Capcom: “Uptick In Pre-Order Sales” After DmC Devil May Cry Demo

By Ishaan . December 7, 2012 . 2:00pm

Capcom conducted another fan Q&A for DmC Devil May Cry earlier today, where Capcom USA producers, Alex Jones and Greg Lewickyj, fielded questions from inquisitive fans, once again covering demo feedback, controls and Vergil. We’ve picked out the interesting questions and answers below.


Why was an Automatic Lock-on System chosen over the familiar Manual System, and why not add an option for Manual Lock-on when the infrastructure to do so already exists (i.e.: Cycling through Ranged Targets)?


The omission of manual lock-on was largely a collaborative decision between Ninja and Itsuno-san (Director on DMC 2,3, and 4). Itsuno-san said he had always wanted to get away from the lock-on and that desire coupled with the fact the Angel mode was taking a button away on the control pad combined was a large part of the reason we went with the auto lock…which IMO feels pretty good


I have already heard that Itsuno wanted to move away from the lock-on, but my question was about why he wanted to do so.


Part of his reasoning (and I’ll have to be careful here since I am representing a third party’s POV) was that in his opinion he thought early on that our controller layout and input scheme may have been overly complex and when prioritizing things he wanted the player to take an affirmative action to perform. Locking on seemed to him like an area where simplification would be possible and potentially desirable.


Will there be any other environmental kills? The demo allowed you to throw enemies into the pit for a small style bonus, but will there be any others such as a pulling a wall out to crush an enemy?


Simply put, yes. There are a lot of environmental hazards you can use to take ’em out.


The Angel and Demon modes are interesting, but I was wondering, what was the idea behind having us hold the buttons down to use the weapons. Would it be possible to have an option to switch the controls so you can just tap the back button to switch to said weapon, and make it so you have to hold it for the angel/demon pull to work? Or does this type of control scheme conflict with functions that are available down the road?


We explored a variety of input setups and actually ran some focus test on the controls. The element that we really like about having the controls as they exist is the way that users can be incredibly fluid when switching from Angel to Demon and back. We went through many iterations to make sure that everything felt right and had many internal discussions about the best way to go. In the end, everyone agreed—from Itsuno-san and our Japanese team to the combat designers at Ninja Theory.


You guys mentioned a while back that you had high-level players come in to help you iron out the kinks in the combat early on. Can you tell us a bit more about that process?


We actually utilized focus-testing at several stages in the development process to continue to check-in and keep us honest with our progress. A general kind of set-up would be to work with an outside agency (because they have expertise getting this type of data) to setup the testing. Usually this would take place over 2 or 3 days depending on the number of testers brought in. We tried to have a focus to the testing (controls, combat, difficulty) so that we could keep things as specific as possible.


Groups of people then play the game and some get to participate in discussion sessions. We receive an incredible amount of data from this testing—testers respond to questionnaires, give us feedback in discussion groups, we observe their play, and collect data from their play sessions. We then sift through that data and do the best we can to make adjustments and decisions from what we have learned.


Any plans to release an updated demo once the game has gone gold?


There are no plans to update the demo. Once we were able to bring that to the public our full development focus was on the main game. We’ve obviously been paying attention to the feedback we’ve received through forums.  I hate to sound too terribly like a PR talking head, but I can’t speak too much on detailed plans at this time.


How do you feel about the overall response towards the demo?


Generally speaking I think we’ve a really positive response to the demo’s release.  We are obviously paying attention to forums and criticism, but are also pleased to see a lot of people are really enjoying the game. My favorite responses are from friends of mine who were critical of the game before being able to get their hands on it (as longtime fans of the series) who almost begrudgingly come to like it.


In terms of numbers of people getting their hands on the game we are very pleased with what we’ve seen coming back from Sony and Microsoft. It was also really nice to see an uptick in pre-order sales after the demo was released. All-in-all, we have been really excited to get this into people’s hands—from our experience at E3, Gamescom, Comic-Con, and other shows we were looking forward to getting this demo out.


There are some persistent issues with Arbiter, particularly the Trinity Smash move. It has game-breaking power, which is unfortunate because I find Arbiter to be the only weapon (so far) to have a very satisfying hit-sound.  First it was the “Spam Tremor, Receive SSS” issue which appears to be fixed, but the current state leaves it even more powerful than that.


On the other hand, Osiris seems too weak; the final hit of all of its natural combos knocks enemies all over the place, which seems like an odd thing to do with a weapon that really only shines (literally) when used against many targets at once. You can really tell the difference when you compare how long it takes to kill a Heaven Knight, versus how long it takes to kill a Hell Knight.


We’ve definitely seen a lot of feedback on the Arbiter, though I think some of your feedback is also unique. I just want to encourage you to keep experimenting with the moves and their positioning properties before writing them off.


The Osiris knock-back finisher has its applications, but there are times when you’ll want to switch to another weapon to prevent it. Trinity Smash is powerful, especially on demo drones, but not a be-all-end-all. It’s also quite exposing, and you’ll notice that Arbiter natural blows all cause knockback on smaller enemies, which is sometimes disadvantageous.


At any rate, we’re definitely recessing the feedback we’ve been getting and are investigating some potential rebalancing as a result, but we can’t really make any concrete guarantees right now.


What prompted the choice of Combichrist and Noisia for the soundtrack?


The choice of Combichrist and Noisia was largely driven by Ninja Theory. They had a real vision for the look and feel of the game and felt that both artists worked really well. In the end, Ninja Theory was able to win Capcom over and we worked to make that a reality. There are some cool features elements to the music and creatively, I think, it worked our really well.


I’m loving the game so far, but I was curious about the Style meter. What was behind the decision to no longer have the Style grade drop from inactivity, and only getting hit or ending the combat event. Was it to make up for the loss of the Taunt mechanic, or perhaps to allow more freedom for setting up specific things?


A bit of both actually. We have a lot of depth (particularly as it relates to weapon and alignment-specific vulnerabilities of enemies) and giving the player just a little breathing room to think a bit more tactically about how to manage any particular skirmish without excessively penalizing him or her was a conscious choice.


Is there going to be an artbook released with the game or some time after the release? because DAMN(!) the level and graphic designs are incredible. Would LOVE to see concept and final art.


Unfortunately we won’t have an artbook available in North America and Europe, but there will be something put together in Japan. If you push enough, you might be able to see a few copies come to the Capcom Store for purchase.


I have a question about the plot and characters. This time around, have you dug deeper into Vergil’s story and background in this game?


We are certainly keenly aware of the interest in the character of Vergil.  For those familiar with the previous titles and the Devil May Cry universe Vergil holds a special place for many fans. So, yes, we do attempt to bring some focus on Vergil as a character. I wish I could share some details on the story, but our marketing team won’t let me do that. I’m hopeful that Vergil fans have something to be excited about.


Note: The questions and answers in this report have been slightly edited to remove minor grammatical and spelling errors.

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  • FeaturePreacher

    Can’t wait to get Anarchy Reigns instead of this crap in January.

    • Azuardo

      To each their own, I guess, but I’m hearing not so amazing things about Anarchy Reigns. A bit repetitive etc. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on both that and DmC eventually, though. I enjoyed the DmC demo. Hopefully AR isn’t as bad as some make out.

      • Elvick

        Godhand can be repetitive too. Most games can be, if you don’t use much of the game’s offering. Can’t speak for AR, but most other games in beat ’em up or hack-n-slash can be played button mashy or they can offer more to those willing.

        • Azuardo

          Oh, yeah, 100% agree. DMC games can easily get repetitive if you don’t take the time to enjoy their potential. I just thought it odd the guy I replied to was counting DmC as ‘crap’ when AR may only offer the same sort of thing. Unless he’s played AR and finds it much better than DmC.

          • andref

            Well there was a demo released but I do have to say that fighting is repetitive with few options to change up fighting styles unlike DMC and the multitude of weapons

          • Asura

            AR had a wonderful demo with online play, and despite being repetitive it stays unbelievably fun. I thought AR looked rather boring, the demo blew my mind. I thought DmC had potential, the demo felt like crap.

          • Domii

            News flash, the AR demo sucked. And this is coming from a huge P* fan. Repetitive, chaotic, and a overall mess. DmC demo in the other hand was good.

      • Herok♞

        AR has a demo on the JP store and you can put in english.

    • Tales_of_Master

      I’m sure that’s one exciting life you’re living :D

    • Lucas .

      Anarchy Reigns is from SEGA, ’nuff said.

      It’s like expecting water to taste like Coke.

      • SEGA is the publisher; it’s developed by Platinum Games.

      • Cephrien

        Platinum Games, bro.
        Not Sega. lol

        Same devs as the upcoming Metal Gear Rising.

      • evilmajikman

        Sega hasn’t developed crap since… I want to say Dreamcast. Sega hasn’t released a terrible game since the 3DS version of Sonic Generations.

        Binary Domain was good, Shinobi 3DS was good, Bayonetta was awesome, I hear Vanquish was awesome. Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed is good. The Yakuza games were good.

        Anarchy Reigns, I’ve played the demo. It feels like a mix of Fist of The North Star Kens Rage and Spawn: In The Demons Hand.

        • Robert Leonardi

          PSO2 says hi, but then again that’s an mmo so not sure if it counts

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Have fun playing a dead game

      • z_merquise

        Ouch. That’s harsh. Coz I’m looking forward at Anarchy Reigns.

        But I don’t hate DmC. I actually liked the demo.

        • I’ve already made a pre-order for Anarchy Reigns, with a Bayo-chan bonus. As for DmC though… it wasn’t high on my list to begin with, but after playing the demo, it fell a couple notches down. I’d still get it quite late, seeing as the combat felt pretty comfortable for me; just hoping they don’t push the vulgarity too far, especially in the dialogue.

          • z_merquise

            Hehe, f-bombs and other vulgar words don’t bother me much, I’ve heard a lot of those from films, games and seen it from some comics I read that I already get used to it.

          • For me, it’s more because of how abruptly it came up in the boss cutscene in the demo – it came from nothing and it amounted to nothing. (Of course, I could say the same about a lot of gratuitous foul language in other media, but that’s besides the point.) The dialogue in city stage was overall okay though; I even liked Dante’s “deadpan-with-a-little-snark” scenes.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          I ended up importing it i was shocked how little there was in players.

          • puchinri

            There were a lot during the demo, so that is a bit surprising.

      • The Irony Lol!

        • Luna Kazemaru

          Lol you might want to look up what that means before you say it hun.

          • Perhaps you should start looking into what I implied. The fact you called it a “Dead game” yet you try to hard, so so hard to defend DmC, a PR mess and an OK game (yet a sad death for the series) is just ironic.

            Also you “Imported”.? You lose more credibility by the second,

          • Luna Kazemaru

            i don’t see how importing is losing any credibility since that would mean i have played the game. That’s like implying that i can”t say gundam exv or Ah3 where dead and i did the same import them. Tho hey keep making yourself look like a joke

          • You’re judging a multiplayer community in a country you don’t even live. That in itself loses you all credibility by even using that a valid reason to call a game dead.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            I can judge the fucking multiplayer community for the game if I want what the fuck do you think I do sit online by myself on the dead hours of the game no I play on the time where the peak number of Japanese players are on just like I do for my FG’s. Can you make yourself look like anymore of a fucking idiot. It doesn’t mean jack shit if I don’t live there or not if the netplay is globally unlocked dumbass Judging from your post I’m most likely going to see you in the next DMC thread try harder next time and stop making yourself look like a fool.

          • If that were the case then game reviewers wouldn’t need to review American release games, they could just get the import. But the community in both countries are different and therefore one country (which you imported) online multiplayer wouldn’t have as many people log on as the community here in the states. Also go take a nap, you’re kinda a little mad there.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            Yeah because 1 to 2 lobbies clearly means is not dead Hell Arcana heart 3 had atleast 4 and that was considered dead. what the hell does viewing games have to do with me speaking on how the online community for the game? Don’t worry I’m upset because I’m clearly speaking to an idiot who doesn’t know what he is talking about and just pulling shit out his ass

          • You’re basing your opinion on 1 or 2 game lobbies were in JAPAN’s online community, yet you call a game “dead” to someone whose planning on buying the game release here in America. You clearly don’t even know what you’re talking about anymore, you judge by importing which is completely dumb. It’s a good thing you’re not a game reviewer, but your lack of credibility and temper tantrum has been noted.

            Go ahead and be upset, it’s not my problem you’re frustrated on things you can’t seem to comprehend.

        • Joom

          He’s talking about the multiplayer. Anarchy Reigns is a multiplayer brawler. There’s no irony in his comment.

          • Yes there is in fact. To call a game “Dead”, Ga meplay or community, cause he 1: judges it by Importing and Defends a average game that’s the death of a series and calls people fanboys to those who give valid reason and not just “Donte looks like a drug addict”.. In fact, gamers have fun playing an ok game to a dead series and start hitting those “SSS” Ranks. :)

          • Luna Kazemaru

            I also can’t see how this is the death of DMC when its been atleast over 4 or so years since the last game i guess that would mean its already was “dead” good laughs tho.

          • Name me a game Capcom hasn’t killed. Also How long has it been since the last Ace Attorney game?

    • Farid Belkacemi

      So… You already beat the game ? :o I mean, how could you say it’s crap without playing it ? :p

    • Kaihedgie

      Why did you bother posting here

  • SolidusSnake

    Can’t wait to get DmC, judging by the demo it should be great. Consider me one of the nay-sayers who changed their tune after getting a hands-on with the game. :3 Before I tried the demo I was expecting the game to be crap.

    • Farid Belkacemi

      I forgive you ! :D

    • Asura

      I’m one of the “It looks like it has potential!” sayers that turned into a nay-sayer who called it crap after playing the demo.

  • AkuLord3

    kinda call Bull on some of this, especially the whole feedback thing…idk seem like they down on people who tried to give some helpful stuff (i guess mostly Tameem).
    Also yes all my life in any game it was truly so complex to understand the Lock on Button…so hard yeah right could have put it somewhere (one of the dodge buttons…we don’t need two)

    • Richard N

      I’m guessing due to NT’s style of holding down a button to use different weapons, maybe the play testing had results where holding down a button to lock on and another to change weapons at the same time was a little too much to keep track. Who knows.

    • John Diamond

      tameem is quite a jerk, but as long as they fix the stuff in the demo, i’d be more satisfied

      • Fr33Kingdom

        He’s actually a lot nicer than one would expect…he often times responds positively to people who tried it out and just don’t like it. I’m sure he sometimes gets an attitude with people but seeing as he’s probably been getting a stupid amount of hate and idiotic criticism for like two years now he’s still a lot nicer than i would be lol.

        • puchinri

          Except he was very rude from the get-go, and said some very unsauve things pretty early on. I’m sure he can be nice and chill, but he also has proven to be insensitive and even downright rude.

    • Fr33Kingdom

      They added two so that players could dodge when holding down either trigger.

  • Revorse

    I still dislike(borderline hate) holding down the shoulder buttons to use the other weapons. It continues to feel really, really awkward to me.

    • Cameron Alt

      Then I suggest experiment with the control layout. you can do that.

      • Revorse

        Really? I was under the impression you couldn’t. I thought I read something about they didn’t feel the need to allow that options

  • RadShiro

    The demo was amazing and COMPLETELY sold me on the game.

    The combat just felt so good. I can’t wait to get more of it.

  • Is this the same interview as last time?

    • No, this is a new Q&A session; the article mentions at the beginning that it was held “earlier today”.

  • malek86

    I will echo those feelings about the graphics design – I think it looks great. Very colorful too, which is a welcome change from most of today’s games.

    • Yeah, the vibrant choice of colors is one of the things I would commend the game for.

      • Juan Andrés Valencia

        And lets not forget that there’s a PC release coming afterwards which means 60 FPS (Unless it’s a very demanding game or if they add DX11 or PhysX features) and maybe even 3D support (Dead Rising 2, Resident Evil 5, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and Street Fighter X Tekken fully supported it).

        • malek86

          I don’t think they’ll add DX11 or PhysX features (we should know by now). And anyway, they’d probably be optional – it’s not like we are forced to play at max settings :P

          That said, if I do pick up this game, I might end up buying it on console anyway, if only because I liked the sound and visual design enough that I’d rather play the game on the big screen with the surround system (though I’m not really looking forward to Dante’s swearing contests).

          • Heh, the swearing contest seems to be something people won’t be letting go of anytime soon.

  • ZEROthefirst

    I had a pre-order on the game until I played the demo, then I gladly went to Gamestop and split the pre-order price on MetalGear Rising and Fire Emblem Awakening.

  • SMT

    I really have to say,I was one of the people who liked it the more trailers they released,but when I got my hands on the demo it was completly disappointing. (apart from the atmosphere). And after seeing brea play the demo I feel even more let down to actually pick it up,maybe when it’s cheaper to see how it all went down.

    Still cant believe the 3x Fuck YOUUUUU got into the actual game..

  • evilmajikman

    Right…. I’ll just leave this here.
    DmC seems to be a spiritual successor to Sonic 06 in that it’s a technical clustermess in glitches, story, and mechanic design.

    Meanwhile you suckers are forking over $60 for a broken product, I’ll be spending half that money on a much more fun game (Anarchy Reigns).

    • There has been lots of discussions done across a lot of DmC threads on this site already. I would think whatever that could be said and informed about the game has been done at this point. You’re free to decide on your purchase; let others do the same without being insulted for their choices.

      • Robert Leonardi

        how about locking the comments for DmC related topics ? that would make it easier to avoid a flame war, just a thought though

        • M’iau M’iaut

          We want to have trust in our posters and community and thus that’s an option used only a handful of times. There are folks expressing their concerns in thoughtful ways, I’d prefer not to stifle them just because a few act poorly.

    • Richard N

      You guys sure do love talking about other games in an article that’s about DmC…..

    • Fr33Kingdom

      Do you realize that there a bugs in every game released and that reporting a collection of bugs doesn’t invalidate the individual users experience? I played the demo A LOT. I mean seriously, A LOT. And i remember a small visual bug, and the air dash bug once. And i played on ps3. You may have had a different experience, it does not invalidate mine.

  • Göran Isacson

    Ah, so they’ve tried to move away from lock-on because… they want to make it simpler? I guess I see the reasoning here- the more buttons they can eliminate the merrier, but since it kinda feels like we just INCREASED the number of buttons to keep track of, I wonder if it’s going to be a succesful experiment.

    As far as Angel and Devil being hold-downs, I see their reasoning. I still think it feels a bit clumsy and there’s still the odd moment where my thumbs slip off the shoulder buttons, but if Angel Whip and Demon Whip were necessary elements to add I guess I can’t really see another way to go. Weapon switching in itself could probably be handled differently, like by just using the D-Pad buttons left and right to alternate between a demon weapon and angel weapon depending on a load-out you made before the fight started, but I can’t really see how those whip functions would work without the current set-up.

    Definitely welcoming some rebalancing on both Osiris and Arbiter though- I could breeze through the game on most difficulties with just Rebellion and Arbiter, and Osiris never really felt like it served a purpose.

    • Fr33Kingdom

      It’s not really based on a loadout. You have access to all your weapons at any point in time and can switch them mid-combo.

      • Göran Isacson

        Ah, maybe I should have clarified that part. I mean that in MY idea, one chooses a weapon loud-out before every stae/at statues/pause menu or whatever between one angel weapon and one angel weapon, and then equips that weapon by simply pushing left or right at the Dpad. INSTEAD of what seems to be the current system, where one apparently cycle through the different angel and devil arms by pushing left and right on the dpad. Have to admit I wonder if they will still not impose any load-out limit, or if you have to sit there and push the right button until you get just the right devil arm, for instance.

        • Fr33Kingdom

          I don’t think rotating will be that big of an issue. I mean i don’t know how they will handle it but think of it this way. When you hold the angel or demon triggers you can press 4 different directions. Each of those could be a weapon. Then you have the normal mode weapon changes where you could change guns as well. It actually seems pretty simple, and i’d be surprised if they didn’t do it that way.

          • Göran Isacson

            This is of course purely speculation on my behalf, but from the HUD I saw in one of their recent demonstration videos there were three icons in the lower left corner of the screen, placed in a triangle. A symbol of E&I on top, a symbol of Osiris on the left and Arbiter on the right. The video then demonstrated that by pressing right they could switch between Arbiter and Enyx (this games fist-weapons), and pressing left on the D-pad switched between Osiris and that new throwing star weapon. Pressing up on the D-pad switched between E&I and the shotgun. So it seems to me that instead of your method, which I do confess would be pretty slick, it seems that one presses the D-pads directions to cycle through weapons until one has ones preferred weapon.

            But really, your idea sounds way smoother in my mind. One could completely disregard switching between firearms in Angel and Devil mode since you can’t fire anything but your whip, so doing it your way WOULD work much better. Unless there’s something about the current control scheme they’re not telling us…

    • I’m thinking some alternate control options might not have hurt, but I guess they wanted a single standard layout.

      • Fr33Kingdom

        They claim controls are fully customizable. Whatever that means, we’ll just have to wait and see.

      • Göran Isacson

        One will have to see if they’ll give us the options of havin alternate layouts, or if this is all we’re gonna get.

  • Domii

    I don’t have a problem with the current lock-on. But if they really wanted to add manual lock on, they could of done just by sacrificing one of the evade buttons(L1). They could have also added a Dark Souls type of lock on as well so it wont interrupt the weapons handling.

    • I’m disappointed that the interviewer didn’t mention that at all. And like I was saying before, a lock-on “command” can have its benefits.

  • Just wondering, so now Vergils story isn´t preorder only DLC? So everyone will get to know Vergil better even in DmC?

    That´s how it sounds.

    So a lock-on button was so hard to use? Hahaha oh my I´m laughin to hard at some parts of this. Nice questions, PR-answers.

    Why not utilize the same system for changing weapons as they did in DMC3? Or how to change styles in DMC4 for Dante? It worked really well there.

    Also, forcing you as the player to use a certain weapon to be able to damage an opponent in a game where the battles have had focus on being fast and rewarding seems really dull to me. But that might just be me.

    And finally a question: Who in their right minds would tell an interviewer that “Oh man after we released our demo everyone who preordered our game just went up and canceled their copies”? It would be a marketing suicide. Bloody obvious they tell everyone that after a demo was released the preorders went up.

    • So a lock-on button was so hard to use? Hahaha oh my I´m laughin to hard at some parts of this. Nice questions, PR-answers.

      Not “hard”; they said it was “complex”. Dedicated players have gotten used to it by now, but when it comes to making the game accessible, I can see what they’re getting at. Some available moves differ depending on whether you’re locking onto a target or not, and for less experienced players, switching between the two states in a flash could be a difficulty.

      • At the same time new players might not be good at manually aiming attacks without a lock on, Even I had issues with the lack of Lock-On and the iffy camera combination and I’ve played the first 3 DMC’s a ton.

        • I don’t think having an optional lock-on would hurt, but the current design isn’t too vague that people would have great difficulty aiming at the target they want. They just need to direct the left stick at the enemy they want to attack. Of course, I do wonder how the system recognizes between two or more clustered enemies, but in those cases, attacks hit all of them anyway.

          • Which is the exact point of manual lock, so you know who you are attacking. Hitting everyone wildly is fine against fodder on lower difficulties, but having a clear indication of who you are fighting and an precise focus on a more powerful foe is a pretty big deal on harder difficulties. Swinging away at an autolocked goon while a high damage foe can blind side you is pretty un-rookie friendly.

          • I agree, yes. A manual lock-on could also be a fail-safe of sorts in case the auto lock-on made an error.

      • “Less experienced players” can set the difficulty to easy to get a hang of it, then increase the difficulty when they know what they are doing :)

        That´s what I did when I started out with DMC. Ran trough it on easy with auto aim, started to learn more and more about lock-on and when DMC3 came around I wasn´t able to play without it.

        So I don´t really find that a valid argument. Let us as the players choose if we want auto aim or not.

        • As I’ve mentioned here and there in this thread, giving an option would certainly be a nice design, yes.

          That being said, they say it’s a decision the director himself desired, so I’m curious how it’ll play out in the main game.

          • Well, if it was true that he was involved in DMC2 then that should explain a lot :)

            Otherwise yes, it would have been great design. I´m also curious about how the full game will be. I´m not having a good time with the demo and just about everything in the demo seemed bad to me. But I still want to review it when the full game is out. Only to see if my premonition is true or not.

          • He was apparently involved in 3 as well, so… that’s one thing to be optimistic about, I suppose?

    • Fr33Kingdom

      Uhm….so they just lied about pre-orders? Why wouldn’t they just say nothing if pre-orders went down? They weren’t asked about preorders they were just asked about demo feedback. If preorders were cancelled why not just say “feedback was good” rather than lie and risk being checked by some retailer.

      • No lie. But PR-marketing. You never hear about it going the other way around, you only hear about it increasing preorders or whatnot.

        That as a whole was my point. Why does no company say that preorders shrink but it always increases whenever they talk about the game?

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Glad this Q & A feels more formal than the other one.

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