Monster Hunter 4 Screenshots Show Off The New Charge Axe Weapon

By Ishaan . December 12, 2012 . 11:10pm

Capcom have released new screenshots of Monster Hunter 4, giving a first clear look at the game’s new Charge Axe weapon, which can switch between Sword and Axe modes. For details on the Charge Axe, check this report.


Monster Hunter 4 will be released in March 2013 in Japan. The game has two new weapons—the Charge Axe shown in this post and the “Insect Staff”. Capcom have also added online multiplayer to the portable series for the first time with this game.


Charge Axe – Sword Mode:



Charge Axe – Axe Mode:


Charge Axe – Misc. screenshots:

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  • Rudy Soto

    Huh, I guess it’s not so much like the Switch Axe after all. The transition between Sword and Axe is pretty slick too. I could see that the sword is more balanced between speed and power, though I’m just judging this through the appearance of it all.

    Irregardless, it won’t be replacing my dear Switch Axe any time soon. =w=

    • I think this weapon is meant to be the exact opposite of the Switch Axe. The Switch Axe also has axe and sword modes, but both modes are heavier weapons, which makes the Switch Axe sort of a very advanced weapon for players that wanted some variety.

      Charge Axe is the same concept, but aimed at newbies. Sword and Shield are the fastest weapon in the game, so allowing you to transform between S/S and a heavier axe weapon on the fly is probably their way of encouraging newbie players to experiment with heavy weaponry.

      It’s a fantastic idea, IMO. I’m probably going to be using this as my primary weapon from now. I love the idea of having that flexibility.

      • Exkaiser

        I definitely like the idea of a heavier SnS. I like the moves of the SnS as it is, but the lightness has always put me off. I might play it just to try out the sword mode. (…actually, I mostly use sword mode on my Switch Axe, too…)

        Digging both of the new weapons a lot. Excited to see what they do with the various designs for them

  • Looking good!

  • MasterHiei

    It sure looks cool but.. isn’t there an axe and sword and shield in the game already? I know I’ve written this on the other articles, but it still bugs me that much.

    Wish there was some kind of poll to vote for a new weapon instead of this one, I’d go crazy for a pile bunker.

    • The Switch Axe changes between Greatsword and Axe. The Charge Axe Changes between Sword&Shield and Axe.

      I’ve not played MH since Switch Axes were introduced, but from what I understand, the Switch Axe is a heavy weapon that can change move sets. The Charge Axe sounds like it will be a light/medium weapon that changes into a heavy weapon (in addition to changing move sets.)

  • 猫 黒

    It looks like you can shell with them just like gunlances. There’s some symbols under the sharpness bar and explosions. But the symbols look like bow vials? So, what, a switch-axe, SnS, bow, gunlance hybrid weapon?

    So far, I don’t see the point of the charge axe (though it does look cool!) Each weapons should have a clear role, and the charge axe really doesn’t have one. Even though it’s technically different, I can see using it ending up feeling the same as the switch axe (dodge-focused, using the axe form for reach, and it’s shelling? mechanic for dps). I want to believe, but I dunno man.

    • Syn

      I doubt it will feel the same as the switch axe due to its sword and shield mode, if I recall correctly you cannot defend with the switch axe whereas with this incarnation you can and you also get a new move set, speed etc. So the difference is quite apparent .

  • konsama

    Axe mode looks so cool. I’m really struggling about if buy 3U or this one. >_<

  • Vash bane

    new wep looks awesome ^o^

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