority that dislike and even hate the game are more focused on the gameplay and the characters in general. also the bad PR from Ninja Theory specially from Tameem. (like after getting some honest feedback from some one that likes the game he replies “there is also no fix for facepalming you untill your nose bleeds) if you are honestly intrested in why we dislike the game, watch this

  • As much as I wanted to hate this game,(being a huge fan of the original) I can’t. It won’t be a day one purchase for me, but I’ll pick it up when the price drops in a few months or so. Looks fun as hell.

  • Pierce

    Looks much better than the initial stuff. Not as curazy as old games but a solid step up from other Western melee action games. Shame they couldn’t make this into its own property since it wouldn’t have all this negative press then again it’s possible the game wouldn’t have even been made considering NT’s last game wasn’t a hit and Capcom’s team helped a lot with the combat system apparently according to interviews.

  • SveedeshFeesch

    Downloaded it
    Played it
    Hated it

    It made me physically ill as a DMC fan.

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