Sony Sold 525,000 PlayStation 3 Consoles During Black Friday Week

By Ishaan . November 29, 2012 . 1:00pm

Microsoft sold 750,000 Xbox 360s during Black Friday week, but Sony’s PlayStation 3 sales during Black Friday week weren’t too shabby either. Sony report that they sold 525,000 PlayStation 3 consoles during the week of Black Friday, beating out sales of the Wii U during the same period.


For Black Friday, Sony had a 250GB PlayStation 3 system available for $200, with Uncharted 1 and 2 and inFAMOUS 1 and 2 included in the package. Also part of the bundle was a 30-day PlayStation Plus trial.


PlayStation Vita sales, on the other hand, didn’t fare as well. Sony say they sold 160,000 PlayStation Vita systems during Black Friday week. The boost came from three aggressive $200 Vita bundles with either Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, or Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes included.


For comparison, the Nintendo 3DS sold 250,000 units during Black Friday week and the Nintendo DS sold 275,000 units during the same period. The 3DS was sold with a Super Mario 3D Land bundle for $170. Sony did not provide Black Friday sales figures for the PSP.


PlayStation Plus subscriptions are going well, too, Sony report. PS Plus subscriptions saw a 259% increase as compared to 2011’s Black Friday week, with customer satisfaction rates at over 95%.


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  • kupomogli

    The Amazon Black Friday deal of the day(or was it Saturday) was a AC3 Liberation Vita Bundle with a 4GB card, three months of Playstation Plus, and Playstation All Stars for $179.

    I own a Vita and was tempted to buy the bundle myself. I’m going with a lot of people not seeing that bundle though as it didn’t sell out I don’t think.

    • Akimitsu

      It did sell out, especially when you have sites like Slick Deals and Cheapassgamer. I remember going to the site 2 or so hours after the deal started and there was a new Deal of the Day posted, stating the Vita bundle had sold out.

      • eilegz

        amazon have plenty stock or the deal wasnt appealing but in the end it took them 6 hours to sold out, i grabed mine sinjce i found its a good deal, i hope i wont regret this decision and i really hope that sony and third parties release more games on it

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Vita selling more than 100K is phenomenal news actually, considering it sold that much for a much higher cost than the competitor and with games of lesser brand recognition than those of the mario’s etc as well as that PSP did not outsell Vita unlike 3DS which DS outsold it by… Ultimately, handheld gaming is saved.

    • Call of Duty is less brand recognition?

      • burucchi

        I guess he means in context. Sure, Call fo Duty is probably one of – if not the biggest name – in terms of sales on the consoles right now, but handhelds are a different market, and who knows how many of those casual people who own BLOPS/MW will feel tempted to grab a Vita solely because there’s “a new Call of Duty there”, especially when it comes out at around the same time as BLOPS2.

        Who knows, though!

        • Sure, but if we want to explore context further, the Vita was basically bundled with three very high-profile brand new games, a Memory Card, and sold under cost. In light of those factors, I don’t think 160k is all that admirable.

          • burucchi

            Well, it isn’t all that admirable, same way that 250k for the 3DS is pretty underwhelming. The handhelds as a whole seem to be having it really hard in the west. But since everyone’s so bleak about the Vita’s future around here, I guess you could look at that 160k number and go “well, that’s certainly an improvement, if nothing else”, haha.

            But… yeah. I know I grabbed mine as soon as it came out and frankly, don’t have any major complaints about its first year in terms of games. And with some luck, next year we’ll Ys Celceta, which was like, the reason I bought the Vita asap, so… it promises to be a good one, too!

          • Here’s the thing, though. 3DS was bundled with a year-old game and sold at standard price. Therein lies the difference. NOA didn’t even try. They just repeated one of last year’s bundles at the same price.

            The theory is that they’re not being overly generous with bundles because they don’t need/want to. Ie; they would rather sell a “good” (not fantastic) amount of hardware along with a “good” amount of software.

            In the case of PSV, they’re practically having to give the thing away, in order to get people interested. And that strategy barely worked for the single biggest shopping week of the year. 130-150k is what 3DS sells on average in the U.S. every month.

      • XYZ_JolteonZ980

        I think the sum of the mario as well as Mario Kart, and then the Zelda probably carry more weight than Call of Duty, at least in the context of sony and nintendo.

        • Together, yes, but given how lax NOA were with their Black Friday bundles, Vita’s performance is nothing to write home about.

          Think of it this way: in order to sell that much during a week where people are actively looking for excuses to splurge, they had to pack in brand new games (thereby forfeiting software sales), a MemCard, and sell their device under its regular cost.

          But what happens every other week/month of the year? How long can they keep giving games away for free, just to sell the Vita itself? This isn’t a viable long-term business model.

          • malek86

            On a different note, I think you could level a similar criticism to PS+. Can Sony really afford to give people so many free games (some of which pretty recent) for just $50 a year? Or are they taking losses just to expand their hardware base?

          • I wish we could say for certain. I also wonder how this affects third-party sales. PS Plus works to the PS3’s advantage, since it has a very healthy library by this point, and older games that don’t sell any more can be used as incentives, similar to the way Steam sales work.

            But on Vita, the library is already so sparse, and as you said, they’re giving a lot of these recent games away for free. It makes you wonder how they plan to sustain the devcosts of some of these titles.

          • Afrit

            To put it in perspective, let’s compare it to last month total sales.

            – PSVita 160k in one week of black Friday is a roughly a %75- %80 increase than last month sales (estimated PSV sales on October was 35k – 40k for the whole month.)

            I think that proves that there is a demand for the Vita but the price barrier was the major issue.

            but why it’s not a viable long-term business model?
            with a permanent price cut wouldn’t be any difference?

          • malek86

            That’s not exactly true – Black Friday can’t be used for a conjunctural monthly comparison because sales are given to increase a lot. 300-400% seems about right for most consoles.

            Tendential comparisons can be made instead, which means, comparing a BF to the previous year’s BF.

          • Afrit

            Right it can’t be compared. but it’s just a theoretical thing to compare it to 3DS BF sales, not to calculate an actual increase.

            In that context the vita did better than 3DS

            3DS 250k in one week of black Friday is a roughly a %20 increase than last month sales (estimated 3DS sales on October was 200k – 250k for the whole month.)

          • malek86

            I think the 3DS did particularly badly this time because they were really lax with the offers. 3DS + Mario for $170 is really not much different from it usual, non-sale price. In that case, people would be more drawn to the items that do have a big sale (like the PS3, 360, PSV, even Wii and DS).

            So this BF, although certainly not a good sign for Nintendo, still doesn’t say much about Sony.

            Although I do believe that, as a whole, handhelds have disappointed this year. But we’ll see in the rest of the Christmas season how things go and if Nintendo needs to worry more.

          • Price alone isn’t the problem, though. It’s price + lack of software, which is proving to be a hurdle. Cutting price will do nothing without the appropriate software to back it up, and so far there’s been very little of that, with even less announced for the future.

          • Afrit

            But more games cannot be magically made in few months. Good games would need at least a year of development. For long term, yes more software is the solution.

            There has to be another solutions which work on short term to fill the void.

      • neo_firenze

        CoD is a big name, but it’s likely that a significant chunk of even the more casual gamers heard about the absolutely dismal reviews (fairly consistent across all outlets) of the Vita CoD. I’m not saying that the week’s performance by Vita was a fantastic one by any stretch of the imagination, but a universally panned CoD game probably shouldn’t carry TOO much weight even with the mainstream crowd.

        It does look like Sony has finally latched on to something with PS Plus free games on Vita, perhaps a continued focus will be a strong selling point for the system as we get into 2013.

        • PlayStation Plus does appear to be Sony’s strategy, and I think Plus is a wonderful service for consumers. That said, I do have to wonder just how long they can continue to give away free games, simply to make the Vita not sell abysmally. Software sales are an important part of revenue, after all. Not just for Sony, but also for third-party developers.

          • malek86

            It might also become a circle: PS+ sells well -> games sell less -> developers make less games -> Sony has less games to give on PS+.

          • Well, I’m sure Sony are trying work out some sort of plan that allows them to incorporate PlayStation Plus into their strategy and not have it turn developers away. I mean, they aren’t completely crazy. Personally, I’d love to see those calculations on paper. I’m super curious how PS Plus affects revenue.

          • malek86

            Me too, and I’m also curious to see how many PS+ subscribers are there on PS3 (and PSV, although those would probably be low due to it coming out just now).

            Sony never gives numbers, which makes me think they are not too many (at least compared to Gold subscibers) – which may be why they recently increased the number of games given out. Weird though, when you think about it, the service does have great value.

            Maybe it’s not advertised enough – sometimes I think it’s mostly only advertised to PS3 owners, when it could be a good incentive for console buyers too. Maybe the concept is a bit difficult to understand for the average consumer. “I get free games… but can I choose them? Will I lose them if I don’t renew? What if I delete them? And what if I don’t get them in time?” etc. etc.

          • The other question about Plus is whether it’s going to affect Xbox Live at all, in the next console cycle. Sony’s basically playing the “race to the bottom” game. I wonder if Microsoft will have to follow suit and start making more features available to Silver subscribers on Xbox Live.

            …meanwhile, Nintendo don’t even have a paid subscription service and have said several times that they don’t intend to have one. Although, I suppose their weekly Club Nintendo rewards are like PS Plus in a very vague sense.

          • malek86

            I think MS would have to follow suit regardless of whether PS+ didn’t exist, since at this point they are the only ones left in the entire entertainment industry with paid multiplayer. This could bite them hard in the next generation, unless they absolutely change their mind.

            Although, it’s possible that MS might integrate the Gold price into that subscription model. But then, what about those who buy a console upfront?

            Either way, Gold needs to go.

          • Mmm… I dunno about that. I find it very hard to believe that Microsoft will be so willing to let Gold go just like that, especially when it’s still such a lucrative revenue source. Remember what they reported last week? 59% bump in Black Friday subscriptions, compared to the year prior. People are still paying for Xbox Live.

            What I do think will happen is that more options will be made available to Silver subscribers while some of the more valuable “conveniences” will be reserved for Gold members.

          • malek86

            Uhm, I think Gold is seen as a necessary evil for 360 buyers now. In a “I want the 360 cause all my friends have it, guess I’ll have to splurge for Gold too”. But that works well for the USA cause the 360 is so popular and friends attract friends. I wonder what’s the Gold subscription rate in Europe, for example, where the console is less successful. The increase in subscriptions this year could also be due to people buying into the new monthly payments model.

            Anyway, for a new console starting from a zero userbase, a paid subscription might be much more detrimental. I can’t deny Microsoft’s success in making most people think Gold is worth the money. But I’m dubious of whether it can be mantained for too long in a new context, especially given that the competition has been growing lately.

            And after this, I’m off to bed :P

  • sandra10

    As long as Sony is aggressive with bundling and continue to add value to the Vita like they have been doing, it should be fine.

    Next on the list: Gaikai support and a 1-month free subscription? I sure hope so.

    • eilegz

      i really hope that they release more games, and lower the price of memory thats the only thing that sony needs to make vita more appealing system…

      I find the amazon vita bundle to be the best deal, i really hope i wont regret getting it

      • sandra10

        I don’t see any reason to think Sony won’t release more games for it. Despite all of the negativity surrounding the system and the “no gaemz” statement I hear all the time, I haven’t seen any console manufacturer release as many games (and as many good games) as Sony has during their system’s launch year.

        • ronin4life

          What about the 3ds?

          • sandra10

            During its launch year, Nintendo didn’t support the 3DS as much as Sony supported the Vita.

          • ronin4life

            Yes they did… from what I can manage to recall:

            Pilot wings
            Steel diver
            Mario 3d land
            Mario Kart
            Legend of zelda
            Starfox 64
            (+ Ds games, if you wish to add them)

            Nintendo was THE chief supporter in the first year. What I remember of what Sony has offered(feel free to add)

            All stars
            Gravity rush

            …guh, can’t
            any more… and there are around 2 more at least I think…
            I’ll concede to there being more, but it really isn’t by as much as you seem to think.

            Of course, being the chief supporter of your own console in this way isn’t necasarily a good thing for either console anyway…@[email protected]

          • sandra10

            There’s also Hot Shots Golf, ModNation, Unit13, MLB, Smart As, and there were physical releases of should be download only games like Little Deviants and Reality Fighters.

            And you’re forgetting Nintendogs+Cats for the 3DS. In my head I’m also counting digital games like Sound Shapes, Delta, and Pushmo since they’re signs of support too.

          • ronin4life

            Lol… I knew I forgot quite a few… completely forgot Nintendogs…
            @[email protected]
            I also thought Pushmo was this year, not launch year… damn my memory is bad…

          • dexter_lab

            PS All stars
            Wipeout 2048
            Gravity Rush
            Little Big Planet
            Hot Shots Golf
            Unit 13
            Little Deviants
            Modnation Racers
            Motorstorm RC
            Sound Shapes
            Escape Plan
            (+ PSP and PSOne, and PSMobile if you wish to add them)

    • Budgiecat

      Didn’t Onlive die? Who’s to say Gaikai has more potential?

      • sandra10

        Onlive did die, yes. The price each was sold for is a good indicator of how successful each one has been relative to the other.

        Onlive had unpaid debts ~$19 million and was sold for less than $5 million. Gaikai, though, was bought for $380 million by Sony.

        • malek86

          I wonder if Sony made a good deal with the Gaikai acquisition. Judging from how much OnLive was sold for, I think if Sony had waited until after that, they could have snatched a lower price from Gaikai.

          • sandra10

            There were rumors circulating that Gaikai was looking to sell at a price of $500 million. If true, Sony did get a good deal.

      • Elvick

        Onlive died because the head of it was terrible at his job. I read an article all about him. Some ridiculous stuff went on with that guy.

        Though last I knew Onlive was still there after a new CEO and a buyout, but meh.

    • Next on the list: Lower the damn price of those mem cards…then we’ll talk.
      Seriously, I just bought a 2TB HDD for the same price as a 32GB Vita card…

      Ah, and while you’re at that, make ’em bigger.

      Oh, I don’t know if it’s been said before, but new games would also help.

  • malek86

    Those are decent sales, not too far to the 3DS (although I think it’s more due to Nintendo disappointing than Sony being successful). Those deals must have helped quite a bit, they were really good.

    But on the bigger picture, it looks like handhelds in general are having a lot of trouble in the US (and maybe Europe too, unfortunately we don’t have much data about that). Consoles sold so much more than both, even the almost-dead Wii sold more. It seems even the PSP alone in 2008 had sold more than the PSV and 3DS combined this year. And to think Nintendo has already fired most of its big shots. Interest in handhelds really has dropped a huge lot compared to the previous gen.

    Let’s hope Nintendo will give us more graphs next year, I’m interested in seeing how much the 3DS and PSV sell this holiday in western countries and they are pretty much our only reliable data supplier for Europe.

    • Nintendo of America do seem to be taking it rather easy with the 3DS bundles. I wonder if part of the reason is that they would rather sell a little less at a higher price, and make up for it with software sales.

      I could see the reasoning behind that. There’s no point in them shoving seven free games in/selling bundles below standard price when the 3DS is doing “well enough”.

      But yeah, most of the big shots have been fired so far. Pokémon is the big one that’s left, and I suspect that will have the biggest impact of all, but it’s likely more than a year away. The good news is that each generation tends to have at least two major Pokémon titles, so that should help.

      As an aside, I’m very curious to see if the PS2 is still selling, and if so, just how much.

      • malek86

        I guess. But then we have to wonder how much “well enough” would be. We know Iwata is disappointed with current results, at the very least. Maybe they don’t believe in Black Friday, but when the DS easily sold more than a million every time, you can see how these 250.000 units can be pretty disappointing.

        • Well, Iwata’s disappointed because he always believes they should strive for higher sales, especially given the population difference between the west and Japan. And he’s right, of course. But as we’ve seen repeated this entire year, the west is facing increasing competition from the smartphone market.

          I do think the 3DS could have sold more than 250,000, but I think part of the reason it didn’t is because there’s so much hardware on the market right now, period. I feel like software profits are going to be the key, going forward.

          • malek86

            Probably. But even that could be jeopardized, if more and more devs start moving toward mobile and social games, due to their installed base being larger, and their users more willing to embrace micropayments.

            But at the very least, I guess the 3DS’s very high japanese sales will ensure that most devs will stay with Nintendo for the time being. It will have to be seen how much it lasts though.

          • Tianyu Wei

            VITA’s early 2014 line up is amazing in Japan, and if that’s what’s to come for VITA, I can see the VITA well on the way to success. Sony’s console since the PSP has taken a much more marathon pace as oppose to Nintendo’s strategy of a dashing pace. The Wii and DS actually pretty much saturated before WIiU/3DS was even out… PSP on the other hand is still going strong almost 1 year into VITA.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Early 2014? What Vita games are slated for 2014? I follow news on the system and I can’t think of a single game that’s been announced for 2014. Supposing you meant 2013, then I’ll definitely have to disagree on the lineup being amazing as early 2013 looks like nothing special.

            I dunno about your comparison of their strategy’s though. It’s not that Sony’s had a marathon pace compared to Nintendo, it’s simply that they’ve been consistently delivering poor launches for their hardware. Be that due to the price not being right or the software not being there, they simply haven’t come out the gate like Nintendo has on anything they launched post-PS2. Not to say Nintendo’s launches have been particularly good, but they’ve been better than what Sony’s managed, and that’s enough when that’s their only competition at home.

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            2014? You mean 2013 right? What i can remember in Japan for Vita is actually on Soul Sacrifice, Senran Kagura and Monster Monpiece.

            In Japan, that is surely going to be pale in comparison to 3DS. Mon Hun 4, SMT 4, Tomodachi Collection, Dragon Quest is once again going to steamroll the sales there.

          • Tianyu Wei

            What so much hardware? People wanting a 3DS/PSVita aren’t interested in buying a phone for game… In the dedicated game portable market there is really just the 3DS/DS and VITA at this point. PSP is essentially dead, but still have a considerable weekly sales. But as far as these holiday sales go, people are only looking at 3 consoles, 3DS, DS, and a VITA.

            DS is probably gonna be a bigger problem than VITA for the 3DS. Mario, and Zelda crowd are actually older gamers, while Pokemon are for those kids whose parents are buying the system. I haven’t seen many kids still playing Mario/Zelda, but Pokemon? definitely. As long as Pokemon still hasn’t migrated to 3DS, there is going to be a fair good chunk of DS cannibalizing 3DS sales.

          • What so much hardware? People wanting a 3DS/PSVita aren’t interested in buying a phone for game…

            These devices compete with every single other form of entertainment out there. TVs, smart phones, other consoles and so on. This has been the mantra that every single console manufacturer and game developer has constantly been repeating over and over this generation. People have a limited amount of money to spend, and they will spend it on what they feel gives them the most bang for their buck.

            As long as Pokemon still hasn’t migrated to 3DS, there is going to be a fair good chunk of DS cannibalizing 3DS sales.

            This is true to an extent for certain. DS is still a very popular device and Pokémon Black/White 2 coming out have given it another extension. I don’t think there’s any particular hurry for a Pokémon on 3DS, though. The system is selling okay, which affords them some time.

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            Don’t forget, maybe there are also that view where NoA think that they should spend all their big bucks on promoting Wii U first and 3DS later considering Wii U is launching that time?

          • Yeah, they definitely have their attention divided between both platforms at this point. Next year is going to be the real test for both 3DS and Wii U in terms of software and hardware sales.

  • Aqua King

    I had wanted to pick up the ACIII Vita bundle, unfortunately it was sold out almost everywhere, and places where I did find it for sale it was priced at $249.99 (walmart) I could not find a printed ad for this price (only online ones, and walmart would not match online ads) so I did not end up getting one. I know I’m probably not the only one who had a challenge trying to find one for sale. Low inventory = low sales.

  • Budgiecat

    175,000 less then Xbox. 200,000 more than Wii U

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      ? I thought it is 125k more than Wii U?

    • miyamoto

      that isn’t much a good lead for 360 ain’t it?
      at least it should be 2:1 in favor of MS specially in the USA
      a good sign for PlayStation

      • Elvick

        Wonder if PS+ has something to do with it. It’s got a value. Granted one that’s not for everyone, but I love it.

        And it’s certainly more appealing than paying just to play your games online, and access premium applications that you need yet another subscription to use. :/

        Or if people are just finally starting to look at the PS3’s games and are like, “Hmm… maybe I should get one.”

        • miyamoto

          mostly the core hobby gamers know & understand PS+ benefits
          but the biggest factor was the $199 price tag people see on the flyers. that was the compelling sweet spot.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    160k Units for the Vita doesn’t sound too bad in comparison to how it was doing before, to be honest.

    • miyamoto

      well for any Vita hater even if it sells a bazillion units it will still be bad :-(

      • The converse can also be true: For “any” zealot, any number sold could count as “doing well”.

        Looking at personal remarks in generalized black-and-white terms is meaningless. It makes even less sense to turn it into an “Us VS Them” fight.

        • miyamoto

          its really a lose-lose situation for mindless likers & haters who does not think before they like or hate. they like or hate things for no logical or reasonable valid reason

  • Tianyu Wei

    do Siliconera hate VITA? lol 160K for VITA is quite amazing if you are talking about something that sells less than 5k during a usual week. The VITA COD was a huge flop, I don’t know how it could have helped the number… reviews of Vita COD was out a for a good while by many high-profile review outlets… I am willing to actually bet that the VITA COD bundle sold the least out of the 3 bundles…

    • Some people really like pushing that “SiliconEra hates Sony/PSV” accusation, don’t they?

      • LinkofCourage

        I don’t think it’s just Silicornera. Whenever someone mentions how poor Vita sales are, the apologists just passes it off as trolling.

        • Really, does the wording even matter in the end? The number of units sold is still the same. If they disagree, I’d rather have them say their reasons out loud instead of resorting to that cheap, childish accusation of hate/motive fallacy.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      You guys really need to take off the tin foil hats

  • tubers

    I expected more from the VITA.. but it’s not so bad when I think that it’s the least known recent system out there.. Then again being least know has quite some negative meanings as well.. (“meh” software)

  • Peeka Chu

    Vita sales are good. Over 1/2 the 3DS ones, which I wasn’t expecting. Keep bundling and pack in a memory card already Sony, clearly that is what people are buying.

  • poly23

    This is only my opinion, but despite being bundled with three well
    recognized franchises, I feel that for the most part that they are not
    the best franchises to be bundled with the Vita. Since the PS3 came out,
    shooter and action adventure games have dominated the system; while the
    JRPG has survived through the PSP(until piracy) and the DS. Call of
    Duty and Assassin’s Creed both had iterations on the PSP, but didn’t do
    well because they simply weren’t that good which probably didn’t add
    buzz to a Vita edition.

    From what I can see, those who are fans of portable systems outside casual gamers, enjoy JRPGs or RPGs in general. For example I know several people who recently bought Vitas on Black Friday not for these games, but for Persona 4: Golden. Indicating to me at least that in general, the market for portable systems is the RPG fan and that Sony is trying to market to the wrong audience. Not to say that these numbers aren’t good though.

    • malek86

      A couple things: first, there was never a COD on the PSP. Second, some of the best selling games for the PSP in the west were the two Grand Theft Auto Stories. There is no real indication of people buying many PSPs for RPG games, frankly. We’ll see how things go for the PSV but I’m not sure it will be too different.

      • poly23

        There was Call of Duty: Roads to Victory for PSP, but you’re right about GTA though.

        • malek86

          You are right, I forgot about that.

          It wouldn’t count too much tho, since it came out before COD4 broke grounds for the series to become as popular as it is now. Back then, it was mostly just another shooter, with a certain pedigree for sure, but not selling like hotcakes just for its name.

          Essentially, the PSP probably didn’t benefit much from it, unlike the GTA games.

  • riceisnice

    Dang it. I should have held off buying a PS3.

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    Even though I already own a Vita, I really think Sony needs to drop the price ASAP. Those are nice sales, but they could have been a great deal more if they had been aggressive about pricing when Nintendo lowered the price of the 3DS.

    • miyamoto

      $199 was the magic number for 160K

  • Solomon_Kano

    Looking at the sales at that price, I think that’s a sign for Sony. The Vita can sell — if they drop the price. Now, that might just be the influence of Black Friday regardless of the Vita’s price, but I’ll bet that’s a hell of a lot higher than any number they’ve gotten in any other week.

    Price drop, Sony, make it happen by next year’s E3. It’s a great piece of hardware sure, but it’s needs more software. And you’re gonna need to get more people buying if you’re to convince more devs to start working. Get on with it already.

  • Saintdante

    Those Vita sales are pretty decent I’m disappointed that there were no sales on memory cards though. Around this time I believe the PSP already had the next set of memory cards released and the price dropped on older memory cards Sony really needs to do this if they want to push plus with the vita.

  • Shaun Huseman

    Good job. Considering not all the bundles were $200 Id say thas pretty solid. I expected more from the Vita truthfully, but Im glad it at least sold over 100,000. If they can keep those deals up, it should pick up more

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    PS3 seems to be doing well there.^_^ even though 360 still sold more than it.(Halo 4 i guess?)

    For PSV though is not looking really nice(as it is outsold by its competitors.) It is also not too shabby.^_^ Hope Vita will be able to do well there and gain some momentum.

    • miyamoto

      in USA a one dollar price cut is still a compelling price cut huge enough to compel people to buy.
      i hope this teaches Sony how to price their products after this.
      but Sony does not resort too that strategy much …
      just look at how much they held to $250 for Vita for almost a year now. unlike Nintendo.

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    Interesting that what I would have thought would be the “hot, new system,” the Wii U, ended up in third place. I would have figured it would have been like the Wii, PS3, and 360 launches where you couldn’t find one of those things at launch, but I’ve seen about a half dozen stores near me with several in stock.

    • …couldn’t find the PS3 at launch? What kind of revisionist history is this? Are you sure you don’t live in some kind of alternate dimension from the rest of us?

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Lol, while this is harsh, i just can’t agree more for this statement lol.

        • It’s like Zelda, man. At the end of the PS2 era, the world was split into two timelines—one where Kutaragi went on to make the PS3 and brought ruin to Sony Computer Entertainment, and the other where Kaz sent him back in time to the PS1 era to relive his youth.

          Nemesis Dawn is clearly from the second timeline where Sony went straight from PS1 to PS3, and it was a roaring success.

          • Domii

            LOL. To be fair Ishaan, with the way PS3 has been rolling recently, I think we can put those miserable twilight days behind Sony……

          • Of course. It’s come a long way since those early days. But that doesn’t mean that the early days should be written out of history. Those are valuable experiences for both Sony and their competitors, and the rest of us that love the industry and follow it as closely as we do. Revisionist history and misinformation doesn’t help anyone, especially when we try so hard on this site to make people aware of the facts, no matter what we’re covering.

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            Lololol. This comment actually can be applied to almost all game company lol.
            ……… I would love to be send back to Genesis era once more though.T_T

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            I really don’t understand why you have to stoop to personal attacks. It’s really quite juvenile.

      • Colonel Custard

        Hahaha well I had the same issue since my town is a hick town surround by other hick towns, the stores don’t carry as many items as other normal towns so they run out fast, surprisingly.
        Hick town people mentality is some kinds of scary. -_-

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        I distinctly remember it selling well for the first month and then dying down very quickly when people realized there weren’t any games for it.

        I don’t get you sometimes. I often wonder if you have some sort of alarm that goes off when someone says even the slightest positive thing about a Sony system, so you can jump in and try to talk them down. I notice you do the exact opposite when it comes to Nintendo. We all have our preferences, but you should try to keep it out of the workplace.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Well i think the main reason why Wii U is on the last position is simply because it is more expensive here and not everyone know about the console here.
      There are also that factors that many people does not know the difference between Wii and Wii U lol.

  • Domii

    Very impressive numbers. I actually heard in the other boards that the PS3 has overtaken the 360 in global sales. I know they’re neck and neck but in till those numbers are publicly posted, I wouldn’t read too much in to it.

    As for VIta, not bad. Not bad at all. I bought one myself, that’s how good the prizes were. I hope Sony keeps the momentum going, because things are only gonna get better once a good Gran Turismo or Grand Theft Auto game role out eventually.

  • Zenthos

    Sony, do you see now, that you can actually make a profit when your consoles are affordable to a wider audience?

  • Elvick

    I don’t see how 160k vs 250k is bad for a system that hasn’t been selling vs a system that has been. That’s only a 90k difference.

    I mean…

    That said, Sony should have did deals on memory cards. I bet sales would have been a lot better if they had. Since then people would probably be okay with buying a non-bundle if the bundles were out of stock. I mean, the prices of memory cards are ridiculous.

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