This Is How The Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Alpha Helps Square Enix

By Ishaan . November 30, 2012 . 9:00am

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn producer, Naoki Yoshida, is back with another “Letter from the Producer” column, where he outlines the purpose of the game’s ongoing alpha test, along with a progress report on how things are going, as well as future plans.


Alpha tests serve primarily as server stress tests, Yoshida explains. For Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Square Enix have designed the servers to be able to handle up to 5,000 simultaneous connections per world. A single world will consist of 40 areas, which means the 5,000 users will be spread across these areas.


The purpose of the alpha test is to allow users to play the game as they normally would, so that Square Enix can understand how playing styles and player spread will affect the game and servers. Yoshida says that the team has currently made it possible for there to be 1,000 users in any given area. Other things the alpha is meant to test are whether:


  • 300–400 players can change areas at the same time.
  • The patch server can handle high concentrations of traffic.
  • The client crashes when run on specific hardware.
  • Enemies spawn and despawn correctly under heavy lag.


The alpha test for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is currently in its third phase, with one last fourth phase to follow. Yoshida says the alpha test has been going smoothly and that stability tests for Phase 3 will continue until December 2nd. On December 3rd, Square will resume adding additional testers and move on to the fourth phase, and open a third game world at the same time.


You can read Yoshida’s full, more detailed report at the link above. It explains many of the intricacies that go into performing an alpha test and the kinds of issues that it helps MMO developers test and account for. Yoshida also outlines all of the features that are currently available in the ongoing alpha tests.

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  • Jungo

    So this is primarily just for testing the server architecture, then? Glad to hear it’s going smoothly so far, although knowing how special events tend to wreck most MMOs I’d think they’d want to test it a bit more forcefully. Have they done a lot in terms of new changes? Have we heard anything about that?

  • Gmoyajp

    Having alot of fun in alpha and music is alot better then ver1.0

    ARR is truly epic for the name FF

    • Robert Leonardi

      what about the battle system ? Is it still the same as 1.0 ?

      and i’m super jelly of you for getting into the alpha… very jelly…

  • pho_Enix

    I might pick up the PS3 version of this assuming the relaunch goes as well as it seems like it will.

  • I’m really loving how Square-Enix is putting so much time and effort into A Realm Reborn. I for one am looking forward to the game and am happy to see that they care about the game’s future as well. Thank you Square and I hope everything goes well and the game launches soon =^_^=

  • OathkeeperSoraXIII

    I got accepted into the alpha, and there’s barely any lag at all, they’ve retweaked some of the graphics so that even the lower settings make the game look great. my PC before could never handle FFXIV on high settings without turning into a lag fest. but the alpha version is playing smoothly at 60FPS on high settings (although it could just be down to the connection). anywyay Connection wise it’s very smooth. the game is really responsive too

    . my only gripe about the alpha was there was a part from level 9 to 10 where there weren’t any quests (that offered high exp) so I really felt the grind then. I also love the new music that’s in the alpha. If people were starting to enjoy XIV before it came to an end then i’m sure they’ll definitely love ARR. smooth controls, fluent, menu navigation is a lot more simpler and also the combat is a lot more faster. i’m really impressed with it so far :)

  • Anon

    I’m in the alpha and the game rocks! harvesting and crafting are much better (less hidden bs and more %’s). Its shining feature is the quests which lead from area to are in clusters so that you can do em as you level up.

    I played 14 for a good time and have most things at 50, but really looking forward to doing some leveling in the rerelease!

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