Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires Has A Release Date For U.S. And Europe

By Ishaan . November 26, 2012 . 11:10am

Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires has release dates for both the U.S. and Europe, Tecmo Koei announced this morning. North Amerca will get the game on February 19th, while Europe will see it on February 22nd, 2013.


Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires features a revamped Edit Mode, with weapon animations, personality, facial features, and other customization options to create your own characters. These characters can then be shared for other players to download, and they retain your playstyle to help make it feel like a simulated multiplayer experience when they’re active in battle.


Additionally, Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires also adds Xu Shu as a playable character. You can take a look at some of these features in this trailer for the game. It will be released for the PlayStation 3.

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  • veruses

    You guys are in for a surprise for the new weapons in the game… *giggles*

    • bonafide

      A surprise of the good kind, I hope?

  • I’m just starting to get into this series. Matter of fact, earlier today I received a copy of DW5: Empires. If I enjoy it enough I can maybe work my way up to this release, too.

  • Romangelo

    WHAT? why Samurai Warriors 4 has estimated release date in 2014? and not sure if it will come to the west…

    • Ladius

      Since they are releasing DW8 in 2013, I think they want to avoid having numbered sequels in the most important Musou subseries out the same year.

  • harmonyworld

    will it have Nobunyaga?
    This friggin important to me!

  • Draparde

    Awesome! i will be preordering!

  • asch999

    Grrr… Where the hell is My RoTK XII US Version KOEI

    • kupomogli

      The RoTK series doesn’t sell well in comparison to Dynasty Warriors garbage, sadly. They’ve had a few releases after 11 but we haven’t received any of them(portable versions and 12.)

      • Ladius

        It isn’t DW’s fault if Koei stopped localizing RotK games, they’re completely different series and people like them for different reasons. It’s really a shame RotK’s last iterations didn’t sell well in our markets, though, and I would day-one any new chapter in English.

        Then again, the Empire subseries is the one that has more in common with traditional grand strategy games, and that’s what makes it more interesting than standard DW games in the eyes of many players.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Have you played RTKXII at all? As much as I prefer Koei’s strategy games to their Musou games, XII was really… not so good.

      • GVmanX

        What this man said. While I haven’t played RoTK XII for myself, all I’ve heard about it has been negative. I guess you’ll just have to stick with XI. On the subject of RoTK, I feel like the games would do much better if they were sold through Steam. Isn’t every currently-played big-name strategy game sold through Steam currently? If it was put on there I’m sure the grand strategy fans would take note.

        Anyway, I’m glad DW7E is coming here, and its release date is on my birthday!

  • Ladius

    Aside from the Orochi games, the Empire subseries of DW and SW are my favourite Musou games, I look forward to play DW7E as soon as it’s released here :)

  • Just curious…. does anyone really hate the Renbu system in 6? I actually liked it just because the counter system and the attack animation was done very nicely like a real kung-fu movie ;o the sad part is the cloning though :(

  • VietKnight

    I found out more info it will be digital download for the NA region, happy that I don’t have to swap disc out.

  • Am i the only one who thinks it is complete bull that the base game is on 360 but BOTH expansions are ps3 only? What the actual f$ck, Koei? I let the extreme legends expansion being ps3 exclusive go, because it wasn’t even that good, but this is bull. And since when has any dw game or expansion been download only? I’m /this/ close to never buying a koei game again. Why even give us the option of the base game on 360 if you are only going to release the expansions on ps3? And why only release the expansions for 7 on ps3 when dw6 got empires and base game on 360?
    This makes no sense, and as a loyal fan of the entire Warriors series, I’m starting to lose hope, and faith, in Koei. DW7 is the best in the series, and i’ve been bouncing with excitement for empires 7, only to find out it is a ps3 exclusive. AGAIN. I don’t understand why you don’t want my money, Koei?

    • Revos

      I can understand you my friend, I am a fan of Koei and own a Xbox360 but not a PS3, the fact they are being a complete incompetent arrogant fools in only making it PS3 exclusive, If there XL for the PS3 did not bring them good sales then they should bloody well see that Empires will be ruined if they stuck for the PS3 only, their sales would go even more plummeting down, this is why game developers send there games both to Xbox360 and PS3, not just for equal rights for people who prefer different consoles but to ensure profit form there games and company’s. However I do have a open ear for reasons why they will not or cannot make it into Xbox360 as well, could be Microsoft company are trying to charge them double rate for there next release, no offense but Microsoft can be greedy and are always trying to make a quick pound or what ever money they can get. They also do not enforce there own agreement to some company’s such as Sega, Sega has removed so far two games from there connection, first game was the great Cromehounds or what it is now known as F**khounds. The game had no real value in single player but when it game to the online it was a great war zone with teamwork and good field of hounds. (they are big machines robots like wanzers or Mechwarriors mainly Mechwarrior.) Sega release Download content for the online version of there game, a few months later of great online game play the most crap most hated game beside some CG event happened, yes the Sonic06, the game was so bad that Sega lost large profit and were scaled down to ending Cromehounds Online. (To which Microsoft game content use became invalid, Sega broke the term agreement and all the people who paid for the download content which as stated was for online play only were denied compensation or refunds. Microsoft not wanting to give money back and Sega refusing to change there mind stating “Sonic06 was not a bad game and that we had to remove Cromehounds due to a lack of use and was not worth maintaining” Bullshit. Which now brings me to the next game also Sega the game I also liked to which I also brought for the PC when it ended only to find out that it contain only half of it’s content and not the full story as it is Online story progress only. (same for the xbox360 but the ambition of the illuminus was “you have to pay in order to play this expansion” Sega done it again. The release of the Phantasy star two online made Sega think that PSU AotI was no longer needed to be maintained, (which was one of there main source of income profit) when the online was removed Sega refused to make AotI a Single player content to allow people to continue the story of the AotI, many more also brought the PC version hoping it would contain the full story still but was in for a depressing surprise, Sega only main game that I can say that I like is the Total war series, even so they have lost a lot of people love. And they still continue with there “Sonic is our god we must destroy good games to make more of our most iconic figure!”. But back to the point, Koei you owe us an explanation as to why you are refusing to give us Empires seven to the Xbox360 your also most beloved fans. You want to break our heart? Do the right thing and make it multi-platform and make it Xbox360 as well. Do not risk a PS3 only game that might ruin you. (My hands are worn out) *Nya*

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