Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity Enters U.S. In March

By Ishaan . December 20, 2012 . 7:41am

The new Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 3DS game is headed our way. Nintendo and the Pokémon Company will release Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity in March 2013.


As previously reported, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity introduces the concept of “Magnagates”. Taking photographs of round objects with the Nintendo 3DS camera converts these into dungeon entrances that your Pokémon can explore. Each time you re-enter a dungeon, the placement of Pokémon, items and treasures within it changes.


You get to play as one of five Pokémon—Pikachu, Snivy, Oshawott, Tepig or Axew. Once you’re out exploring, a neat new feature gives you the option control two separate parties at once.


There’s also a fully customizable town that you can outfit with various services and facilities throughout the course of the game, and this serves as your base of operations.


Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity will be released on March 24th, 2013. Nintendo will release the game both at retail and as a Nintendo eShop download. In Japan, the game also has a demo, but this hasn’t been announced for a U.S. release yet.

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  • Renaldi Saputra

    it’s a shame that Pokemon Dungeon series aren’t really appreciated by ppl although Dungeon series have the best gameplay in pokemon series..

    • Julien_N

      I think the issue with the PMD games is that there are way too story-heavy and easy for roguelike fans who will play Shiren or Freewares on PC.
      And when it comes to the core Pokémon fanbase, they mostly play the main series, and the PMD games didn’t go through as many content additions (as comsmetic and not mandatory as they are) as the main games. There is also limited interaction between users aside from rescuing people.

      I loved playing the first PMD on my GBA SP, recruiting all the Pokemon (especially Chansey/Blissey) and exploring dungeons with my team but there was no reason for me to keep purchasing the newer games, and I felt there were better roguelikes out there.

      Still, I have to thank the series for introducing me to the genre.

      • Renaldi Saputra

        yea, I much prefer the PMD amongst all pokemon game.. at least it has plot.. not just beating 8 gym leaders and then become champion for no apparent reason..

        more awkwardly, even IGN didn’t give a good score for most of Dungeon Series.. besides, they DID give a perfect 10 score for Pokemon Black & White in 2011.. just WTH, it must be something behind them.. or they’re just a bunch of poke-fanboys

      • AJ

        Yeah, as one of 4 people who actually bought Shiren the Wanderer DS, I agree that the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games are really, really stripped down. It would be nice if there was a “roguelike mode” from the main menu that just dropped you in a 100 level dungeon. No fuss, no muss.

        Maybe the picture taking mechanic will be something like this?

        I don’t imagine that PMD will ever be truly hardcore, but damn it, let Chun Soft do their thing!

        • Julien_N

          To be fair, there are already post-main game level 1 dungeons with 99 floors, such as Purity Forest or the Wish Cave (In the first PMD) but as you said, the series is not as interesting for roguelike fans as Shiren the Wanderer.
          Plus, the Pokémon are quite unbalanced, requiring you to use only a select few ones to suceed in the level 1 dungeons. (Alakazam for instance)

    • Elvick

      I like Ranger much better than Dungeon. The first one’s gameplay was rough, but they improved it greatly in the sequels.

      All the spinoffs of Pokemon, sans Rumble, are great in my opinion. Rumble is too simplified, needs more depth.

      • Renaldi Saputra

        yeah ranger was fun, only if you have a real DS, not playing with emulator :v

  • Heck YES!!!! I can’t wait I love the MD games. Totally pre-ordering at Gamestop.

  • monkey


    poke mystery dungeon 4 here I come

  • malek86

    So I gotta ask, Nintendo is publishing almost all its games in March, are we sure this is a good idea? For starters I wonder if there’s anything left for the next months aside from Animal Crossing. And then, won’t some smaller games get ignored and eventually lose on possible sales because of the lack of attention?

    • Seeing as how PMD is coming out relatively quickly after its Japanese release, maybe it doesn’t really take them that long to localize something, but they hold back due to timing.

      For all we know, Fire Emblem’s been done for months and they held it back until Feb, so that they’d have a larger 3DS userbase to sell it to.

      I mean, look at Style Savvy. We got that a month after Japan, and it’s a very text-heavy game. So they probably will have some stuff lined up for the summer of 2013 that we probably don’t even know exists.

      The other thing I was actually wondering is the Monster Hunter 4 situation in Japan. I mean, that’s a system-seller, so naturally, Capcom and Nintendo had to have collaborated on the release date very closely. It was just before the end of the financial year, and Capcom have had to drop their forecast because of the delay.

      For Nintendo, it means they sell less 3DSes before the fiscal year ends, so maybe they have stuff like this lined up just in case something like the MH4 delay happens and they need to make up for it.

      • ronin4life

        I have a feeling Animal Crossing is Summer at the earliest…

  • Godman

    Been dying to play me some MD. Though as much I I like the Gen V starters they really couldn’t allow you to play as the others like in the older games. It just feels too limiting, hopefully they still kept the pick any Pokemon you want perk after clearing the main story

  • Strain42

    Very interested in picking this one up, but to say something negative…we can only choose one of 5 Pokemon? That seems like a huge step down from the previous titles where we could be folks like Meowth, Munchlax, Vulpix, Shinx or Cubone (I imagine Axew will be quite popular)

    But maybe this is just them testing the waters of Mystery Dungeon on the 3DS and a future game will have more options.

  • My wallet is going to be empty come beginning few months of next year

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Finally the 3DS gets an actually good killer app, DAY ONE BABY indeed! Hopefully JOLTEON is in it!

  • Pockystix

    I’ve heard a lot of mixed things about this game; from the lack of starter choice, to the very stripped down combat and mechanics.

    There was this one guy that said; since genders are now gone, charm actually is damn near deadly.

  • Christopher Nunes

    Excited to see this game coming over to the US, though I’m disappointed of the choices of Pokemon we get to play as considering this is after PMD: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky and I would’ve loved to play as a Riolu or Charmander again.

    I guess I’m going to be either a Pikachu or Oshawott this time around.

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