A Party Of Adventurers Fight A Huge Final Fantasy XIV Enemy

By Ishaan . December 19, 2012 . 10:45pm

Party combat? Final Fantasy XIV has it, being an MMO and all. A new preview from the alpha build of the game shows off Levequests and party combat. You can take a look at both below:



Square point out that the enemies shown in the video are of a low level, and that the battle system is currently undergoing significant revision. Also, the battle music you hear in the video above is different from what is currently in the alpha build of the game.

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  • DanteJones

    The Dragoons tanking in this video looks promising! I was hoping classes would be able to perform different roles, instead of just the “sword-and-board class can tank and only tank”. Though it does say these are lower level enemies, so I’m not sure about how its going to work at the later levels.

    The game keeps impressing me so far, though!

    • Corey Owens

      In 1.0, Warriors (2hnd axes) and Paladins (sword/board) were viable tanks at end game. Lancers (dragoons) could tank at lower levels too.

  • KuroNathan

    It looks like bosses have really little stunlock protection. Which is sort of a shame cause giant bosses in MMOs are only an achievement if they’re difficult

    • Marcus


  • Ethan_Twain

    I question the value of a preview for a game that comes with the disclaimers “This isn’t how combat’s gonna work necessarily, because we’re changing that right now. And the music isn’t representative either.”

    So from this preview I can see the graphics for the game that is to come. Which, I mean, are nice graphics I guess…

    Disclaimer: This criticism is aimed at Square Enix marketing that put the video together. Siliconera is cool for posting what has been provided. Not their fault what’s been provided is a little bit silly.

    • Thing is, these videos are more meant to people following the game development and 1.0 players and is not actual advertising material for the masses. It’s simply an alpha look, which, obviously, show ALPHA content that of course isn’t representative of the final product.

      SE doesn’t even make any fuss about them, the only place they advertise the video is the official FFXIV forums.

  • riceisnice

    OMG Adamantoise! Quickly everyone, we have to get the silent urn so we can trap the Gil Snapper!

    • jeka69

      I know that reference! :D

  • Peeka Chu

    Game looks like they sped stuff up a bit. I do hope that the final product retains this zippiness.

  • Charmchar

    The music and the sound effects strangely remind me of Final Fantasy 12, which is awesome because i loved that game ^_^

    • Ethan_Twain

      I was kinda getting a Final Fantasy 12 vibe too, actually. Particularly that giant turtle thing near the end. And yes, I agree with you – the more similarities a game holds to Final Fantasy 12 the closer it is to god.

      • Charmchar

        I couldn’t agree with you more. I can’t wait to make some Turtle soup, haha.

        • Tianyu Wei

          pretty sure the art team and the music team was pretty much FFXII… which was inherited from FFXI, which was from FFT. The Ivalice team basically.

  • Glad to see SE improving the game instead of letting it go to waste. It looks really promising.

  • dr000d

    Sooo….combat is just standing around and pressing buttons? >_> No evasion? No blocking on reaction? RNG handles everything?

    What a disappointment.

    • saxophone15

      You can move around it you want. Not sure what you mean by blocking on reaction….are you referring to an action combat style (which I don’t think this game is trying to be)?

      • dr000d

        Yeah, pretty much. Holding your shield up to block an attack for example.

        Does moving around actually do something? Can you move out of range of an attack? Or is it like FF12 where you still get hit even though you are 100 meters away?

        • saxophone15

          I don’t have all the answers since I’m not in alpha. I do have several leaked alpha videos on my computer though. From what I can see, enemies with melee weapons need to go up to you to do damage. Using a ranged weapon it should be possible to kite enemies. Seems like magic automatically hits targets and characters have a percent chance to dodge, etc. It’s still Final Fantasy combat (some will like it, some will hate it). As I said though, I’m not in alpha so some information might be inaccurate. Also things could (and will) change before release.

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