Dead or Alive 5 Plus Headed To U.S. In Q1 2013 [Update]

By Ishaan . December 6, 2012 . 8:50am

Update: Tecmo Koei have admitted that the screenshots used are from the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of DOA5.


As previously reported Team Ninja are bringing Dead or Alive 5 to the PlayStation Vita as Dead or Alive 5 Plus.


In terms of Vita-specific features, Tecmo Koei mention you can “interact directly with the characters using the Vita’s touch screens,” and also mention that you’ll be able to use taps and swipes on the touch screen to pull off different kinds of moves. Additionally, you’ll be able to fight using a first-person view as well.


Initially, Tecmo Koei released the screenshots you see in this report, indicating that they were from the Vita game, but later clarified on their Facebook page that these are from the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. Vita-specific screenshots will be released at a later date.


Dead or Alive 5 Plus will be released sometime during Q1 2013 in North America. Tecmo Koei mention that the game will take advantage of the Vita’s ad-hoc and infrastructure network features.



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  • Safros9

    “interact directly with the characters using the Vita’s touch screens,”
    Not sure how i feel about that…
    Glad to see that it’s coming out so soon though, although those screen shots look a bit too good to be true.

    • Godmars

      Yeah, that’s “touch boobs.” We all know it.

      Weren’t they suppose to be getting away from that sort of thing?

      Know it worked out badly with NG3, but then a harder less kinder Ryu in a less harder more kinder world was a lame direction to go.

      Still, thought they were backing off the boobs.

      • FFmax

        Apparently there was a lot of complaints by fans with the lack of tits. I actually remember some people were complaining about that on this site too. I guess horny teens make up a large percentage of their sales and team ninja didn’t want to lose them. So they put back the unrealistic breasts.

    • Boobs race incoming with Senran Kagura? :)

  • Z3

    Really hyped for this

    • Budgiecat

      for the boob touching?

      • ThatAzure

        What about oshiri grabbing goodness?

  • Elvick

    Wow, that’s a lot faster than I thought we’d get it. :D This pleases me.

  • Göran Isacson

    I just hope that this version tones down La Mariposas AI.

    Because F*EFFF*K La Mariposas AI. That is all.

  • Ben Sylvia

    Let the dirty thoughts commence.

  • benhofb

    Dayum. MvsC3, Blazeblue, Mortal Combat, Reality Fighters, SFxT, and now Dead Or Alive?! The vita is becoming quite a great system for fighting games! More directly to DOA5, I am going to enjoy Tina and Kasumi in my pocket.

  • Wait those are Vita graphics??
    Wow, compared to many other Vita games this looks fantastic…

  • Suicunesol

    I’m happy it looks so similar to the console versions, but not really surprised either. Team Ninja was able to create DoA: Dimensions on 3DS, and that looked pretty good.

    I’m curious about the touchscreen features. I hope I can stroke Ryu Hayabusa’s armored pecs and get away with it.

  • Sakurazaki

    TN said on the TECMO Facebook that those screenshots were taken from the console version of DOA5 and that they’ll have the real shots later.

    Though, I’m a bit confused with the wording. Is there a DOA5+ for the console? Lol.

    • Safros9

      Aw, oh well. I have confidence in them that they’ll make the game look good.

  • DarthSithZero

    On other site it says you can play in first person view

  • Mister_Nep

    Calling it now. Touching their boobs will prompt the character to block.

    • Peace Legacy

      With that, let’s ‘Guess’ where we have to touch to to perform a Low Block…

  • Tales_of_Master

    Another game I’m happy that I never got. My Vita needs all the love it can gets, and it has been getting plenty as of late. Will defiantly try to pick it up, if only to support the system :D

  • MrOrpheus

    What’s the prize for guessing what “interact directly with the characters” means?

  • Touch…. touch… boobs… must have a vita now… Hitomi…. T_T

  • Okay, so, aside from the obvious touch screen gimmicks, I’m actually looking forward to this. I’ve always been interested in the fighting game side of DoA (the main side), but was unable to get DoA5 back when it released in September. Now, with the Vita version coming, I think I may just have reason enough to get into it. This and NGS2+ will be at the top of my list for 2013 Vita releases (at least so far… and coming out in North America).

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Hopefully you can interact with their clothes too.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    It seems getting this game is becoming a must lol. Don’t want to miss that fun gameplay “ahemtouchingahem”^_^

  • Darkrise

    Touch function ftw! And wondering how first person view would work out.

  • d19xx

    Front and back touch functions in 60 faps err fps…

  • So any specifics on what comes with the VITA? All costume DLC? No, maybe? Going to love this game when it comes out. :)

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