Meruru From Atelier Meruru Gets Her Own Statue Figurine

By Ishaan . November 28, 2012 . 11:30am

Meruru from Gust’s Atelier Meruru game is getting a statue figurine, courtesy of the Good Smile Company, and they showed images of her off today. Take a look at her below:


The Good Smile Company say that a figurine of Totori, from Atelier Totori, is also in production. Meanwhile, Meruru will be available for pre-order starting November 29th.

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  • Brandonmkii

    :3 Ugyuu~

  • Man, I don’t care WHO calls me a pervert; I WANT ONE. This figure rocks, and hopefully vendors will have them by next Otakon~!

    • Spectacularity

      Well, it’s not like this one is perverted,

      • Sadly, some of society views having statues of anime girls (no matter how appropriately dressed they are) as perverted… Stupid society!

        • So true. Some one recently reported me to HR because of my Yukiko Amagi nendoroid figure a little ways back. So now I’m hoping to add a Scarlet Rain and Labrys to the mix just to mess with them.

          • Awesome, personally I’d have a Chie, but whatever XD

        • Gekokujou

          Agreed. Hell, I was called a pervert just for going to a Maid Café.

    • Jake Joe

      I’ve never really understood why anyone would be called a pervert for having these kind of Figuring?It is more Girlie than Perverted. If it was Queen’s Blade then by all means. But you and I wouldn’t care.

    • Go2hell66

      i don’t think anyone here would call you a pervert for wanting an anime figure, this is siliconera you know :/

    • Himiko

      Eh its not perverted. A lot of things are blown completely out of proportion. Just like people who keep saying game A might as well have been hentai cause it had a panty shot or some normal good fanservice.

      Either way, Good Smile company provides. A must get for any fan of Meruru’s character. >:3 Definite order.

    • Sergio Briceño

      I wouldn’t call you a pervert.

      But that’s only because you don’t care and that really spoils the fun. If you are going to buy an anime figure, GET A MANLY ONE ;)

    • Tom_Phoenix

      Compared to some of the other figurines, this one is quite tame by comparison…

  • almostautumn

    I don’t know what kind of camera they shot this with but WOW! at the colors. I never bought a statue before but this really looks great enough for me to consider. Very cool!

  • Just reminds that I still have to play Meruru. :'(

    Saying that, I need to get this! I need this like the blood in my veins. GSC, how I love thee!

  • Too cute. This I must have =^_^=

  • I really need to pick up a copy of Meruru now. Okay, not time to stall anymore. That and I really want this statue, it is so cute. I would love to have this on display.

    • Himiko

      Beautiful game.

  • Juuu

    Oooh, another Totori is in production?! I really liked the base/pose for the Phat Company one, but I felt the face didn’t capture Kishida Mel’s style very well. I’m SUPER excited to see GSC’s take on Totori.

    Anyways, bake to Meruru! REALLY cute, solid figure. Though her base isn’t as nice as Totori’s, her pose is so lively and cute!

  • Muffum

    I’ll take eight!

  • Kevadu

    Nice fig, but I’m more excited to see their take on Totori.

  • Yamaneko22

    Nice :D I have ordered Rorona by MegaHouse not long ago, so I will look forward for this one too! btw If you like Meruru, then also take a look at Rorona

  • ThatAzure

    I’ve been waiting to see this Meruru figure all painted up for awhile now. She looks awesomely sexy :D! Can’t wait to get her!~

  • Joshua Myers

    Want one as well love the Atelier games

  • Maia Kasoya

    This figure’s got some really lovely things going on here, like her hair, cape, weapon, and lots more.
    Also, is there a name for that kind of crown? The crown that’s small and sits at the side of your head.

  • PoweredByHentai

    Wait, isn’t that image the one from Phat Company?

    • friendlydave

      My understanding from other figures is that Phat Company design and Good smile distribute. Could be completely wrong though.

  • Elvick

    I wish I had money for figures on top of all the other crap I don’t need, but buy anyway.

  • Endy Operin

    Quite a good work. I’m interested to see Totori figure. Though it’s a pity that GSC is planning to make Totori figure from the last game (I prefer her original appearance more). Still, it’s likely that I’ll order it anyway ^_^

  • AndyFe

    I have read on some forums that she is too bright but I love how she looks nice and colorful how she should be,I can’t wait to get her.She will look good with my Totori and Rorona figures but I really want to see how Adult Totori looks like as that is my favorite design of her.

  • akiko_sakuraba


  • WyattEpp

    The only way this could be better is if it came with a barrel. Oh please, let the Yen come down!

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