Capcom Tracking Download Figures For Street Fighter X Mega Man

By Ishaan . December 18, 2012 . 9:00am

Did you download Street Fighter X Mega Man when it was released yesterday? Or plan to do it later this week? Whenever you grab the free game, make sure to do it from Capcom’s Mega Man page—they’re tracking download figures.


On their Capcom-Unity Twitter account, the publisher tweeted yesterday: “Downloads may slow while everyone slams the site, but plz do download from us (for easy number tracking).” Later, they added: “And if you do end up getting the file elsewhere, all good, just pop back to Unity this week sometime and grab another.”


Plain download figures aren’t the only thing Capcom are tracking—they’re also keeping an eye on where in the world people who download the game are from, their language settings and more. So, if you want your show of support to count, make sure you grab the game from Capcom’s site.

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  • I think most people would if their servers were able to compensate for the rush it’s had. It’ll be better in the days ahead but I’m pretty sure at least a healthy slice of people didn’t have the patience.

  • Godman

    lol how much do you think Capcom would give a new Mega Man game to the country that downloaded/showed the most support? XD

  • Don’t know what they could ever do with that data. Unless they seriously think this is what we want out of a current-age Mega-Man experience, which would be VERY wrong.

    • Richard N

      Probably to see how much interest there is in Megaman. If they see a low amount of downloads the chance of a legitimate sequel would probably lessen even more than it already has.

      • See, that’s the thing. A homage to 1980’s Mega-man doesn’t mean much of anything to a lot of current players, who got into the series during the X, Zero, and ZX stages. DL stats for this game wouldn’t accurately account for them, and for better or worse, that’s a large number of people.

        • Richard N

          Good point. Honestly I think releasing Legends 3 Prototype version would’ve been the best way to garner interest. But we all know how that went….

  • Jordan Ortiz

    If only they would make a Mega man X crossover and track that to prove there should be a new X game.

  • Bosses have an ultra meter like in SF4 which is a joke in and of itself, but regular shots fill it up just as quickly as charge shots, instead of scaling how fast it fills with damage

    Also charge shots are 100% all the time more effective on regular enemies than a barrage of regular shots. Did I mention the weapons are almost completely worthless? That’s three ways the game actively discourages doing anything but using the Mega Buster

    Also the level design is laughably bad

    There are enemies that are just floating walls. 14 hits with the regular cannon to destroy them, or one (1) buster shot

    It’s cute that it does the sunburst if you die against a boss but that will only happen if you’re playing on a keyboard. I am 100% sure the only reason Capcom green-lit this game was that it was just enough of a slap in the face to MM fans to fit in with their current business model

    There’s my stream of consciousness review for Street Fighter x Mega Man thanks for reading

    • WizardoftheBlueOrder

      It only does the sunburst if you die against their super.

      Also, Vega (Claw) is the worst boss fight in the game. His weakness doesn’t help, and she sheer amount of invincibility frames he has makes the fight long, boring, and very repetitive as you die and fight him again, game over and play through his short stage to fight him again, and just keep on losing and fighting him again.

      The cutest thing is the inclusion of a secret boss assuming you get enough “perfects” against other bosses, a perfect being defined as “having full health upon victory”

      Otherwise, I’m going to agree with your slap in the face remark.

      • Oh yeah that reminds me about how there’s absolutely no consistency in the lengths of the stages. Chun Li’s was like 4 rooms and it wasn’t like Guts Man’s stage where it was short but challenging enough to compensate.

        Oh and I’m sure that that’s how the sunburst was intended to work but there were times when I’d just die and it would sunburst for no reason

        • MediaMindControl

          I agree it is majorly flawed, but it is a fan creation. This is a single man putting together a fan game.
          Actually the game is very charming. The super meters are funny the music is nostalgic 8-bit goodness and it’s Megaman.
          Sure the level design is something I would have done back in 8th grade. yeah spamming mega buster sucks, but personally I like charge shot anyways if you wanna play no charge the “challenge” is fun.
          The bosses are an interesting variety. Although I would prefer they were all from a single SF title, I still enjoy the selection.
          At best, this is free, and will possibly show capcom that there is demand for more megaman. Downloading ten times, so should you and there shall be record demand for Megaman in the states.

      • Vega is really easy actually, just use L. Kick to wreck his shit.
        The move has more reach then you’d think so no need to trade blows all the time, and even if you do, as long as you don’t get hit by the wall dive or ultra (just slide under) he’ll get more damage then he can dish out.

    • Crimson Tiger

      Sheesh. free game done in the spare time of a fan. Capcom is cool enough to give it their blessing. still complaining. no it is not perfect. but its fun.

    • False.
      Ryu becomes a joke with Aegis reflector.
      Dhalsim is powerless against optic laser, since it destroys all his attacks, even the ultra and does massive damage to him
      Chun is weak against multiple things, but not weak enought to actually use them so buster is fine.
      Rolento dies soooo fast against soul satelite, it’s exactly like leaf shield vs airman.
      Blanka gets massive damage and gets put in “stunlock” by yoga inferno.
      Urien’s got nothing against the grenades since they destroy all his projectiles including the aegis reflector.
      Viper you can just trade blows with if you have l. Kick, she’ll get more damage then she can dish out.
      Rose get’s completely gimped by T. Hazz since it destroys all her projectiles including SS, she can’t reflect it to you, and she will just slide right into it.

  • Go2hell66

    heck i’ll download it 3 times if i have to

  • Quick! Everyone don’t download it to express your disdain of their recent behavior!

    • Brandonmkii

      Why would I express disdain over them making games I enjoy? D:

      • Because all of those things are marred by everything else they do.

    • Herok♞

      So what you are saying is we should kill Megaman off completely by not even showing interest in a FREE game, that wasn’t even made by Capcom?

    • *downloads game*

      Say what?

  • Brandonmkii

    I really enjoyed SFXMM. I’d be happy my whole life if they did something like this every year.

  • Hoshi星

    I downloaded on a mirror and played the game a bit before my Capcom download finished on day 1… Capcom’s server either had huge traffic or was/is just very slow

  • Well I downloaded. I don’t know what it is leading to, more 8bit Mega Man or more collaborations with fans…

  • Lionxie

    I will download 10 times everyday if i can get Legends 3…

  • Elvick

    Downloaded it, despite having a mac.

    I know it’s not a cut and dry ‘I’m supporting Mega Man’ though. Since they could very well use this data to do things I wouldn’t really like.

    I had to download it though, because if I didn’t then it would just be “Welp, no one cares about Mega Man.” So even if they do something I don’t like with Mega Man, at least it’ll be more Mega Man.

    Which I suppose is better than nothing. Since maybe they’ll eventually do something I like with him, rather than do nothing at all with him.

  • Justin Goebel

    Why is it so laggy for me on my Windows 7?

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