Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney’s Court Segments Feel Very Familiar

By Ishaan . December 6, 2012 . 3:30pm

Level 5 have shared new videos for Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, which was released in Japan just yesterday, showing off a good long look at in-game footage. Below, you can watch a prologue, two adventure segments, and two court segments from the game. The court segments in particular are interesting because of how Ace Attorney’s music has been adapted to fit the feel of the game. Take a look:


Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney | Prologue:



Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney | Adventure Part 1 – With Puzzles:



Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney | Adventure Part 2 – Autopilot Puzzles:



Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney – Court Part 1

Opening ~ Cross-Examination Start:



Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney – Court Part 2

Cross-Examination Start ~ Second Witness Testimony:



Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney hasn’t been officially announced for a western release yet, but we would be very surprised if the game didn’t make it over in the future.

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  • The trial stuff looks AWESOME.

  • MikeTxn

    Is that english Winston Payne?

  • Budgiecat

    Is this confirmed for localization

    • You should try reading for a change. I hear it’s a useful skill. :P

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Thats harsh lol.

      • Budgiecat

        Apologize now for those mean things you say to me you bully

    • Jarsh Rugdrierez


      “I was lucky enough to secure an email interview with Level-5 President
      and CEO Akihiro Hino in an attempt to strip back some of the mystery and
      ask him about how the company operates, the role of its newly-opened
      ‘International America’ studio, and its next releases Ni No Kuni: Wrath
      of the White Witch, and Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney.”

  • John Diamond

    its a shame the fact that we’re speculating a western release for this :(. hopefully this won’t go the way of edgeworth investigations 2, but considering how big layton and wright are i doubt it won’t come out

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    I just can’t give enough love for this game.^_^ C’mon Level-5. If you promote this game perfectly in the West especially Europe, not only you are going to get Layton fans to buy this game but also many new fans is going to follow both the franchise here.

  • Aoshi00

    It’s really a pity the regular actors are not used for Phoenix and Maya.. I know it’s mostly bleeps, but this Naruhodo sounds awful.. I can’t stand the voices of the live action actors, especially compared to Layton and Luke which had regular seiyuu… I’m a big fan of both franchises, but still not very sure about this game..

    • I don’t mind Maya’s voice. I think Phoenix’s will just take a while to get used to… We can’t have the poor staff members voice the characters too after putting so much effort into the game! 8D

      Oh~ The music~~~

      • Aoshi00

        His voice really bugs me though, even in MvC3 Ultimate, at least that was a fighting game w/ only some yelling.. have no idea why they would be cast for the games, the live action actors are not professional VA and have no business voicing the chars.. and it’s not like the game is fully voiced anyway..

        The real voices to me are the ones from the trailers or TGS 05/08 Promo..

        I didn’t like the Jpn Lost Odyssey or Ghibli movies using live action actors either (Luke & Layton are not bad though).. I think I’m skipping this and look forward to Gyakuten Saiban 5.. which thankfully has Phoenix’s real voice.. not the movie actor..

        • Alexander Marquis Starkey

          Well for one Live Action actors (in america anyway) consider voice acting to be a lower form of acting anyway. Plus, more than likely, I assume since you speak English, will play the English version of the game, with English Voice Actors, guys who usually do voice acting for a living.

          The only confirmed voice we have at the point is Sam Riegal (Phoenix in UMvC3) who I’m not sure was accepted well (personally I think a fighting game cameo is a bad spot to really get use to voicing a character for the first time) as I didn’t play that game. My point is you are premature in deciding not to buy this game.

          • Aoshi00

            The thing is I was never a big fan of cross overs anyway.. I don’t mean the us ver, but at least i’m not importing this for now, usually I import all the Layton and gyakuten saiban and kenji games.

            I think its a wrong perception voice acting require less skills. Not all actors could voice act and vice versa, some actors have a very plain voice. so far all the Jpn players seem to think the same, the love action actor sounds really bad, and is not consistent with the regular Phoenix voice used ..all these years for one thing..

            I might get the us ver later if its cheap.. But not importing at at $70 for now, can’t stand the amateur voice.. Would get gyakuten saiban 5 day 1 though..

  • PreyMantis

    It’s been awhile and I can’t wait to play as Nick, again.

  • s07195

    I’m already hyped up for the trial sections, at least.
    …Though if plot is any indication, ‘normal’ trial sections won’t continue for very long.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    It’s interesting that they use elements from the first Ace Attorney game. Not just the music, but also the five exclamation marks and being able to present people as evidence.

    Anyway, I hope it ends up being localised. Even if it’s a crossover, I’m hungry for more Ace Attorney content. Plus, considering I never got around to playing the Layton games, this would be the perfect excuse to do so.

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